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This site is dedicated to a new (going into its eight season) church camp of the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod--Camp Melanchthon!  Camp Melanchthon serves college students and those in that general age group.

Some Past Reports
Camp Melanchthon 2000
Camp Melanchthon 2007


Y2K began with a brand new church camp in the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod--Camp Melanchthon (named for Luther's sidekick).  Several pastors had been talking about this for three years prior to the first session.  Some college students had also been involved in this informal discussion.  Then, at the Fall 1999 WV-WMD clergy continuing education event, a group of the pastors decided that we should give this a go.  Michael Robinson (then serving Oakland) and Matthew Riegel (the serving Keyser-Westernport) did some of the leg work.  Other pastors involved in the discussion and planning included Jeff Wick (Huntington) and Russ Yoak (then serving Baker)--and there were others.  The reports of previous years tell the rest of the story.


Camp Melanchthon has convened at two different Maryland state parks: Herrington Manor SP, located a few miles from Oakland, MD, and New Germany SP, located a few miles from Grantsville, MD.  These parks offer modern conveniences in a rustic setting.  Garrett County, MD, where both parks are located, offers plentiful winter recreation opportunities (downhill and x-country skiing, ice fishing, snow showing, etc.) coupled with easy access to I-68.  Even when there is no snow, recreational opportunities abound.


Why a winter camp?  Well, most collegians have summer jobs and spring breaks are not consistent among the colleges and universities.  Consequently, winter break seemed like the best time.  Besides, what could be nicer than coming in from the snow, sitting around the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and discussing theology?


College age?  That's right!  Why should kids have all the fun?  A camper has to have completed high school.  Collegians, military, working, volunteer corps, etc. are all invited.  There is an upper age limit; those who have completed college (or would have completed college) are unfortunately too old.  Gender is a factor for housing reasons (sorry, no coed rooms!), but otherwise this is a coed camp.


Of course, a church camp has to have an educational component.  The topics are announced in each year's advance information.  Class sessions typically use a discussion format.  Campers are expected to do some of the work.


Worship punctuates the day.  We celebrate one eucharist during each session.  In addition, we use various prayer offices.  Campers are invited to lead worship as they are comfortable.


So, what do I have questions?  E-mail Matthew Riegel at or telephone (304) 296-5388.  To access on-line registration information, click here.

If you are motivated, I welcome you help with website design.  Let me know.  Also, if you spot any errors or omissions, let me know, and I'll fix it ASAP.  --Riegel
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