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archetype of the self


Jung on the Archetype of the Self
[extracted from C.G. Jung, The Collected Works]

Supplemental Reading

C.G. Jung, "The Transcendental Function," in Joan Chodorow (ed.), Jung On Active Imagination 42-60 (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1997) (excerpted from Jung's Collected Works 8: The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche)

Class Videos

Class Viewing 1: Serving the Deep Self [3:27 mins.] [Michael Meade]

Class Viewing 2: Introduction to Carl Jung's Archetype of the Self [13:09 mins.] [relevant discussion begins at 9:35 mins.] [archetype of self related to individuation]

Class Viewing 3: Jordan Peterson on Carl Jung's Depth Psychology: Persona and Shadow
[1:13:47 mins.]
[commentary on the archetype of the Self begins at 33:58 mins. and ends at 37:14 mins.]

Class Viewing 4: Resurrection of Logos [2:34:51 mins.] [March, 2017] [Peterson's presentation begins at 51:59 mins. and ends at 1:15:46 mins.] [Paterson's comments on Jung's archetypes and traditions of Christianity with interesting references to the archetype of the Self, begins at 2:03:02 mins, and ends at 2:10:20 mins.]

Reference (Video)

Ian Laird Talking about Jungian Psychology [7 mins. excerpt] [1:17:41 mins., discussion of the persona and shadow runs from 3:40 mins. and ends at 10:40 mins.] [Ian Laird is a Jungian analyst] ["The shadow is everything that has not been lived, that could be lived. "] [There is another interesting segment of the Ian Laird video at 27:05 mins. that ends at 30:54 mins. with passing references to "active imagination"] [comments on the Self (and the image of wholeness) and ego consciousness (with comments about the persona) begins at 49:32 mins.; ends at 57:43 mins.; include 1:01:45 mins. to 1:03:49 mins. for additional comments on the collective aspects of Self]

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The Self in Jungian Psychology

Jung on the Archetype of the Self
[extracted from C.G. Jung, The Collected Works]


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