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dreams—pathway to the unconscious


C.G. Jung On Dreams:

—“Dreams are the direct expression of unconscious psychic activity.”

—“It is the way of dreams to give us more than we ask.”

—“The dream is specifically the utterance of the unconscious. . . . It is imperative that we do not pare down the meaning of a dream to fit some narrow doctrine.”

—“Every dream is a source of information and a means of self-regulation; . . . dreams are our most effective aids in building up the personality.

—C.G. Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, at 2, 5, 11, 18

Class Videos

In Class Viewing: "Dream Tending with Stephen Aizenstat" [DVD] [57:16 mins.]

:: in lieu of the "Dream Tending" video ::

In Class Viewing 1: DreamTending [2:21 mins.]

In Class Viewing 2: Introduction to "DreamTending" [2:42 mins.]

In Class Viewing 3: Taking Your Dreams Seriously [6:35 mins.] [James Hollis]

In Class Viewing 4: The Interpretation of Dreams [7:36 mins.] [Jordan Peterson]

In Class Viewing 5: Carl G Jung Theory: Symbols in Dreams [6:27 mins.] [Manuel Costa, a psychotherapist, San Jose, California]

In Class Viewing 7: The 4 Pillars of Jungian Psychotherapy: Dream Interpretation [8:51 mins.] [Murray Stein, a Jungian analyst] [alt. posting]

In Class Viewing 8: Carl Jung: Dreams [3:49 mins.] [introduction to Jung and the "reading" of dreams] [excerpt from C.G. Jung, Man & His Symbols (audiobook)]

In Class Viewing 9: Carl Jung: The Importance of Dreams [12:26 mins.] ["Approaching the Unconscious" in C.G. Jung's Man and His Symbols] Pt2 [13:38 mins.]

In Class Viewing 10: An Approach to the Dream [6:35 mins.] [Robert Bosnak, a Jungian analyst; presentation to the C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis] [Bosnak was trained as a lawyer]

Reference (Steven Aizenstat) (from "Dream Tending")

Allowing Dream Images to Care For Us
[1:10 mins.] [Steven Aizenstat]

The Language of Dreams
[0:29 mins.]

The Meaning of DreamTending
[1:57 mins.]

Befriending the Dream, the Image
[1:03 mins.] [comment by James Hillman]

Reference (Freud & Dreams)

Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
[14:59 mins.] Pt2 [14:45 mins.] Pt3 [14:43 mins.] Pt4 [6:55 mins.]

Freudian Dream Theory
[11:46 mins.] [audio with slides]

Reading Dreams According to Freud, Jung and Gustafson
[12:03 mins.]

Freud and Jung on Dreams
[25:10 mins.] [Britt-Marie Schiller on Freud; Rose Holt on Jung] [Schiller is Dean and Faculty Member, St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute] [Holt is a Jungian analyst in private practice in St. Louis and Chicago and active in the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago Analyst Training Program] [Schiller's presentation on Freud ends at 12:50 mins.]

Reference (Videos)

Thomas Moore | Being a Soulful Person
[1:33:42 mins.] [Moore comments on working with dreams as a therapist begins at 12:48 mins. and ends at 15:26 mins.]

Opening the Door to What Comes in the Night
[1:58 mins.] [James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson]

The Dream Self
[9:14 mins.] [Hal Stone]

Dreams and the Limbic System
[11:18 mins.] [Mark Solms]

Jung and Dreams
[16:46 mins.] [Mark Solms]

The Wisdom of the Dream
[52:01 mins.] Pt2[ [52:13 mins.] Pt3 [52:11 mins.] [1989] [a Stephen Segaller film]

Dreaming: A Gateway to the Unconscious?
[1:24:09 mins.] [Rubin Naiman, Deirdre Leigh Barrett and Kelly Bulkeley examine dreams from a variety of perspectives] [A part of the Unlocking the Unconscious: Exploring the Undiscovered Self series that brings together leading scientists and scholars to probe the realm of the unconscious mind through a mix of disciplinary approaches, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology and psychotherapy.]

Dreaming: A Gateway to the Unconscious?
[1:24:09 mins.] [Nour Foundation, New York Academy of Sciences, 2016]

How to Conduct a Dream Workshop
[9:55 mins.] [Jeremy Taylor]

Repetitive Dreams
[9:54 mins.] [commentary by Canadian Jungian psychoanalyst John Betts]

Dream Analysis: A Reader of Jung Comments on Jung's Theories
[15:33 mins.]

Thomas Moore: On Art and Dream
[33:26 mins.] Pt2 [30:56 mins.]

Are Dreams Psychologically Significant?
[1:18:12 mins.] [William Dement, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Stanford University] [Sharon Keenan, Founder, School of Sleep Medicine, Palo Alto, California] [2008]

On the Awakening of Our Theory of Dreams & Dreaming
[39:36 mins.]

Dreaming and Reality
[1:55:44 mins.] [New Center For Psychoanalysis presents: "Dreaming and Reality" by Beth I. Kalish, Supervising Analyst of L.A. Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies and Charles Fisher, Supervising Analyst of San Francisco Center For Psychoanalysis presenting in-depth comparison of interpretive work in North American psychoanalysis and an indigenous culture in the Amazon rain forest.]

Reference (Robert Boznak)(Videos)

Dance of Imagination
[5:46 mins.] Pt2 [5:28 mins.] Pt3 [4:39 mins.]

Heal with Dance of Imagination
[7:17 mins.]

The Phenomenal Power of Asclepian Dream Incubation
[15:41 mins.]

Janet Sonenberg & Robert Bosnak's Dreamwork for Actors
[8:19 mins.] Pt2 [9:57 mins.]

Reference (Jean Raffa)

Why Dreams Are So Powerful
[2:40 mins.]

Dreamwork Step 1: Dream Theatre of the Ego
[7:50 mins.] [2015]

Dreamwork Step 2: Dream Theatre of the Persona
[7:28 mins.]

Dreamwork Step 3: Dream Theatre of the Shadow
[9:18 mins.]

Dreamwork Step 4: Dream Theatre of the Anima/Animus
[10:17 mins.]

Dreamwork Step 5: Dream Theatre of the Self
[12:12 mins.]

Reference (Freud)(Audio)

The Interpretation of Dreams
[2:05:40 mins.]

Reference (Web Resources)

An Jungian Approach to Dreams
[Paul Benedetto, Jungian analyst]

Dream Interpretation
[Carl Jung Resources, 2013]


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