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jordan b. peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist. He taught for eight years at Harvard, and has been a professor at the University of Toronto since 1998. Peterson is the author of the book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (New York: Routledge, 1999) [online text of Maps of Meaning] and 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Random House Canada, 2018).

Personality and Its Transformation

2017 Personality & Its Transformation

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course
[53:47 mins.] [Peterson notes the difficulty in defining exactly what we mean by personality and what constitutes personality and what constitutes something else. Human beings are incredibly complicated.]

Lecture 2|3 Historical and Mythological Context
[2:18:29 mins.]

Lecture 4|5: Heroic and Shamanic Initiations
[2:37:35 mins.]

Lecture 6: Jean Piaget & Constructivism
[1:45:25 mins.]

Lecture 7: Carl Jung and the Lion King
[54:02 mins.] [an excerpt that might be used: begin at 2:10 mins. and end at 9:05 mins.]

Lecture 8: Carl Jung and the Lion King (Part 2)
[1:44:24 mins.]

Lecture 9: Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious
[48:21 mins.]

Lecture 10: Carl Rogers, Humanism, Phenomenology
[50:09 mins.]

Lecture 11: Nietzsche, Dostoevsky & Kierkegaard--Existentialists
[1:34:30 mins.]

Lecture 12: Phenomenology: Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss
[46:32 mins.] [Peterson comments on his turn to philosophers in his personality course]

Lecture 13: Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag: Existentialism
[1:41:03 mins.]

Lecture 14: Introduction to Traits/Psychometrics/The Big 5
[49:36 mins.]

Lecture 15: Biology/Traits: The Limbic System
[1:18:57 mins.]

Lecture 16: Biology/Traits: Incentive Reward/Neuroticism
[1:13:37 mins.]

Lecture 17: Biology and Traits: Agreeableness
[49:25 mins.]

Lecture 18: Biology & Traits: Openness and Intelligence/Creativity I
[1:45:49 mins.]

Lecture 19: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity II
[48:57 mins.]

Lecture 20: Biology & Traits: Orderliness/Disgust/Conscientiousness
[1:34:32 mins.]

Lecture 21: Biology & Traits: Performance Predictions
[1:28:30 mins.]

Lecture 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief
[1:08:28 mins.]

2016 Personality & Its Transformations

Jordan Peterson's 2016 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

2016 Personality Lecture 5: Piaget, Segueing into Jung
[1:13:48 mins.] [Peterson's lecture on Jung begins at 36:48 mins.]

2016 Personality Lecture 6: Freud: An Overview
[1:18:39 mins.] [Introducing Freud and segueing into references to subpersonalities]

2015 Personality & Its Transformations

Jordan Peterson's 2015 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

Introductory Lecture
[1:15:22 mins.] [begin viewing at 20:08 mins. and end at 26:18 mins.]

Lecture 2: Historical Perspectives--Mythological Representations
[1:10:39 mins.]

Lecture 3: Historical Perspectives--Heroic & Shamanic Initiations I: Mircea Eliade
[1:20:07 mins.]

Lecture 4: Heroic & Shamanic Initiations II: Mircea Eliade
[1:23:36 mins.]

Lecture 5: Constructivism: Jean Piaget
[1:13:47 mins.]

Lecture 6: Depth Psychology: Carl Jung (Pt 1)
[1:19:48 mins.]

Lecture 7: Carl Jung's Depth Psychology (Pt2): Persona and Shadow
[1:13:47 mins.] [the part of the self we view as who we are; talking to the figures that appear in our psyche]

Lecture 8: Depth Psychology: Sigmund Freud (Pt 1)
[1:14:39 mins.]

Lecture 9: Depth Psychology: Sigmund Freud (Pt 2)
[1:16:06 mins.]

Lecture 10: Humanism: Carl Rogers
[1:19:03 mins.]

Lecture 11: Existentialism: Viktor Frankl
[1:12:01 mins.]

Lecture 12: Existentialism: Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard
[1:15:44 mins.]

Lecture 13: Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR
[1:18:43 mins.]

Lecture 14: Existentialism: Solzhenitsyn :: Intro to Biology & Psychometrics
[1:22:44 mins.]

Lecture 15: Biology & Traits: Limbic System & Lower Order Goals
[1:20:33 mins.]

Lecture 16: Conscientiousness I-- Industriousness & Disgust
[1:12:21 mins.]

Lecture 17: Agreeableness :: Aggression & Empathy
[1:16:30 mins.]

Lecture 18: Openness--Creativity & Intelligence
[1:23:11 mins.]

Lecture 19: Not listed on Peterson's index of the 2015 Lectures for
Personality & Its Transformations.

Lecture 20: Conscientiousness--Industriousness, Orderliness & Disgust
[1:15:57 mins.]

Lecture 21: Performance Prediction
[1:05:48 mins.]

Lecture 22: Conclusion--Psychology and Belief
[1:10:17 mins.]

2014 Personality & Its Transformation

Jordan Peterson's 2014 Personality & Its Transformations Course: Index to Videos

Carl Jung (Pt1)
[1:14:57 mins.]

Sigmund Freud II (Depth Psychology)
[1:18:50 mins.]

Carl Rogers (Phenomenological Humanism)
[1:13:23 mins.]

Maps of Meaning

2017 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)

Lecture 01: Context and Background
[2:31:26 mins.]

Lecture 2: Marionettes & Individuals (Pt1)
[2:23:33 mins.]

Lecture 3: Marionettes & Individuals (Pt2)
[2:26:55 mins.]

Lecture 4: Marionettes and Individuals (Pt 3)
[2:12:26 mins.]

Lecture 5: Story and Metastory (Pt 1)
[2:22:28 mins.]

Lecture 6: Story and Metastory (Pt2)
[2:27:26 mins.]

Lecture 7: Images of Story and Metastory
[2:11:51 mins.] [reference to subpersonalities]

Lecture 8: Neuropsychology of Symbolic Representation
[2:21:21 mins.]

Lecture 9: Patterns of Symbolic Representation
[2:16:49 mins.]

Lecture 10: Genesis and the Buddha
[2:18:44 mins.]

Lecture 11: The Flood and the Tower
[2:32:23 mins.]

Lecture 12: The Divinity of the Individual
[2:25:55 mins.]

2016 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)
[14 videos]

Lecture 1: Meaning: Introduction and Overview
[1:40:54 mins.] [lecture begins at 3:55 mins.] ["most useful things are not all that pleasant"]

Lecture 2: Playable & Non-Playable Games
[1:10:53 mins.] [knowing the object/material world] ["our knowledge is finite in every direction"] [reality and truh defintions of reality] ["there are many different ways of viewing the world"] ["science refuses to give answers as to what you should do"; science must be nestled in something beyond science] [reviewed to 10:20 mins.]

Lecture 3: The Basic Story and Its Transformations | Part I
[1:30:27 mins.]

2015 Maps of Meaning (University of Toronto)
[22 videos]

1996 Maps of Meaning (Harvard University)
[14 videos] [An advanced undergraduate seminar from 1996 at Harvard, taught to psychology majors. It is an early version of Peterson's course, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, which is based on the book of the same name.]

Psychology and Religion: TVO's Maps of Meaning
[Thirteen (13) 30-min lectures] [Canadian Public TV]

Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories (2017)

I: Introduction to the Idea of God
[2:38:28 mins.] [May 16, 2017]

II: Genesis--Chaos & Order
[2:32:32 mins.] [May 23, 2017]

III: God and the Hierarchy of Authority
[2:40:52 mins.]

IV: Adam and Eve--Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death
[2:32:46 mins.] [May 30, 2017]

V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers
[2:31:27 mins.] [June 20, 2017]

VI: The Psychology of the Flood
[2:35:57 mins.]

VII: Walking with God--Noah and the Flood
[2:32:20 mins.]

VIII: Phenomenology of the Divine
[2:40:45 mins.]

IX: The Call to Abraham
[2:35:13 mins.]

X: Abraham: Father of Nations
[2:28:21 mins.]

XI: Sodom and Gomorrah
[2:30:39 mins]

XII: The Great Sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac
[2:33:31 mins.]

XIII: Jacob's Ladder
[2:33:58 mins.]

XIV: Jacob Wrestling with God
[2:32:08 mins.]

XV: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
[2:44:23 mins.]

Note: The Bible, Symbol and Identity
[1:02:21 mins.] [interview/discussion on Peterson's Biblical stories lectures] [November 19, 2017]

The Sweep of Jordan Peterson's Ideas

The Dangers of Being too Agreeable
[4:46 mins.]

Knowing Where You Are
[6:18 mins.]

Why Do People Explore?
[3:15 mins.]

You Have To Embrace The Monster Within So You Never Have To Use It
[10:47 mins.]

Don't be Harmless!
[4:50 mins.]

There is Nothing to Do Without Value Structures
[4:25 mins.]

Normal-You and Angry-You
[4:27 mins.] [psyche as living partial personalities]

You Have To Embrace The Monster Within So You Never Have To Use It
[10:47 mins.]

Embrace Cruelty
[10:47 mins.] [reference to Jung's concept of the shadow]

Don't Be a Puppet!
[7:59 mins.]

Are You a Good Person?
[8:23 mins.] [reference to shadow and the realization that you are not harmless]

Integrating Your Shadow Self
[5:18 mins.] [comments on persona and shadow]

The Purpose of Life
[3:45 mins.]

Solve Problems, Find Meaning
[2:24 mins.]

Pathway to a Meaningful Life
[6:00 mins.]

What Matters
[12:59 mins.] [commentary on meaning]

Understanding Yourself
[6:36 mins.]

People Who Lack Perspective!
[5:34 mins.]

You Don't Understand All Your Values
[3:36 mins.]

Validating Your Narcissism
[2:51 mins.]

Avoid this Deadly Trap . . .
[6:56 mins.]

Logos: The Articulated Truth
[6:39 mins.] [an astounding 6 1/2 minute video]

Why People Seek Out Drama and Make Things Difficult for Themselves
[2:29 mins.] [living a meaningful life] [complete video :: 41:45 mins.] [in the complete video responds first to a question about self-deception]

How did we lose the bliss of living in the present moment?
[8:01 mins.]

Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke Discuss the Meaning of Life
[12:49 mins.]

How to Fight Social Anxiety
[4:29 mins.]

Wasting Time and Opportunities
[9:39 mins.]

Failing a Class
[4:35 mins.]

Transforming Reality
[4:53 mins.]

Watch Your Fantasies
[7:52 mins.]

On Self-Deception
[41:45 mins.] [Peterson's commentary on self-deception ends at 7:12 mins.]

Clichés Are Not You!
[4:31 mins.] [Peterson talking about students and their essays]

Becoming Independent From Your Parents
[6:15 mins.] [comments on trying to be who you once were]

Identify Toxicity in your Life
[4:40 mins.]

In Filth It Will Be Found
[6:24 mins.]

Tolerance as a Vice
[10:01 mins.]

Victimization, Resentment and Genocide
[9:03 mins.]

What's Better: Wanting or Having? Motivated States & Positive Emotions
[11:36 mins.]

Origins of Morality & Why You Never Should Practice What You Don't Want to Become
[8:34 mins.]

Side Effects of Telling Lies
[7:20 mins.]

Peterson Drops Knowledge Like A Boss!
[10:43 mins.] [a rift on thinking, talking, therapy, and free speech; thinking is hard and most of us don't do it very well]

Is There a Difference in Having a Bad Life and Having Depression Make Your Life Bad
[41:43 mins.] [comments on response to the question begins at 12:24 mins. and ends at 15:35 mins.]

On the Use of Psychotherapeutic Drugs and Psychotherapy
[41:43 mins.] [comments on drugs and therapy begins at 23:32 and ends at 28:42 mins.]

Breaking Bad, Jung & Nazi Germany
[4:43 mins.]

The Daycare Scandals of the 80's
[6:32 mins.]

On What a Belief System Is
[9:06 mins.]

On Fictional Truth
[7:48 mins.]

Are You Antisocial?
[6:22 mins.] [comments on movies, heroes, and fcition]

The Necessity of Artists in Society
[8:47 mins.] [commenting on the world we know, and the unknown territory beyond the world we know]

Fairy Tales
[5:35 mins.]

Jonah and the Whale
[15:31 mins.]

The Garden of Eden
[6:51 mins.]

On the Snake and the Fruit
[9:45 mins.]

The Stories of Genesis
[8:37 mins.]

An Old Story about Gods
[14:30 mins.]

When Compassion Kills
[2:46 mins.]

Being Hard on Yourself and Giving Yourself a Break: On Working with Lawyers
[41:43 mins.] [refers to work-life balance as a "bloody cliche"] [comments begin at 28:44 mins. and end at 34:04 mins.]

The Lie Behind Getting a ''Career''
[6:31 mins.] [comments on the legal profession]

We Don't Have Much Respect for Tradition in the West
[8:27 mins.]

Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and the Divine Individual
[5:38 mins.] [audio] [January, 2017]

Peterson Roasts Sam Harris
[8:50 mins.] [on transcendant values]

Preparing for Conflict
[5:27 mins.] [from Jordan Peterson's 2015 Maps of Meaning Course]

How You Create Your Own Reality
[7:54 mins.] [Peterson commentary ends at 4:18 mins.] ["Pay attention and listen on the off chance that the person you're talking to might have something to say." We need to be aware of our own ignorance; that we still have something left to learn."] [Comments on sacrifice.]

Pay Attention
[15:00 mins.] [the dominance hierarchy of gods]

Why Your Micro Decisions Matter
[4:33 mins.] [excerpt from Jordan Peterson's 2015 Personality and it's Transformations course lectures: Lecture 13-- Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR.]

Become a Paradoxical Being
[4:50 mins.]

On Exposing People to Threatening Things
[7:24 mins.]

How to Think about the Future
[37:08 mins.] [streamed live on June 17, 2013]

On Arrogantly Overvaluing Rationalism
[1:21 mins.] [on being smart and identify with that part of you]

The Arrogance of The Intellect
[6:15 mins.] [July, 2017]

The Biggest Reason For Failure
[6:02 mins.] [July, 2017]

Make Things Better Wherever You Are
[14:19 mins.]

Tolerance as a Vice
[10:01 mins.] [April 27, 2016] [Peterson confirms his admiration for C.G. Jung]

You Need Meaning in Your Life to Alleviate the Burden of Existence
[37:26 mins.] [Ottawa Public Library]

On the Evil of Pathological Altruism & Self Sacrifice
[10:41 mins.] [Ottawa Public Library]

On Sacrifice
[3:39 mins.]

On the Insanity of Collective Guilt
[8:18 mins.]

Free Market: You're Rewarded for What You PRODUCE, Not What You DESERVE
[4:13 mins.]

Why Playing Games is Mandatory
[6:11 mins.]

Maintaining Your Car
[4:25 mins.] [commentary on entropy]

The Bitter and Resentful Attitude Towards Life
[11:09 mins.]

How To Deal With Life's Error Messages
[9:43 mins.] [interpretating a failing grade]

Dealing With a Difficult Past and Feeling Lost
[7:38 mins.] [figuring out where you are; being lost is not good]

When Things Get Out of Control
[6:53 mins.]

Can You Withstand Tragedy?
[10:06 mins.]

Daily Structure Keeps You Sane
[6:00 mins.]

You Need a Routine!
[5:51 mins.] [praising psychoanalysts]

What To Do If I Don't Have Any Goals?
[5:38 mins.]

Learn To Think!
[10:30 mins.]

On Motivation
[7:45 mins.]

[8:03 mins.]

Don't Eat Your Brain!
[7:55 mins.] [Where are you now? Where are you going?]

Why You Act Like You Do
[7:02 mins.]

The Problem With Atheism
[5:43 mins.]

An Online University
[6:16 mins.]

TED Talks

What Is Real?
[20:50 mins.] [TED Talk]

Redefining Reality
[10:47 mins.] [TED Talk]

Known & Unknown | Order & Chaos

Encountering Obstacles in Life
[7:16 mins.] [seeing what gets in your way; novel occurrences; the mystery of something that is not supposed to exist; constrained chaos beneath everything that we think we are; the shark in Jaws; the dragon, predator that has been deemed irrelevant suddenly manifests itself, and thus the trauma; now you don't know where you are, and since you don't know where you are everything is relevant]

Personal Evolution, and Avoiding the Extremes of Brain Fry and Boredom
[12:23 mins.]

Find Your Balance Between Chaos & Order
[30:37 mins.]

Chaos And Order
[2:38 mins.]

On Tao, Chaos, Order, Perception
[1:57 mins.]

Personal Evolution, Avoiding the Extremes of Brain Fry and Boredom
[12:23 mins.]

Achieving Balance
[4:03 mins.]

Rules of the Game
[6:22 mins.]

Resentment and the Unknown
[3:46 mins.]

Why Utopia is Impossible
[8:18 mins.]

The Greatest Game
[18:16 mins.]

KEK, Logos and other Gods
[6:33 mins.] [audio interview]

Worrying About Frightening Things
[5:53 mins.]

Overcoming Adversity
[7:16 mins.]

Chaos Re-Emerging in Your Life
[7:27 mins.] [from Peterson's summer, 2017 lectues on Biblical stories]

The Social Structure is Corrupt and Incomplete
[8:26 mins.] [July, 2017]

How To Fear Nothing!
[15:07 mins.]

You Need a Partner Who is a Challenge
[3:00 mins.]

Peterson Breaks Down the Brain
[9:52 mins.]

"Once you know . . ."
[8:34 mins.]


Rationality, and Its Enemy!
[5:58 mins.]

People Who Lack Perspective!
[5:34 mins.]


Why We Suffer
[12:43 mins.]

Why You're Suffering
[3:36 mins.]

Pickup Your Suffering and Bear It
[8:04 mins.] [presentation, January, 2017]

Life Is Suffering, So Get Your Act Together!
[7:30 mins.]

Suffering vs Full Potential: What Can You Accomplish?
[12:43 mins.]

On Suffering, Resentment, and the Uselessness of Universities in 2016
[4:31 mins.]

You're Screwed No Matter What You Do
[6:27 mins.]

Is Life Worth The Suffering?
[9:46 mins.]

You Must Carry Your Own Cross No Matter How Heavy
[8:43 mins.]

Sort Yourself Out And Make It Manifest In The World
[7:59 mins.] [on how to respond to the inevitability of suffering]


On How You Inhabit a Story
[14:15 mins.]

Planning the Ideal Future, Rationale, & Strategy
[21:42 mins.] [We look at the world through the lens of stories. We look at the world through a "frame" that is a schema for action.]

The Point of Stories
[4:41 mins.]

The Tragic Story of the Man-Child
[7:46 mins.]

Persona & Shadow

On Human Punching Bags
[5:15 mins.]

Embrace The Shadow To Reach Enlightenment
[5:19 mins.]

Temperment & the Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five
[3:46 mins.] [September, 2017]

The Problem with Conscientiousness
[3:44 mins.]

Orderly People
[5:20 mins.]

[5:27 mins.] [on disgust]

Entrepeneurs and Openness
[8:01 mins.]
[21:36 mins.]


Personality Differences in People
[7:20 mins.] ["the complexity problem"] [excerpt from Peterson's 2017 Maps of Meaning 5: Story and Metastory lecture]

Freud's Id, Ego, and Superego
[5:58 mins.] [on perception and what we see]

On Competence Without Comprehension
[1:30 mins.] [on playing games without being able to articulate the rules]


On How Creative You Are
[17:42 mins.] [what does it mean to think creatively?]

Advice for Creative People
[2:22 mins.]

Creative Production and Pareto Distributions
[5:14 mins.]

Openness--Creativity & Intelligence
[1:23:11 mins.] [comments on intelligence begins at 11:41 mins. ; possible end at 42:22 mins.]

The Psychology of Creativity
[50:40 mins.] Difficulties of Creative People [12:09 mins.]

The Curse of Creativity
[6:28 mins.]

On Creative People
[11:17 mins.] [talking about the traits of temperment]


Don't Push for Happiness
[3:54 mins.]

On How Happiness Works
[1:53 mins.] [audio]

Why Happiness is Deceiving
[2:17 mins.] [audio]

Prioritizing Rationality Over Happiness
[9:26 mins.]

Happiness and the Brain
[39:20 mins.] [Peterson's opening brief comment on happiness and the brain appears at 1:30 mins.; additional commentary at 5:41 mins. to 6:52 mins.] [guest for this discussion include: Susan Abbey, David Fresco, Zindel Segal, David Vago]

Why Not Just be Child-Free and Happy?
[4:12 mins.]

On Temperament Traits and Happiness
[9:26 mins.]

Say No to Happiness
[54:00 mins.] [audio] [an introduction by Paul Kennedy who talks about our fascination with the idea of happiness; Frank Falk is the narrator of the audio documentary] [Peterson appears at 12:19 mins. and ends at 14:51 mins., appears again at 22:12 mins. and ends at 23:46 mins., and again at 25:00 mins. to 25:54 mins.]


The Mystery of High IQ and Industriousness
[5:41 mins.]

Controversial Facts about IQ
[13:10 mins.]

People Don't Like the Idea of IQ
[3:24 mins.]

IQ at Universities
[2:35 mins.]

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Is Rubbish!
[4:05 mins.]

On Increasing Intelligence and Lifetime Success
[3:24 mins.]

On Intelligence Levels
[2:35 mins.] [elite universities and IQ] [2017]

IQ and the Job Market
[10:41 mins.]

Graduate School and IQ
[3:24 mins.]

"Lawyers are Disappearing Like Mad": What is Happening to Low IQ Jobs
[4:57 mins.]

"Viciously powerful predictor of long term life success"
[3:47 mins.]


On Intellectuals
[2:44 mins.]

Advice for Hyper-Intellectual People
[5:11 mins.]

Jobs & Careers

What Job Fits YOU?
[9:17 mins.] [drawing on traits of temperment & IQ]

How to Find the Right Job
[9:25 mins.]

Why You WON'T Get A Career!
[6:31 mins.]


The Interpretation of Dreams
[7:36 mins.]

Nightmare Story
[4:05 mins.]

What Do Your Dreams Tell You about Yourself
[9:22 mins.]

The Bitter and Resentful Attitude Towards Life
[11:09 mins.]


On the Power of Writing [4:04 mins.]

The Pen Will Slay Your Demons And Calm Your Mind [4:41 mins.]

Self Authoring [9:49 mins.]

Intro to Self Authoring [8:47 mins.]

Self Authoring: It Changes You! [18:10 mins.]


On Marriage
[3:19 mins.]

You Make Your Marriage from the Arguments
[2:06 mins.]

How to Raise Children into Competent Adults
[18:30 mins.]

How Not To Raise Your Child!
[6:49 mins.]

Many Parents DON'T Like Their Kids!
[9:26 mins.] [you are a "you are like a colony of sub-animals that have to get along so you can be one thing"]

Becoming Independent From Your Parents
[6:15 mins.]

How Your Kids Change You
[4:40 mins.]

Fathers & Mothers

The Support of a Father
[2:54 mins.]

Growing Up in a Fatherless Home
[5:08 mins.]

The Good Father Helps You to Become Your Best Self
[5:47 mins.]

The Tyrannical Father & Society
[6:40 mins.] [excerpt from 2015 Maps of Meaning course lecture: "The Great Father"] [class presentation on Jung's idea of seeing the fantasy in the emotion, begin video at 2:00 mins. and end at 4:30 mins.]

Fatherlessness and Dealing With a Terrible World
[11:54 mins.]

Overbearing Mothers
[8:29 mins.]

The Oedipal Mother in a South Park Episode
[5:06 mins.]

The Oedipal Mother and Feminist Oppression
[3:26 mins.] [audio with illustrative slides]

On Mothers Who Infantilize Their Children in Order to Control Them
[9:39 mins.]

Clinical Perspectives

On the Role of Diagnosis in Clinical Practice
[41:43 mins.] [commentary on diagnosis begins at 10:06 mins. and extends to 12:22 mins.]

Borderline Personality Disorder
[7:01 mins.]

A Psychotherapist Is an Engineer of the Soul
[4:20 mins.]

Dealing with Suicide and Depression
[8:10 mins.] [minimalizing anomalous events; relationship of anomalous events to one's value system; a sense of meaning orients us (a positive way of thinking about psychology); meaning is a real/actual phenomena; you need something positive you can rely on]

The Failed Hero Story vs The Successful (Freud vs Jung)
[7:27 mins.]

How Do You Help Someone Who's Lost and Doesn't Want Help
[2:46 mins.]

The Dangers of Resentment
[6:15 mins.]


On the Psychology of Addiction
[4:37 mins.]

What Makes Overcoming Addiction So Difficult?
[5:26 mins.]

Mental Health

3 Mindsets That Lead to Ruin
[1:09 mins.]

Improving Mental Health
[5:51 mins.]

Increasing Mental Health
[5:51 mins.] [praise of psychoanalysis]


Do You Believe That God Exists?
[10:34 mins.]

The Problem With Atheism
[5:43 mins.]

Atheist Scientists vs Christian Fundamentalists
[10:14 mins.]

On Psychedelics
[12:26 mins.]

Deep Structure

Patterns of Behaviour
[8:26 mins.] ["things around you organize themselves into patterns of utility"]

The Development of the Individual
[6:22 mins.]

The Brain: Back to Front, Right to Left
[6:55 mins.]

Imagination and Work
[6:51 mins.] [on the gods and their relation to the unknown]

Snakes in the Garden
[6:48 mins.]

The Basis of Western Civilization
[7:46 mins.]

Left Brain | Right Brain

Peterson Breaks down the Brain
[9:52 mins.]


"The fact that facts change seems to indicate . . . that they're not facts"
[5:47 mins.] [an introduction to Piaget's work]

Domimance Hierarchies | Hierarchies of Competence

Make Something of Yourself!
[8:17 mins.] [arguing for the place of hierarchies of competence] ["Maybe you wouldn't be a great lawyer." Comment at 5:32 mins.]

How to Rise to the Top of the Dominance Hierarchy
[14:02 mins.]

The Male Dominance Hierarchy
[11:29 mins.]

Authority and Equality
[3:53 mins.] [2011]

Human Hierarchies
[6:51 mins.]

Set Your Goals Up Hierarchically
[11:44 mins.]

The Evolution of Dominance Hierarchies
[4:31 mins.]


On Postmodernism
[12:05 mins.]

Postmodernism Damages Students' Mental Health
[9:51 mins.] [Ottawa, Canada, March 12, 2017]

Peterson Dismantles Postmodernism in Six Minutes
[5:58 mins.]

Beyond Marxism & Postmodernism
[35:58 mins.]

Post-Modernism vs. Modernism at the Toronto Action Forum
[40:55 mins.]

On Marxism, Socialism and Postmodernism
[11:33 mins.]

The Marxist Origins of Postmodernism
[2:56 mins.]

Postmodernists Don't Believe in Logic
[2:11 mins.]

Postmodernists Don't Believe In Competence!
[3:00 mins.]

Peterson Eats NeoMarxism For Breakfast
[2:52 mins.]

On Marxists
[1:25 mins.]

Postmodernism: How and Why It Must be Fought
[12:00 mins.] [Manning Centre Conference, February 23-25, 2017, Ottawa]

The Nobler Your Aim, The Better Your Life
[6:26 mins.]

Political Correctness & Young People
[3:23 mins.]

“Bloody Neo-Marxists Have Invaded the Campuses"
[15:25 mins.]

Why You Have To Fight Postmodernism
[12:00 mins.] [published speech, 2017]

Canadian Freedom Summit 2017 Lecture
[33:24 mins.] [audio] [setting forth with clarity his on-going polemic against post-modernism]

The Postmodernist Agenda
[6:31 mins.] [conversation with The Epoch Times; published on July 3, 2017] Pt2 [5:57 mins.] Pt3 [5:49 mins.] Pt4 [8:29 mins.] Pt5 [5:29 mins.] Pt6 [8:52 mins.] Pt7 [2:37 mins.]

Postmodernism & Cultural Marxism
[43:46 mins.] [a talk with The Epoch Times]

Postmodernism: History and Diagnosis
[1:27:26 mins.] [Peterson interviews Stephen Hicks, author of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault]

Peterson Connects Marxist Theory With Identity Politics, Political Correctness
[5:29 mins.]

How To End Postmodernism
[13:19 mins.]

Why is Marxism so Attractive
[6:04 mins.]

Marxism is Partly True
[10:03 mins.]

The Truth the Academic World Doesn't Want to Hear
[30:09 mins.]

The Bible, Symbol and Identity
[1:02:21 mins.] [November 19, 2017] Pt2 [55:38 mins.]

Identity Politics and the Marxist Lie of White Privilege
[2:31:42 mins.] [November 3, 2017]

Why Postmodernists Reject Logic & Evidence
[4:07 mins.] [December 31, 2017] [comment on autoethnography: 2:02 mins.] Longer version :: 11:11 mins.

Postmodernism in a Nutshell
[7:11 mins.]


The Problem with the Alt-Right
[2:21 mins.]

The Idea of White Privilege is Dangerous
[1:42 mins.]

Ayn Rand, a Good Philosopher?
[3:04 mins.]

Political Correctness

The Age of Unequals: An Evening with Richard Wilkinson
[37:24 mins.] [Peterson appears at 7:14 mins.]

"You can't force me to respect you"
[5:16 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

[full presentation] The Pronoun Problem
[3:21 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Keeping People Out of Your Mind
[3:16 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Dropping Truth Bombs
[10:54 mins.] [Runnymede Law Society, on January 21, 2017]

Free Speech & Social Justice
[59:05 mins.]

Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, & Onkar Ghate on Free Speech
[1:47:49 mins.] [Clemson] [Peterson's initial presentation begins at 8:20 mins. and ends at 11:50 mins.; see also 16:35 mins. to 19:48 mins. (on being ignorant, which is where we start out, and this state being the foundation for the need for speech; "speech is a canonical value"; begin again at 23:40 27:36 mins.; 32:40 mins. to 35:53 mins. ("part of wisdom is knowing what to be afraid of"; "you have to pilot yourself through life"; "your mind is wired up so you can determine threats"; this segment is an exquisite summary of how determining to engage in speech is related to who you are as a person); 36:48 mins. to 41:23 mins. ("we speak being into existence"; "a lot of you is unarticulated"; we learn to believe the lies we tell ourselves and others; "do not pollute your character"; "don't say things you don't believe"); 44:54 mins. to 48:14 mins. (comments on the consequences of seeing ourselves as members of particular groups; men and women and their varying intrinsic interests; the group does not define the content of the spirit; beware of these three words: "equity," "diversity," "inclusiveness"); 50:05 mins. to 52:10 mins. (on archetypes); 55:21 mins. to 56:30 mins. (you have an internal tyrant; "you don't want to be a slave to your own tyrant"); 57:06 mins. to 59:30 mins. (on how to learn to be articulate--learn to write; "the act of writing is being something new into being"; "you can educate yourself"; "read what you should read"; 1:21:27 mins. to 1:22:58 mins. (Peterson's comments on today's journalist and journalism seems, to me, off the mark)] [streamed live on October 19, 2017] ["we are in a vicious war over the nature of reality"]

Why People MUST Be Allowed to SPEAK Freely
[9:23 mins.]

Post-Modernist Gender Dogma
[10:48 mins.] [November 19, 2016]

On Gender Differences
[7:07 mins.]

Peterson Destroys Gender Denying Idealogue
[9:54 mins.]

Political Tribalism
[5:20 mins.] [the psychology of liberals and conservatives] [dialogue with those who you disagree with]

How to Immunize Yourself from a Totalitarian Mindset
[9:05 mins.]

The PC Game
[21:46 mins.]

How to Combat Indoctrination of Students in the Education System
[7:22 mins.]


Clichés Are Not You!
[4:31 mins.] [on the writing found in student essays]

Be Authentic, Not Cliché
[7:28 mins.]

Read, Become Articulate, Transform the World
[4:51 mins.]

Clean Up Your Room!
[4:38 mins.]

Start With the Small Things
[15:13 mins.]

Be Careful How You Act/Write Online
[3:38 mins.]

What Should You Aim for in Life?
[22:50 mins.]

You Need a Routine!
[5:51 mins.] [praise for psychoanalysts]

Wasting Time and Opportunities
[9:39 mins.]

Powerful Life Advice
[3:59 mins.]

Grow Some Teeth!
[6:26 mins.]

It's Easy To Think of Yourself as Good
[3:46 mins.]

On Facing Fear
[6:36 mins.]

How Do You Stop Procrastinating?
[8:58 mins.]

Get Over Your Fear of Rejection!
[3:59 mins.]

How Pornography Affects on Young Men
[3:52 mins.]

Why Be Virtuous?
[4:16 mins.] [Why be virtuous? So you can bear the suffering of life without becoming corrupt. One key: "Don't lie."]

Don't Lie
[3:31 mins.]

Becoming Successful!
[9:21 mins.]

Schedule Your Time
[7:14 mins.] [building the person you want to be (the purpose of education)]

Ideals Reveal Your Own Shortcomings
[6:25 mins.]

No Goal, No Positive Emotion
[4:10 mins.]

What To Do If I Don't Have Any Goals?
[5:38 mins.] [May, 2017]

Goals, Scheduling, Negotiating & Friendship
[10:55 mins.]

Why You Go To College!
[6:12 mins.]

How To Transform
[21:17 mins.]

Helpful Habits and Ideas to Improve Your Life
[4:16 mins.]

The Biggest Reason For Failure
[6:02 mins.] [July, 2017]

You Can Be So Much More Than You Are
[8:40 mins.]

We Are Not Free! We Need To Wake Up
[7:18 mins.]

Your Personality & Who You Can Become
[8:21 mins.]

Stop Saying Things That Make You Weak!
[5:52 mins.]

12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
[2:56:51 mins.]

Rule 1: Stop Being Pathetic [13:22 mins.] Rule 2: Take Care of Yourself [4:12 mins.] Rule 3: Make Friends With People [4:35 mins.] Rule 4: Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday [5:45 mins.] Rule 5: Don't Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them [8:22 mins.] Rule 6: Set Your House in Perfect Order [4:05 mins.] Rule 7: Pursue What is Meaningful [9:33 mins.] Rule 8: Tell The Truth or At Least Don't Lie [2:35 mins.] Rule 9: Assume People Might Know Something You Don't [3:22 mins.] Rule 10: Be Precise in Your Speech [5:51 mins.] Rule 11: Don't Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding [5:23 mins.] Rule 12: Pet a Cat When You Encounter One [3:53 mins.]

Preview: 12 Rules for Life
[23:21 mins.] [November 25, 2017 mins.]


Religion, Myth, Science, Truth
[2:35:31 mins.] [a detailed index to Peterson's comments] [on Jung and the shadow, 2:06:42 mins. to 2:08:16 mins.]

Extended Interview on Maps of Meaning
[1:26:52 mins.]

The Architecture of Belief | Jordan Peterson & Stefan Molyneux
[1:30:41 mins.]

Wodek Szemberg Interviews with Jordan Peterson
[27:04 mins.] [2013] Talking Death [36:01 mins.] How to Think about the Future [37:08 mins.]

Reality Calls Show: Professor Jordan Peterson, Western Civilization
[57:38 mins.]

On Western Civilization and the Alt Right
[57:38 mins.]

Jordan Peterson & John Vervaeke Discuss the Meaning of Life
[1:54:55 mins.]

Joe Rogain Show
[2:50:05 mins.]

Free Speech & Social Justice
[59:05 mins.]

Where Do SJWs Come From?
[19:25 mins.]

Chaos and Order Conversation With Theryn Meyer
[29:54 mins.]

The Truth About Reality and What You Can Do About It
[1:20:44 mins.] [Vin Armani interview] [Peterson comments on totalitarianism]

Bryan Callen Show
[1:13:30 mins.]

A Chat with Duncan Trussell 2017
[1:48:50 mins.] [audio]

Sargon of Akkad Livestreams
[2:06:32 mins.] [The University of Toronto, according to Peterson offered no assistance in making his lectures more widely available.]

The Mark Steyn Show
[50:15 mins.]

Exploring the Psychology of Creativity
[50:41 mins.] [reference to some of the basic dispositional traits--conscientious, introversion and extraversion; agreeableness, openness (creativity and openness are more or less synomous), neuroticism] [March 9, 2017, National Gallery of Canada]

On Failed Utopias, Mapping the Mind, and Finding Meaning
[56:24 mins.] [Future Thinkers podcast]

Archetypes & Psychedelics
[55:38 mins.] [Future Thinkers podcast] [Peterson is involved in the interview beginning at 9:02 mins.]

2017: Full-Length Video
[2:24:54 mins.] ["Ideology, Logos & Belief," April, 2017, Vancouver]

Harvard Talk: Postmodernism & the Mask of Compassion
[1:30:04 mins.] [April, 2017]

Camille Paglia & Jordan B. Peterson
[1:43:02 mins.]

H3 Podcast #37
[Jordan Peterson appears, in a serious vain, at 4:38 mins.] [noting that he estimates that he has some 600 hours of video on YouTube] [identifies himself, by traits of temperment, a "liberal person"; "radicalism in the service of traditionalism"] [Peterson comments, at 4156 mins., why he is doing his Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories lectures] [at 59:52 to 1:01:26 mins., Peterson makes an insightful statement about Hitler, who "acting out the dark desire of the mob"] [at 1:04:57 mins., Peterson describes traits of temperment, with comments ending at 1:10:22 mins.] [talks about the need to have an "aim"; we are, according to Peterson, "aiming creatures"] [on complexity, 1:18:24 mins. to 1:21:00 mins.] [looking at the idea of sanity, at 1:24:58 mins. to 1:26:02 mins.; "we outsource much of our sanity"] [trained as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist (1:35:21 mins.)] [the discipline that makes it possible for one to write a book, at 1:36:06 mins.; "you have to fight like a junk-yard dog to get your own time"]

Jocko Podcast 98: Breaking Your Wretched Loop, Dangerous But Disciplined
[3:43:23 mins. ]

Michael Knowles Interviews Jordan Peterson
[33:5 4 mins.] [commentary on the ideologies|simplifications|biased heuritics|belief systems that we adopt; "grand stories that structure our lives," that is, "archetypal narratives" (including "the archetype of unexplored territory"; at ^:47 mins. Peterson coments on nature|chaos|unknown "("what exists beyond the campfire")(suggesting that the known|unknown, order|chaos is the "archtypal state of mankind")("archetypal thems are deep motivation structures"); at 29:00 mins. Peterson comments on C.G. Jung and refers to his advice: "stop saying things that make you weak"; being socialized is one thing, living with falsity is still another; "you know when you are betraying yourself")]

The Problem With Canada
[42:04 mins.]

Swedes Want to Know
[1:19:14 mins.] [The interviewer, Ivar Arpi, is a journalist with the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet] [December 2, 2017]

The Perilous State of the University: Jonathan Haidt & Jordan Peterson
[1:34:54 mins.] [November, 2017]

Stefan Molyneux's Christmas Spectacular with Jordan B Peterson
[54:16 mins.]

Debate on the Gender Pay Gap, Campus Protests and Postmodernism
[29:55 mins.] [England, Ch4 Interview by Cathy Newman]

Jordan Peterson Analyzes Cathy Newman
[1:52:57 mins.] [Peterson lays out his thinking on the centraility of the hero myth at 34:45 mins. to 49:12 mins.; an excellent summary of his view of the hero]

[6:52 mins.] [comments on hierachy and dominance hierarchies; the nature of sex and sexuality; postmodernism in law schools]

Joe Rogan Experience #1070
[2:28:5 2 mins.] [January 30, 2018]

Dennis Prager Interview
[16:52 mins.] [January 29th 2018] [audio]

On the Adam Carolla Show
[1:17:23 mins.] [January 30, 2018]

Jordan Peterson on BBC 5 Live
[40:42 mins.] [interview begins with Peterson's comment on happiness]

Lectures & Presentations

Resurrection of Logos
[2:34:51 mins.] [March, 2017] [Peterson's presentation begins at 51:59 mins.] [on setting out not to lie; learning of his two selves, at 1:12:00 mins. and ends at 1:15:46 mins.]

Slaying the Dragon Within Us
[56:37 mins.] [podcast]

Psychology of Redemption in Christianity
[46:35 mins.]

Reality and the Sacred
[56:35 mins.]

45 Minutes on a Single Paragraph of Nietzsche's Beyond Good & Evil
[43:42 mins.]

Music and the Patterns of Mind and World
[50:14 mins.] [presentation begins at 1:22 mins.]

Tackling the "Meaning Crisis": Mental Chaos in University Students
[1:42:40 mins.] [presentation begins at 4:04 mins.]

Truths that Matter
[27:59 mins.]

The World Is Hell Because You Don't Speak the Truth
[45:43 mins.]

Post-Modernism vs. Modernism at the Toronto Action Forum
[40:55 mins.] [February 4, 2017]

Strengthen the Individual: A Counterpoint to Post Modern Political Correctness
[1:13:40 mins.] [Ottawa, Canada, March, 2017] [introduction by his wife] [presentation begins at 3:13 mins.]

Q & A
[1:01:00 mins.]

Jordan Peterson at Western University
[1:31:59 mins.]

Storytelling, Games, Encountering Malevolence, Heroes
[27:05 mins.]

Desire: Biology & Culture
[1:04:18 mins.]

Religion, Myth, Science, Truth
[2:35:31 mins.] [Locating Jung in the context of religions; "nobody thinks like he thought"; "Jung is terrifying"] [1:58:04 mins. to 2:04:52 mins.]

Talking Death
[36:01 mins.] [streamed live on June 10, 2013]

People Don't Have Ideas, Ideas Have People
[59:35 mins.] [Peterson attributes the idea to C.G.Jung] [presentation on central idea ends at 2:54 mins.]

Dragons, Divine Parents, Heroes and Adversaries: A Complete Cosmology of Being
[1:14:41 mins.] [at 3:34 mins., Peterson talks about the early reading that he did to learn why we have particular belief systems; "I am definitely not a moral relativist"; "it is necessary for you to look at the world through a limited frame of reference" (at 5:53 mins.); you're brain is primarily a reducing agent (as is much else); "we deal with the complexity of the world in part by inhabited a a series of reducing elements" (end at 7:38 mins.)]

Tackling the "Meaning Crisis": Mental Chaos in University Students
[1:42:40 mins.] [Peterson's presentation begins at 3:52 mins.] [begins presentation by commenting on his own education]

Postmodern NeoMarxism: Diagnosis and Cure
[33:19 mins.] [presentation, University of Toronto's Students in Support of Free Speech, 2017]

A Talk at Linfield College
[1:03:08 mins.] [April 24, 2017. McMinnville, Oregon]

12 Principles for a 21st Century Conservatism
[2:01:50 mins.] [June 15, 2017]

Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value
[1:45:51 mins.] [presentation, Canadian Society for Academic Freedom, May 13, 2017]

The New Media: My Experience and More
[1:27:54 mins.]

Student Disciplined for Showing a Debate with Jordan Peterson to Class
[17:05 mins.] [there is no "safe place" for learning]

The Parasitization of Myth
[1:52:48 mins.] [November 24, 2017] [On post-modernism: 7:36 mins; on seeking excitement: 17:23 mins.; on categorizing: 33:15 mins.; on hierarchies of competence: 46:24 mins.; on the dragon of chaos: 1:07:03 mins.; at the university "study the pathology of history": 1:14:38 mins.; "pay attention"/"speak carefully": 1:19:14 mins.; presentation ends at 1:26:08 mins.]

Speech in the Netherlands
[31:52 mins.] [January 19, 2018]

12 Rules for Life: London: How To Academy
[1:30:32 mins.] [late January, 2018]

Identity Politics & Tthe Marxist Lie of White Privilege
[1:11:12 mins.] [Soverign Nations Conference, Washington, D.C.] [January 30, 2018]

Conversations with Gad Saad

Chat with Gad Saad
[1:12:11 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt I
[46:48 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt II
[51:14 mins.]

Latest Chat with Jordan Peterson-Pt III
[42:38 mins.]


Two Diners
[10:41 mins.]

Stereotyping and Other Ideas
[6:34 mins.]

Excerpt: Public Speech, 2008
[6:41 mins.]

Carelessly Disrespecting Your Culture
[10:25 mins.]

Never a Better Time in History
[5:56 mins.]

On Christmas
[9:19 mins.]

Message to Students

My Message to Millennials: How to Change the World Properly
[30:24 mins.] [published on November 8, 2016]

Message to Students
[3:55 mins.] [audio accompanying illustrating video]

Millennials Don't Be A Damn Victim!
[10:24 mins.]

Debate: Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson Clash over the Nature of Truth
[1:09:05 mins.] [podcast]

Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson "What is True" 2017
[2:15:41 mins.] [January 21, 2017, Waking Up Podcast]

An Open Letter to Sam Harris
[7:36 mins.]

What the Hell Went Wrong?
[8:43 mins.]

Overthought and Understood
[26:13 mins.] [comments begin at 3:20 mins.]

Interpreting Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson
[8:58 mins.]


Jordan Peterson & Ronald de Sousa Debate Living Without the Sacred
[51:36 mins.] [Peterson appears in the debate at 7:08 mins.]

Highlights of the Jordan Peterson Debate at the University of Toronto
[50:15 mins.]

Jordan B Peterson vs David Benatar: Antinatalism
[1:32:14 mins.] [audio only] [January 9. 2018] [Peterson, at 7:11 mins. states what he has expressed elsewhere, that we exist in an "existential conundrum" and that we cannot escape suffering]

Q & A (for Patreon Subsribers)

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:45:51 mins.] [April 1. 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[2:17:15 mins.] [June 1. 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:28:13 mins.] [July 3. 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:49:46 mins.] [August 14, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:44:46 mins.] [September 12, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:42:48 mins.] [October 3, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:52:51 mins.] [November 26, 2017]

Q & A for Patreon Subscribers
[1:35:18 mins.] [January 1, 2018]

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