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Mary Swim's Home Page
Morgantown Friends of Old-Time Music Square Dance Page
Mary E. Swim's Resume - computer support specialist
Bookmark Outline for Mary E. Swim
Mary Elizabeth Swim's Bookmarks
Computer Tamer, Morgantown WV
Swan Lake


Office of Health Services Research, West Virginia University
On The Edge: A Skating Melodrama
Private Ice Presents: Phantom
Google Groups
Deja Power Search - alternative site
Datingfaces: Fascinating Singles. Smart Introductions.
Helpful Addresses: West Virginia Public Libraries
Salon Archives | Diary | Elliott Hester/Out of the Blue
Morgantown WV Courthouse Square Live Action Cam
WNBC Rockefeller Center -- Web Cam Collection
Pittsburgh Skyline cam
Rockefeller Center Cam
Webcambiglook - Rockefeller Center
Webcambiglook - Pittsburgh Skyline
Pittsburgh Skyline cam
Wheeling WV towercam
humanclock.com - Main menu
Figure Skating TV Schedule -- printable
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine - Cute Games
Bin Laden Liquors Official Site
Holiday Snowglobe
WVU Jobs Listing
CS 101 Introduction to Computer Applications
Ruby online - jobs listing
Stories for a Computer Audience
Negative/Neutral Feedback - eBay
Bid Sniper+ by Auction Robots
HSC Cafeteria Menu
DNbuy.com | Lowest Cost Registrar with the Best Service
Ruby Cafeteria Menu
WVU Arts & Entertainment
Kill Osama Bin Laden Arcade Games
TODAYS CARTOON by Randy Glasbergen
AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service
mozilla.org Feedback
ABCNEWS.com : John Stossel
IFILM Super Bowl Ads
Gordon's Sk8er Boi Blog
Figure Skating TV Schedule
Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating -
skatingforums.com - On Ice - Skaters
Where Is My Gay Apocalypse? / Over 3,500 gay marriages and, what, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire. And riots. What gives?
Joel on Software - Archive
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
Yahoo! Groups
Baltimore Horse Country's Schedule of Horses on Television
Valley Ridge Farm - Hunter/Jumper Show Stable Located Near Morgantown, West Virginia.
Articles of Walter E. Williams
Paul Harvey - The Voice of the New Millennium
Americans for Fair Tax
ProcessLibrary.com - The online resource for process information!

Computer Stuff


WVNET Home Page & Site Index
WVU: OIT: Academic Information Services
WVU CSEE Programs and Courses
How to Pass This Class
WVU Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Department


Forum: Y2K on Maple Street
fire in the valley by freiberger and swaine
The CareWare Idea
TechTales::Tech Room - hilarious tech support horror stories
Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking, Vol. 1
The Jargon File
Jargon 4.2, node: Jargon File 4.2.0, dated Jan 31, 2000
The Jargon Dictionary [info.astrian.net]
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
Geek Culture welcomes all geeks and wannabes (even nerds).
Linuxbierwanderung is The Linux Beer Hike!
The Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking
Windows Annoyances
The Tao of Programming, The Zen of Programming, and Computer Parables Enlightenment in the Information Age
The Tao Of Programming
UDDF - Tao of Programming
UDDF- All Work no Play - Real Programmers Don't Write Specs
Owed to the Spelling Checker I have a spelling checker It came with my PC It plane lee mark...
NetworkOfMinds.com: 'Tao of Programming' by Geoffrey James
Computer Jokes
Technology for Country Folk
Keyboard Soup - Guide to Internet Acronyms and Emoticons, etx.
Owed to the Spelling Checker
Owed to the Spelling Checker - credits?
I have a spelling checker - rainbow
I have a spelling checker - hacker
Lying With Statistics
Stories for a Computer Audience
To Engineer is Human
ASCII art and movies
Roger Ebert's Boulder Pledge - A Modest Proposal to End the Junk Mail Plague
The Internet License Plate Gallery - WebReference.com
ACM 97: The next 50 years-Talks on-line as HTML, NetShow and PowerPoint.
Libération-Chroniques - Ode aux tête de mule
EggsCental.com: Collection of Easter Eggs ( Secrets ) in Software, Computers, Movies, Music you always wondered about!
Computer Easter Eggs Database
Wikinfo | Eric S. Raymond
FHOF: Acronyms Used in the Computer Community
Joel on Software - Things You Should Never Do, Part I
Microsoft's in-house sociologist CNET News.com
EFF: Homepage
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
it's all lost and stoof
The Program Development Cycle
Troll XP - Internet help desk video
There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra
BBC NEWS | Africa | Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen
FBI Eyes - New Interenet usage tracking demo


Penn Special Collections-MauchlyExhibition Introduction
Historic Computer Images
A Chronology of Computer History
Yahoo! Computers and Internet > History
IEEE History of Computing
Tribulations of a SupportMan in ComputingLand
The Machine That Changed the World
History of Computing: Slide show - Table of Contents
The Development of the C Language
C Class - Index
History of Computation - course notes
A brief history of computing
Computing at Columbia Timeline
Brief History of Character Codes in North America, Europe, and East Asia
Douglas W. Jones's punched card collection
Doug Jones's punched card history
John von Neumann
My Programming Language Crisis
My Programming Language History
Programming Languages over the Years
History of MVS
A brief informal history of the Computer Laboratory
MaxMon.com - Frame page for History of Computers
First Computer Bug
US People--Hopper, Grace Murray.
Does Not Compute
Grace Murray Hopper
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive Internet history
BerlinOnline Der Mann des Jahres - Marineadmiral Grace Hopper ist die Erfinderin des...
Vintage Computer Festival
History of ASCII Art
MaxFrame Corporation History of MS-DOS
Library page for Maxfield & Montrose Interactive Inc.
AAX Computer History


MaxMon.com - Frame page for C Programming Course
Curso de C++
Power vs. Adventure - PL/I and C
COBOL Web Links and Other Items of Interest to COBOL Programmers
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Technology Support - Introduction to WYLBUR
How to Run a SAS Program on Wylbur
Workbench - JavaScript - Frames - Drop-Down Menu
Intel Assembler CodeTable 80x86 - Overview of instructions (Mnemonics)
A Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
Assembler Mnemonics Revealed
Assembler Not As Difficult As You Think
Programming resources for Assembler, C, C++, Delphi and Visual Basic...
Quick Facts for System/370 Assembler
ASCII Chart and Other Resources
Loirak Development - Programming Pages
DBPD:According to Date October 1998
Lecture notes for An Assembly Language Introduction to Computer Architecture

Useful Sites

Yahoo! Groups
TinyURL.com - where tiny is better!
Free online virus scan
F-Secure _ Security Information Center
Zone Labs, internet security products, online safety, ZoneAlarm Pro, software, protection,
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center - info on viruses and virus hoaxes
Meritline USB Direct Link Cable, USB to USB Cable (Data Transfer USB Cable with Male to Male Connectors)
AltaVista - Translate box for your site
AIDA32 - Worldwide Sysinfo Tool
icon extract
Dan's Data - PC hardware reviews and tutorials!
PestPatrol - detect and remove spyware and adware, free scan
Tom's World!
Mike Lin's Home Page
FlashFavorite: Save flash game, download flash movies, capture *.swf files
Download WM Recorder
Response-O-Matic Home Page
SpoofStick Home
The Software Patch - Download site for patches, upgrades, service packs and hardware drivers
Free file recovery software - recover lost files from a CD, DVD, hard drive or memory card.
WiredSafety, the world's largest Internet safety, help & education organization
OpenExpert - open-with for explorer's context menu - freeware
NirSoft - Freeware utilities
Karen's Power Tools
Windows NT: Screensaver Tip Reduces CPU Cycle Waste
The Quote Screensaver!
Flash Saving Plugin
Flash Saving Plugin
AfterDawn.com - DVDR, DivX, P2P, news, guides, tools and forums
DOS Prompt Tips
Tips & Tricks
How to use an MS-DOS Prompt window
R&R Technologies, Inc. - DOS 101
Short Filenames on NTFS Partitions (Windows NT/2000/XP) at Registry Guide for Windows
Windows 95 and Long File Names .
PKWARE Technical Support - FAQ's: PKZIP Command Line
MS-DOS help and commands
Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Home Page
A Digital Doctor Treats Computer Contamination (washingtonpost.com)
When to Leave What Closed (washingtonpost.com)
Skepticism Is the Message for E-Mail (washingtonpost.com)
Take Care to Guard Your Windows (washingtonpost.com)
Subratam.org -> Kill Spyware Forums -> search2000 victim
Karen's Cookie Viewer
Security Tango
Examples of Bad Email Messages
ProcessLibrary.com - The online resource for process information!
ComponentSoftware Visual Diff for Windows
WIZMO - Steve's Windows Gizmo


Jobs For Programmers
How To Add Controls to a Form Generated by the Form Wizard
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
Support Online from Microsoft Technical Support
Access Coexistence - Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit Journal
Office 97 Developer Edition
MICROSOFT® ACCESS Microsoft Access 10 Years Later - - ADVISOR.com - -
SageKey Software - Smart Access
Software Design - Windows Software by Gregory Braun
The Explorer: Resource Leaks, Part One
The Explorer: Resource Leaks, Part Two
The Explorer: Resource Leaks, Part Three
The Explorer: Resource Leaks, Part Four
Performance Tweaks and Tips for Windows 9x-ME-2000-XP-2003
Rekenwonder Software
Rent A CoderHow Software Gets Done
Roland's SAS Macros
SofoTex Downloads - Download free software, freeware and shareware.
Spam. Don't Buy It.
Springfield Technology's Support Page
System Administrator Appreciation Day
thefreecountry.com Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources
Windows NT Briefcase
Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations by Black Viper
WP Hints, Tips and Links
Zymurgy Systems Inc - Support page
How to Refill Canon BC-05 Inkjet Cartridges
Inkjet Refill Kits
Canon Refill Kits
Canon BCI-21 Black Ink Jet Cartridge
Canon BCI-21 Color Ink Jet (BubbleJet) Cartridge for 4000, 5000 Series
CD Labels Laser Labels Ink Jet Labels
Canon Compatible Cartridges
Lexmark E210 - Hardware Reviews - CNET.com
ZDNet Australia: Shopping: Reviews: Lexmark's small, cheap laser printer
Laser Buyers Beware
fuckMicrosoft.com | Microsoft's Really Hidden Files
Glossary of Windows 2000 Services
How to Obscure Any URL
CD Burning Basics
LangaList Home Page
Using Windows 98: For Police and Other Computer Work, Shortcuts Are Key
Windows® XP - Search Problems - Containing Text
The Burning Edge - Mozilla Firefox nightly build blog
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
Shell Folders Move
Eudora Pro 3
How To Manage Your Eudora Mail
Eudora .toc File Structure and Utilities
Kansas? - Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
What a Tangled Web I Wove (washingtonpost.com)
InformationWeek > Software Licensing > Langa Letter: Why Freeware's A Solution, Not A Problem > November 22, 2004


SAS System Viewer Download - SAS Institute Inc. Software Downloads
SAS Customer Support Center
SAS Institute Technical Support
SAS System Viewer (Version8)
US SAS Regional Users Groups Locator
SouthEast SAS Users Group
NorthEast SAS Users Group
NESUG '98 Main Menu
Holland Numerics Ltd - SAS related
Drill Down Demonstration
Download - Info on reading TIGER line file into a SAS/GRAPH map data set
SAS Institute Web Tools -- Demos
DN - Re: NT 6.12 reading packed decimal from AS/400
DN - Re: NT 6.12 reading packed decimal from AS/400
DN - Re: how to read zoned decimal field in unix enviro
DN - Re: Converting EBCDIC Packed De
DN - Re: MVS => Unix w/ EBCDIC & Packed Decimal
DN - Re: packed decimal data
DN - Re: LargeFile Support on UNIX
DN - Re: subsetting large raw file?
DN - Re[2]: selecting from large dataset using small on
DN - FW: Determining On Which Machine a CONNECT Job Run
DN - Re: usingexcel driver for odbc dsn?
DN- Re: help: sort procedure
DN: Re: SAS formats and PC SUDAAN
DN: Re: Complex survey design
pdf - TS-DOC: TS-628 - V6 and V8: A Peaceful Co-Existence
pdf - SUGI 23: DATA Step in Version 7: What s New?
pdf - SUGI 23: Sometimes You Get What You Want: SAS I/O Enhancements for Version 7
pdf - SUGI 23: Accessing Data from Your PC Using Version 7 of the SAS System
pdf - SUGI 23: SAS Data Libraries: V6 to V7 Compatibility (or, will Version 7 be able to access ...
Google Search libname disp=shr groupcomp.soft-sys.sas
Google Search connect mvs tape groupcomp.soft-sys.sas
Google Groups View Thread Pause and then continue in a SAS program
Google Groups View Thread Can I FILENAME a tape on MVS
pdf - SUGI 23: Version 7 Enhancements to SAS/ACCESS Software
Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files & Directories
Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files & Directories
Google Groups View Thread Pause and then continue in a SAS program
Google Search: rename variables macro group:comp.soft-sys.sas
Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files & Directories
Frequently Used UNIX Commands
Google Search connect mvs tape groupcomp.soft-sys.sas
Google Search_ rename variables macro group_comp.soft-sys.sas

MS Access

Google Search: report highlight color group:comp.databases.ms-access
Google Search: comparison null group:comp.databases.ms-access
The Access Web - Welcome
Google Groups View Thread 2002 (XP) and 97
Zada Solutions - Free Developer Add-Ins
Getting the Office 97 Developer Editions Tools - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)
Google Search dbf sql groupcomp.soft-sys.sas
Usenet Posting #19 - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)
Usenet Posting #23 - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)
Allen Browne's Database and Training
ms access sample database
Devdex.com - News Threads
Access World's INSTANT Computer Consultant - Profit from your Computer Skill
ms access tips
dBforums - Calculating Percent Change
How to calculate Percent change on a time series
dBforums - Microsoft Access

Classic Adventure-Collossal Cave

The Colossal Cave Adventure page
TUCOWS Linux Text Based Original Collosal Cave Adventure
Colossal Adventure
Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Adventure: Text Adventures: Adventure
Colossal Cave Adventure (c1975)
Colossal Adventure Help
The Colossal Caves page
Hot Software - Colossal Cave
Adventure / Colossal Cave Walkthrough
Colossal Cave Game
Adventure / Colossal Cave Home Page


Complete HTML True Color Chart; Table of color codes for html documents
Web Review - Scott McCloud: Understanding Comics
Web Review - Abundance of Thinking
Web Review - Are Butt Hinges for Unhinged Patent Investigators?
WebReview: Database Design For The Web
Web Review - Getting Started with Web Databases
Web Review - The Inertia Awards
Web Review - The Blogging Revolution
Web Review: Scarcity of Abundance Thinking
Web Review: Small Is the New Big
Web Review - Quick Tips for Managing Images
WebReview.com: Site Testing: Preventing the Breakdown
WebReview.com: June 15, 2001 This Is Where I Came In
W3C HTML Validation Service
Bloo's Home Page - links to html reference
Technology News from Wired News - UsenetNews Groups
The Java(TM) Boutique - ColorFinder.java
The Java(TM) Boutique - Typewriter.java
JavaScript Source - Cut & Paste JavaScript Library
Introduction to JavaScript - WVU Academic Computing
Visual Designer | Satisfying Customers With Color, Shape, and Type (Web Techniques, Nov 1999)
developerWorks : Web architecture : Dynamic PDF files
Sharkysoft - HTML, frames, java, etc. tutorials and software
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example
The Marketing Magic Graphics Centre - web tools and graphics links
WWW Help Page
Dropdown Menus
The JavaScript Source: Form Scripts
JavaScript Drop Down Boxes
Knee Deep in Javascript Mouseover Effects
Writing WWW CGI Scripts in REXX
Ghost Sites
Take My Job, Please!
New Internet taxes and old hoaxes
Internet folklore
Usenet Ban a Slippery Slope?
What is Usenet?
Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation
So You Want A Basic Color Code, Huh
Non-dithering colors
How to make an Annoying Web Page
The Web Page from Hell
The IE 5 Favorites Icon
What Is Color?
notlong: Web Sites That Shorten Long URLs
Freeservers.com Free Web Space
TheFreeSite.com: Free Web Pages, Web space, free web hosting, Webmaster services, HTML
HTML Colors
How many newsgroup readers to change a light bulb?
The Internet License Plate Gallery - WebReference.com
Log In - Nerd Brains.com WebMaster's Complete Resource
How to Make a Web Page in AOL
Stop Spam Banner
Mozilla's Firefox Is the Browser For Me (TechNews.com)
Firelily Designs - Opinions: Designs on Glass
Firelily Designs - A Web Site is a Harsh Mistress
Firelily Designs - Rules of Thumb for Web Design
Google acquires Deja's Usenet Archive
Getting Online, On the Road (TechNews.com)
free wi-fi hotspots freespots wireless internet access list
free wi-fi faqs info hotspots wireless internet access
Web Design Resources - InfiniSource, Inc.
There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra
Examples of Bad Email Messages
Effective Spam Filtering with Eudora
Unofficial Eudora Site -- Windows Utilities
Andrew's Eudora Plugins: Installing Eudora plugins
Eudora Plugins
Phil Daley's Eudora Page
Safety on the Internet


How to make GIF Animations
Barry's Clip Art Server
The Clip Art Connection - Theme Specific Clip Art
bellsnwhistles.com - Animated Graphics & Website building- Index -
kate.gulf.net: Wearin' o' the Green
Old Post Card Graphics
frogstar - optical illusions
Hassle Free Clip Art.com site offering free clip art in such categories as animal, fashion. school, cartoon, and garden
Library of free web page graphics, images, and animation files
Mailorder Foods - free graphics
Animated GIF Finder
Welcome to Multimedia Palace -World Animated Flags
J.O.D's Old Fashioned Black and White Clip Art Collection, Joan O'Donovan
frogstar - optical illusions
Web Page Icons
Google Image Result for http://www.go.dlr.de/wt/dv/ig/icons/funet/misc11.gif
Funet Collection

Shareware & Freeware

Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Otaku World - Giniko-Chan's Anime Toy Chest
Java(TM) Boutique - Compiler Service
Durius Java Programming
The Lake Applet - Java Boutique
Lake Applet Tutorial
CodeBrain.com JAVA CLASSICS - Lake Applet
Lake free applet
Lake Applet Postcards
Lake free applet
Lake Applets
Odds N Ends Lake Effect Java Applet Tutorial
CodeBrain.com JAVA CLASSICS - Index
Welcome: Phantom Shrine - (uses lake applet)
Ritual Design at Silverland - uses lake applet
Tools for making Video clips in AVI or MPEG format
Bloodshed Software - Compilers resources
Programmers Heaven - C / C++ programming zone
Download of Turbo C v2.01 Compiler
Windows Hex Editor for Programmers, Power Users
Opera Software - the Best Internet Experience
mozilla - home of the mozilla, firefox, and camino web browsers
EarthStation1.com - The Recommended Shareware & Freeware Page
Craig's Software Download Page
Windows Icon Editors, Icon Extractors, Image Converters, Free Icon Files Collections, Cursor Editor, Cursor Extractor - Aha-sof
Mike Lin's Home Page
IconEdit32 - OnlyTheBestFreeware.com - Freeware Collection - Download the best free software.
Tutorial - How to create a customized Favorites Icon and script
PCWorld.com - ActiveWords Turns Words Into Actions
Icon Snatcher download, reviewed and rated - extract icons
Easy Extract Icon
Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
Free downloads of the best computer software; freeware and shareware
Cartoon & Anime - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com
Calvgar.com Software, Freeware, Shareware
CHANK FONTS! - Free fonts
Welcome to FreeSoft collection by LeoSoft
ZDNet Developer -- GIFBot
Downloadalot...the best software downloads on the Internet!
What's Happening
Free Fonts - Script and Handwriting Fonts for Download
Lexacorp Ltd - Information Technology Consultants for Software Development in Papua New Guinea
The Zjooj
Directory of shareware, freeware and demo programs - Softsia.com

Software Vendors

WS_FTP32 - Junod Software
QWS3270 PLUS product information
Netscape Products at Netscape.com
SillyDog701 - Netscape browser archive
FileNotes software - Welcome to Atlast Computer Solutions
JAMWORKS - filenotes and other programs
FileNotes Information
FileNotes at Rocket Download
FileNotes FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
www.simtel.net: fne41.zip (FileNotes: Note keeper for file/folder objects)
PCWorld.com - Advanced Disk Catalog
NoteWorthy Software - Home of NoteWorthy Composer Music Software
QuickTime WebMaster's Page
PKWARE: SecureZIP and ZIP Solutions
Welcome to RealMedia !
Forte Inc - Home of the newsreader Free Agent!
Zone Labs, Internet security products, online safety, software, protection
Microsoft Office Software for Sale or Trade
WinZip® Home Page
F-Secure : Security Information Center
AVG Anti-Virus - Free
xpBargains.com - best computer deals, best digital camera deals, electronics coupons & promotions
POS POS·IM Point of Sale Inventory Management Equipment by ENSIGN SYSTEMS
Free Download of TalkingBuddy -The Internet's First Virtual Talking Friend,! ...to read your stocks, weather, news, greetings,
Vrane.com: Amherst Robots: Internet Software Robots
pdf 995 create PDF documents easily for free
Pegasus Mail

Sound Files

Moclin's MIDI Collection
**Not Just for Kids! Christmas: Songs of the Season- book effect with tables
Harmony Central®: MIDI: Sources of MIDI Files
Caladron's myriad of midis!
Sounds Page - The Pocket Internet
The Daily .WAV
Frogstar - Huge WAV Collection - General
Frogstar - wav files

Cassiopeia PV-S400

Pocket Viewer.com
CASIO Cassiopeia download page.
Casio Cassiopeia PV-S400 - Download Sample Apps
Casio Cassiopeia PV-S400 - Download Software Development Kit
Data format description for Casio SF-A10
Sidekick 98
KeyScreen Previewer (Keyscreen.com) - Internet Applications (1)
Sidekick Compromises Power for Portability
PDA's (Palm OS)
Ron's Palm OS Page
98326 - Motorola 98326 USB Data Connectivity KitbrMotorola V60, V60i, V60c, V60g, V60t, V66, brV70, V70g, V120, V120t, V12
Motorola V120 Series

Aiptek DV2 Video Camera

Pocket DV2 Camcorder
Welcome to AIPTEK
Aiptek Shopping Cart
Welcome to GoodDealPC.com!
Aiptek DV4500 MPEG-4 Video/Audio Recorder
Review: Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera
vnunet.com Nisis Pocket DV2
FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor
Welcome to virtualdub.org! - virtualdub.org
DirectX Downloads

Sotec/Averatec Laptop

PCWorld.com - Sotec 3120X
PCWorld.com at Yahoo - Sotec 3120X
The Notebook Nerd - Reviews Sotec Notebooks
Google Search sotec
Google Groups View Thread Sotec 3120X Laptop Computer
Dave Farquhar's Silicon Underground

WebHosting and Domain Registry

DNbuy.com | Lowest Cost Registrar with the Best Service
Domain Direct Name Registration Services - .com .net .org
Domain names - domain registration - free dns - register domain names - Mydomain.com
Info on free email addresses
Friendly Email - home of free e-mail
Homestead - Free Web Sites
Free WebHosting: Terms and Conditions
PowWeb Hosting- Full Service Web Hosting For Only $7.77_month!
Netfirms, free web hosting for small business
Westco Internet
Go Daddy Software: Low cost domain name registration and domain transfers.
Labyrinth Solutions, Inc. - Business Clients
Home @ 1&1 Internet Inc.


Braille Chart
Braille ASCII Chart
Braille character chart
NextUp Technologies - Voices for TextAloud MP3
dyslectech, talking computers and dyslexia, Text to Speech Synthesis, speech recognition, ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder
software speaks text aloud output
india_r1.htm: Cracking a Commercial Time Trial Protection using Wdasm32 as debugger
Complete Listing of Win95 Files
Q129605 - How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files
Jump Drive Review
Buggin' My Life Away
Welcome to LaserMonks

Ice Skating

Skating Information

SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page - the ultimate skating links page!
SkateWeb: Reference Material and FAQs
Figure Skaters Website: Basic Reference
FSW - Skating Level Reference Cards and Coaches Favorite Sayings Poster
Participant Figure Skating FAQ
Technical Figure Skating Page - mirror site
The Layperson's Guide to Lutzes & Loops - great for non-skaters trying to identify jumps
Figure Skating Jump Physics
Jeff Goldsmith - Ice Skating dance patterns - Java and gif
The United States Figure Skating Association
U.S. Figure Skating Association | Online Forms
:: Ice Skating Institute ::
The Professional Skaters Association
Skate Canada - Patinage Canada
Choosing Skates - The Ice Club of Baltimore
MITFSC How to Buy and Care for Figure Skates
Ice Skating World . com - The Internet's most comprehensive ice skating community.
Lovena's Ice Skating Page! - ©1996-2004 by Lovena Harwood
Skating Tips
FamilyFun: Activities: Introduce Your Kids to Ice-Skating
FamilyFun: Ice Games and Fun
FamilyFun: Touring New York City on a Budget
Figure Skating - Pres. Council. on PFS - (IE only)
Figure Skating - Olympic education site
Mason-Dixon Figure Skating Club -- Basic Skills Levels
The Skating Movie Database
Warm to figure skating at a Colorado museum
Skaters Edge - Sourcebook and Magazine
IMDB - Titles with the keyword: ice-skating
SoYouWanna learn the basics of figure skating?
Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Technical Elements
Figure Skating Journal Links
Figure Skating TV Schedule -- printable
Stretching and Flexibility - Physiology of Stretching
The No Fear Revolutions - USA Gymnastics
Skatabase - The Competitive Skating Database - original version
Skatabase-A Free Site for Figure Skating Results
Rainbow Ice - Table of Contents
Basic Skills - Owatonna FSC
Basic Skills Info - South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena
International Figure Skating - Feature 31 - Music Rights
Ice Skating ( 637 human selected links )
About.com - Figure Skating
About.com - Figure Skating Tributes and Exhibits
R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Scholarship Program
Basic Skills - Owatonna FSC
Technical Figure Skating Page - temp. unavail. - descriptions andmoving pictures of jumps and spins
Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - original version
Skating Ahead of the Curve

Adult Skating

U.S. Figure Skating - Adult Programs
Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating - Discussion Boards - Adult
Geriatric Figure Skating Crew - Adult Tests
New Adult Moves Proposal - U.S. Figure Skating
Comparison of Adult and Standard Figure Skating Test Levels
Welcome to Ice Skating Addict - Links
Welcome to Ice Skating Addict - Adult Camps
Welcome to Ice Skating Addict - adult skating info
Participant Figure Skating FAQ - Adult Skaters
Gone skating - reflections of a New York City skater
On the Ice With Nan and Rebeccah - a beginning skater's story
Gordon's Sk8er Boi Blog
Figure Skating Journal - Reflections of an Adult Figure Skater
e-sk8r's figure skating page
Diary of an Adult Figure Skater
Back on the Ice: A journal about an adult skater's return to the sport after several years off the ice.
Epiphany on Ice - Advocate Weekly - Wintertimes '97
Adult meet reflects growth of skating as lifetime sport
Stories from the Ice
Rainbow Ice - Flavor of the Month - The Adult Skating Movement
It's never too late to skate / National championships feed adults' competitive hunger
The Miami Herald | 11/28/2003 | Rule No. 1 of ice skating: Learn to fall -- correctly
Older adults find ice skating a rewarding
Olympic bronze medalist finds some fame at 91
Ice Skating for Winter Fun
Figure skating techniques for the beginner
Figure-skating tips and clips
Figure skating techniques for the beginner
Chautauqua Ice - Adult Skating Program
Philadelphia Skating Club - Adult Skating
Why join the Colonial Adult Masters Team?
Adult Camps
skatingforums.com - USFSA Adult Camp
Adult Regional Training Camp Continues to Grow - U.S. Figure Skating
Ice House Adult Camp
Skater Turns Her "Ice Castles" Dream Into Reality
Geriatric Figure Skating Crew - Home Page
Ice Skaters 55+
Adult Skating Partner Search
Saving Grace, The Life of an Adult Figure Skater
North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County columnists
www.delawareonline.com : The News Journal : SPORTS : Not hanging up her skates
The Seattle Times: Health: Skate off the weight: And meet some muscles you haven't used in years
STLtoday.com - Printer friendly - Cut a striking figure....and get a great workout on the ice
Cut a striking figure....and get a great workout on the ice - STLtoday - Life & Style - Health & Fitness
Cut a striking figure ... and get a great workout on the ice -- Appeared January 25, 2004 - Lifestyles and Balance articles from The Dominion Post
Tips for skaters - STLtoday - Life & Style - Health & Fitness
A skater's workout - STLtoday - Life & Style - Health & Fitness
ICE AGED // Skating gives their figures an edge
La Crosse Tribune - News - On Wisconsin: Senior citizen encourages peers around state to ice skate
Learning To Skate--But Not Like Her - TIME Magazine
Knee Pads for Ice Skating
Maria Jones - Hot Skating Grandma Wins the Gold!
Steve DeRose - Skating Interests Page - Adult Skater
Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - original version - Adult Skaters
Jake the Peg routine
Three Legged Skater?
Joanna's Skating
Mary's Waltz Jump
Ice Skating Videos taken with Aiptek Pocket DV2 minicam
Ana's skating pics
Joanna's Skating Page
Adult Skating
Euro Adult Skating
Music, skating mix with zest for life
www.delawareonline.com : The News Journal : SPORTS : Not hanging up her skates
Varsity Sport and Fitness-- Go Figure
Meaford Adult Skating Club
Welcome to Ice Skating Addict
Ice figure skating for the adult beginner
A Slippery Slope
Welcome to Ice Skating Addict - Adult Camps
skatingforums.com - On Ice - Skaters
Aspiring skaters get pointers, if not points - North Jersey Media Group
Laminated Dance Diagrams
Ice Ages -- From klutz to lutz: Skating appeals

Talking about Skating

Rinkless No More/S.F.'s high-tech ice skating center - read the end about the octogenarian skating couple
Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating - Discussion Boards
TGCFSC - Moves in the Field Seminar Notes - Janet Swan Hill
TGCFSC - Judges Information
Olympian Takes Kids For a Spin/Skate program kicks off at Yerba Buena Gardens
A tribute to the 1961 US World Team
The Star/Sports - Frozen in Time - '61 crash
Skaters' tribute coincides with New York's own tribulations
The History of Ice Skating - iceskate-magazine
The Cutting Edge - Figure Skating History
Rainbow Ice - Flavor of the Month - Professional Skaters Association Conference Reports
Dejah's Private Ice - main page for ice skating fiction
SkateFic: The Skating Fiction Mailing List Homepage - gives url's for many skating stories
'SowCow' Skating Cartoon - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Sports - Crow Quill
Signs The Figure Skating Judges are Not Going To Give You a Perfect 6.0 [02/18/98]
Google Search: rec.sport.skating.ice.figure
Google Search: rec.sport.skating.ice.recreational
Snowbowling (for skaters) - Orisinal.com
Video skating commercial-male skater with hockey players
Aflac - Skating Duck commercial
Dorothy Hamill Vioxx commercial - kaisernetwork.org:adwatch
UNIQLO - Adult skater commercial
Star Trek On Ice
The Art Cat Skates
Ice Skating Clipart Galore - Over 450 Ice Skating Images
International Figure Skating Magazine
Risque business / Misguided skating officials are cracking down on pelvis-pumping and lap-dancing - as though people actually want to watch Olympians skate
Rink of Dreams - Hackensack
About.com - Figure Skating How To's
Figure Skating Jump Physics
Flying and Skating
Minto Skating Club - Skating Techniques
Jimmy Young's Ice Dance Pages
DANCE OF A LIFETIME (adult content)
SkateFans - Yahoo! Groups
Golden Skate
Culture on Ice - University Press of New England
CBS SportsLine - Time for USFSA to share the wealth
Patinaje sobre Hielo: Consejos: cuchillas
The finer points of figure skating
KC Star - Ice Skaters driving, not flying since skates must be checked
Iceskate.Net Main Page
protopopovs.pdf - About Modern Skating and the Code of Points
Ice Skating World . com - Skater's Library - Instructional Articles
Figure Skating Universe
Golden Skate Forums
Skating Outfits
Warm to figure skating at a Colorado museum
Writing Portfolio for Michelle Wojdyla
MedlinePlus: Helmets Urged for Child Ice Skaters
A Short Treatise on the Art of Falling Gently
Xtreme-> News
Chapel Hill News | Neighbors | Girls glide over ice and its challenges
Business People Vermont: Full Stride - Their Holiday on Ice


The Ice Skating Suppliers FAQ
Rainbo Sports Shop- Where the skating world shops
Klingbeil Skating Boots : Welcome to our Website
Harlick Skating Boots
SP Teri Skating Boots
Jackson Skate Company
Skate-Mart International - Catalog Index
Pro Filer Skate Sharpener - review and instructions
DressWright - Figure Skating and Ice Dance Clothing and Accessories
The Leading Edge Skate Shop- How To Page- Dress Sizes, Boot, Blade Sizing, Skate Care
Pro-Filer Hand Held Skate Sharpening System
Figure 8 Skate Specialists- (See FourAces description)
SkateBuys - Skates & Equipment
Midwest Skate Company Skating Products Catalog On The Web
Skate-Mart International - Lots of dresses!!
Skate N Wear: Your Source for Skating Dresses, Apparel and Accessories
Enchantment On Ice - Skates
Figure Skating Bookstore
Figure Skating Bookstore - Movies
Figure Skating Bookstore - Skating Icons
CYCLONE TAYLOR | Figure Skating
Welcome to Zamboni!
Welcome to The Capezio Dance Factory Outlet
Klingbeil and Sarah Hughes - Southeast Queens PRESS - Feature
Sarah Hughes Boot and Blade - Newsday.com - Olympics
The Sole Of A Champion - Queens Tribune Feature Story
Specialist Skating Services -Klingbeil Boots
Skaters Landing - Klingbeil Boot Company
WINTER OLYMPICS / Skates fit for champions / Family firm crafts stars' custom boots
Westwood Sports 2
SK Skates Ltd - Toronto
Specialist Skating Services - UK
IceMagic - Skating Dresses, Sweaters and Warm-up Suits
Jerry's Skating World
Skate 'N Wear: Dance, Skating & Gymnastics Apparel & Accessories
Free Classified Figure Skating and Hockey Ads
Used Skate Exchange Listing
Leading Edge Skate Shop
Skate Connection Pro Shop Inc. - Your one stop skate shop for the best in skates and skate equipment at below retail; secure online shopping and reliable service.
John Watts - exchangable ice skate blades
Edge Specialties Figure Skate Pro-Filer
Figure Skating Fashions by Twizzle Designs
Welcome to Del Arbour
Welcome to Imperial Sportswear - Style, Attitude, and Perseverance
Love To Skate - pre-owned skating dresses
Fabrics And Trims For Performers! Murielle Roy & Co. Mail Order.
Iron-on Transfers, Crystals, Pearls, Nailheads, Blanks, and more...
NetSkate - Figure and Recreational Ice Skates
Ice Chalet: Pro Shop
Figure skating boutique
Roller skates and quad skates
MDS Skate Sales-Mondor Skating Dresses and Figure Skating Apparel
McDavid Sports/Medical Products - Knee & Elbow Pads
Spirals Online Mondor Polartec
BRINT Search - Dance and Skatewear
Skate N Wear Used Skates, Boots and Blades
Rental Skates from The Skate Depot
The Professionals Skate Shop
Dunham's Sports - Skates-Ice Figure Search for
Figure and Recreational Ice Skating Boots by Riedell, Risport, Gam, Harlick and Dominion
Figure Skating Dresses from Elite Ice Wear, Inc.
Shoebuy.com - Women's Skechers' 4-Wheelers
The PIC® Skate Company
Skatedesign Int'l. - finest stretch fabrics, trimmings
Skatewear.com - The Winning Edge Presents Skating Dresses and Skating Apparel
Welcome to Jerryskate.com
Ice Skate Online - A Skater's Botique
Cityplaza Ice Palace - Ice Rink Shop : Catalogue - Blades
Iron On Crystals and Iron On Metal Studs featuring Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Rhinestones
Heat transfer motifs with iron-on rhinestone, rhinestud, nailheads, hot-fix crystals
The Nordic Skater - Almgrens Skates and Safety Equipment
100% Natural Ice Touring Skates and Equipment
NewSkates.com - Roller skates, Quad skates, Inline skates, Ice Skates
Crown Awards Online Catalog
Western Skate Supply Welcome
USASKATES.com - Harlick Sizing Instructions
Designer Sportswear Inc. - SHARENE! Skatewear and Skating Accessories
TideWaterIce - Skating Dresses, Figure Skating Apparel, Skates, Blades and Accessories.
mac and barb iceline - beat skaters dry skin
Skaters Edge is committed to enhancing and improving the sport of SKATING by providing uncompromised service and innovative solutions.
Transpack Ice Skate Backpacks
nIce Fashions - figure skating dresses
Skating protection in the form of knee pads, for inside figure skates plus butt pads and crash pads
NetSkate: Your one stop interNET Skate shop for Quad Roller Skates - Inline Skates - Ice Skates - Hockey Equipment and Hockey Skates.
eMailman: Figure Skating Bookstore
Welcome To www.icesk8.com - An Ice Skating Super Site!
Andover Discount Dance & Costume - Dance, fitness, skating, and gymnastics supplies sold at discount prices
Skating Dresses, Sweaters and Warm-up Suits from IceMagic
Jenskates Home Page
Myco Artistic Skating Supplies For The Competitive Skater
Discount Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Figure Skating - Star Struck Extreme
Ice Dance Music Exchange
Skate Dress Warehouse - Figure Skating Dresses, Dance Wear
CYCLONE TAYLOR | Figure Skating (U.S.)
Tania Bass - book and mazazine cover features
Sports Rubber Stamps - Rubber Trouble
Pumpers: Home
Carrie Jones- Custom Costume Designs for Figure Skaters
Personaliteez Home Page
Personaliteez Ice Skating - Stock and Custom t-shirts
Perform Better – The Experts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation
Home Page - Fitter First
Ragged Point Industries
A Wish Come True - Dance Costumes
OnlineSkateHouse -- Figure Skates

Build a Rink and Rink Info

Howstuffworks.com's "How Ice Rinks Work"
Welcome to Backyard Rinks Ltd
Backyard Rinks - The story
Building a backyard rink -- Jack Falla
BackYard Rinks - Howard's Corner of the Web
Backyard blues - ESPN.com - NHL - Buccigross
Jack Falla's backyard rink - BU Bridge Sports
Burley's Rink Supply, Inc. - Ice Rink and In-Line Rink Manufacturer, Builder and Supplier
Family.com: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Ice Rink
FamilyFun: Activities: Introduce Your Kids to Ice-Skating
The Backyard Ice Rink Ultimate

Clubs and Rinks

Ice Rink Websites
Arenas & Rinks
Arenamaps.com Ice Arena and Rink Directory
SkateWeb: Skating Clubs and Rinks: United States
The city guide to New York - Skating Rinks
NYC Ice Skating Guide
Directions to Area Rinks - NJ and NY
Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center - Live Camera
The city guide to New York - Rockefeller Center Rink
New York City Insider: Top Things to do in New York: Rockefeller Center
Washington, DC Area Ice Rinks with Schedules
NYC Ice Skating Guide
Washington DC City Pages: Recreation : Ice Skating
Pittsburgh Schenley Park Ice Rink
PPG Place - All systems go for ice rink opening at PPG Place
Pittsburgh Puffins Women's Hockey
Morgantown Blades
Morgantown Adult Hockey Online
BOPARC Activities
Mason Dixon Figure Skating Club
Coffee Club at Bethel Park PA
Western PA Area Ice Rinks
The city guide to New York - Wolman Rink
The city guide to New York - Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers
Go Skating in the Big Apple - TownNews.com Travel: Travel Focus Articles
Wollman Skating Rink
Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers
PPG Place - It all goes smoothly at opening of ice rink at PPG Place
PPG Place - An Ice Christmas
PPG Place - A cold winter's day brings out the skaters
Bienvenue Silver Skates - patinage sur le Canal Rideau
Ottawa Skating
The Rideau Canal - The Tour
Skating Club of Mt. Lebanon, PA
The Gardens Ice House, Laurel, MD
Seven Bridges Ice Arena, Woodridge, IL
Ice House, Hackensack, NJ
The Washington D.C. Figure Skating Club
Palouse Ice Rink Association - PIRA - Index Page
Sun Valley Resort
Squaw Valley USA: Lake Tahoe's Summer Recreation Destination
Iceworks Skating Club
Penn State University Ice Pavilion
Welcome to Polar Ice - Premier Ice Sports Entertainment Facilities Across the Country
Charles M. Schulz's Redwood Empire Ice Arena Skating Schedule
SRFSC Adult Skating Page
Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center
Welcome to the Team San Francisco Website
The Detroit Skating Club Home Page
Pines Ice Arena
Westminster Figure Skating Club of Erie
Oswego FSC
ByLaws of the Oswego FSC
Oswego Figure Skating Club - Oswego, NY
Oswego FSC Newsletter December 1996
MIT Figure Skating Club
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
Introducing the Brooklyn Park Figure Skating Club
Brooklyn Park Figure Skating Club Home Page
Columbia FSC - Summary of Skating Rules
BG Skate Club Badges
Colonial Skating Club: Bristol, PA
Pittsburgh FSC - learn_to_skate.htm
Welcome to Lehigh Valley Ice Arena
Winter Club of Indianapolis Figure Skating Club. Learn to ice skate with us!
Welcome to the Ice Club of Baltimore!
Skater's Handbook - Greater Cleveland Council of FSC
Coquitlam Skating Club - Equipment Suggestions.htm
JS Online Project may make Cudahy a star on ice
Bird Arena - Ohio University
Coffee Club at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium Coffee Club
John Nike LeisureSport, Bristol
Coffee Club - Sydney, Australia
Coffee Club on Ice, Canonsburg, PA
The Nordic Skater - Worldwide Ice Reports
SouthWest Pacific Skating - prodigion.com
Skokie Valley Skating Club
Skate With U.S. - Skating Club of Wilmington
Sprinker Rec. Center & Ice Arena - Class Descriptions - Ice Skating
City of Moorhead - Skate With U.S.
Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club - Useful Information
BSB Home - Basic Skills FAQ
Learn to Skate with the Jackson Hole FSC
Frederick Fire On Ice Home Page
Free Spirits Synchronized Skating Team
Ice Castle::Skating:Public
Pittsburgh Figure Skating Club
Pittsburgh FSC - Learn to Skate Policies and Rules
Maryland Ice Skating Home
South Charleston WV Memorial Ice Arena
Ice rink open for fall season - The Daily Athenaeum Interactive
Winter fun at the ice rink ... - The Daily Athenaeum Interactive
RINK Magazine, the Insider's Magazine on the World of Skating Rinks
Welcome to Ice Castle
Ice Chalet - Group Lessons
Learn to Skate at W.ICE
Barrington Ice Arena
Skating away ... - PittsburghLIVE.com
Columbus Ice Dragons - Ice rink directions
Site Map
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Parks & Recreation - Idaho IceWorld
Ice Time for Club Members - Ice Rules

Famous Skaters and Tours

Tom Collins CHAMPIONS ON ICE Figure Skating Tour
Stars On Ice
Holiday on Ice
CNN/SI - A Holy Tara
Ferndale woman passes skating memorabilia of past to Lipinski
Saint inspires an Olympic champion
Ice Skating Photos by Tracy Marks
T&D Home Page
SIX ZERO: Torvill & Dean
The Torvill and Dean Fan Network Article Archives
The Torvill and Dean Fan Network
The Torvill and Dean Fan Network - list of dances
Newsday.com - The Architect of an Olympic Adventure - Robin Wagner
Newsday.com - Golden Girl - Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes The Unofficial Sarah Hughes Web Page
The Official Lynn-Holly Johnson Website
Bizarre happenings turn Worlds into Weirds - CBS SportsLine
The Girls of HOLIDAY ON ICE - Circa 1957 & 1958
Top Figure-Skating Coach Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Button Has Never Been Known to Zip His Lip
Skaters: Dress for Success
Tamara Moskvina
Salon.com People | So, they're all gay, right?
Outsports: Making A Difference for Gay Sports Fans and Athletes
The Official Rudy Galindo Web Site
Black Ice - celebrating minorities in figure skating
African American Registry: An artist on ice, Mabel Fairbanks
Mabel Fairbanks - Senior World Online - Articles
Rudy Galindo: Champions On Ice Winter Tour - 1999
RDS - Shae-Lynn Bourne dévoile quelques atouts et fait tourner des têtes
Diane's Rink
The Ice Channel
Tonya Harding Hot Sauce
This Event Is Definitely Missing Its Usual Staples
Olympic Ice Skating Judging Scandal! - Cartoons
Skating out of Dixie into Olympic fame Choosing figure skating over baseball as teen led to professional career
Skating, Inc. - Skating, Inc. - Figure Skating's Most Popular Portal and Largest Media Outlet
Jayne Meyer Throckmorton - Figure Skating Instruction
R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Scholarship Program
Newsday.com - Sports
Unseen Skaters - Interaction (Spotlight on Mauro Bruni)
Unseen Skaters - the website for those who are not famous ... yet!
Princeton Packet OnLine Entertainment: Hot skates on cold ice - Ice Capades celebrate 60 years of pageantry on skates
CNNSI.com - SI For Women - 100 Greatest Female Athletes - Wednesday December 01, 1999 04:28 PM
Kwan Grows Musically
Figure Skating Mystery
Чемпионат мира по фигурному катанию 2004. - статья сайта "Фигурное катание от Алексея".


Ice Skating Clipart Galore - Over 450 Ice Skating Images
The Art Cat Skates
Who Are You?: Creating Skatefic Characters
Women's Sports - CBS SportsLine - Raising age limits won't be enough
Topic - Figure Skating
DN: Re: When to Test?
DN - Re: Skipping Edge Jumps/I Wanna Pick!
DN: Re: Skating List (was Where is Everyone)
Google Groups: View Thread 'Why Klingbeils?'
Google Groups: View Thread 'Has any one headr of Klingbeil boots?'
Deja.com: Floor Axel Success
Jackie Harbord's loop jump
Chelsee Foster competing in the United States National Roller Skating Championship 2000
On Edge (2001) - skating movie
ice-dance.com ~ the reference point for ice dance sites online
Ice Box Skating
Vesperis Skating Photography
Extended Bodies in Space
Skate Music List
Skating.com -- The Skater's Online Magazine
Cripes: Rink Side Seats
Skatehistory.com - Home Page
The Skating Rink-A Figure Skating Fan Page
ESPN.com: SKATING - Gererations of stars honor fallen team, NYC tragedies
ISU Parody Songs
Spotlight on Skating Magazine
Chuck Wright's Hobbies
Figure Skate Sharpening FAQ
Skate sharpening Information for freestyle and dance skaters
Ice Skating World . com - Skater's Library - Instructional Articles - Skate Sharpening
How To Sharpen Ice Speed Skates.
Ice Rink Sound
eBay Listings : Ice Skating
CS169: Project Zamboni Wars
Synchronized team management
RS Series Signs - Winter Recreation Signs
Daze of Our Lives - Sophisticated Skaters
Edge Skates - The Professionals Choice
Dark Passage: Urban Post-Mortems - Asbury Park Skating Palace
Amazon.com Listmania! Wonderful skating music
Winter and Holidays Art
Cutie Camp '99 - Counselor's Handbook - Ice Skating
The Skating Gallery
Robin's Donut Coolouring Pages
U.S. Figure Skating 2004 Committee Reports
Figure Skating Inc
bruni-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 707x691 pixels) - Scaled (80%)
Mauro Bruni - spiral with nice extension without a lot of amplitude
Caution advised when dealing with ice -- Pond Skating
Observer-Reporter | OBITUARIES - Paul Young
Obituary: Paul E. Young / Ice skate maker for several champions
West Virginia Department of Agriculture: The Market Bulletin
Why Cross-Ice?
ESPN.com: NCF - Tragedy litters the sports landscape


j a y s o n s u t c l i f f e . c o m
LondonSkaters - inline skating reviews and FAQ, rollerblading articles, photos and news website
Roller Skating International - The Voice of the Roller Skating Industry
Technical data regarding skates
the totally true diaries of an eighties roller queen


Mountaineer Marching Band

The Pride of West Virginia - The Mountaineer Marching Band
WVU Alumni Band - Homecoming
Eakins named to vice president post in national band fraternity
Indiana University Marching Hundred

John Denver

CNN - 'No theories' on cause of John Denver plane crash - October 13, 1997
Morningstar Farm - John Denver tribute
Tribute to John Denver
Windstar Foundation Home
John Denver Lives

Schoolhouse Rock/Bob Dorough

Bob Dorough - Jazz Musician - Schoolhouse rocks composer
Cleveland Scene Online -- clevescene.com | Music | Bob Dorough
stuie's humble homepage
BOB DOROUGH: A Hillbilly Bebopper on a Geezer Pass
Bob Dorough Page at WorldCafe.org
AJHF: Archive: Articles: 97.12.13 Jerry Atkins on Bob Dorough
Multiplication Rock - Eight
Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics
Dave Mackey's Guide To Schoolhouse Rock
SchoolHouse Rock Page
The Voices that Rocked the Schoolhouse
Epinions.com - Put on your jams and listen to these CD's!
Schoolhouse Rock: The Best Of Schoolhouse Rock - liners

Lyrics and Midi

Under the Milky Way - The Church
College Fight Song Ringtones for your mobile phone!
Under the Milky Way - The Church
College Fight Song Ringtones for your mobile phone!
Dictionaraoke.org - The Singing Dictionary
Lyrics, Heart Over Mind, Lorrie Morgan
Pam Tillis Lyrics
Lisa's World
Let That Pony Run
Lyrics to A River For Him
Winter Light - Linda Ronstadt lyrics
Classical MIDI with Words
Canadian Bagpipe Links - Auld Lang Syne - lyrics, midi, music, meaning, and info on Robert Burns
Auld Lang Syne
Holiday Christmas midis-- free
Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial
Lee Ann Womack - I'll Think Of A Reason Later Lyrics
Lyrics World - MAIN INDEX
Song Lyrics: "Santa Baby"
Santa Baby
Always Safe: Santa Baby
Toddmas Carol: Santa Baby
Barnacle Bill the Sailor
Absolute Lyric - Hot pop, rock, R&B and dance music lyrics.
Lonestar - No News lyrics
Full-Length Music Videos And Lava
Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
Individual Rugby Songs
Geoff Wilkie's Sound Files
Where Have All the Flowers Gone Lyrics +
the fabulous songbook
summer.html : Lyric collection
Lonestar - No News lyrics
Old Time Music MIDI Archive - 19th and 20th Century dance tunes arranged for fiddle and banjo
Christmas Songs (lyrics)
The Cyber Hymnal
Lyric List - Lyrics, As Sung By Sheri Tesar:
Emmylou Harris - Lyric - A River For Him
Winter Light - Ronstadt, Linda
Winter Light - Linda Ronstadt lyrics
Song Lyrics: Santa Baby
Always Safe: Santa Baby
Happy Holidays from Always Safe
Midi Folk music
N2Rainbows Midi Page Index
Midi - zene
MIDI Music - Oldies but Goodies!
Kansas Dust in The Wind

Download and Video

World Music Videos - LAUNCH.com
Hackers of the World Unite - Download Central - TV & Movie theme music downloads


The Wheeling Symphony, Wheeling, WV
Rachael Worby, conductor
Jamboree Online - Wheeling,WV
Lark In The Morning
John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
The Autoharp Page
The Online Internet Site for Information on Dr. Demento music, songs, lyrics and chat.
Sweet Slips Of the Ear: Mondegreens
Epinions.com -- Winter Light - Linda Ronstadt
Linda Ronstadt Homepage- Unofficial Site
Tower Records - Music, Video, DVD and More
Collectors' Choice Music
Half.com: Discount and Used CDs
1930s Music in Real Audio
Some Music from the 1930s
Country Music in the 1930s
Dovesong International -- Positive Jazz Music of the 1930s and 1940s MP3s
Musical (Dance) Films
The Music Buffs Web Pages (IN THE MOOD - Radio Program)
At-A-Glance Film Reviews: 1930-1939
1940's Style
FiddleFork Online
Dance the Night Away
FRETS.COM Illustrated Glossary
Digital Tradition Folk Music Database
Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra
Barnes & Noble.com Music - World Fundamentals
Lark In The Morning world musical instruments
Kansas Device-Voice-Drum
More Than Music - Kansas - Biography, Discography
DPRP : Counting Out Time : Kansas - Leftoverture
this day in music
What was Number 1 on the day you were born????
Yahoo! Shopping Music - Wild at Heart
Yahoo! Shopping Music - Mask [Original Soundtrack]
Amazon.com: buying info: Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair, Vol. 2 [LIVE]
The Music Exchange Master Catalog
AMG All Music Guide
MSN Entertainment - Music Favorites
The Folk Sampler with Mike Flynn


Square, Contra, Clogging, Irish, and Folk

Morgantown (WV) Friends of Old-Time Music Square Dance Page
Morgantown Dance
WVU Liftetime Activities Program - dance and other activities
Kanawha Valley FOOTMAD
Charleston (WV) Gazette Online - Listing of happenings - may include contra dance
Pittsburgh ContraDiction Contra and Square Dance Community
Three Rivers Dance: Patrons square off Tuesdays at Irish Pub
Duquesne University Tamburitzans
Tamburitzans Schedule
Kennywood Events - Nationality Days
Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society
Shepherdstown Music and Dance Home Page
Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College
Welcome to Bob's Contra Dance Pages
North Central East Contra Dance Links
Contra Corners Website
Contra Dance Links for the United States, Canada, and the World
Washington DC Metropolitan Area Contradancers
NEFFA: New England Folk Festival Association
Folk Dance Association: Pennsylvania Folk Dance Listings
The Kogut's Home Page - contra dance and violin making
Kathy Fletcher's Personal Home Page
Phil Jamison - Dare to be Square!
Old-Time Square Dancing in the 21st Century: Dare to be Square!
Articles, essays, discussions and debateson dancing... (contra)
Nail that Catfish to a Tree - Rethinking Square Dancing
The State Folk Dance Conspiracy: Fabricating a National Folk Dance
Fret n Fiddle - Joe Dobbs
CYBERGRASS® The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook - Traditional Tunes in Midi Format
The Old Time Herald- A Magazine Dedicated to Old-Time Music
What is . . . Dance?
Folk Dancing Dance - 1145 of the best sites selected by humans
The Irish Dance Web Ring
Irish Dancer's Catalogue
Irish Dancing Magazine
Riverdance - Bill Whelan - The CD
Webfeet | English Ceilidh | Overview
New York set dance page
UK / USA Dance Comparison
Men in Skirts FAQ
Dance Rhapsody
Baltimore Folk Music Society Main Page
Articles And Links for Square Dance History
Old-Time Musician Directory
the Dance Database: DanceDB.tedcrane.com
The Old-Time Music Home Page
RAQ: Teaching Dance

Ballroom, Polka, and Swing

Matts Polka Party Opening Page
A Passion for Polka
John Jeski Polka Store - for Polka and Band Lovers!
Arthur Murray International Dance Schools
Glen Echo Park
Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom
Spanish Ballroom nearly complete
Fred Astaire: Slap Those Feet!
Fred/Gene Links
An American Ballroom Companion Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490-1920
Erik's Review of Swing Dance Dancing in Portland, Oregon
FSC&TC - Ballroom Dancing
Gotta Dance!® - Swing, Salsa and Ballroom dance classes
Social Grid's Pittsburgh Dance Lesson and Class Guide: Find Dance Lessons in Pittsburgh
Welcome to Irelands Swing Dance Web Site & Dublin's Swing Kids
UCLA Ballroom Dance Club Homepage
eye - Cover Story - Toronto's Swing Kids - 06.11.98
The Impact of Gender Roles on Social Dance: Why Boys Hate to Dance and Girls are Left Waiting.
Tango! - the book
West Coast Swing Dancing with West Coast Swing America
Frequently Asked Questions
Dance Tutor - Online Video Dance Instruction
West Coast Swing Dancing


Camargue Flamenco
Bamboleo-The Unofficial Gipsy Kings Homepage in Japan
SkyMusic - Musicas dos Gipsy Kings
MadridMan's All Spain Market Flamenco Music From Spain
Student Information - Shannon Calderon's Everything Goes Dance Studio, OKC
Flamenco Minnesota - Home Page
Flamenco Minnesota A Society of the Flamenco Arts - Talking with Tamara
Centro Flamenco Dance Classes
Combination Programs - Spanish Language and Flamenco
El Mundo Flamenco
Conte de Loyo Flamenco Theater and Academy of Dance - Classes
Flamenco USA: Home
Flamenco Dance,Tap, Ballet Classes and South American dance
MetroActive Arts Flameco Arts
Casa deFlamenco
THE IRANIAN Destiny and the Flamenco Dancer, Persian Poetress
Guardian Unlimited Observer Review Eva Yerbabuena redefining flamenco
A Flamenco Journey
Marvelous Montreal Lynn and Sara's Whirlwind Tour
Travel Searching for my inner Carmen
This site is dedicated to Flamenco and the wonderful people that play
A l e g r i a s - Flamenco Classes and Workshops
Marlon Cole Interests Music Flamenco
SpanishPassion. The spanish shop in the Net
flamencoshop.com the best connected store for flamenco, equestrian and bullfighting products from Andalucia
Flamenco Boutique 1
Flamenco Boutique 2
Lyrical and Flamenco skirts
Alia Michele Designs - Current Catalog
Flamenco - Flamenco Dance Skirts
CASTANETS by Kevin Crites
SpanishPassion. Castanets. History
Flamenco - Castanets - Castañuelas
Products - Flamenco-world.com - rosewood castanets
esflamenco.com - Jale Castanets
El Charro Store; Motions dance and fitness wear
Mariachi Connection - Regional Costumes
Mariachi Connection - Dance boots
Flamenco Export. Posters
ARTE34.com - Pure Art | Made in Spain
El Quelite Equestrian, El Quelite, Mexico
HeavyStorm.com - E-Cards
Kara's Flamenco Page @}-`-,-}--
Flamenco Norfolk
Flamenco Norfolk - Sevillanas
A Gypsy Chronicle - Dance Spirit Magazine
FLAMENCO! - the book
A Lesson in Latin Dancing - NY Dancewear


To The Pointe - pointe shoe information
Dancer's Domain - Ballet and Pointe info
Pointe Shoe Guide
Gear Guide: Pointe Shoe Fitting
Welcome to Pointe&Click: The online dancer's resource
~On Your Toes!~
The Physics of Dance - Kenneth Laws
The Art of Ballet
Ballet and Dance Art, Features, Chat, and More!
Pavlova's Dog; A Regular Guy's Book of Ballet - Keith R. Knox' Home Page
Ballet for adult students. Blue Diamond Dance.
Ballet / Dance Links for Adult Dance Students
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
ballet.co Reviews page - Trockaderos
MetroActive Stage | Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
JS Online: Men in tutus prove they can dance in masterful, funny Trockadero show
Spitzenschue - pointe shoes
The Dance Page
Dance Quotes
Dolly Dinkle School Of Dancing
Ballet Gems
Dress Code - Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School
Forever On His Toes - houstonpress.com _ News & Features _ Forever On His Toes
71-year-old Huntington ballet teacher living lifelong dream to dance - Daily Athenaeum
www.PointeClick.com : Online Resources for Dancers!
Cyber Dance - Schools
The Perfect Pointe
Pointe Magazine
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Rentals
Isenbeck - Ballet , ad, advert | visit4info | TV/Cinema
Isenbeck - Ballet , ad, advert | visit4info | TV/Cinema
Gaynor Minden - www.dancer.com


Welcome to The Capezio Dance Factory Outlet
Tutu.Com and Get The Pointe Dancewear Home - Specializing in All Things Ballet!
Discount Dance Supply - The Most Comprehensive Catalog in the Industry.
Welcome to Dance Express
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Grishko ballet supplies,pointe,shoes,toe shoes,dancewear,slippers,costumes,tights, ballerina
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Danny's Warehouse - reduced price dancewear
Renaissance Dancewear - specialty dancewear, large sizes, custom dye
River's Edge Dancewear's Home Page
River's Edge Dancewear -- Women's PLUS size Dance/Skatewear
The Sock Company
Dance Choice - secure on-line shop
Elaine's Dance Costume Page
Discount Dancewear and Praise Apparel
BACK BAY DANCEWEAR - Discount dance shoes, discount dance apparel, Ballet to Swing.
The Dance Wearhouse
Costume Gallery [Home] -
Andover Discount Dance & Costume - Dance, fitness, skating, and gymnastics supplies sold at discount prices
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Sodanca, dance shoes and apparel
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Watercolour Dancewear by Joanna McMillan
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Capezio Dance
GK Elite Sportswear - gymnastics apparel and skating apparel; including leotards, skating dresses, dance dresses, unitards, and more.
Satin Stitches designs ORIGINAL custom designed dance and performance costumes
Specialty Sportswear
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Attitudes Costumes and Dancewear ~
Welcome to Tighe Industries - Dancewear
Dance Softwear - Tutus and men's tunics
Wolff-Fording - Dance Costumes Since 1893
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Freed of London - Shoemaker to the World of Dance
Ballet Shoes by Fuzi
Official Danskin Online Store
Premiere Dance Tights- Performance quality tights for dance and exercise
AllAboutDance - discount dancewear
theatre Clothing (costume costumes dance halloween masks theatre )
Dancing Vendors
Weissman's 2004 Costume Collection


Therapeutic Exercises using the Swiss Ball
STOTT PILATES - the contemporary approach to pilates exercise
Instructional Dance Videos, Exercise Videos & Recreational Videos
STOTT PILATES the contemporary approach to pilates exercise
Meridian Flexibility & Stretching Center - The Resistance Stretching Place
exercise equipment


Dances from Ballroom to Tango!
Dancemaker: Paul Taylor Homepage
The Information Super Dance Floor
Salon Arts & Entertainment | Center Stage
Joebody's Flying Splits Dance Page
The Information Super Dance Floor - Step Descriptions
The Battle of the Bulge / Chatting with SF Ballet's Helgi Tomasson about men in tights
Dance Articles
FatChanceBellyDance Catalog
Welcome to Elite Dance:About Us
Men who danced
Album Review / Winter Light

Plants and Herbs

Victoria Waterlily Web Pages
A Modern Herbal Home Page
Lily, White Pond
Culpeper: The Complete Herbal
Karen's Nutrition News
Herbs & Herbal Medicine
Natural Ark
The Herbal Encyclopedia
International Seed Saving Institute
Black walnut compatibility
Deja.com: Re: Dust Toxic?
Brewery - Home brewer info
Root Beer Concentrate
Gardening, Plant and Landscape Guides - The Garden Helper
Free nature, flower and plant desktop wallpaper photos
Fruit trees and stuff
Green Landscaping with Native Plants Weedlaws (Appendix A)
Chapter 8 Weed Ordinance
Ground Ivy
Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index
Riverhouse Herb Farm
WeedAlert.com Weed Listing (Dollarweed)
Water-lilies in Wales
Trees - List by Common Names
What Tree Is It HOME
Care Guides - Dogwood
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
Cornus mas (Cornelian Cherry) - Destination Dogwood - Placer County, California
Wild Food! - "Wildman" Steve Brill
Air Purification with Spider Plants
A sign of spring: garden catalogs
Tomato Growers Supply Company: Tomato seeds, Pepper seeds, Eggplant seeds. More than 500 varieties.
Welcome to Kitchen Garden Seeds
Home Page Direct Gardening
The Nursery at TyTy: bringing you the finest fruits and flowers.
The Chinquapin Tree Nursery at Ty Ty
MOREL MUSHROOMS at MushroomExpert.Com
Backyard Biology - National Zoo| FONZ
Aquatic Plant Exchange
Telegraph | News | A true scientific breakthrough: the blue rose
A Modern Herbal Home Page
Common Names
Stony Mountain Botanicals - Herbal Salve Recipes
Grass Roots Nursery Hardy Changeable Lilies
Ernst Seed - native grasses, plants, flowers, wildlife, food plots, deer, turkey and bioengineering
Outsidepride.com, Inc.
Missouri Vegetation Management Manual
Wildflowers of Western Kentucky -- A guide to the wildflowers of Western Kentucky and surrounding regions -- Wildflowers of Western Kentucky
Wildflowers of Western Kentucky -- A guide to the wildflowers of Western Kentucky and surrounding regions -- Wildflowers of Western Kentucky
Ground Covers--Ornamental Horticulture Leaflet 55
West Virginia DNR - Dirty Dozen



White German Shepherds

Amazon.com: AGlance: The invincible white shepherd
Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue Dogs Needing Fostering or Adoptions
American White Shepherd (American-Canadian White Shepherd) (White German Shepherd)
German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) (Deutscher Schaferhund)
Dog Owner's Guide Profile : The German Shepherd
The White German Shepherd Annual
White German Shepherd Dog Club International
White German Shepherd T-shirt - Try and see it on different T-shirt colors.
Pets 4 You - White German Shepherd Breeders
Rolling H Farm Providing White German Shepard and Old English sheepdog puppies to breeders and loving families
Artica German Shepherds International
Chaparral K-Training Center white shepherd
German Shepherds, white, snowcloud and rare colored German Shepherds for sale.
Pets 4 You - Loose Rein Farm White German Shepherd Website - Uniquely white, AKC registered.
Von Uberhund Kennel - Tampa, Florida, USA
Pets 4 You - Noah's Ark Kennel White German Shepherds - Kid loved and Mother approved.
Welcome to the Canine Film Academy


Perfect Dog, Please Call Me / In which our columnist seeks the ideal canine who will adore his very being, maybe make dinner
Skidboot The Trick Dog
Welcome to Southernheart Ranch - Skidboot
Skidboot - Amazing Dog Mimics Owner's Every Move
Lonnie Olson's IMPROV Obedience at Dog Scouts of America.
To catch a thief: Nocturnal observations on raccoons By TOM BENTLEY SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT November 6, 2003


Catalogs and Equipment

Chick's - America's True DISCOUNT Tack Store
State Line Tack
CATalog - Tack-in-the-Box
Kauffman.com | the World Leader in Equipping the Equestrian Enthusiast
Grand Prix Equestrian Catalog Directory
The Horse Stuff Company Main Page
The Horse Mall for horse and rider, riding and stable equipment, saddles, helmets, tack, boots, polo, and equestrian supplies.
Horse-Rider Etc, horse, tack, horses, saddles, equestrian, plussizes, fox hunting
Lightning G Horseman's Shop, Horses, saddles, tack shop, breyer, breeches, miller's, eisers, english riding, bits, leathers, horse supplies, horseback riding, equine, dressage, bridles, riding equestrian, jumper
Dressage Extensions
The Tack Stop - Your Stop for Barrel Racing
Freedom Rider - catalog for riders with disabilities
Foxhunter Helmets
Grand Prix Helmets - Prints 2
Bits And Bridles Trail Head - buy and sell tack
Mounting tack for horseback riding - bareback or saddled, able or disabled, plus other horse stuff!
SuitAbility equestrian apparel sewing patterns
Horse Carts and Harness. We have other driving accessories and western tack for the horse lover.
Welcome to Combs Carriage & Tack Shop
Trot-OnLine Publishing: The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving
Cover-it -- Instant Horse Barn, shelters, riding arena, barns, buildings, shed
Federal Cavalry Standards (Mounted Couriers)
Cavalry Bits and Spurs
Cavalry Bridle Rosette
Civil War Ladies Items & Civil War Books , Fall Creek Suttlery, Sutler
Civil War Leather Goods- Fall Creek Suttlery - LDS
Saddles & Tack Glossary
Horseguard fence - French saddle terminology
Mark Allen Productions - Western Equipment
Rope Halter with Fiador Knot


BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Program
Arabian Horse Rescue Network
Carpe Diem Equine Rescue


ARABIANSites: Arabian Horse and General Horse Links
Arabian Horse Interactive -- The Internet's Arabian Horse Magazine
The Lipizzan
The Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show - Wonderful World of Horses
Breeds of Livestock - Lippizzan Horse
Die Spanische Reitschule zu Wien
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna - English Version
The US-Icetolt Championship - Equiworld Magazine April 2002
Little America Miniature Horses
Hamlet Frydenlund - Knabstrupper Stallion
Mule Days Celebration, Bishop, CA
All AgDirect Horse Horse Links by Breed
The Horse Source
Spanische Hofreitschule - Bundesgestüt Piber

Books, ClipArt, etc.

HorseWeb-Links to Other Horse Related Web Pages
Horsie Links
Farriers' Greeting Cards - Hoofprints
Virtual Horse Graphics: Free Horse and EquestrianClip Art plus horses for sale at THE HORSE MALL
EQUIZOTIC: Free Horse Clipart and Equine Adventures
Horse Racing Clip Art
Clip-art - Horse Racing
Horses screensaver
Sculptures of horses @ Squitti's A Beautiful Difference
International Museum of the Horse - Online Exhibits
Who2 Loop Seven Horses of Highly Effective People
Horses of the Sun Gallery
Horse Photos by Robert Vavra
Linda Tellington Jones -- TTEAM&TTouch Training (Tellington touch pet, dog, cat and horse training, care and health)
Equisearch on About.com
Kauffman Horse Library Listing
GaloppLinks - Dick Francis
DN - Re: Jilly Cooper Novels
Jessica Jahiel, Holistic Horsemanship®


Baltimore Horse Country's Schedule of Horses on Television
IceHorse Info, Natural Horsemanship
Why I Am Opposed to Mandatory Helmet Laws
VetCentric - For the Love of Horses
Equine Affaire - The Great American Horse Exposition
kcarroll's Horse Country
ACORD American Competition Opportunities for Riders with Disabilities
US Event Horse - Results, News & Information from Eventing, Combined Training, Horse Trials, etc.
Cross Country International Equestrian Vacations
Ride Better
Classical Dressage Notebook - Horse and Rider in Complete Harmony
The Amazing New Dressage Test
Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA: Trails, Campgrounds, Overnight in USA
Charles Town Races Main Contents
Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA: Trails, Campgrounds, Overnight in USA
Foxfield Drill Team
Funny Cide Diaries
Secretariat Thoroughbred racing legend. Penny Tweedy Chenery's dream come to life. Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown winner
Homely stray pony has tons of charm - 12-13-02
The World Sidesaddle Federation, Inc. Presents Sidesaddle Riding.
The Ride and Tie Association Homepage - Two People, a Horse, and an Exhilarating Race!
Jorrocks.com - The Art, Science and Literature of Hunting the Fox, Stag and Hare
Valley Ridge Farm - Hunter/Jumper Show Stable Located Near Morgantown, West Virginia.
Lessons on horseback -- Appeared July 25, 2004 - Lifestyles and Balance articles from The Dominion Post
Running Walk Explanation


Urban Legends Reference Pages: (Top Cat)
Antifreeze Poisoning
Cat - Poison Control
Cat safety - kitten proofing your house.
Cindy's Cat Pages: Cat Facts
Welcome to the eHow Index for Cats
Kingstowne Cat Clinic
Cat Fanciers Web Site
By Cats, For Cats, About Cats: Bono's Cyber Cat House
Cat Quotations from Bono, The Cyber Cat
DN -Re: Poem or words for cat burial ceremony
Feral Cat Coalition
Microwave Cat - It's what's for dinner!
xmas cats
Cat Cam 1
Cat Bowling Game
Orisinal.com - Cats Game

Aquaria & Ponds


Tropica Aquarium Plants
Plants Cultivated on Stones and Tree Roots
Aquatic Plant Search Engine
True Aquarium Plants - Freshwater aquarium plants, supplies, and information for your tropical
Pauls Aquatic Plants - Aquarium Plant Profiles -
Tricker Water Gardens America's Oldest Water Garden Specialist est 1892
Three Guys Aquatics
Lilypons Water Gardens-the source for water gardening,lilies,bog plants,goldfish,koi,pumps,fountains,filters,information
ShopPlus Store (Lilypons Water Gardens Shopping Guide)
Paul Bromfield Aquatics - Pond Plants, Water Plants, Aquatic Plants, Water Lilies
Pittsburgh Pond Company
Aquatic Plant Depot
Aquatic Plant Depot - Hardy Marginals
Paghat's Garden - Typha minima
WaterScapes - Hardy Lilies
LilyBLOOMS - The source for water garden plants and supplies
Arizona Aquatic Gardens
AquaBid.com - Your Aquatic Auction Website
Ponds and Aquatic Plants Forum
Water Gardening resource directory
Webshots Community - farm pond with water lilies
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants


Water striders do the locomotion by 'sculling,' scientists discover csmonitor.com
Guppies - Including Fancy, Show, and the Super Guppy.
Neon Tetra
Home Aquaria Snail Control by P.Timlin
Robyn's Fish Pond Info
Freshwater Fish Disease and Treatment
KoiVet.com - The pH Pill
Fish Help and Information
Tropical Fish and Goldfish for Sale at AquariumFish.net, an Aquarium Store.
Aquatic Critter Tropical Fish & Reptiles
Minnesota Fishes - natural history accounts species list
Question: Stonecat as Bait


Matt's MacQuarium Page
Mac Aquariums "MacQuarium" @ The Apple Collection
So You Wanna Build a Macquarium
The Macquarium
boats.com - Feature: Plastic Fantastic
Aquaserv - Working with Acrylic
Two-Page MacQuarium
Ritual Design at Silverland Plastics Workshop

Garden Structures

Barbed Wire's Windmills
Ornamental Garden Windmills
The Windmill Construction Book, The Wind is Free.
Copper Arbors by Sycamore Creek
Garden Ventures: Arbor Designs in Copper
Copper Arbors and Trellises
Maintanence Free Arbors made of PVC vinyl
Arbors and Trellises add Attractive Artistic Accent to any Garden- Discount Fence Supply
Recipes for Fake Rock
Making rocks
Fishie Hi-Rise


Trey and Jacque's Pond Page
Steve's garden pond with tips on building a pond and pond maintenance
Robert Novak v. APD List Members
Salon.com Technology _ Free speech and the Internet_ A fish story
MOPyFish - Virtual Fish
The FishTank - a short story (adult content)
Ice Guard - Keeps opening in pond
Aquaculture Frequently Asked Questions
A Fishing page for Saltwater fishing Freshwater Fishing & Flyfishing, Ol' Paw's Fishing Page 700+ links, Add Yours Free
White Sturgeon
rec.ponds FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Natural Events - Spring 2003
Solar Fountains


Purple Martin Houses , Bird Feeders and all your birding needs by S&K Manufacturing, Inc.
Quick Feed Automatic Feeders feature the best in Automatic Horse and Pet Feeders
Thryomanes- squirrel pictures incl. squirrel on skates
Pasture Poultry
Owenlea Farm Home Page
pastured poultry
pastured poultry questions and answers
Pastured Poultry: The Polyface Farm Model
Welcome to AntBoy's Spider Page!
Cicadas 2004 - Camera Works: Audio and Video (washingtonpost.com)
The Dog Hause Home Page
B'Russell Sproutswear embroidery & unique gifts specializing in dog breeds
Butterflies at Milkweed Cafe: We have something for everyone who loves butterflies!
Vet supply, vet supplies, syringes - California Veterinary Supply

Books and Literature


Dean Marshall
Heinlein's Books and Short Stories
The Robert A. Heinlein Frequently Asked Questions List
The Robert A. Heinlein Page
Deja.com: Re: Where *is* everybody??? - Comment onHeinlein ";Puddin' Stories";
Deja.com: Re: Where *is* everybody??? - "The man who travelled in elephants";
Deja.com: Re: Other authors similiar to Robert Heinlein's books
Tramp Royale
Jane Austen and other related info
SS > SF > book reviews > Robert A. Heinlein
SF book reviews > Robert A. Heinlein


abebooks.com - the world's largest source of out-of-print books!
abebooks.com - Advanced Book Search
HamiltonBook.com - New Books at Bargain Prices!
AddALL Used and Out of Print book search
AddALL book search and price comparison
Alibris - Books you thought you'd never find.
biblio.com - search more than 20 million new, used, rare, and out-of-print books
Bibliofind - used book search - now through Amazon.com
BookFinder.com: Search for Out of Print and Used Books
Amazon.com - Books, Music, & More
barnesandnoble.com - The World's Largest Bookseller Online
The Book Garden Gallery: Used, Rare, Old Books, First Editions - Toll-Free 1 888-244-5908
Main Bookshop - Publishers remainders, returns and overruns at discount prices
Gail's People's and Places - Books for Sale
Book Links Unlimited
Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop - discussion of Alibris and onlike booksearches
Books on Sex and Relationships - Savings up to 30% on this page.
Powell's Books - Used, New, and Out of Print
Book Publisher, Self publishing help, Print on Demand

Dick Francis

DickFrancisBooks.com - Dick Francis Reading Group
Dick Francis Books
Dick Francis Reading Group
Dick Francis
GaloppLinks - Dick Francis
The Grand National - Tales - Devon Loch

Mary Stewart

BookLoons Reviews - Moonspinners by Mary Stewart
BookLoons Reviews - Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

Online Books and Stories

Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Project Gutenberg - Welcome to Project Gutenberg
Struggling Upward by Horation Alger Jr. - pretty neat story
The Online Literature Library
The On-Line Books Page
Banned Books On-Line
Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts - older version
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts - newer version
Reading Room Index Alphabetical Index Screen
Hawthorne at The Old Manse, by Allen French
Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe -- George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans) -- 1861 -- Chapters 1-3
Anne'Xed Network brings you August Heat by William Fryer Harvey
"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut
Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron
By the Waters of Babylon
The Awful German Language by Mark Twain
Hans C. Andersen. The Tinderbox The Tinderbox
Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories
Hans Christian Andersen The Tinder-Box
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository -- Home
Literary Encyclopedia: The Celestial Omnibus
HorrorMasters Horror Stories: A new horror story every night
The Celestial Omnibus
Struggling Upward
Powell's Books - Ragged Dick and Struggling Upward (Penguin American Library) by Horatio Jr Alger
eHARLEQUIN.com - The Ultimate Destination for Women's Fiction


Abebooks.com - BookSleuth - looking for lost favorites
Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
5/15/96 - The Decline of Literacy
Issues Page: Phonics and Whole Language
School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom!
neo retro skiffy nerd
a.k.a. - Author Pseudonyms
Dr. Seuss in Spanish and French
Amazon.com Listmania! Books I have read and LOVED
crossmyt.com - What an odd little collection of things
Jane Austen Info Page
Brodart Catalog - book jacket covers
BookCrossing - Home - FREE YOUR BOOKS!


Airstream, Inc. - An American Legend - Home
Wally Byam Caravan Club International, the Airstream RV Association Home Page
Official Wally Byam Caravan Club Site
Vintage Airstream Club Home Page
Vintage Airstream Site Map
Airstream History, Silver Palace On Wheels
Airstream Central the Top Spot on the Net for Airstreamers
Airstream Central - History
Airstream Central Answers
Vintage Airstreams
The Airstream Web Ring
ClassicRV Main
Toms' Web Page
Tom Patterson's Trailer Section
The Original Airstream E-mail List Archive
Vintage Airstream Club - Wagon Wheels 1999 Caravan
Airmark Surfacing Tools - Airstream Detailing
Airmark Surfacing Tools - Airstream Parts
Airstream Parts Sale at Inland RV Center, Inc. (909) 734-8130
Airstream Innovations at Inland RV Center, Inc. (909)734-8130
airstreams for sale
VintageAirstream - Suppliers
Wally and Airstream
Airstream Dreams - Welcome
The Airstream in Hollywood!
About Airstream
Silver Palace: Airstream Travel Trailer Video
Airstreams in Europe Anthony Slocock
Airstream trailer's amazing history links back to mule trains
Airstream Page
Jim & Jan's Airstream Trailer
The House - 1973 Excella Renovations
Midwest RV Surplus Dealers
Oasis RV Center - Home
Used parts for motorhomes travel trailers and fifth wheels
Hehr 4900 Series Square TorqueWindows
All-Rite The RV Repair Parts Specialist
All-Rite - Airstream replacement vent cover
Marksrv.com roof vents page
rvNetLinx | AirstreamParts.com
Hunter's Excella
Avion Travelcade Club Travel Fifth Wheel Fleetwood Trailer Cayo RV Repairs Interesting Email Indiana Unit
Electricity from solar panels and Big Frog Mountain
Camping Toilet....BUMPERDUMPER


Car Talk
PartsCheap dot com - Honda Accessories, Isuzu Accessories, Ford Accessories
Miata Pit Stop: Miata.net
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Transport Canada - Vehicle Recalls Database
Deja.com: Fords do really suck
Quality Parts for U.S. Convertibles from 1946 - HYDRO-E-LECTRIC - (800) 343-4261
Classic Cars Source
Manchester Honda Auto Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories
Towing with a Honda Accord
Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitches For Passenger Cars , Class 1 2 and 3
REESE SHADOW MOUNT RECEIVERS: Carolina Classic Trucks, Inc.
Reese ShadowMount Hitch Class 1 for Honda Accord
ROKON Incorportated
Rokon Trailbreaker - ATV Illustrated
Bakersfield Rokon
Rokon of Utah
The Rokon 2x2 all wheel drive motorcycle.
Why Buy A Rokon?


National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML) - Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library - Other Web Sites
Slovakia Document Store
A small Slovak dictionary - with audio pronunciation
Schedule of Classes Index - U. Pittsburgh
Arts & Sciences Home Page - U. Pittsburgh
Pitt - CAS Course Descriptions - Slovak
Pitt - Fall Schedule of Slovak Classes
Pitt - Spring Schedule of Slovak Classes
Pitt Slovak - Summer Intensive Schedule of Classes
The Slovak Club at the University of Pittsburgh
Summer Language Programs in Pittsburgh
Slavic Languages at the University of Pittsburgh
Duke Univ - CSEEES - Slovakia
Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research
Merry Christmas in over 100 languages
Rusyn Names - Slovak info - literary Slovak
It's All Relative Genealogy
Searching in Slovakia - August 1996
Searching in Slovakia - May 1996
My Slovak Page
Amazon.com: A Glance: Czech, Moravian and Slovak Costumes Paper Dolls
Slovak Speech
Slovaks and Slovakia Home Page
Internet Slovak sites
The Alternative Dictionaries - various languages, slang, etc.
The Music of Slovakia
Pittsburgh Slovakians at the Slovak Music Shop
Slovak Folk Music
news-4-u.com - Slovak News
Slovak Music at CDStreet
Polish Folk Resources
Polart Distribution (USA), inc. -- Polish products
The Music of Slovakia
Slovak Music at CDStreet
Christmas in Slovakia
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Cleaning up the Old Country
Slovak Shop eBay Store
Slovak Heritage Live Newsletter
Learn Slovak - Slovak and Czech language
Recipes of Slovak-World
Vlado's Slovak Recipes: Slovakian Recipies from Slovakia
Coal Region Recipes
Czech & Slovak Theme Wedding & Party Guide
Ken's Slovakia Page
Pravda.sk - Správy - Homepage


How to Pray the Rosary
How to pray the Rosary, a Catholic Rosary Devotion
The Rosary - Catholic Answers
Linked Rosary Necklace Project
He Prayed The Rosary
Sisters of Carmel Rosaries, Sacramentals, Books and Gifts
Catholic Community Forum - Chat, Resources, Saints, Churches
Patron Saints Index: Table of Contents
Catholic Answers
Libralions Spiritual World
Silicon Valley Tarot
Silicon Valley Tarot =||= Aeclectic Tarot
Tarot and Esoterics
aeclectic tarot - 160+ tarot & divination decks
Tarot Meanings : Aeclectic Tarot
Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course
Wicce's Tarot Collection
Global Perspectives - Tarot Decks Index
Facade - Tarot, I Ching, Biorhythym, etc.
US Games Systems - Tarot Cards, Playing Cards, Games
Fools and Jesters in Literature, Art, and History -- A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
Sarena's Tarot Bookstore Page 4
The Silver Broomstick
Welcome to the Tarot Garden -- Your Source for Unusual, Hard-to-Find, and Rare Collectible Tarots!
Knapp-Hall Tarot
Tarot Page49
Infinite Light Metaphysical,New Age,Bookstore, psychics, tarot, incense, crystals, dragons, wicca
Aeclectic Tarot Forum - Knapp Hall
Tarot Deck Descriptions - LearnTarot.com
Le Palais du Tarot votre spécialiste en tarots & oracles divinatoires - Librairie produit & boutique ésotérique
Promoting religious understanding, tolerance and freedom.


PRELUDE PRESS & Peter McWilliams
Daschle's Diner - a parable
Salon.com Technology | Free speech and the Internet: A fish story
Listmania! Fun Stuff for Libertarians
Listmania! Sweettooth's Ultimate Self-Improvement List
The Ayn Rand Institute:


World's Smallest Political Quiz
Red or Blue—Which Are You? - Take the Slate quiz. By Anne E. Kornblut
Advocates for Self-Government
John Stossel - ABCNEWS.com
Walter Williams Home Page
Articles of Walter E. Williams
Townhall.com: Conservative Columnists: Walter E. Williams
Dennis Prager Home Page
Dennis Prager - Written by Dennis - Weekly Column
Townhall.com: Conservative Columnists: Dennis Prager
Welcome to Kathleen Parker's Website
Kathleen Parker - OrlandoSentinel.com: Opinion
JewishWorldReview - Kathleen Parker
Townhall.com: Conservative Columnists: Kathleen Parker
Townhall.com: Conservative Columnists
The Meaning of Independence Day, Part 1 - WebReview.com: June 29, 2001
The Meaning of Independence Day, Part 2 - WebReview.com: July 6, 2001
The Libertarian: Vin du jour
Web White & Blue - Presidential Debate
SatireWire | Passed Over, Syria, China, Libya Form Axis of Just As Evil
How the Gorinch almost stole Florida
Politically Correct and the Arts
Davy Crockett vs. Welfare
New Architect: The Crime of Sharing
Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons
The Political Quiz Show
Disinformation The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness.
Guardian Unlimited Online The war on the web
WorldNetDaily The Second American Civil War What it's about
WorldNetDaily The 2nd American Civil War What it's about – part 2
THE AMERICAN CENTURY | The Imperial Presidency 1972-1980
The Oliver Sipple Page
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Military (Hanoi'd with Jane)
The Chronicle: 4/23/2004: In Central Asia, an American Professor Finds Hostility Spiked With Cynicism
USATODAY.com - A Marine sees what defeatists don't
Free State Project — Liberty in Our Lifetime
Hidden benefit of Care Not Cash -- homeless rolls drop
kingcountyjournal.com - Here is how the media would cover D-Day today
Libertarian Thinking
Libertarian Thinking ! Articles
Project Vote Smart -
boortz.com: Daily reads All Time Favorites
The War Room - The Most Dangerous Site on the Web!
MSN Encarta - Quiz - U.S. Citizenship Test: Could You Pass?
TimeBomb 2000 - [gov] Is Bush Illiterate?
Too Much To Dream: History's Prodigal speaks
Howard Dean Speech - Video from Iowa
Free Republic
The Capitol Steps Home Page
The West Wing - Chapter and Verse
Tibit: West Wing Skewers Laura Schlessinger - Gay/Lesbian Issues
Americans for Fair Tax
BrainTenYrs.mov (video/quicktime Object)
Bush or Kerry: The Electoral College Map
Rich Lowry: The boy and his gun
National Retail Sales Tax proposal gains momentum for real tax reform
National Retail Sales Tax Alliance

Relationships and Sexuality


Yahoo! Personals - Discover great singles near you
Match.com - Meet your Match Anonymously and Securely, Locally or Internationally at Match.com.
Cupid.com - Personals dating
Mate1 - Intimate Encounters
Dating Faces - flirting, redefined
DreamMates - The Web's Favorite Meeting Place!
eHarmony.com - Intelligent Matching for Compatible Singles
Lavalife. Where singles click.
thepittsburghchannel.com - Dating - Match.com Success Story: Carl And Lisa
SWOON: Your Everyday Oracle
yaledailynews.com - After four years of Glamour, Postman '83 knows the ropes
yaledailynews.com - Author finds easy novel topic: himself
Disgruntled Housewife
Naked Relationships
Naked Relationships: Is the perfect the enemy of the good? - On The Run
Cave in-sights, satirical look at male etiquette


General Info

Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links Page
alt.contraceptives on the WWW
CONRAD Program - General Contraceptive Information
birthcontrol.com featuring family planning choices gathered from around the world
Choosing a Contraceptive -- Emory Univ :: S.O.M. :: GYN-OB Dept.
Contraceptive Guide: The Most Up-to-Date Guide Available for Birth Control
Managing Contraception
Planned Parenthood Responsible Choices Legislative Action Center
BirdsAndBees.org Homepage
Over-the-Counter Birth Control Made Easy
Welcome to Managing Contraception

Today Sponge and other Barrier Methods

The Today Sponge Website
CNN - 'Seinfeld's' Elaine's favorite contraceptive makes a comeback - June 4, 1999
Elaine Benes' favorite contraceptive makes comeback
Go Ask Alice!: Where are contraceptive sponges?
Kessler's Kids - Today Sponge discontinuation article
Forbes.com: Allendale To Re-release Contraceptive Sponges
Salon.com Health | Spongeworthiness, By Jenn Shreve :: Page 1
10 NEWS Health Facts - WTAJ-TV - Spongeworthy
Bestselling author Michael Fumento reports: "Sponge Bath - How the FDA Squeezes Women's Choices."
Contraceptive: Sponge
THE SPONGE: On Its Way Back to Drugstores
WebMD - The Today Sponge Coming (Back) Soon
WebMD - The Return of the Sponge: Women Are Still Waiting
WebMD - The Sponge to Make a Comeback
WebMD - Contraceptive sponge to come back after four-year lapse
The Today Sponge - babytech.com
Today Sponge on the Wire and News Services
Contraceptive: Sponge
LA Weekly: News Feature: A Lasting Wit - Today Sponge article
Wired News: Sponge Merchants Soak Up Business
FemCap - New birth control device
Cervical Cap
Cervical Cap Ltd.
Cervical cap : American Pregnancy Association
Public Policy Updates: April 10, 2000
Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee - Today Sponge


DN -The Future of Birth Control
DN -Contraception and Choice
The GOP's Abortion Trap
Food and Drug Administration Home Page
Magee-Womens Hospital
Magee-Womens Hospital - frameless
Salon | Don't worry, darling, I have giant fennel
Plants as Birth Control
NPI - Herbs as birth control - pagan
Herbs - birth control
Medical Writers - Women's Bodies and the Greek Medical Writers
Contraception: Early Church vs. Eastern Orthodoxy
13_2 Birth Control in Antiquity
MUSEUM - Emmenagogues. Abortificants. Devices.
Stefan's Florilegium Archive - Society of Creative Anachronism
FISHER: Ancient Contraception
Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance by John M. Riddle
Redefining Pink eMagazine - Birth Control: An Ancient Practice
Passion Village - Sex in the News
Network: New Devices May Be Easier to Use
Public Policy Updates: April 10, 2000
More Choices at Last
Health: Beyond the pill
Contraceptive choices in pipeline
InteliHealth : Health News - US Eyes More Contraceptive Choices
Archived Questions & Answers
Directory of Abortion, Women's Health Introductions and FAQs from Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network
Reproducive Health Info
Welcome to 34 Million Friends of UNFPA
center for reproductive rights
CycleBeads - Natural Family Planning
Ms. Magazine

CBAS Cervical Barrier Advancement Society
Cervical Cap Birth Control Reproductive Health Reproductive health


Birth Story of Angelica Marie Morgan
JAMA Women's Health Contraception Information Center - Still Waiting for the Contraceptive Revolution
Sex & The Law Topic Area - ADULTS ONLY!
seattletimes.com: Editorialnotebook: Ralph Nader's shrine
Member Home Page
Mothers Against Circumcision Homepage
Thank you, Howard Stern
Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
Technology News from Wired News - Foreskin Farming
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
Outlook, Volume 13, Number 2
Society for Human Sexuality
Salon Newsreal | A real growth stock
Salon Mothers Who Think | Les birdset les bees
Salon Feature | Fetish Nation
Salon | Mothers Who Think - Our Babies, Ourselves
Sex Panic Manual
Let's Talk About Size
Stop Getting Dumped! Available Everywhere!
Rodney Carrington



Relay for Life
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
CanceRx WVU Radiation Oncology Home Page - Cancer Treatment
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Vaccine shows promise against melanoma
Leukemia-Fighting Drug Produces Dramatic Results In Clinical Trials
Mohs Micrographic Surgery Provides Highest Cure Rate For Cutaneous Melanoma
Melanoma Patient Educator and Counselor
NCI Publication - What You Need To Know About (tm) Melanoma
Melanoma Patients' Information Page
Melanoma Home Page
Melanoma (Patient)
Patient Information - Melanoma
I've just been diagnosed with Melanoma
Dan's Melanoma Page
Malignant Melanoma
Canada Approves Melacine Therapeutic Vaccine For Late-Stage Melanoma
Melanoma information
MDACC - Melanoma & Skin Center
The Breast Cancer Site - Thank You!
The Breast Cancer Site : Fund Mammograms for Free
SPE - Solbar Plant Extracts
Forbes.com: UPDATE 2-Novartis details Glivec findings, sticks to outlook
Trisenox (Arsenic Trioxide) Enhances Effects of Glivec (STI-571) Against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Drugs in development: STI571 (Glivec)
On the Horizon: Dr. Brian Druker
WebMD - Preventing Skin Cancer: There's a Doctor in Your Kitchen
The Skin Cancer Foundation -- About Us
New Hope For Cancer
BBC News | HEALTH | Pill to 'stop cancer'
Novel pill cripples cancer cells
cancerTrials: Finding Specific Trials
OncoLink Cancer News
ACS :: Cancer Reference Information
The Skin Cancer Foundation
Dermatology in Cinema - lobby page
Dr. Matthias Rath | Responsibility for a healthy world
Welcome to The Breast Cancer 3-Day
The doctor many believe can cure cancer
Dr J Holt Visit
OB/GYN News: Association remains unexplained: antibiotic use linked to increased risk of breast ca; Data 'do not support a change' in practice


Clinical and Pharmacologic Research, Inc., Morgantown, WV
Community Health Status Report
LincsPPN [Florida East Coast Post-Polio Support Group Newsletter Vol 6 No 1]
The Medical Post Online
Thyroid Disease - Welcome from The Mining Company
Vision Council of America / Better Vision Institute
FMS Doctors List
Cleveland Clinic Health Information Center
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide HomePage
Leffall Recounts Story of BreastCancer Care
America's Health Network - Health, Medical, Anatomy, and Hospital Information
Healthy Message!
All Science News In One Place - UniSci - Science & Research News


Colloidal Silver - A Natural Antibiotic from Changes International
Laughter Is Good Medicine
Living Well Naturally - Herbs, Alternative Health with Herbal Nutrition.
Medicinary Catalog
Abby's Herb Company -- Herb Information Center -- Acne Information Sheet
Handout #7 - Cranio-Sacral Release Technique
Fibromyalgia & Fibromyositis Pain: A Natural Alternative*
Jim Roache's Fibromyalgia Page
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain: Symptoms, Diagnosisand Treatment
Fibromyalgia and Alternative Medicine, FMS, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Holistic Medicine
Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia
Writing is Good Medicine - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - 4/21/99
Bastyr University Home Page: Natural Medicine Education
Bernie Siegel, M.D.: The Interview by Peter Barry Chowka
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
c h o w k a . c o m - Peter Barry Chowka's articles, interviews, photographs & more
A Woman's View-Web Links for Women
Healing Spirituality and Affirmations
Physical Healing
Prayers for Healing Title Page
The Benefits of Sickness
Fallon Pharmacy
Google Search: worms group:alt.support.crohns-colitis
MotherNature - Herbs
Nature's Sunshine herbs and vitamins for health and fitness
vitacost.com - Top brand vitamins at wholesale cost!
Boiron Homeodent, Optique 1 Eye Drops Bx 10, $4.70 each when you buy 2
Nutritional Research, LLC
Cataracts Background Information
Levine Health Care
Prescription Medications - S
Search Results for: cineraria
Homeopathy Mail List: Re: Cineraria eye drops
Dusty Miller
Natural Health Resource Project - Home Page
US Foods Containing Hemp Face Impending DEA Ban
Cineraria Maritima. - A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA By John Henry CLARKE, M.D. Presented by Médi-T ®
Nutritional Research, LLC
Cataracts Background Information
Botanicals for Treating Eye, Ears, Nose and Throat by Jill Stansbury, N.D.
Cineraria Maritima
Cataracts Background Information
Traditional Healing Plants,beginning with D through F
Bakken Plant List
A Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
botanical.com - A Modern Herbal Ivy, Ground - Herb Profile and Information
Bad Tourist Gets Well
Dave's Psoriasis Info - Doctor Fish
Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto for Prostate Disorders - March 15, 2003 - American Family Physician
Elchai's Herbals: Herbal Remedies: Herb of the Month
Elchai's Herbals: Herbal Remedies: Herb of the Month
DreamPharm: Research Center
Saw palmetto
- Supplements
Natural Treatments for Hair Loss - Saw Palmetto
Proven Alternative Cancer Treatments - Home
Alternative Cancer Treatments Information Center, Cancer Tutor
Skin Cancer - healing with herbs, vitamins and minerals.
Alternative Medicine - HerbVeil 8 Escharotic Salve - Herbal Health Product
Herbal salves and balms
Sample chapters of alternative medicine book To Life -- prevention health book, natural health book
H-00a Home
Contemporary History of the Escharotic Black Salve
DoctorYourself.com - Cuts, Lacerations and Slivers (Oh My!)
DoctorYourself.com - Health, Naturally!
Old-Hickory Product 1
All Salves / Ointments / Lotions / Gels
Bloodroot Toothpaste for Mouth, Gum and tooth Paradontal Care for the Mouth
DrWeil.com Question: So Long Skin Tags?
baseline of health newsletter - blood cleansing part 2 - red clover, et al
Dr, Andrew Weil on Larry King : Diabetes : Active Low-Carber Forums
Blood root and Red root
New Scientist - Cinnamon and diabetes
Cinnamon: Diabetes/Heart Disease/Brain Power/MORE
LifeScan Diabetes News -- A Spoonful of Cinnamon Helps Treat Diabetes
Cinnamon Health Benefits - Cinnamon Diabetes Treatment
Type 2 Diabetes: Cinnamon Helps Stop Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
Cinnamon Helps Combat Diabetes
Defeat Diabetes: Cinnamon Improves Glucose, Lipid Control in Type 2 Diabetics
Herbs for High Blood Pressure - High Blood Pressure Herbs
A healthy heart in a single pill: 'Polypill' could curb heart disease and stroke.
MotherNature.com - The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook: High Blood Pressure
Herbal Therapies
GlobalSweet.com - Xylitol products prevent ear infection?
Hyaluronic Acid: Can it Prevent Premature Aging?


FDA/CFSAN Bad Bug Book: Introduction to Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins
Harvard World Health News
Subject: [] Sunday Herald UK: Drugs Expert: Prescription Heroin Would
People who sleep less may live longer
Bio-Factor® for Focus
Seeds of Rebellion recipe
chia seeds - a source of omega3, fiber and antioxidants
Chia (DesertUSA)
Chia Seeds for Health
Advice for Intact Teens
Magic Of Chia
Products - Menu4Life Chia Seeds
TACEP - Protecting Children Around The World Everyday
South Coast QUACK Center Interesting Links!
Famous people who had polio...
InteliHealth: Top News
U.S. News: Sharing your bed with the baby can be safe (11/29/99)
eDiets News
eDiets News
Home Page - No-Acne.com
Post Polio Resource Group of Southeast Wisconsin
Welcome to Hardy Skin Care
Diagnostic Tests: The Family Health Guide
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
X-ray, MRI, Cat Scan, Spiral CT, Ultrasound, Diagnostic Imaging & Radiology.
Diagnostic Imaging
HHH Cancer Center - Diagnostic Tools
PET Scan
World of PET
Honeybees for Bee Venom Therapy is only a click away!
The Store at North Dakota Vision Services - timer cube, etc
Prescription Medications - S
Bio-Factor® for Focus
Doctor Secrets! The Medical Information web site for medical questions, medical advice, medical terms and terminology
The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic - FREE virtual diagnosis and Sports Injury information on over 100 sports injuries
Active Living Communication Plan
Wired News: New Drill for Tomorrow's Dentists
100 Ways to Live Forever - Men's Health
Triangle Urological Group - We provide state of the art care in many subspecialties of Urology, including Oncology, Infertility, Incontinence, Minimally Invasive Therapies and Renal Transplantation, in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. - Home
tense_necks.pdf (application/pdf Object)
MedlinePlus: Running Times Improving Among Older Marathoners
Running economy 1
Unité Loco - Recherche
Working The Walk
Neck and Back pain by Posture Power
Holistic Junction: Articles
Spirit of Change Magazine - Walking: Primordial Rediscovery
Eclectic Horseman: Horsemanship That Just Works!
Eclectic Horseman: Horsemanship That Just Works!
On One's Head by Joël Carbonnel
Reviving Head Carrying by Joël Carbonnel
Improving the Way Humans Walk
Welcome to BAC-GROUND's homepage - Newsletters on Science
KLEENEX Facial Tissue -- Antibacterial
chembytes e-zine 2001 - First of a kind - Linezolid antibiotic
Peptide a forerunner to novel antibiotic class?
NetDoctor.co.uk - The UK's leading independent health website
NetDoctor - Medicines
NetDoctor.co.uk - Information about drugs for Patients


Amazon Drygoods catalogs - Victorian style clothing, shoes, toys, etc
Youth's Educator For Home And Society - 1896
Dumpster diving reaps many benefits
Frugal Living Tip File: Dumpster Diving
Salon Archives | Diary | Elliott Hester/Out of the Blue
All My Life For Sale
Fool.com: Starbucks' Brand Power [Rule Breaker] December 5, 2000 - Morgantown WV Blue Moose Cafe reference
Fool.com: Ten Things to Teach Your Kids About Money [Special] September 27, 2001
How to Pick Your Nose and Find True Happiness
Fool.com_ Starbucks' Brand Power [Rule Breaker] December 5, 2000 - Morgantown WV Blue Moose Caf
Fool.com_ Ten Things to Teach Your Kids About Money [Special] September 27, 2001
Denver Post Online: The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture
Dirty Sole Society Home Page
HomeArts: Kiss.Net
Redbook on HomeArts
The Universal Way - some interesting links and opinions
The real 'Rain Man' delivers memorable message
Spectator - Spectator Magazine - Feature - David Steinberg - Ladies of Rhylstone
Boston Globe Magazine - All Talk, All the Time. - Cell phone overuse
NY State of Insanity - Cell Phone Envy
The Internet Anthropologist Home
Discovery Online, The Skinny On ... Lunacy and the Full Moon
Yahoo! News - Two views of teardown in old suburban neighborhood
ABCNEWS.com : Stossel on the Top 10 Media-Fed Myths
Hooters launches into the air travel business -- Appeared March 10, 2003 - News articles from The Dominion Post
Jamie Zawinski - jwzrants, gruntle
the industrial bookcase - metal pipe bookcase plans
Where Is My Gay Apocalypse? / Over 3,500 gay marriages and, what, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire. And riots. What gives?
The Common Good Network
GELLMAN AND HARTMAN -- Appeared March 21, 2004 - Lifestyles and Balance articles from The Dominion Post
"Lenny Bruce" by Theresa Reed
After disaster: the people who call Chernobyl home - Christian Science Monitor
Lyubov Sirota Returns to Pripyat
The Chernobyl Poems of Lyubov Sirota
HoustonChronicle.com - Unemployed professor scours trash for 8 months
News & Opinion: Don't Call 'Em Locusts (Nashville Scene . 05-18-98)
UNH Biodiesel Group
craigslist: san francisco bay area online community
Other Announcements
Grameen-Banking for the poor
the Real Women Project
Man Killed During City Robbery, Two Suspected Accomplices Charged Tuesday Night
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique


Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test
DOI Career Manager - Keirsey Temperment Sorter and other stuff
Index of /pub/academic/psychology/alt.psychology.personality/profiles
Online Psychological Services - JungWeb
Welcome to the Insitute for Stress Management
Personality Type - Tieger
Flame Warriors descriptions
Jung - Myers-Briggs Typology Online Test
HumanMetrics - Internet online human relationships tests, personality tests, personal solution center
TypeLogic Home Page
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Discovery Online, The Skinny On ... Lunacy and the Full Moon



Radio Station Guide
The Hit Music Channel... 102 WVAQ!
West Virginia Radio Corporation
WANB 103.1
The Enthusiastic F##k You Re WCLG Signal
Polka Bob's Polka Radio Locator
Morgantown FM Radio
1440am WAJR - Morgantown


The Guardian

CBS - The Guardian
The Guardian - TV Series - TV Tome
The Guardian - Episode Guide - TV Tome
"The Guardian:" Underdog with Potential
Almost Human's Guardian Fan Site- Simon Baker, Dabney Coleman, Wendy Moniz, Alan Rosenberg
In 'Guardian,' CBS has a Tuesday winner
CBS cancels Pittsburgh--set 'Guardian' series
The Guardian
TV Q&A with Rob Owen - The Guardian cancellation
Tuned In: Many factors led to 'Guardian' demise
Tuned In: Fall schedule changes upset some viewers
'The Guardian' sprang from creator's diverse background
Tuned In: Many factors led to 'Guardian' demise
City's TV showcase, 'Guardian,' is canceled by CBS
Tuned In: 'Guardian' episode makes fitting farewell
'The Guardian' makes its case for renewal
TV Notes: 'Guardian' will return early
Nick Fallin smiles -- really!
Tuned In: Drama to replace 'Guardian' reruns
The Guardian | PopMatters Television Review
'The Guardian' Reference Files
The Guardian
The Guardian (Le Protecteur)
‘The Guardian’ makes its case for renewal
The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
Sony Pictures Television - The Guardian
NorthJersey.com - 'The Guardian' may meet Grim Reaper
Tgcom - Articolo Tgcom
The Guardian's Angel
Bettawreckonize -- TV Reviews
'The Guardian' fans welcome to screening of season premiere - PittsburghLIVE.com
MSN Entertainment - Movies: The Guardian
Plugged In > TV > The Guardian
The Guardian - tv.org
The Guardian
Tufts E-News -- Hit Drama Based on Tufts Graduate
TeeVee Archive - CBS: The Banal and the Pity
Don't let them cancel these shows!
::: KidsVoice :::
Dramas: Guardian The - TV Show Information Sites
"Guardian, The" (2001)
WebRing: hub
The Guardian (Le Protecteur)


PBS Online
''Seinfeld'''s Final Farewell
Jim Froeming's TRIVIA ZONE: Mostly Fictional Phone Book
M*A*S*H FAQ (2)
"Bonanza" Lyrics
OVATION - Programming Highlights & Schedules - Search
Leave it to Beaver Episodes
TV Guide - Wheeling-Steubenville Edition
IFILM Super Bowl Ads
TV Guide Entertainment Network
US Newspapers - US Newspaper List
Moby in the Morning Homepage
On The Edge Video and DVD - Classic Commercials
AdFlip.com ^ Ads archive of automobile, celebrity, audio magazines advertising and more!
A Tribute to the Zaniest Redhead in TV History
'Trek' fans: from military to rocket scientists | csmonitor.com
MSN Encarta - Quiz - U.S. Citizenship Test: Could You Pass?
The Star Trek Gallery
Funny videos - Viral videos - TV ads/commercials


Internet Movie Database Search: More than 130,000 movies
The Movie Cliches List, part 1
The International Lyrics Server
Calendar Live! - AFI 100 Best Movies of All Time
Online Exhibit: Gone With The Wind
Welcome to CDDB! - the world's largest internet music database
Spectator - Spectator Magazine - Feature - David Steinberg - Ladies of Rhylstone
Rylstone Calendar Girls
Open Directory - Arts: Movies: Titles: C: Calendar Girls
Movie Review: 'Calendar Girls' unveils a frisky real-life caper
ABCNEWS.com : Middle-Aged Women Disrobe for Causes
Welcome To Movies Unlimited
ROTTEN TOMATOES Movie Reviews & Previews
Chris Sarandon Search Results at Video Universe
Call of the Klondike
The Videos and Movies of JOHN DENVER
Moviedogs C
Hollywood Idiots -- Exposing Celebrity Idiots and Anti-Americans
Bliss, New Age and Beyond - Beyond the Movie: Groundhog Day
Theater Trips - Hellen Keller Study Guide
Bliss, New Age and Beyond - Beyond the Movie_ Groundhog Day
Jiminy Critic Movie Reviews - Intelligent Reviews of New Releases, Foreign Films, and Obscure C
Moviedogs A-D
J. O. Curwood's films
Dog Movies
Classical Archives (c) 2002 Classical Archives, LLC
"Daily Vault" - Liner Notes
Chicago The Musical - embedded real-audio of "All That Jazz"
CowboyPal, Home of the Silver Screen Cowboys
Welcome to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans WWW!
David Lynch - Hudba - Wild at Heart
A box-office flop becomes one of our most beloved films -- Appeared January 26, 2004 - News articles from The Dominion Post
DVD Web - What DVD Review Do You Want To Read?
Memorable Quotes from Star Trek III The Search for Spock (1984)
New Voyages - Star Trek Continuation site
Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
The 80's Movies Rewind @www.fast-rewind.com -- Home of 80s Movies
Dirty Dancing - Review - Have the Time of your Life
second exam notes
Home PageENGLISH 114: INTRODUCTION TO FILM – spring 2002
Letter to Warner Brothers: A Night in Casablanca -- Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire 7: Shall We Dance (1937) at Reel Classics
Skinema: Dermatology in the cinema

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OnHiatus: Lunar Info
Llewellyn's Moon Phase Tracker
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U.S. News: Editorial cartoonist, <I> Shoe</I> author MacNelly dies (6/19/00)
Editorial Cartoons
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Herman: lobster grabs glasses
Herman:- Haven't got all day
Herman:- change for $400 of quarters
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Rose Is Rose
Rose is Rose - Vicki the Biker Chick
Pagan-Home Pagan-Home - Deities - Rose
Comic Fetch - Supported Comics
The Centre for the study of Cartoons and Caricature
Usenet posting humor - how to annoy usenet posters
Developmentally Disabled Burger King Employee Only Competent Worker
Here it is - Arkansas quarter design
They're Rioting in Africa (The Merry Minuet)
Why Johnny can't read. Now available on VHS tape.
Neil Franklin's Jokes and Fun Page
Calendar Week2 Cartoon of the week: Why Johnny can't read
National Council of Dull Men Recommended Links
Dull Men's Club
Indian Jokes-Joke Page Eight-Native American Humor
SinCity - The Web Home of Penn & Teller
Micro Mephisto
Consumption Junction, What's Your Dysfunction?
Peanuts are Cool!
Instrument Jokes
BBspot - Hour Lost Explaining Computer Terms to Mom
Access Jokes
Tina's Humor Archives
Blue's Mickey Mouse Page
Funny Jokes - Hilarious Images - Outrageous Audio Files & More!
Absolute Grinch
Stupid.com: Strange Candy - Odd Gifts - Dumb Games
The Stupid Gift Shop Presents: Mood Watches
Darwin Awards
eBay Bizarre Auction Contest - Current Items
eBay Bizarre Auction Contest - Completed Items
Humor, Humour & Jokes - Beating a Dead Horse
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Child Beauty Queen
I'm a Cow
Content Server How-To
The Cat's in the....ChowMein?
TODAYS CARTOON by Randy Glasbergen
Time Travel cartoon en Francais
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
Welcome to RudyPark.com!
Loony Humor - Funny Pictures, Humor, Pics, Jokes
Optical Illusions - Optic Tricks - Magic - Brain Teasers
Mad Magazine - Gulf War II Poster
Police Humor - The Lighter Side of law Enforcement - Jokes for Cops
TODAYS CARTOON by Randy Glasbergen
Time Travel cartoon en Francais
Yahoo! Groups rudypark Messages 1-25 of 25
Bill Clinton Humor - Clinton Jokes Cartoons and Satire
404 File Not Found on shellydickens.com
Bumper Sticker humor
Protected By Smith & Wesson Property Security Sign
We Love the Iraqi Information Minister
Y fo lire ! Humeurs - Humour Origine du mot BUG
1994 Anti-Catholic Cartoons
RUDY PARK by Darrin Bell and Theron Heir
100% Crazy Jokes and Funny Pictures
iOffer - FeePay Cartoon
CNN.com - Scott Adams: Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle - August 28, 2001
E-Gray : Government favors at auction prices - Gray Davis
Dilbert.com - Games
Reports of Clippy's demise exaggerated CNET News.com
Dilbert.com - Games
Scientists list world’s funniest joke
A guy in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and says, &quot;Wanna hear a joke.&quot;
Work Glossary
Subject: Mottoes for work
The latest jokes from RHF
Blue Moon Flash
CNN.com - Scott Adams_ Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle - August 28, 2001
Twelve Thank You Notes of Christmas
Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chinese Food Song
A guy in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and says, &quot;Wanna hear a joke?&quot;
Jokes, One-Liners and Assorted Amusement from HCG
Letter of Reference
Reference Letter - welcome.to-orme
FREE e-cards and online greeting cards from Hallmark
Newspaper Headlines
Stupid People
Medical Humor-Jokes and Cartoons
RinkWorks - Online entertainment
Technology for Country Folk
ChickenJoke.com - Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Another Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road Joke Site!
RIAA Claims Music On Car Radios Meant Only For Original Vehicle Owner!!!!
Mucho Sucko :: Tasteless Humor for The Unemployed!
Irish Recitations-How Pat Saved His Bacon
dedicated to you!

Quotations and Poetry

A Perfect Day, Grandmothers list of chores for a winter day.
John's Poetry Corner. A place to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.
Where We Live
Melodies, list nr 1
joshmadison.com Chia Pet
joshmadison.com Sayings
Creative Quotations for Creative Thinking
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Questionable Quotes (The Americans)
PondScumAndLawyers.com: Quotes and One-Liners
I Will Follow... Services
White Horse
Aurel Bulgac - Quotations
The Fastest Man on Earth & Origins of Murphy's Law
Aphorisms, pithy quotes, etc.


How far is it?
MapBlast! Maps, Driving Directions, Yellow Pages


Calc101.com Automatic Calculus Solutions: Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals
Currency Converter / Currency Conversion Calculator
MSNBC Calorie Calculator
MyTravelGuide.com - currency converter
The Inflation Calculator
Marital Bliss Calculator - Gifts to wife per $ of cigars purchased
Official Michigan Temperature Conversion Chart
Yahoo! Finance - Currency Conversion - Current price of Gold
On-This-Day.com - April 11
Online Conversion - Convert anything to anything else
Exchange Rates - Bank of Canada
Height & volume calculators
Maps and Compasses - Assessment
Roman Numeral and Date Conversion with Roman Calculator & Test
Veganline.com: SHOE SIZES the international shoe size page!


Reference Shelf
Language Translation -- English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Italian & Portuguese
AltaVista - World / Translate
Language Translation -- English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Italian & Portuguese
The Alternative Dictionaries
WITS END - Libraries/References
The Things That Some People Will Say - ADictionary of Words and Phrases
Latin-English Dictionary
Online scientific and medical dictionaries
The Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
BBC - Catchphrase - Learn Welsh
BBC - Catchphrase 2002 - A new way of learning Welsh
Reading Middle Welsh -- 4 First Words
Say What? - A British/Yankspeak translation
Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK
AltaVista - World _ Translate
Microsoft Update - Lernout & Hauspie - Submit Translation
FreeTranslation.com - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian
InterTran (tm)
Language Translation -- English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Italian & Portuguese
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
AskOxford: What comes after <i>primary, secondary, tertiary</i>?

Phone Books

GTE SuperPages®: Interactive Yellow Pages
AnyWho: Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free, and Address
AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numbers, Maps and Directions
AnyWho: Reverse Telephone Number Search - Find Person or Business using Telephone Number
Find a Person
Domain Name Availability Check
Switchboard Home Page
MESA - search for email addresses
555-1212.com - White Pages - United States
555-1212.com - Yellow Pages
411.COM Home Page
Welcome to WhoWhere?!
Netscape People Finder
Yahoo! People Search
AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numbers, Maps and Directions
ARIN: Whois
Telephone Prefix Location List
555-1212.com - Directory Information, White Pages, Maps
Free Email Address Search - Largest Email Directory & Reverse Email

Bookmarks and Searches

Bookmarks for All
LookSmart - Directory
AltaVista Technology, Inc.
String Links
Guardian Unlimited The Guardian Web watch
- Frans Goddijn's Portal Website
K. Kalani Patterson's Bookmarks
MyClicker - For people who just love to click


CNN.com - Author talks about 'The Last of the Hitlers' - February 6, 2002
Historic Fashion
Stefan's Florilegium Archive - Society for Creative Anachronism resources
Anglo saxon coins of Britain
New Deal Network
Document Library: Text Info

News and Views

NowThis.com Log: 4 July 2000
The Register
W h a t A n E x t r e m e . c o m
Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room
Goofups.com: Collection of mistakes, bloopers or blunders that results from being careless or plain stupid
Things People Said
WTOV9.com - Home


Internet References
Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation-Journalism - Curiosities of London Life
Ancestry.com, Online Genealogy - Sign up today for a Free Trial Membership
Welcome to Gaspricewatch.com - Find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood.
Cardcentral.net - Links to electronic greeting card sites
SILS Art Image Browser: Home Page - images of paintings -search by artist, title, subject
The Straight Dope: Home Page
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
Urban Legends Reference Pages
JILT - Information Retrieval software (contents)
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Seekers Main
Signs of our Times
The Webtender: An On-Line Bartender
IBM Intellectual Property Network - patent search
ORDA - Olympic Authority Events
Super Morse Home Page
Learning Morse Code By the Koch Method
Recreational resource Guide - P C B V I
Exam Cram
Free Practice
Mathematical Quotation Server
An Unauthorized Guide to Mobil Collectibles: Chasing the Red Horse
Pegasus Homework Page
How It Works
SchoolHouse Rock - The Unofficial Site
Taco Bell and the $2 Bill
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Humor (McDonald's Is His Kind of Place)
SmartReminders.com - Information you want. Where you want it. When you want it.
Eponym: International Names
Baby Names by Category
Worst Ideas in History
GURTEEN - View: Knowledge-Quotations
Wicked Good Guides - Boston pronunciation and other stuff
Pamphlets and Publications: The Six Magic Dots of Braille
Quotations --- General
Jazz Age Slang
Eponym_ International Names
Baby Names by Category
Your Social Security Number
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Post No Bills)
Virus Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Chain Letters
ASCII Chart and Other Resources
Worst Ideas in History
Latitude-Longitude of US Cities (www.realestate3d.com)
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
American Family Immigration History Center
The secrets about your social security number.
Star Telegram | 03/07/2002 | Bizarre details of man's death revealed
Nordlys - Northern Lights
How Things Work: Complete Collection
Internet Basics Online Auction Sites
Urban Legends Reference Pages
ibiblio - Gardening and Sustainable Agriculture!


Geoffrey Nunberg - Going Nucular
Why Does Bush Go "Nucular"? By Kate Taylor
languagehat.com: NUCULAR.
'Nucular' bombs | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Language Log: The thin line between error and mere variation II: going nucular
Language Log: The thin line between error and mere variation II: going nucular
Pittsburgh City Paper - Literature
Common Errors in English
Latin Pronunciation Guide for Numismatists
Old English Pages: Electronic Text and Manuscript Images

WV and WVU Related


Helpful Addresses: West Virginia Public Libraries
Welcome to the West Virginia Library Commission Homepage
West Virginia Union Catalog
Morgantown Public Library
WVU Libraries
Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway


Engr102 Projects


Making a Clinometer
Elanora Heights Primary School - Clinometer to measure the height of Trees
Urban Forestry Lab. Exercise, Table of Contents
Christa McAuliffe Academy, Accredited K-12 Education
Urban Forestry Lab. Exercise, Measuring Tree Heights
UACES: AR Natural: Forestry: Timber Harvesting and Marketing
Urban Forestry Lab. Calculating Board Footage In A Tree
eBMJ -- Statistics at Square One: 2. Mean and standard deviation
Individual Loblolly Pine Volumes by Tree Diameter and Height
tree height
Week 1 Mensuration Notes
Tree Data for claq1_bg
Old-Growth Forest - Case Study
POB: Point of Beginning - Fun and Games
Surveying Links @ BuySurveySupplies.com
Determining the Height of a Tree using Trigonometry


Classical Cryptography
Classic Ciphers
Enchanted Mind - Creative Cryptography
Enchanted Mind - Creative Cryptography
Cryptography - Part II
Cryptography, Part I
Classical Cryptography
Monoalphabetic Substitution
Cryptography--Caesar Cipher
Cryptography - Lecture 3 - Classical Substitution Ciphers
Counterpane: Crypto-Gram
Enchanted Mind - Creative Cryptography
who did it
Troubleshooting Repeat-O-Type Products

Solutions of Algebraic Equations


Alumni - for Colleges in West Virginia - Alumni
Gazette Online - WVU's WVNET Pullout
WVU Mountaineers Webring - Mountaineer Pride Membership
Weather Underground: Morgantown, West Virginia Forecast
Mountaineer Field 20th Anniversary
WVU - Quick Information Page
The WVU Mountaineer Spirit Online
WVU Tech Transfer
WVU News and Information Services - Mountaineer Spirit Online
WVU Electronic Directory Services
WVU OIT Workshop Registration Database
West Virginia University Employees Federal Credit Union
WVU Team Shop
WVU Building Tour
Dr. Kirk Hazen WV Dialect Project
School of Medicine
WVU Physician Directory - WV Health Page
CS 5 Introduction to Computer Applications
Mountaineer Hockey - 1999-2000 Division I Schedule
Mountaineer Hockey Online - Media Area
West Virginia University - Spring 2002 Exam Schedule
WVNET Organizational Chart and Phone Directory
Course Information
Lane Department Of Computer Science and Engineering
wvu greenhouse guide
West Virginia University - Morgantown Alumni Registry
West Virginia University Mountaineer Hockey
WVU workers to do bulk of president’s house renovations
WVU Calendar
West Virginia Golden Horseshoe Database Introduction
WV Golden Horseshoe Study Guide

WVU Libraries: Isaac Asimov Online Exhibit
CS 101 Introduction to Computer Applications
.: Official Site of the WVU Rifle Club:.
U announces new Microsoft software agreement
WVU mural appears in 'Spider-Man 2' -- Appeared July 27, 2004 - News articles from The Dominion Post

OHSR Stuff

Welcome to the Office of Health Services Research
Program for Integrative Medicine
Peia's 'Pathways to Wellness'
West Virginia Health Care Authority
Medicare Public Use Files and Descriptions
SDC Web Page
Joslin Diabetes Center
Main course: Dining with diabetes
Diabetes contributes to several long-term conditions
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
Census Bureau Home Page
Mon Health System - Trust us for life!
Program for Integrative Medicine
CDC Current Health-Related Hoaxes & Rumors
Online scientific and medical dictionaries
Medical Information Warehouse - listing of disease associations
NHCQA - National Healthcare Cost and Quality Association
Diabetes Public Health Resource
Asthma Drugs | www.ahealthyme.com
asthma drugs
WV BMS 2000_Medicaid Program Instructions
Study: Can insulin head off diabetes? -- Appeared January 1, 2000 - News articles from The Dominion Post
Appalachian Regional Commission Home Page
DIABCARE The Development of Foot Deformities and Ulcers After Great Toe Amputation in Diabetes
Diabetic Foot
Foot Exam
Prevention and Early Intervention for Diabetes Foot Problems: A Research Review
West Virginia Health Initiatives Project (WVHIP): Going to scale: Putting guidelines into practice to improve the value of diabetes disease state management
West Virginia Board of Medicine
MWCN Health Disparities Registry & Reporting
MWCN DEMS Downloads
Alpha-Numeric HCPCS
Newsletter for the West Virginia Society of Osteopathic Medicine
State Medicaid Toll-Free numbers
The Breast Cancer Site Fund Mammograms for Free
Exercise is child's play - STLtoday - Life & Style - Health & Fitness
Loans available for socially disadvantaged person -- Appeared January 25, 2004 - News articles from The Dominion Post
National Diabetes Education Program | NDEP
Defeat Diabetes: Cinnamon Improves Glucose, Lipid Control in Type 2 Diabetics
MSNBC - Next: The Polypill Prescription
More on the Preposterous Polypill Panacea 8/6/03
A Polypill of nutrients? - Health Supreme
Geriatrics - Polypill as Geri-tonic
GEOPROJ - Home Page
Ethics Training
Get a copy of Take Della's Challenge: Be Stronger Than Diabetes
Chronic Disease


West Virginia Market Bulletin - Department of Agriculture
West Virginia History for Beginners
Coalwood, WV Today--Home of the Rocket Boys from the October Sky movie, the October Sky book and the Rocket Boys book, by Homer H.
Rocket Boys
Coalwood, WV Today--Home of the Rocket Boys from the October Sky movie, the October Sky book and the Rocket Boys book, by Homer H. Hickam
West Virginia - Robert C. Byrd's page
Jeff Miller's West Virginia Page
Morgantown GRT Infopage
Salem-Teikyo University Home Page
West Virginia in the Civil War
Roadside America Tours: LA to NYC Day 6
Time Trail, West Virginia; Home Page
West Virginia Photography by Van Slider Home Page Stock Photography
BOPARC director steps down -- Appeared January 31, 2002 - News articles from The Dominion Post
'Fiddler' hits the right notes -- Appeared July 25, 2001 - News articles from The Dominion Post
ORSANCO - River Information
West Virginia Department of Agriculture: The Market Bulletin
West Virginia Economic Justice Coalition wvejc.org
WVSOS - Executive Records - Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards
Ohio River Navigation Charts
'Making rugs makes me happy' -- Appeared January 14, 2004 - News articles from The Dominion Post
West Virginia National Auto Insurance Company
West Virginia - Abortion-hating, gun-toting, immigrant-trashing Kerry voters. By William Saletan

Morgantown WV "Mountain Line" Bus Schedules and Maps

Places to Go

Places in and around WV

Chowhound's Mid-Atlantic Message Board: Venezuelan food in Elkins, West Virginia
El Gran Sabor, Elkins WV
Explore the Seasons at Oglebay
West Virginia State Fair
West Virginia Online, WV's information guide for Travel and Recreation, Parks, Real Estate, etc.
West Virginia - It's You - West Virginia Travel, Recreation, Lodging, State Parks, etc.
News 8 Day Trippin: Bob Evans Farm
National Road/U.S. Route 40 Home Page
Kennywood Amusement Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - America's Finest Traditional Amusement Park!
The Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
It takes a colorful group of charactersto create a Renaissance Festival
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Attractions
Visitor's Guide to Natrona Heights
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa
Rainbows over Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Yellow Pages to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WMKY Reports - Morehead State University's public radio to the mountains
Gabriel Brothers Inc. Home Page
Mylan Laboratories Inc - Career Opportunities
Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Development Corridors
WV Population Estimates and Projections -Opening Page
Lycos Travel - Parkersburg WV
Lycos Travel - US 50, the lonliest road in America
Morgantown, WV - Ratings
Morgantown , West Virginia - City information: moving, apartments, relocation, real estate, city guides, and more
Official West Virginia Vacation Guide - Wild and Wonderful - West Virginia Travel, Recreation, Whitewater, Real Estate, Lodging, State Parks
West Virginia Tourism Wild & Wonderful
West Virginia State Flag Facts Map and Symbols
Cooper's Rock, WV
Historic kayak tours on the Monongahela River near Morgantown, West Virginia
Ohio River Navigation Charts
Sunset on Ohio River at Paden City, West Virginia
West Virginia Photography, Images of WV by Van Slider
Where to find West Virginia road maps, city street maps with WV travel directions print out maps drawn free
West Virginia Industries - Demolition Contractor
Historic kayak tours on the Monongahela River near Morgantown, West Virginia
Official West Virginia Vacation Guide - Wild and Wonderful - West Virginia Travel, Recreation, Whitewater, Real Estate, Lodging, State Parks
West Virginia Tourism Wild & Wonderful
West Virginia State Flag Facts Map and Symbols
Wings Olè on the WWW
Circle H Bed and Breakfast - Horseback trail rides
Flatwoods WV Factory Outlets
OHS Places/Ohio River Museum
Grove City PA outlet stores
Circle H Bed and Breakfast - Horseback trail rides
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa
Open Directory - Regional: North America: United States: West Virginia: Localities: M: Morgantown
Second Wind Horse Adoption
Flatwoods WV Factory Outlets
WJPA Radio and Washington Area Events
Southern West Virginia - Travel & Tourist Information, Real Estate, Golf, Attractions, Lodgings and more!
Weathering the heat -- Appeared August 10, 2001 - News articles from The Dominion Post
West Virginia Tourism Wild & Wonderful
Bruceton Bank - Bulletin Board
Morgantown, West Virginia offers dining options to please all tastes!
Yahoo! News - W.Va. Quarter Will Show Arch of Bridge
West Virginia Rail-Trails
County Map Project-West Virginia
WV Counties
Tour 5 from A Guide to the Old Dominion
Pittsburgh Yellow Pages and Guide - restaurants, nightlife, spas, hotels and yellow pages in and around Pittsburgh

New York City

Homepage of Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center - Inside Info & Travel Pictures
Central Park Poster - The only aerial photograph of Central Park ever offered for sale.
Central Park...the oasis of NYC!
slabeaume`s new New York Page - Inside Info & Travel Pictures
Welcome to VirtualTourist.com - The Original Travel Community
Painting the Town -- Museum of the City of New York
The Triumph of Rockefeller Center by David Garrard Lowe
Les Misérables
Phantom Appreciation Site Links
Phantom Phan Links
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Broadway's Most Intriguing Musical
MTA NYC Transit - Subway Service Information
Welcome to NYCfoto -- the largest collection of New York City photos online
Western Beef, Inc The retail supermarket
PubCrawler - Hotel/Lodging Search Results


Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum - Home Page
Letters from Mexico - By Stan Gotlieb -Hosted by Mexico Connect
Canada by Train: Traveling Like a Magnate
Microsoft TerraServer Image Page
TerraServer Advanced Find
Cruising with the Cargo? - Budget Travel - 12/28/99
About.com : http://www.geocities.com/freighterman.geo/mainmenu.html
About.com : http://www.freighterworld.com/destin.html
DoitBest.com: Store Locator
Canada by Train_ Traveling Like a Magnate
Search Results - canada.com network
DoitBest.com_ Store Locator
Cruising with the Cargo_ - Budget Travel - 12_28_99
About.com _ http___www.geocities.com_freighterman.geo_mainmenu.html
About.com _ http___www.freighterworld.com_destin.html
Information about the City of Jerez, Andalucía, Southern Spain
New Jersey Online: Spotlight on Hoboken Music
Vacation 2001 - Seattle Troll
Copan Building, Sao Paulo
Rural Tourism creates memorable Mexican vacations.
CNN.com - State landmark falls from mountain - May. 3, 2003
Swimmers Guide
Kutshers Country Club
Scotty's Castle
Scotty's Castle in the Desert (DesertUSA)
RoadTrip America® - Scotty's Castle, Death Valley
RoadTrip America® Site Directory
Historic US Route 66: The Mother Road
RoadTrip America® - Scotty's Castle, Death Valley
Scotty's Castle - LetsGoSeeIt.com
Viewmaster Packs
McDonald's Media Site: Press Release
1.21 Gigawatts! - McDonald's Diner
Webshots Community - T-Birds at the Diner
CTA | System Map - NorthWest
Chicago Transit Authority | 1-888-YOURCTA
Conventions come to risky areas?

Food and Recipes

Ron Ben-Israel's Sugar Flowers
Soft Drink Industry Web Links
Main Dr Pepper Menu Page
Google Search: lemon group:alt.food.cocacola
Google Groups: View Thread &quot;recipe is here!&quot;
Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine
The Pie Page
Arielle's Recipe Archives: Home
Flora's Collection of Pie & Pastry Recipes
Virtual Texan -- Cooking Up a Storm
Lori & Steve's Recipes
So Much Chocolate...So Little Time
More Pie formulas for Professional Bakers.
So Much Chocolate...So Little Time
Recipe for Pickled Onions That Bite Back
The Recipe
The Buckner Mint Julep Ceremony
The Mint Julep
Welcome to The Mint Julep Inn - The Leonard McCoy Story Directory and Archive
Caffeine Content
National Soft Drink Association
Edible Flowers - Squash Blossom
Usli Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Pop The Soda Shop - Over 400 Beverages
Cooks.com Recipe Search diet coke
Chocolate Biscotti
Nonni's Biscotti
Recipe 1375 --- Adobo Chicken with Jimmy: Chicken Main Dish Poultry
EEE Cooks: Tostones Recipe
Cachapas - English
Cachapas - Spanish
Tostones - Spanish
Cooking with Sally: How to make Cachapas
CaribSeek Recipes | Tostones Recipe | Receta Tostones | Fried Plantains Recipe | Dominican Republic Recipe
EEE Cooks: Tostones Recipe
Real California Cheese
A 20-ounce hamburger for $41?! Old Homestead Restaurant in New York City makes headlines - Beer fed Japanese Kobe Beef
Knifeforums.com: Best Steak
Venison Recipes: Ohio's favorite venison recipes
Fish Recipes: Ohio's Favorite Fish Recipes
Apple Juice on the Internet - Ask AJ - The Story of Johnny Appleseed
Vines And Wines - California Wines And Wine Country
All Recipes | Holiday | Easter Cheese - Hrudka
Poland: Another Easter Cheese
Poland: Poppy Seed or Nut Roll
Recipes of Slovak-World
Slovak Recipes
Slovak traditional receites,

Sewing and Crafts

Singer Sewing Machines, Sergers, Embroidery Machines
S.E.W. - Carpet Serging, Binding and Cutting Machines
Sew Cool (washingtonpost.com)
Jenny's Sewing Studio
Izek 2
Sew News Magazine--High-Tech --Getting Teens to Sew
Gameboy Color Review
Designfax - Mar 2001 - Revision X: Sewing - A Portable Game
Folkwear Retro-Glamour
Folkwear Patterns
Panelled skirt directions
FolkWear Clothes Patterns - Old Europe
Beginner Advice for Shoemaking
The Great Pattern Review
The Costumer's Manifesto: Your Free One-stop Site for Costume Information & Images
The Costume Page
The Costume Page - Ethnic & Folk Costume
RustyZipper.Com Vintage Clothing on the Web - Over 12,000 items!
rings-things.com Site Map
How to Wear a Sari
Adult Costumes


Kathy Fletcher, Senior Information Technology Consultant, Customer Support, Office of Information Technology, WVU
Kathy Fletcher's Personal Home Page
Mark Crabtree's Home Page
Dan Chilko
Patrick's Page
My World - nifty background and gifs - quotes
Jamie Richardson's Web Page - Lots of interesting links
Lynette Bellini's Bookmarks
Julia Neikirk's (Improved) Homepage - figure skating, interesting links
Marji Hazen's Personal Home Page - old time music
Mary O'Neill's (the lights are on but nobody's) Home Page - some good sounding recipes
PoBoy's Shack - check out clock and quote java scripts
Jill's Homepage - Moundsville, WV horseback rider
Dixie & Butch's Place - incorporated Java scripts
Tim Rhodes - VA Tech Systems Engineer
Who I Am - Alexandra's Page - skating, good links
Ezra Samuel Corrie - Mary Swim
Wills - Mary Swim
Marshall County Tennessee Genealogy
1850 Fleming County Kentucky Census
Surnames Index Page
NADC on the WWW (NADC1)
Kimberly Massengill
Anti-Greed Medicine
JMU - Computer Science - Malcolm Lane
Swim Family Genealogy Forum
Blab-n-Lab Mozilla Bookmarks
Pagina no-oficial de Juan Antonio Martínez
This was theo.rem
Larry Pendarvis's Home Page
Welcome to BradLevy.com
Brad Levy's Gallery - Humor

Coins, New U.S. Dollar

U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations
'Soft Money' dollar coin cartoon
U.S. Treasury
Coin Designs by Daniel Carr. Apollo Astronaut dollar, Bessie Coleman dollar, Sacagawea dollar, state quarters including New York and Rhode Island, Capitol Visitor's Center commemoratives, two dollar bi-metallic circulating coins.
Coin World - News from Coin World
Victorian coinage in Paul Lewis and Wilkie Collins pages
Maddy's Treasure Chest
US and Canadian Dollar coins and Quarters - JPEG image
Coinmap -- U.S. Commemorative State Quarters Collectors Map
The U.S. Mint: The New Dollar Coin - design finalists
Gallery Mint Museum - New U.S. Dollar
PBS Online - Lewis and Clark: Living History
Certified Coin Exchange (CCE)
PBS Online - Lewis and Clark: Living History
New Circulating Coinage Designs For The Year 2000
The Coin Coalition - Home
The Coin Coalition - Who we are
Proposed Dollar Coin Designs by Daniel Carr
Daniel Carr - Address for dollar coin comments
The U.S. Mint: The New Dollar Coin
Congressional Email Directory
The U.S. Mint 50 States Commemorative Coin Program: Delaware Finalist Designs
The U.S. Mint 50 States Commemorative Coin Program: Listing of States
The U.S. Mint 50 States Commemorative Coin Program
DN - Re: Horses on Coins (Was: Honor the Horse; Nationa
DN - horses on coins
DN - Re: Official Nickname for new Golden Dollar Coin
NAMA - Sacagawea Dollar Coin Advisory
NAMA - Golden Dollar FAQ
Coin Market Slang
GARY A. COOPER'S HOMEPAGE - reverse dollar design
Peace Dollar Coin Reverse Forum MessageBoard
PBS Online - Lewis and Clark: Inside the Corps - Sacagawea Statue
The U.S. One-Dollar Coin - suggestions and how to comment
Commemorative Quarters Fax and Mail Page
Fifty States Commemorative Quarter Collector Page
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
Addresses for the Federal Reserve System
Ithaca HOURs Online: Local Currency in the Service of Community
The U.S. Mint: The New Dollar Coin - Finalist Designs [Reverse]- original design
The U.S. Mint: The New Dollar Coin - Finalist Designs [Obverse]- original design
The U.S. Mint: The Selected Designs for the New Dollar Coin
Can You Solve The Golden Dollar Puzzle?
The Buck Starts Here: Science News Online, Apr. 1, 2000
CNN - U.S. Mint hopes public will embrace new Sacagawea dollar coin - May 29, 1999
Deja.com: Re: Vending machine question
Coinart Collectibles
Restoration and Cleaning of Ancient Coins and Artifacts
Rare Coin Dealers Index at CoinLink
Where's George
Dolly Madison commemorative dollar jpeg
Promote the Baby-Back Dollar
HoustonChronicle.com - Golden Dollar success
The New Golden Dollar
United States Small Size Dollar Coins
Bank Notes - Bank of Canada - New Note Series
Coin Coalition - Bulletins
Chicago Tribune | News - Columnists - Clarence Page - Sacajawea Dollar
IHOP Featured Menu Item
Ask for $1 coins, they are really convenient
Astral Entertainment (Happy the Coin Collecting Penguin)
Federal Reserve ships 5 million Sacagawea dollars to Ecuador - 2/11/02
Golden Dollar promotional goodies | Powered by CafePress.com
Sacagawea dollar's promoter calls coin 'a modest success' - 4/22/02
Dollar coin death reports premature - Editorial 4/22/02
[www.thesunlink.com] The SUN newspaper of Bremerton, Wash.
Golden Dollar promotional goodies | Powered by CafePress.com
Coin Designs by Daniel Carr. Apollo Astronaut dollar, Bessie Coleman dollar, Sacagawea dollar, state quarters including New York and Rhode Island, Capitol Visitor's Center commemoratives, two dollar bi-metallic circulating coins.
Curmudgeon's Guide to Currency Grading
Money Origami
Chuck D'Ambra Coins - Coin Collecting Home Page
2 dollar bill story
Curmudgeon's Guide to Currency Grading
Coin Collecting Supplies (.US) - Kointain Holders
CNN.com - U.S. Mint cutting back on Sacagawea coins - April 4, 2002
Chuck D'Ambra Coins - Coin Collecting Home Page
The Stujoe Collection - What have they done to our coins?
Golden Dollar promotional goodies _ Powered by CafePress.com
CNN.com - U.S. Mint cutting back on Sacagawea coins - April 4, 2002
Modern Car Care 04-2002 The Golden Dollar
ABCNEWS.com _ Anti-Penny Bill Remains Controversial
Coin Designs by Daniel Carr. Apollo Astronaut dollar, Bessie Coleman dollar, Sacagawea dollar,
The American Historic Society - Coin Collections, Coin Collectables, Rare Coins, Proof Sets, Stamps, Baseball cards, Morgan Dollars, Foreign Coins Coin Gift Sets
James C. Benfield, 59; Organizer, Activist (washingtonpost.com)
Diameters of Modern Coins for Comparison
Washington Square Coin Exchange-Coin Sizes
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Rhymes with Orange
[www.thesunlink.com] The SUN newspaper of Bremerton, Wash.
Coins - World Bulk 1,000 to 1 Million + Pieces
Dedicated to All Coin Collectors' Wives
Need some change? - New York City - Business
The Daily Telegraph | Coins toss up subtle change
Spink: Coins, Banknotes, Medals, Stamps and Books
The Numismatic Bibliomania Society
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc. - Everyday
Sacagawea: From captive to Indian interpreter to a true American legend
The Golden Dollar Coin Featuring Sacagawea - United States Mint
The Golden Dollar Coin Featuring Sacagawea - United States Mint


Salon Travel | Cockpit assault
Salon.com News | An Afghan-American speaks
Salon.com Directory | Elliott Neal Hester
Salon.com News | The bloody Jordan river now flows through America
Art Bell - 911 Terrorist Attack
Art Bell - What's New
Salon.com News | Bin Laden's American blood brothers
Shattered 9/11/2001
Art Bell - Patriotic Responses to 911 Attack
Afghanistan tests the Taliban
Miami Herald: We'll go forward from this moment
Tribute - Proud to be an American
Tribute - September 11, 2001
projo.com/yourlife - A decent nation would recognize war's declaration
The Big Terrible
America's tragedy is felt by all the world... - Photo galery of Worldwide tributes
Tribute - Proud to be an American
Afghanistan tests the Taliban
Open Letter to America
Inside the mind of Osama bin Laden
MSNBC - Behind an Iron Veil
Prayer for America
World Trade Center Attack
Art Bell - 911 Personal Photos Pt 2
Welcome to NEW YORK CITY
New Look for Entertainment in a Terror-Conscious World
We Shall Overcome
The End of the End of History
OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan - God is Back
Shattered 9/11/2001
Macintosh romDog live camera (WTC Photo Links)
Attack on America
$20 Bill Commemoration of 9/11
Gilded Dragon - Attack On America
Disaster Photo Gallery - Day 2
Disaster Photo Gallery - Day 1
Remember All Attacks on the United States of America
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War
I [heart] my [dog head] = I Heart My Dog's Head
SEEING THE HORROR - Voices From Behind the Lens- The Digital Journalist - (view from Hoboken)
Seeing The Horror Contents Page - The Digital Journalist
Macintosh romDog live camera
Disaster Photo Gallery - Day 2 - (man with briefcase)
Seeing The Horror Contents Page - The Digital Journalist
globalsecurity.org - Afghanistan satellite photos
Fry Osama!!!!!
Dr. Seuss style Twin Towers poem
Kill Osama Bin Laden - Shoot To Kill Osama - Free online shoot em up game
Bin Laden Liquors Official Site - The Games
Subject: [] Heroin and Anthrax Stories in New Scientist
BBC News | HEALTH | Anthrax 'link' in heroin deaths
America Attacked 9 1 1
Kill Osama Bin Laden Arcade Games
Who did it? Foreign Report presents an alternative view
Questions and Answers: Rumor-Busting
Terrorism Game Theory
Dedicated to all the Allied Coalition Troops.
9 Failures of the Imagination
Aftermath of 9/11
A Skating Tribute Article

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All Your Base

All your base are belong to us - Official Video Site
All your base are belong to us - Official Video Site
All Your Base
Zero Wing SEGA Mega Drive Story
Jiminy Critic Movie Reviews - Review of All Your Base Are Belong to Us
all your base
All your base flash
All Your Iraq Are Belong To US!


Demotivators - Posters for your cubicle
Salon Archives | Diary | Elliott Hester/Out of the Blue/1999
Salon Archives | Diary | Elliott Hester/Out of the Blue/2000
Angelfire Communications
AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Color Your Own CowCards
Connect-Time's Dumpster Diver
Dragon's Lair: Dragons slay her!
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Matt Ghio's remailer list
Non-stick Looney Page
RealSystem 5.0: ADDY Awards
Welcome to the Fabulous World of FAT!SO? On-line
3 Fat Chicks on a Diet
Men?Get the lowdown!
Acses, the Ultimate Comparison Shopping Engine - Compare prices from online shops!
Rich Picks, November 1998
Dan Ponciano Guide Service, Columbia River Fishing - Nifty Photo Album HTML
And The Bride Wore...
Play Mad Dogs & Englishmen
The Great Illusion
Jim Warren's Official Website
Jim Warren Catalog - &quot;Wild Waters&quot; & &quot;Unicorn&quot;
.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸. · Renegade Tattoo Page · .¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)¸.·´¯`·.¸·´¯`·..´¯`·.¸¸..
All My Life For Sale
Acme Klein Bottle
Yikes! A Drinking Mug Klein Bottle
Miniature Portrait of Gauss for Sale
MORPHMASTER - Flash Animations
Trussel's EclectiCity
Goddheart Photography, Please enter
Magic Eye Inc. Home Page
artist Barbara Buckingham hand cut paper gates
Modest Needs - Home
Lotta Postage 1
Lotta Postage 2
No Place Like Home!
SPAM - Really!!
Sell Me a Story - Two skyscrapers, built at the same time in the same block. One's much taller.
The Brick Testament
Schedler's Shebeen Cookies
Viking Kittens - Joel Veitch rathergood.com music - Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
California Marijuana Quarter
Got the T-shirt
STLtoday - Life & Style - Columnists
Disturbing Auctions
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
Church Sign Generator
ACME Heart Maker
See my Girlfriend Cook my Sock! Free Free Free Pictures!
The Porn Engine: The most outrageous videos and CD-ROMs!
Furniture Porn: Warning!
!!!!!! 100% ALL NUDE TEEN STICK FIGURES !!!!!!!
Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
eBay item 2389286139 (Ends Mar-28-04 10:45:22 PST) - RYOBI ROUTER TABLE - WORTHLESS JUNK NR!
The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)
Ladybugs fun page
Prodigal Son In The Key of F
LILEKS (James) Welcome!

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Saddle Up Dog Shirt
The List of over 500 T-shirt designs at T-Gallery Online
Tin Signs USA
Gasoline Images
Point.com - Cellular phones and Wireless Phone Communications Leader
Welcome to T Gallery Online T-Shirt Store.
THE LUSTRON - A New Standard for Living (part I)
Beretta U.S.A. Corp. Homepage
Callwave -- Free alternatives to expensive phone lines!
Oscar Gutierrez Photography
Easy Feedback Tools: Amherst Robots, vrane.com
HAZENWORLD: Animated gifs; Elvis Costello; streaming real audio, wavs, lyrics, midi, MIDI, links
Digit Mania
SillyDog Netscape Browser Archive
It feels good
IFeel Mouse
Read Reviews and Compare Prices on Logitech iFeel Mouse at Epinions.com
SouthEastern Gifts Plate Racks
PayPal Visa - Clear benefits.
AllPosters.com - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store!
Review IBM 42H1292 keyboard
chia heads hairdo
Annie's Backgrounds & Border Resources - Animations, christian, holidays, fabrics, florals, music, people, sky, stars, stones, brick, wood, borders, textures, paper & more!
NextUp Technologies - Voices for TextAloud MP3
Not Just for Kids! A website for kids and their families.
3D Designer Boxes
HotAIR: What's New
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
The Stupid Store: Singing Blender
Stupid.Com - Stupid Gifts, Dumb Toys, Crazy Candy
The Stupid Gift Shop Presents: Mood Watches
Rubber Stamp Champ
CJs Tees T Shirt Site


The Thing Maker
Toys From The Sixties
Barbie Collectibles
Toys From The Sixties

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Orisinal : Morning Sunshine - Cute Games!
Snowbowling (for skaters) - Orisinal.com
CatWalk Game - Orisinal.com
Cat Bowling
Kill Osama Bin Laden Arcade Games
TODAYS CARTOON by Randy Glasbergen
Clue Master Detective Rules
"Titanic" in 30 seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies)
Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie
Interesting optical illusion


The Celebrity Web Main Page
:joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery:
The Poetry of Margaret Little Interstate
Santa's Workshop photo
Raytheon : Products and Services : A to Z Index
The Joy Boys - History - Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald
Théorème de l'Euro (en français)
IOL: A Step Beyond - shoe collectors

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1936 Diary
eDiets News
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eDiets News
Web Events
Extended Bodies in Space
News: The Hard Edge
Previous Columns/Posted 12/20/99
Welcome to Page One - Your Independent Internet Bookstore
The Collector Newsmagazine - Cover Story
PageResource.com- by The Web Design Resource
Caravan Music Search Results
viva-music.com internetowy salon muzyczny
Mr. Ambassador
CE Wellness and Sports
Judy's Logic Problems - August 2002 Logic Problem
Scam o Rama, or The Lads from Lagos
vicinitee - the space around us
french horn
NLM DocMorph
Bugs License problems
Welcome to Tal Cohen's Bookshelf
The Straight Dope The story of Schroedinger's cat (an epic poem)
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency About McSweeney's
web.blazonry JavaScript Date Functions
War Penny
The Straight Dope What's the origin of the finger
History of The Finger
Resource Information, Books, Videos and Misc. Items
WackerChaps, the ultimate in Weed Wacker apparel.
BMG Music Service Home
Design Toscano
My Architect
abcteach.com Shapebooks
Art.com - Your Home For Prints, Posters & Custom Framing
Colloquialisms from the Harris Creative Group
Dollar Bill Origami by Bob Nienhuis
eDiets.com End Procrastination... Do It Now!
EyeWitness - history through the eyes of those who lived it
Gobrecht Dollar - Price, Value, History, and Grade Information - The Stujoe Coin Collection - Virtual Coin Museum
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Google Groups View Thread Help! Recovering corrupted form in Access 2000
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Google Search proc sql ms access groupcomp.soft-sys.sas
Google Web Search Features
Index of -texts-opensourcebooks-danceman-text
Interesting Stuff - An Illustrated On-Line Catalog of World Coin and Currency
Internet Archive
Motorola 120t Cellphone Manual
Name Changing Options
Priidu Kodukas
RateItAll - The Opinion Network
Social Security Death Index Interactive Search
Star Wars Kid Remix Videos Pictures MP3 Video Download Ghyslain Starwars
States Quarters The Terrifying Truth
Synchromagic description
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Leonard's WebCam World
She wrote book on punctuation, period
Couple sees light at end of Fort Pitt Tunnel
Ring Sizer
Find Your Hat Size

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Allen Browne's tips for Access users
Midniter's Castle - wav page
AllthingsPV Software Home Page
AllthingsPV Tips Home Page - Casio Cassiopeia PV-S400
Welcome to AllthigsPV
Older Dancer
Editorial #4 - Dance and Tantra
When a Man Dances
Dance Editorials
Windows RG (Really Good) Edition beta test

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