Pull-A-Way Merry-Go-Round

A great hand and foot powered merry-go-round. This one is in a park in the small town of Hyndman, PA, near Cumberland, MD.

[Note: as of Feb 2012 it has disappeared--don't know if it's permanently gone, or just out for repairs!]

Took some pictures of this with a view of getting someone to make me one someday. Anyone has plans, let me know!
I know they were originally sold by GameTime playground equipment, but they of course no longer make them, and I've been unable to locate the original patent or drawings.

I did find a brochure on eBay, and converted it to pdf.

Some photos shared with me by others

From Stacie--9 seat, 3 "drivers seat" pull-a-way:

Kansas--3 "drivers seat" model:


From Rae--4 seater Twirl-Go-Round:

Modern Mechanix blog posts on similar merry-go-rounds

Sail-driven ice merry-go-round at Modern Mechanix

Modern Twirl-Go-Round (An adult version was promised, but has not appeared.)

Seems to me that the folks promoting "PlayPumps"--merry-go-round water pumps for the developing world--ought to look into this design rather than the ones kids run around and push. Of course, it appears the project has been cancelled now--it appears that dying from dysentery or thirst is deemed better than getting a skinned knee from playing on a merry-go-round.
Hybrid Merri-Go-Round Water Pump Saves Lives in Africa
PLAY PUMP: The Merry-Go-Round Water Pump
Update on PlayPumps Technology

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