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Forrest J Ackerman Filmography

Born November 24, 1916
Left this dimension December 4, 2008 -- but 4SJ Won't Pass Away!

Perhaps best known as the World's foremost science fiction fan, and as the original editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

In film appearances, aka Forest J Ackerman, Forrest J. Ackerman, Forrest Ackerman, Forry Ackerman.
Other Ackernyms include Mr. Science Fiction, Mr. Sci-Fi, The Ackermonster, Dr. Acula, Dr. Ackula, FJA, 4SJ, 4E, Eeee, SsssJ, Ralph 124E41, Fojak, Forijay, Uncle Forry, Forian Gray, Forrienstein, Frankenforry, Farwest J Ackerman, Farce J Ackerman, Sgt. Ack-Ack, Jack Erman, J. Forrester Eckman, Jacques de Forrest Erman, Laurajean Ermayne, Dr. Ackula, Alden Lorraine, Aimee Merritt, Wendayne Mondelle, Claire Voyant, Hubert George Wells, Robert Wright, Damon Wright, Weaver Wright, Silvestre Aldeano, Carl F. Burke, Kris Darkon, Richard Carnell, Walter Chinwell, Geoffrey Giles, Stone T. Farmington, Mirta Forsto, Ione Lee Hurd, John Masterman, Bobbie Benson, Graef Ornig, Owen & Seena Nader, Spencer Strong, Fisher Trentworth, Allis Villette, A. Kvazau Virlup and ? ? ? !
See Fan of A Thousand Faces, a poster celebrating FJA's many guises.

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Filmography as Acktor

Filmography adapted from a number of published references, including an undated list made by Forry Ackerman.

Documentaries and Miscellaneous Non-acting Roles

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