Square Dance
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Music by Larry Spisak and friends
with caller Dave Shombert

Marilla Center
Morgantown, WV

8:00-10:30 pm

$5 Admission, Students $3

Y'all come!

The Morgantown Friends of Old-Time Music invite you to come dance with us. Beginners and singles are encouraged to attend. Each dance is taught with a brief walk through before the music begins. Dances are generally a mix of old time squares, contras, circle dances and waltzes. Dress is casual and children are welcome. We dance with strangers!

Spring 2015 Old Time Dances in Morgantown,WV

Date Band Caller Notes
January 10 Larry Spisak and friends Dave Shombert  
February 14 Rachel Eddy and friends Ron Buchanan Valentine's Day dance
February 28 festival musicians Taylor Runner at Worley Gardner Festival
- South Middle School
March 15 Wee Bluet Marianne Odoherty, Joyce Rossbach Irish Dance and Contras
April 11 Allegheny Highballers Mike Costello  
May 9 Allegheny Hellbenders Becky Hill Flatfoot workshop @ 7:30
8:00-10:30 pm   ~   Marilla Center (unless otherwise noted)
Dances held September-May

Directions to Marilla from I-68: Take Exit to Sabraton. Follow Rt 7W to stoplight next to Hardees. Turn left. Go about 200 yds and where main road bears left you should stay straight. About 1/2 mile turn left across little bridge over creek, then turn immediate right. Follow road through park past swimming pool, and Marilla Center will be on your right.

The Morgantown Friends of Old Time Music is a local group that is over 30 years old. We used to be both a community and a student organization with a faculty advisor and student officers from WVU with monthly dances at Percival Hall. Now we have monthly dances at Marilla Park in Sabraton.

We feature mainly old time square, circle and contra dances. This is fun, interactive dancing that can be done by all ages. Remember the do-si-do and allemande left? We dance with partners but you don't have to come with one since it is expected that you will change partners, sometimes even within a dance! We have some "regulars" but there are always novices at our dances. Everyone feels secure because instruction precedes each dance and then the dance is called to the music. Music is always live. If you don't feel like dancing, it is still fun to watch and listen!

Our dances offer the best in smoke-free, inter-generational social events. Children are welcome and encouraged to join in the dances.

Morgantown Dance

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See the article from the February 2005 issue of Wonderful West Virginia entitled FOOTMUSIC.

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There is an independent mailing list (maintained by someone else) which provides automatic reminders of Morgantown square dances and related events. Subscribe by sending email (which can be blank) to FOOTMUSIC-subscribe@egroups.com.
For more information, contact FOOTMUSIC-owner@egroups.com.

Any square dance callers or bands out there who want to do a dance for us?
Drop me an e-mail!

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