Psychology for Lawyers

the soul of the law


  Benjamin Sells, The Soul of the Law
(Rockport, Massachusetts: Element, 1994)

Read pp. 155-185

Instructor's Notes


Class Videos

A Closing Look at Psychology

Class Viewing 1: Aaron Kipnis on What We Cannot Face [3:25 mins.] [Aaron Kipnis is a clinical psychologist in Santa Monica, California and a core faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute] [in class viewing of the video can end at 0:50 mins.]

Class Viewing 2: Michael Meade: The Light Inside Dark Times [3:01 mins.]

Class Viewing 3: Three Causes of Spiritual Illnesses [4:45 mins.] [Hank Wesselman is an anthropologist by training] Soul Loss [2:43 mins.]

Class Viewing 4: Imagination and Empathy [3:57 mins.] [Ken Robinson] [commenting on the "exile of feeling in education"]

Class Viewing 5: Seeing What's Real [4:20 mins.] [Rachel Naomi Remen] ["Mystery is a way of seeing."]

Class Viewing 6: Keeping Your Heart (and Your Work) Alive [1:18 mins.] ["practicing medicine as an art"]

Class Viewing 7: James Hillman [1:25:45 mins.] [Library of Congress, June, 2010] [James Hillman died in October, 2011, at age 85] [Our in-class viewing of James Hillman's remarks can end at 18:44 mins.] [Hillman's Library of Congress comments end at 33:10 mins.] [Hillman quotes Auden: "We are lived by powers we pretend to understand."] [On James Hillman and his work, see: James Hillman]

Reference (Rachel Naomi Remen)

The Life Force
[9:34 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove] [Remen is the author of Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal (Riverhead Trade, 10th Anniversary ed., 2006) and an early pioneer in the mind/body holistic health movement]

Rachel Naomi Remen on NBC News: Teaching Doctors to Listen
[2:23 mins.]

Generous Listening
[3:31 mins.]

Living as if Your Life Makes a Difference
[2:02 mins.] ["Our expertise has not made us whole."]

The Will to Live
[3:59 mins.]

Charlie Rose Interview
[30:59 mins.]

Rachel Naomi Remen Lecture
[54:44 mins.]

The Art of Living Every Minute of Your Life
[54:41 mins.]

Stories in Our Lives
[59:41 mins.]

History of The Healer's Art Course
[10:29 mins.]

Reference (Ken Robinson)

Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education's Death Valley
[19:11 mins.]

How to Change Education
[24:02 mins.]

Can Creativity Be Taught?
[6:55 mins.]

Life is Your Talents Discovered
[10:57 mins.]

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative
[19:57 mins.]

Innovation and Creativity in Education
[59:41 mins.]

Educating the Heart and Mind
[48:58 mins.]

Reference (Michael Meade)

The Soul of Change
[7:58 mins.]
Pt2 [6:02 mins.]

Occupy Your Soul
[8:07 mins.] [Michael Meade]

This World is Made of Stories
[6:21 mins.] [Michael Meade]

On Purpose and Calling
[4:02 mins.]

On Fulfilling the Genius Within
[3:36 mins.]

Michael Meade Reads from "Fate and Destiny"
[1:29:51 mins.]

Myth is the Ongoing Creation
[6:31 mins.] [Michael Meade: "Myth is trying to bring the eternal into time."]

Why the World Doesn't End
[6:48 mins.] [Michael Meade]

Myth and the End of Time
[14:06 mins.]

Michael Meade on the Two Agreements
[4:00 mins.]

A Michael Meade Reading [1:29:51 mins.]

Fulfilling the Genius Within
[2:43 mins.]

Gifts and Wounds
[3:56 mins.]

Reference (Thomas Moore)

What Is Education For?
[5:05 mins.] [Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul] [Moore distinguishes training and education]

Thomas Moore on Care of the Soul
[23:49 mins.] [audio interview]

Thomas Moore: Liberal Arts and Care of the Soul
[1:00:00 mins.] [Thomas Moore speaking at Marlboro College, April 6, 2009]

Thomas Moore: The Care of the Soul and Spirit
[11:48 mins.] [Thomas Moore's commentary begins at 1:30 mins.]

Reference (Alan Watts)

The Dream of Life
[3:39 mins.]

On Being Alive
[3:56 mins.]

The Road to Here
[24:28 mins.]

What's Wrong with the World
[3:38 mins.]


Alan Watkins: Being Brilliant Every Single Day
[18:41 mins.] [TED Talk] ]
Pt2 [26:14 mins.]

The 5 Keys to Mastery
[56:58 mins.] [George Leonard and others; George Leonard is the author of Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment (New York: Plume, 1992)]

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