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sorting yourself out
and other existential advice


Start with the Small Things
[15:13 mins.] [commentary on hoarding, and organzing the environment most nearly around you; why bother improving yourself (so you don't have to suffer anymore than you have to); "get your act together" (look around to see if something bothers you and fix it); make your room better; "consider the expanse in which you exist"; "start where you can start; if something announces itself to you that is need in repair, fix it"; address your domain of being results in less traps for you to set into; give yourself an aim and your mind reconfigures itself around the aim] [end video at 7:39 mins.]

How to Improve Your Life
[5:10 mins.] ["learn to think, learn to speak, learn to read"; the opportunity you have as a student]

To What End Should You Devote Your Life?
[4:47 mins.] ["you inhabit a story"; here is the basic story: "you are in a state of insufficiency . . . you try to address the insufficiency . . . sometimes you can do it through thinking, more often through action"; what is the optimal value framework?] [end at 3:14 mins.]

Improve Your Life
[9:39 mins.] [face what you fear; we don't know what the limits are when we "speak the truth forward"; look at the time you waste]

How to Start Fixing Your Life
[4:19 mins.] [quite doing the things you are doing you know it is wrong to be doing; "see what happens" (your vision will clear up a little bit); "clean up your existential space"; "if you are going to clearn up the world, start withc cleaning up your existential space"; take the opportunity to "expand your domain of consciousness"]

The Purpose of Life
[3:45 mins.] ["everytime you learn something you learn that something you did didn't work"; "suffering is real, so what do you do about it?"]

The Difficulty of Growing Up in the Modern World
[6:00 mins.] ["choose your limitation or let it take you unaware"; "choose your sacrifice, at least you get to choose it"]

How to Be Optimistic
[4:31 mins.] [a story about endurance; "who knows how tough you are"; "pushing yourself against the world"]

selected videos: approx. viewing timeó48 mins.


Do You Want To Have A Life? Or Be Exceptional at One Thing?
[5:12 mins.] [on having exceptional status in a limited domain (some men do this; the problem is that you don't have much of a life; it's a risky business; you sacrifice a lot; on the different approaches of men and women]

How to Live a Meaningful Life
[21:41 mins.]

What Should You Aim for in Life?
[22:50 mins.] [poor quality video]

taking reponsibility for who you are & the world you inhabit

Why People Seek Out Drama & Make Things Difficult for Themselves
[2:29 mins.]

How to Gain Self-Respect
[6:52 mins.] ["don't underestimate the power of your speech"; "don't underestimate the power of truth"; "I am going to state the truth and live with the consequences whatever they are"]

On "the Truth"
[11:10 mins.]

Truth Will Set You Free
[7:15 mins.]

To What Degree Can We Make Things Better?
[5:56 mins.]

It's the Unnecessary Misery that Really Brings You Down
[3:50 mins.]

Set Your Deficiencies Ablaze
[11:55 mins.]


The Optimistic Question
[13:14 mins.] ["constrain the amount of damage you're likely to do"; "aim for something go; stop lying; discern truth from falsehood"; "it's actually not that easy to do a good job"]

clean up your room

2017 Maps of Meaning: Lecture 6: Story and Metastory Pt2
[2:27:26 mins.] [brief commentary at 1:15:58 mins. to 1:17:40 mins.]

What Your Dirty Room is Yelling at You
[1:10 mins.]

Can You Keep Your Room Organized?
[2:28 mins.]

Why You Should Make Your Room Beautiful and Set it Up Properly
[5:38 mins.]

How to Improve Yourself Right Now (and Why)
[7:14 mins.] ["start where you can start"]

Clean Your Room
[3:34 mins.]

Clean Up Your Room!
[4:38 mins.] ["orient yourself toward something"]

Effects of Cleaning Your Room
[7:42 mins.] [a recommendation to read one of C.G. Jung's book]

get educated

Read, Become Articulate, Transform the World
[4:51 mins.]

It's Your Responsibility to Get Educated
[3:32 mins.] [begin class presentation at 1:09 mins.]

On the Power of Writing
[4:04 mins.]

How to Write and Be Articulate
[3:00 mins.] ["writing an essay is a spiritual journey"; "the act of writing is bringing something into being"]

Read as If It Matters
[4:08 mins.]

Six Minutes on the True Purpose of University Education
[6:19 mins.] [Peterson speaking at Harvard University, 2017]

learn to speak, speak the truth

Self Criticism
[3:46 mins.]

Be Authentic, Not Cliché
[7:28 mins.]

Side Effects of Telling Lies
[7:20 mins.]

White Lies, Black Truths: Why Being Truthful is the Single Most Important Thing
[4:10 mins.]

Don't Lie
[3:31 mins.]

Afraid to Speak, Afraid to Think, Afraid to Criticize
[4:00 mins.]

We're Back in the Same Insane Boat. Get Out with the Truth
[7:06 mins.] ["Find the edge you can push yourself against the edge"; the edge between what you know and what you don't know]

The Shadow Reaches All the Way Down to Hell
[9:39 mins.] ["stop cheating at the game you have chosen to play"]

Powerful Life Advice
[3:59 mins.] [audio]

speak & participate in class

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