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Welcome to my Ukrainian stamps page. My goal is to present some of the various aspects related to the hobby of collecting Ukrainian stamps.

Much of my emphasis is on the early years following Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union. The years between 1991 and 1994 were a period of economic turmoil, which is reflected in the usage and values of the stamps. Particularly fascinating to me are over-printed former Soviet stamps and provisional stamps.


"Plate of Borsch" and "Vegetables" are the understated names of these se-tenant pairs of recent Ukrainian stamps (issued 20 May 2005). These stamps comprise a synthesis of my interests in stamps, Ukrainian culture, and enjoying borsch recipes.
Borsch stamp Borsch ingredients stamp

When I saw that these stamps had come out, I couldn't wait for my usual batch shipment of stamps from overseas. Instead, I opted for a souvenir booklet from a Ukrainian dealer on eBay.

Find out more about the Gastronomy stamps in "Of Borshch, Booklets and the European Union."

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