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Eddie Parker

Actor / stuntman / star's double in many action films
(aka Eddy Parker, Edward Parker, Edwin Parker, Ed Parker)
December 12, 1900 - January 20 1960
Born in Minnesota, USA

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Acting and Performing Stunts In Horror and Science Fiction Films

Acting In A Wide Variety of Mainstream Films

Acting In Small Parts in Dozens of Serials

Acting In Dozens of B-Westerns, Including Series Films Starring:

John Wayne
The Lucky Texan, as "Al Miller" (sheriff's son) (1934)
The Star Packer, as henchman "Parker" (1934)
The Trail Beyond, as "Ryan" the Mountie (1934)
The Lawless Frontier, as "Deputy Hank" (1934)
'Neath the Arizona Skies, as a henchman (1934)
Texas Terror, as a henchman (1935)
Rainbow Valley, as a prison guard (1935)
Westward Ho, as a henchman "Ed" (1935)
The New Frontier, as a henchman and stuntman (1935)
Roy Rogers
My Pal Trigger, as "Bouncer Ed" (1946)
Under Nevada Skies, as a henchman (1946)
Bells of San Angelo, as a mine henchman (1947)
Gene Autry
Git Along, Little Dogies, as tool shed henchman (1937)
Mexicali Rose (1939)
Rancho Grande, as a henchman (1940).
The Strawberry Roan, as "Jake" (1948)
Apache Country, as a henchman (1952)
Barbed Wire, as "Ed Parker" (1952)
Mule Train, as street fighter (1950)
Silver Canyon, as "Mitchell" (1951)
Winning of the West, as a henchman (1953)
Charles Starrett
South of the Chisholm Trail, as "Sheriff Palmer" (1947)
Riders of the Lone Star, as "Sheriff Branning" (1947)
Whirlwind Raiders, as the thug "Red Jordan" (1948)
The Hawk of Wild River, as "Skeeter" (1952)
The Kid From Broken Gun, (1952)
Johnny Mack Brown
Courageous Avenger, as "Wellford" (1935)
Ragtime Cowboy Joe, as a deputy (1940)
Stranger from Santa Fe, as henchman "Jess Balbo" (1945)
Flame of the West, as "Biff"(1945)
The Lost Trail, as henchman "Bill" (1945)
Frontier Feud, as henchman "Sam Murphy" (1945)
Trigger Fingers, as "Smoke Turnet " (1946)
Silver Range, as "Bart Nelson" (1946)
Raiders of the South, as henchman "Jeb Warren" (1947)
Valley of Fear, as "Duke," a henchman (1947)
Lone Star Trail, as henchman "Lem," with Tex Ritter (1948)
Trailing Danger, as henchman "Riley" (1947)
The Fighting Ranger, as "Gil," a thug (1948)
Law of the West, as henchman "Big Mike" (1949)
Range Justice, as henchman "Lacey" (1949)
Tom Keene
God's Country and the Man, as "Bill Briggs, RCMP" (1937)
Dick Foran
Heart of the North, as henchman "Gonzales" (1938)
The Rough Riders
West of the Law, as " Joe," a mine guard; starring Buck Jones, Tim McCoy and Raymond Hatton (1942)
The Three Mesquiteers
The Three Mesquiteers, as stunt double for "Tucson" (Corrigan); starring Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan and Max Terhune (1936)
Thundering Trails, as a trooper; starring Tom Tyler, Bob Steele and Jimmie Dodd (1943)
Tim Holt
Fighting Frontier, as the brawler who knocks out Tim's sidekick Ike (1943)
Don "Red" Barry
Days of Old Cheyenne, as a poker player (1943)
Jimmy Wakely
The Lonesome Trail, as a poker player (1945)
Sunset Carson
Days of Buffalo Bill, as henchman "Chuck Barton" (1946)
Bill Elliott
The Plainsman and the Lady, as "The drunk" (1946)
Eddie Dean
Range Beyond the Blue, as a posse rider (1947)
Shadow Valley, as "Barney Foster" (1947)
The Hawk of Powder River, as "Mike Cochrane" the lawyer (1948)
The Tioga Kid, as henchman "Clem" (1948)
Black Hills, as henchman "Al Quillan" (1948)
Allan Lane
Powder River Rustlers, (uncredited) (1949)
Rex Allen
Rodeo King and the Senorita, as a henchman (1951)
Rex Lease
The Ghost Rider, as stunt man and henchman "Quirt" (1935)

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