Psychology for Lawyers

bringing the course home

Class Videos (Jordan Peterson)

On Order and Chaos [1:04 mins.]

On Dao, Chaos, Order, Perception [1:57 mins.]

Encountering Obstacles In Life [7:16 mins.] [seeing what gets in your way; novel occurrences; the mystery of something that is not supposed to exist; constrained chaos beneath everything that we think we are; the shark in Jaws; the dragon, predator that has been deemed irrelevant suddenly manifests itself, and thus the trauma; now you don't know where you are, and since you don't know where you are everything is relevant]

In Filth it will be Found [6:24 mins.]

Why We Suffer [12:43 mins.]

The Purpose Of Life [3:45 mins.]

A Psychotherapist Is an Engineer of the Soul [4:20 mins.]


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