WVU PE Ice Skating and Hockey Classes -- Spring Semester 2017

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The classes will take place at the Morgantown Municipal Ice Rink, at 1001 Mississippi St. in White Park.

WVU PE 137 - Introductory Ice Skating - [Syllabus (pdf)]
This class is an introduction to ice skating and is suitable both for absolute beginners and for those who have some skating experience. We will start with first steps onto the ice and learn to fall down and stand up safely. Then we will work on forward skating, and progress to backward skating, crossovers, turns, and edges. Beginning students will work to develop basic skills, students who already have some skating skills will work to polish these further. In addition to learning basic skating skills, we will briefly cover some of the concepts of different ice sports, such as singles and pair skating, ice dance, synchronized skating, figures, ice hockey, speed skating, and possibly curling.

WVU PE 143 - Intermediate Ice Skating - [Syllabus (pdf)] -- Not offered this semester
This class is suitable for those who have some ice skating experience. Students should have completed the PE 137 Introductory Ice Skating class or equivalent, and should be able to skate forward comfortably, backward a little, and have an introductory understanding of crossovers. We will work to refine these skills and work on figure skating "moves in the field" such as 3-turns and Mohawks, as well as introductory jumps and spins.

WVU PE 168 - Introductory Ice Hockey - [Syllabus (pdf)]
This class is suitable for those who have some ice skating experience. Students should have completed the PE 137 Introductory Ice Skating class or equivalent, and should be able to skate forward comfortably and backward a little. We will begin with the basics of skating and stick handling skills, and progress to team play concepts. Participants will be required to have a helmet with facemask and a hockey stick by the beginning of the 3rd week of class. We do use firm sponge pucks for the class rather than the regulation hard rubber ones to reduce chances for injuries. You may also choose to wear volleyball-style knee and elbow pads as a low-cost way to make falls easier. Scrimmage vests will be provided when we get to the point of team play.

Some goals in these classes are: the development of skating as a participatory lifetime sport, enhanced appreciation of skating and hockey as spectator sports, to get some exercise, and to have fun!

Your grade will be based largely upon attendance and participation, so keep that in mind if you think that you will have any problem attending class regularly. If you miss no more than 2 classes, you will receive an A for the class. After that your grade will drop for each missed class. With instructor permission, students will be allowed to make up a maximum of 2 missed classes by attending other skating sessions.

There will be a final demonstration of skating skills by students. These can be any 5 skills of the student's choice, from falling down and standing up (2 skills!) to basic forward skating to performing a jump. Don't worry--skills do not have to be performed perfectly to count!

Rental skates are available at the rink for no extra charge, or you can bring your own skates if you have them. You should wear reasonably warm clothing that won't restrict your movement. Bring a jacket, vest, or sweatshirt to layer on or off as needed. A woolly toboggan-style hat or a bicycle helmet can be worn for head protection if you choose. Volleyball style knee and elbow pads can provide protection against bumps and bruises as well. You should also bring gloves to wear on the ice and wear just one pair of lightweight socks. Hockey class participants will be required to have a helmet with facemask for team play. Plan to get to the rink about 10 or 15 minutes early so you have time to get into your skates before class.

To give you a chance to practice skills outside of class, free admittance to select public skates is available to WVU PE students during the weeks class is in session. (Exclusive of Friday and Saturday night sessions--see rink website for schedule.)

To get to the rink, take South University Avenue to Greenbag Road (entrance to Mountaineer Mall) and turn left. Continue straight through the next light and below Giant Eagle. At the bottom of the hill, turn left onto VoTech Center Drive. Continue just a little way and bear left into the park. Rink is at top of hill on the left.

For more help on directions, check this Google Map. (You can now also get bus information on this map.)

You'll need to provide your own transportation to class. There is ample free parking if you choose to drive. If you want to use public transportation, the city bus system is free with a student ID, and there is a bus that goes by the rink. For more info, go to www.busride.org and click "Route Maps". The "Blue Line" and "Southside" routes go near the rink. The downtown Depot is on Sturgiss Street near the riverfront amphitheatre. White Park is the stop for the rink.

There are also new Google route maps that you might try.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Mary Swim
WVU PE137, PE143, & PE293R Instructor (Skating CV)

"Handouts" (pdf)

PE137 Syllabus
PE143 Syllabus
PE168 Syllabus

Ice Skating Equipment Checklist
Ice Hockey Equipment Checklist
Recognizing Jumps and Spins

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