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Morgantown WV & Pittsburgh PA Area Ice Rinks
       Year Round Part-Year Outdoor

This page was originally written as a Google "map hack" on June 11, 2005 and was modified to use the API on March 29, 2006

Here's how to do similar mapping:

  1. Sign up for a Google Map key for your site.
  2. Get this html code -- rinkmaps.html -- plus:
  3. Create an xml file with your addresses, similar to "rinkmaps.xml" listed above. You'll need to find the latitude and longitude for each point. You can do this by looking up addresses someplace like: GPS Visualizer or
  4. Edit xml file to put in your locations. Use the "pin" value to show which color icon you want.
    You can add or remove attributes by editing the code to deal with them.
    (Be aware that if you edit the xml file in use, the browser may use a cached version rather than the newly changed one!)
  5. Change reference in javascript line ""GET", "rinkmaps.xml", true);" to point to your xml file.
  6. Edit html file to put in your key, and change titles, contact info, etc. to your values.

Original "map hack" version based on code from:

Updated for api with code from:


Helpful sites:

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