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Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggs

You found an Easter egg! Well, not really in the sense of a hidden feature or novelty that a programmer has put in his or her software. What you see below is the real thing -- the traditional Ukrainian pysanky. Kateryna Shtanko designed this souvenir sheet. It was issued in 2000, in a very modest print run of 50,000:

Ukrainian pysanky souvenir sheet

There is a lot of meaning behind the various symbols on pysanky. In addition, different styles of pysanky each represent different cultural identities in Ukraine. Respectively, the pysanky in this souvenir sheet represent the traditional styles of:

  • Podillia culture
  • Chernihiv region
  • Kyiv region
  • Odessa region
  • Hutsul (western Carpathian mountain) culture
  • Volyn region

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