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opening forays
bringing psychology into the reality of your own life

"You need to know where you are, so you can start to chart your course. You need to know who you are, so that you understand your armament and bolster yourself in respect to your limitations. You need to kwow where you are going, so that you can limit the extent of chaos in your life, restructure order, and bring the divine force of Hope to bear on the world."

óJordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 63(Toronto: Random House Canada, 2018)

Your Attention is Governed by Your Future Self
[2:54 mins.] [something we learn from C.G. Jung: "you are not master in your own house"; we are gripped by forces "beneath the will" ("something that is a deep instinct, something Jung knew as the Self); we have an instinct for future development; you can interact with the deep forces]

The Pinnacle of Complexity
[8:20 mins.] [this video is an excerpt from Peterson's introductory lecture in his Personality and Its Transformation course] [[we are complex; our ability to understand ourselves is low; science may not be all that good in concepualing the ideal] [end video at 5:17 mins.]

Civilize Your Primal Motivations
[2:43 mins.] [Peterson says, "I'm a pschoanalytic thinker . . ."]

Why Things Fall Apart in Your Life
[2:13 mins.] [problems arise--how we deal with them?] ["There are so many ways that things can fall apart, or fail to work altogther, and it is always wounded people who are holding it together. They deserve some genuine and heartfelt admiration for that. It's an ongoing mircle of fortitude and perserveance." óJordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 38 (Toronto: Random House Canada, 2018)]

What's Blocking You From Your Ideal Life?
[2:23 mins.]

Why You Avoid Fulfilling Your Potential
[4:36 mins.]

You Can Be So Much More Than You Are
[8:40 mins.]

Don't Sacrifice What You Could Be for What You Are
[8:35 mins.]

Stop Hiding! You Are Stronger than You Think
[8:43 mins.]

The Biggest Reason for Failure
[6:02 mins.]

Mindsets that Lead to Ruin
[1:09 mins.]

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Read as If It Matters
[4:08 mins.] [Jordan Peterson]

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