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What is a Coffee Club?

A Coffee Club is an opportunity for adult ice skaters to get together for skating practice, exercise, and social interaction. Formats vary, though the classic version is to have a 2-hour adults-only walk-in skating session during a weekday morning, with a 30-minute group lesson included, with coffee and snacks included afterward. Often skaters take private lessons or practice their skills during the remainder of the session. Some formats may not include the lesson or the snacks, or the lesson may be purchased separately from admission.

Many rinks offer adult sections in their Basic Skills or Learn-to-Skate classes. These differ from Coffee Clubs in requiring skaters to sign up for a fixed number of lessons on consecutive weeks, rather than on an at-will basis. They also tend to work through a given set of skills based on skating levels, whereas Coffee Clubs tend to be more free-form. While adult learn-to-skate lessons are fine things, it is not the intent of this website to catalog that type of session.

Coffee Clubs I know of are listed below. If you know of one that is not listed, please let me know so I can add it to the list!

This page is intended as a starting point for adults to locate coffee club sessions, as information is not always very visible on rink webpages. The information contained here is not official; your mileage may vary. Times and prices may change, off-season times may be different, sessions may be cancelled. Check individual websites for more detailed and up to date information. Please call to confirm before traveling.

Please e-mail Mary Swim, with errors, questions, or additional information.

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Coffee Clubs

~ Arizona ~ California ~ Illinois ~ Kansas ~ Missouri ~ Nevada ~ New York ~
~ North Carolina ~ Ohio ~ Oregon ~ Pennsylvania ~ South Carolina ~ Texas ~ Washington ~

~ Australia/New Zealand ~


AZ Ice Adult Skate ~~ AZ Ice Gilbert, Gilbert, AZ ~~ Monday - Friday 12:00 to 1:30 PM ~~ $7
Ages 18 and up, no lesson, skate rental $3.50.


Snoopy Rink Coffee Club * ~~ Redwood Empire Arena, Santa Rosa, CA ~~ Monday & Friday 9:30-11:30am (lesson 10-10:30) ~~ $15 per skater.
A twice weekly adults-only session includes a half hour group lesson, open skating for practice and a cup of coffee and pastry from the Warm Puppy Café. No pre-registration required and drop-ins are always welcome. ~~ Schedule ~~ Webcam ~~ Zamboni~~
(*(5/12)*Awesome coffee club!! When I've been there, it's been divided into 3 groups by skating level.)

Skatetown Coffee Club ~~ Skatetown, Roseville, CA ~~ M,W,F 12:15-1:45pm ~~ $14 per skater.
Coffee Club is a program designed for "Adults only." Skatetown offers a FREE half-hour group lesson on Wednesdays and Fridays only during Coffee Club for those interested in learning new skills or just perfecting old ones. It's a great way to keep in shape and meet new people. Coffee and snacks are also provided at our Cafe. Frequent Coffee club skater passes are available - 10 passes for $120. Price includes a pass to skate the Public Session before or after Coffee Club. ~~ Schedule ~~
(Nicely designed webpage!)

Yerba Buena Adult Skate & Coffee Club ~~ Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center, San Francisco, CA ~~ Thursday, 10-11:45am- ~~ $15
Cost includes skating session, skate rental, complementary half-hour group lesson plus refreshments.

Winter Lodge Adult Session ~~ Winter Lodge, Palo Alto, CA ~~ Wednesday 8-10pm ~~ Sept-Apr ~~ $11 per skater.
Adult Session. Unique indoor/outdoor skating facility.

Iceoplex Coffee Clubs ~~ Iceoplexes: Escondido, Simi Valley, Vacaville, CA
Social skating session for all levels adults 18 and over. The fee includes the session, a 30 minutes group lesson, refreshments and coffee. Contact your local Iceoplex for prices and schedule.
Vacaville Coffee Club Session ~~ Monday, Friday, 9:15-11:15am, Lesson: 9:30-10am, $10, 8-class punch card $24
Article: Expression and Espresso : Adults-Only 'Coffee Club' Gives Mature Skaters Chance to Test Themselves Free From Usual Iceoplex Crowds
Also: Simi Valley Adult Novice Hockey ~~ Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm ~~ $25
Beginner-Novice, co-ed drop-in Clinic requiring only helment and stick to participate. (Info also on rink home page)

Oakland Coffee Club ~~ Oakland Ice Center, Oakland, CA ~~ Tue,Thur 10:15-11:45am ~~ $8, Senior-$6.75
Coffee & pastry included. On Thursdays, a 1/2 hour group lesson is available for an additional $5.50. Coffee Club Skaters may add on a Public Session through 2:45 PM for an additional discounted fee of $7.25. Coffee Club is a great way to keep in shape and meet new people. All levels of skaters welcome!

Ice Station Coffee Club & Adult Sessions ~~ Ice Station, Valencia, CA ~~ M 11:00am -1:00pm ~~ $10
Coffee Club: Return to those wonderful days of compulsory figures and learning basic forward and backward edges at your own level. Coach Erika Shorr covers this and more, during her 30-minute lesson. From beginning to advanced skaters, each will enjoy the lesson and session. Coffee, tea and snacks are served complementary shortly before the end of the session. Take a break from the daily grind. Buy 10 sessions and get one free! Drop-ins at $10.00 per session are always welcome. Skate rental is included in Coffee Club session. Mondays: 11:00AM-1:00 PM Lesson from 12:15 PM to 12:45PM.

Ice in Paradise Coffee Club ~~ Ice in Paradise, Goleta, CA ~~ W 11:15am-1:15pm ~~ $15
The Ice in Paradise Coffee Club sessions are for adults only (18+) and all skating levels.

* Channel Islands Ice Center - Lunch Bunch (Adult Skating) * * * CLOSED * * * ~~ Channel Islands Ice Center, Oxnard, CA ~~ MWF 11:15am-1:00pm ~~ $12
Lunch Bunch is reserved for adult figure skaters only. You must be 18 or over. Lunch Bunch also features a Figure Skating coach for all sessions.


* Rink Side Coffee Club* * * CLOSED * * * Info ~~ Rink Side Sports & Family Entertainment Center, Gurnee, IL ~~ Mon 10:00am-11:00am ~~ $14
This class is offered year-round on Monday mornings from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. All Adults are welcome no matter what level of skating experience...only pay for the days you attend!
10:00–10:30 am: 30-minutes of open instruction with a Professional Instructor
10:30–10:50 am: 20-minutes of FREE practice time on the ice
11:00 am: FREE small coffee/drink in the Rink Side Café
Walk-On Rate: $14.00/class. Register ahead of time: $100/8 week punch card


Ice Center Coffee Club ~~ Wichita Ice Center, Wichita, KS ~~ W 9:15am-11:45am ~~ $6
Older adults can skate too! Join us Wednesday mornings for coffee and donuts and a leisurely time on the ice. $6.00 includes Admission & Skates! (Adults 18 years and older)


Brentwood Coffee Club ~~ Brentwood Ice Arena, Brentwood, MO ~~ T, Th, F 9:15am-10:45am; ; F 8:30am-10:00am ~~ $3
This skating session is for people ages 50 and older. Admission includes fresh coffee. Article


Las Vegas Ice Center Coffee Club ~~ Las Vegas Ice Center, Las Vegas, NV ~~ M-F 10:45am-12:30pm ~~ $7.00 per person
Adult Coffee Club ~~ Coffee and Goodies! ~~ Coffee Club is open to all adults 21 years and up. All levels of figure skaters are welcome. A good time to skate, have fun and socialize. We welcome men and encourage seniors! Group and private lessons are available.

New York

Lasker Rink Coffee Club , Central Park, New York, NY ~~ Friday 8-10am ~~ $10
Adult “Coffee Club” Skating Social. Come socialize and network with other adults in the area. Great for students, parents, tourists and professionals. Get some fun exercise in before work! All levels are welcome. *Sign up necessary - day in advance. Old registration page with CC info

North Carolina

SportsPlex Coffee Club ~~ Orange County Sportsplex, Hillsborough, NC ~~ Tuesday & Thursday 10:30am-12:00pm ~~ $17.00 ~~ PDF flier
Enjoy coffee and fellowship with other adults in the area while learning basic to advanced ice skating. Stick around and enjoy a muffin and cup of coffee (included in program price). Ages 18 and up. 10 Punch Pass: $150.00, Walk-on: $17.00 per session
Summer Coffee Club: June 17-Aug 16 ~ Mondays and Fridays 11:30am-12:30pm ~~ Special Summer 8 Punch Card Available: $80.00 ~~ Walk-on: $12.00
Posting: ~~ Coffee Club Info
(*(10/13)*Nice group!! Session price does not include lesson--skaters participating contribute to pay coach--approx. $6 each.)


Ice Zone Coffee Club ~~ Ice Zone, Boardman, OH ~~Tuesdays 2pm-4pm ~~ $11 ~~ Article ~~
If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take a break from everyday hassles, you don’t have to wait any longer. Treat yourself to a leisurely afternoon at the Ice Zone. Enjoy skating, coffee, and spending time with your friends. Come down and join us for the Ice Zone Coffee Club! Includes: 1/2 hour group lesson for all levels; free cups of freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate, and tea; public session time; skate rental if necessary.

Kettering Adult Skate ~~ Kettering Ice Arena, Kettering, OH ~~Mon, Wed, Fri 8:00am-10:00am ~~ (ages 18 +) ~~ $8.50
Whether you are an adult who loves to skate but dislikes the large crowds of an open skate or just someone who always wanted to learn to skate, this session is set aside just for you. All skill levels enjoy the opportunity for exercise and friendship at our adult skate. You must be 18 or older; regular admission rates apply.


Longbottom Coffee Club ~~ Sherwood Ice Arena, Sherwood, OR ~~ Wednesday & Friday, 11:30am–1:00pm ~~ $12.50
Join us for coffee, skating, and fun with other adult skaters. Our adults-only Longbottom Coffee Club is sponsored by Longbottom Coffee and Tea and includes: Free skate rental; Free coffee and cookies. All levels of skaters welcome!


Ice Castle Adult Group Lessons with Yuka ~~ Ice Castle, Castle Shannon, PA ~~ Tuesdays, lesson 1:30pm-2:00pm, skating session 1:30pm-3:30pm ~~ $7 admission, $6 lesson
Held during daytime public skate, session is lightly attended but not adults only. Admission is paid to the rink, group lesson is contracted by group of skaters and paid separately.

UPMC Lemieux Coffee Club ~~ UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, Cranberry Township, PA ~~ T,Th 9:30a-11:00am ~~ $8 admission includes small coffee

RMU Neville Island Adult Open Skate ~~ RMU Arena, Neville Island, PA ~~ Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri ~~ 9:30a-11:30a ~~ $9 walk-on admission, $70.00 – 10 Session Pass
(The schedule for RMU Island Sports Center no longer includes the traditional Coffee Clubs with lesson and snacks included. They're all just "Adult Open Skates" with a note that skaters may contract with the former coffee club coach for a group lesson and pay her directly.)

Ice Gypsies Coffee Club ~~ Gone but not Forgotten ~~
This is a group that began in the late 1990s at Southpointe Ice Rink in Canonsburg, PA. After that was cancelled, some members (including the webmaster) went to Bethel Park, and after that to Neville Island in search of a new home. Rink policy changes and the tragic death of coach Igor Novodran in 2014 brought the era to a close. Some members are now skating at the Ice Castle Tuesday lessons.


Sugar Land Friday Morning Coffee Club ~~ Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center, Sugar Land, TX ~~ 1st,3rd,5th Fridays, 10:45am-12:45pm on rink B, Sept-May ~~ $10
Group lesson takes place at 11:30pm — includes public skate fee, rental skates, and a group lesson with one of our professional skate school coaches. Coffee, tea, cocoa and goodies also included!
(*(5/13)*Friendly group! No real "group" lesson--coach rotates between students to work on their particular requests.)

Houston Galleria Coffee Club ~~ Ice at the Galleria, Houston, TX ~~ Wednesday, 10:30am-11:00am ~~ $22 walk-in or $17 with 9-wk package. ~ Schedule ~
Whether you are coming to socialize or exercise, our Coffee Club program is a great way to experience the fun of the ice. Includes snacks and admission to 10am-5pm public skate.
Other options include Adult 1-4 & Adult Freeskate classes, Tuesday 6:45pm or Sat. 10:15am.

Ice at the Parks Coffee Club ~~ The Parks at Arlington Mall, Arlington, TX ~~ Friday 11:30am—12:00noon ~~ $15.00
Have a 30-minute skating lesson, then enjoy skating the 11:30am—5:00pm public session, visiting with friends, and a cup of coffee. Rental skates not included. Punch Card $45.00 (4 classes for the price of 3)


Eagles Coffee Club ~~ Eagles Ice Arena, Spokane, WA ~~ Monday, 9:00am-10:00am ~~ $15 ~~ Facebook Page)
Cost is $15 per skater and includes ice time, lesson and coffee and a treat. You can't beat that. Start your morning with a great time, a great workout and some great tips on improving your skating skills.

Nescafé Coffee Club ~~ Mountain View Ice Arena, Vancouver, WA ~~ Friday, 9:15am-10:00am ~~ $9
Includes rental skates, coffee, and donuts. No lesson.
(Good Web Rink Schedule Design)

Australia & New Zealand

Info on AU and NZ Coffee Clubs (website no longer active)
"Most rinks run a Coffee Club for Adult skaters. These are group lessons, where adults of all levels can learn figure skating skills, while connecting with their local adult skating community. As the name suggests, it usually involves coffee and a chat afterward - this is a great way to meet other adult skaters in a relaxed and friendly environment! Often the rink will run a Kiddies Club at the same time, so you can bring along your little ones who will have a class at the same time as you." Ice Zoo

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Adult Skating Camps

USFS Adult Skating Committee Camps List

Lake Placid Adult Skating Weekend and Week ~~ United States Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid, NY ~~ June 22-25, 2017 / August 20-26, 2017 ~~ $185 / $275

Aspen Summer Skating Adult Workshop ~~ Aspen, CO ~~ June 23-25, 2017 ~~ $445

7k Adult Getaway Skating Camp ~~ Colorado Sports Center, Monument, CO ~~ Jan. 12-14, 2018 ~~ $475

Scott Hamilton Skating Academy Adult Fantasy Camp ~~ Ford Ice Center, Antioch, TN ~~ May 28-29, 2017 ~~ Sun. 4:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., Mon. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration Fee: $150 per day or $200 for both days

Sun Valley Adult Skaters Week ~~ Sun Valley Skating Center, Sun Valley, ID ~~ August 21-26, 2017 ~ $475

SportQuest Skating Academy Adult Training Camp ~~ Parade Ice Garden, Minneapolis, MN ~~ Sept. 22-23, 2017

High Sierra Adult Skate Camp ~~ South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena, South Lake Tahoe, CA ~~ May 23-27, 2018 ~~ $475
Facebook ~~ Article

Cool Workout One Day Adult Skating Camp ~~ Richard J. Codey Arena, West Orange, NJ ~~ Oct.2, 2017 ~~ $150

Autumn in the Ozarks Adult Skating Seminar ~~ The Jones Center, Springdale, AR ~~ Oct.28-29, 2017 ~~ $300

Alan's Figure Skating Camp ~~ Ceská Lípa, Czech Republic ~~ Summer 2018

Social Ice Dancing ~~ Lists weekends and sessions

SkatingForums ~~ Adult Camp and Clinic discussion

Hackensack 2003 Adult Camp Review, or "What I did at Summer Camp" (Sadly, this camp appears to be no more....)

Adult Hockey Camps

Weekend Warriors Hockey ~~ Adult Recreational Camps ~~ Various Locations around the US and Canada from April - August ~~ Cost varies, around $750 ~~ Weekend Warriors Adult Hockey Academy is an ice hockey camp experience that offers a weekend of fun, learning and camaraderie. Our camps are designed exclusively for adult recreational players. ~~ Weekend Warriors is NOT a fantasy camp where you come to meet current or former NHL players, and we make no apologies for this. For our players, the fantasy lies in the reality that a man or woman can learn (or re-learn) this game as an adult, and obtain a lifetime of joy from it.
2018 Dates and Location, including: Pittsburgh, PA - April 19-22, 2018

Adult Hockey - Skating & Game Skills Development ~~ RMU Pittsburgh with coach Marianne Watkins
60 minute classes • Warm Up Drills • Skating and Skills Instruction • Game
Fall 2017: Session 1 • 10 Weeks • $200 • Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec. 3, 10, 17 • Rookies — 8:15-9:15 p.m. • Veterans — 9:25- 10:25 p.m. •
Spring 2017: Session 2 • 9 Weeks • $180 • January 7, 21, 28, Feb. 11, 18, 25, Mar. 4, 11, 18 • Rookies — 7:45-8:45 p.m. • Veterans — 8:55-9:55 p.m.

Adult Skating Competitions

USFS Adult Event Information

2018 Competition Season
2014 Eastern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships, March 9-11, 2018, Ardmore, PA
2014 Midwestern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships, March 9-11, 2018, Rochester, MI
2014 Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships, March 9-11, 2018, Pasadena, CA
2014 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 10-14, 2018, Marlborough, MA

2017 ISI Adult Championships ~~ RDV Sportsplex Ice Den, Orlando, FL ~~ October 27-29, 2017

Adult Skating Resources

Pittsburgh Adult Ice Skaters Resource ~~ Facebook page with info on sessions and activities for adult ice skaters in the Greater Pittsburgh area

Pittsburgh Women's Hockey Resource ~~ Facebook page with info on women's hockey opportunities in the Pittsburgh area

USFS Adult Skating Info page

WVU PE Ice Sports class info and links. Classes MW mornings, Oct-Nov & Jan-Feb

Ice Skating in Morgantown WV, Southwestern PA, and Surrounding Areas

Adult Skating

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