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active imagination



"[Psyche is] the realm of images and the power of imagination . . . ."

James Hillman, "Peaks and Vales: The Soul/Spirit Distinction as Basis for the Differenced between Psychotherapy and Spiritual Discipline," in Jacob Needleman & Dennis Lewis, On the Way to Self Knowledge 114-141, at 114-115 (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1976)


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___________, The Characters Speak Because They Want to Speak, Spring (1983) [the essay, in a different version, appears in Mary Watkins, Invisible Guests: The Development of Imaginal Dialogues 93-106 (Boston: Sigo Press, 1990) [online text]]

Pieter Middelkoop, The Wise Old Man: Healing through Inner Images 1-12, 140-148 (Boston: Shambhala, 1989)

Daryl Sharp, The Jung Leixcon: Personification [online text]

Personifying Aspects of the Unconscious [online text]

Daryl Sharp, The Jung Lexicon: Active Imagination [online text]

Supplemental Readings

"Confrontation with the Unconscious," in C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections 170-199 (New York: Pantheon Books, 1963)(recorded & edited by Anela Jaffé)

"The Pandaemoniusm of Images: Jung's Contribution to Know Thyself," in James Hillman, Healing Fiction 53-63, 68-70, 78-81 (Station Hill, New York: 1983)

Class Videos

Class Viewing 1: C.G. Jung: The Power of Imagination [1:42 mins.]

Class Viewing 2: James Hillman on Jung and Active Imagination [33:54 mins.] [Presenting the Depth Video (Elkins library) instead of the Youtube posting, end presentation at 35:20 mins.; or, a somewhat longer showing that ends at 45:52 mins.]

Reference (James Hillman)

Murray Stein on Active Imagination
[9:32 mins.] [end presentation at 4:58 mins.]

Dwelling Imaginally in Soulless Times: An Appreciation of the World of James Hillman
[Sylvester Wojtkowski]

James Hillman: Course Resources

Reference (Active Imagination)

Jung's Technique of Active Imagination
[2:47 mins.] [Sonu Shamdasani discusses Jung's approach to active imagination]

Jung's Theory of Active Imagination and the Shadow: A Conversation with Anna Guerra
[16:01 mins.] [Anna Guerra is a depth psychotherapist in private practice; she teaches at the Jung Center of Houston] [pointing out that Jung saw active imagination as central to psychotherapy] [focus on dealing with "images" and not "figures"] [reference to mindfulness]
[poor quality video]

Complexes and Imagination
[46:06 mins.] [Verena Kast, training analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute]
[Kast comments on active imagination begins at 4:08 mins. and ends at 11:23 mins.] [Kast's explanation of complexes begins at 11:23 mins.; a therapeutic application of these ideas begins at 14:08 mins.; end the in-class viewing on complexex at 23:10 mins. :: Complexes]

How to Learn the Active Imagination Technique
[2:12 mins.]

Depression and Active Imagination
[4:49 mins.] [Art Rosengarten] [on the use of sandplay therapy]

Richard H. Siegal

Inner Mind Hypnosis
[1:22 mins.] [using the term "subconscious mind" to refer to what is commonly, in Freudian and Jungian circles, known as the unconscious realm of the psyche]

[40:15 mins.]

Web Resources

Active Imagination

Active Imagination
[Lawrence H. Staples, Jung Society of Washington]

Jungian Therapy 101: Active Imagination
[Jason E. Smith, Heartsfire Counseling]


Joan Chodorow (ed.), Jung On Active Imagination (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1997)

Barbara Hannah, Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination as Developed by C.G. Jung (Santa Monica, California: Sigo, 1981)

Robert A. Johnson, Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1986)

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