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"The Self, according to Jung, was the sum total of the psyche, with all its potential included. This is the part of the psyche that looks forward, that contains the drive toward fulfillment and wholeness. In this, the Self was said to drive the process of individuation, the quest of the individual to reach his or her fullest potential." —"The Jungian Model of the Psyche," Journal Psyche [online text]

"Jung's term ego is virtually identical to Freud's; it is the centre of our conscious identity and selfhood. However, for Jung, the task of the ego is to transform itself by integrating as many contents of the unconscious as possible, in which case it begins to function as an ancillary organ of the Self.

* * * *

The Self is an archetype which expresses the totality of the psyche and includes the ego and the unconscious . . . .

* * * *

Jung postulated a transcendental element that facilitates our journey towards wholeness. This element, or archetype, Jung calls the Self, and it acts as an invisible guarantor of the ego as it makes its journey through life. . . . For Jung, the ego is the centre of consciousness, the focus of our personal identity, whereas the Self is the centre of the entire psyche, conscious and unconscious, and thus the focus of our transpersonal identity. . . .

[The Self] has no equivalent in the Freudian system . . . .

The Self is virtually a transcendental concept, and it cannot be know directly by the ego, but only indirectly through symbol, dream and myth."

óDavid Tacey, How To Read Jung 17, 25, 47, 48 (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., First American ed., 2007)


Jung on the Archetype of the Self
[extracted from C.G. Jung, The Collected Works]

Supplemental Reading

C.G. Jung, "The Transcendental Function," in Joan Chodorow (ed.), Jung On Active Imagination 42-60 (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1997) (excerpted from Jung's Collected Works 8: The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche)

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Reference (Video)

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Edward F. Edinger: Social Implications
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[from Daryl Sharp's Jung Lexicon]

Ego, Archetype and Self

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The Self in Jungian Psychology

Jung on the Archetype of the Self
[extracted from C.G. Jung, The Collected Works]


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