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I live in Morgantown, WV, where I came to attend West Virginia University and forgot to leave. Originally, I am from Beckley, WV. I am currently employed as a computer programmer with the WVU Office of Health Services Research. Mainly I do SAS programming on a PC and on an IBM mainframe, where but WYLBUR [R.I.P - 06/26/02 6:02pm] is still was always my favorite text editor. I also provide consulting on SAS, JCL, and PC applications.

Some of my interests include square and ballroom dance, ice skating, and horseback riding. I also enjoy reading; my favorite authors are Dick Francis and Mary Stewart. I'm a former member of the Silkline of the Mountaineer Marching Band and enjoy performing in the Alumni Band every year at Homecoming. I'm also a member of the Mason-Dixon Figure Skating Club.

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