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abraham maslow's hierarchy of needs



C. George Boeree, Personality Theories: Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) [online text]

Hierarchy of Needs (Diagram): Diagram || Expanded Levels || Basic Chart

Lawrence S. Krieger, Psychological Insights: Why Our Students Suffer, and What We Might Do About It, 1 JALWD: J. Assoc. Legal Writing Directors 258 (2002) [online text]

Abraham H. Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature 41-53, 57-71 (New York: Viking Press, 1971)

Class Video

Class Viewing 1: Becoming Self-Actualized: Realizing Your Full Potential [23:46 mins.] [screen in- class first 10:38 mins. of the video] [David Tuffley, author of Genius: Habits of Highly Creative People (CreateSpace, 2012)] [commentary on being in the "now" and "mindfulness"]

Class Viewing 2: Finding Your True Passion is a Cliché [3:55 mins.] [Jordan Peterson] [maximizing meaningful engagement, and to do this you must reduce the self-deception that you are engaged in]

Abraham Maslow Bibliography

Abraham Maslow: Bibliography

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References (Videos)

Maslow in Ten Minutes
[9:46 mins.] [Eric Dodson] [audio with sophisticated slides]

Personality: Abraham Maslow, Hierarchy of Needs, and Self-Actualization
[6:59 mins.] [Chris Dula, East Tennessee State]

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[9:32 mins.] [audio] [basic concepts] [commentary on self-actualization begins at 6:28 mins.]

An Introduction to Humanistic Psychology
[27:21 mins.] [audio] [basic introduction; focus on Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers; turning away from a focus on the unconscious] [the discussion of Abraham Maslow begins at 16:36 mins. and, for course viewing, can end at 22:56 mins.]

Overview of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[3:45 mins.]

Introduction to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
[9:52 mins.]

Expanded Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Self Actualization, Humanistic Psychology
[21:46 mins.]

Self-Esteem and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[17:36 mins.]

Hierarchy of Needs
[9:31 mins.] [audio with Powerpoint presentation]

Human Needs, Sex to Self Actualization, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[10:51 mins.]

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[3:06 mins.]

Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Redesign a Business Plan
[3:16 mins.]

Dr. Edward Hoffman Lectures on Maslow
[2:52 mins.] Pt2 [9:40 mins.] Pt3 [2:37 mins.] Pt4 [7:32 mins.] Pt5 [4:19 mins.]

Motivational Theory: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid
[3:15 mins.] [David Sharpley]

The Motivation Continuum (Self-Determination Theory)
[1:40 mins.]

Genpo Roshi on Why We Suffer
[7:03 mins.]

The Evolutionary Basis for Our Needs Structure

Steven Pinker: On Psychology and Human Nature
[15:21 mins.]

Self-Actualization: Jordan Peterson

Wasting Time and Opportunities
[9:39 mins.]

Advice for Creative People
[2:22 mins.]

Creative Production and Pareto Distributions
[5:14 mins.]

Postmodernism Damages Students' Mental Health
[9:51 mins.] [end at 2:00 mins.]


Self Actualization
[3:12 mins.] [Eldon Taylor, author of Choices and Illusions]

Eddie Murphy on Self-Actualization
[0:42 mins.]

Motivation and Personality
[10:01 mins.] [commentary on self-actualization]

The Psychodynamics of Liberation
[9:43 mins.] [Kathleen Speeth with Jeffrey Mislove]

References (Abraham Maslow) (Video)

Abraham Maslow and Self-Actualization
[14:04 mins.] [content begins at 1:34 mins.]

Encountering Maslow
[11:25 mins.] [a short documentary on the life and influence of Abraham Maslow]

Abraham Maslow and Self Actualization
[54:22 mins.] [1968 film]

References (Web Resources)

Abraham Maslow

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

A.H. Maslow's Vision of Human Nature
[Richard Lowry, Vassar College]

References (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) (Articles)

Rediscovering the Later Version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
[Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, Review of General Psychology, 2006]

Hierarchy of Needs of Abraham Maslow
[Em Griffin, archived chapter from a previous edition of A First Look at Communication Theory]

Maslow Revis(it)ed
[Bob Dick, 2001]

Beyond Self-Actualization
[Lloyd Greene & George Burke, JHHSA, 2007]

A Look at Maslow's "Basic Propositions"
[Alfie Kohn, a chapter published in Perceiving, Behaving, Becoming: Lessons Learned
( 1999)]

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