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"Much of the success of Transactional Analysis seems to lie in its utter simplicity and the basic directness of its approach . . . ."

—Ken Wilber, A Working Synthesis of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy [online text]


"Transactional Analysis," in Thomas L. Shaffer & James R. Elkins, Legal Interviewing and Counseling 180-184 (St. Paul, Minnesota: Thomson/West, 4th ed., 2005)

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Reference (Eric Berne)

On Transactional Analysis
[15:01 mins.] [Berne appears at 0:58 mins.]
Pt2 [12:21 mins.]

Games People Play: The Theory
[14:21 mins.] Pt 2 [14:22 mins.] [an interview of Dr. Berne discussing his book, Games People Play]

Reference (Voices in Your Head)

Ego States [13:40 mins.] [videos by a pschotherapist who calls herself Yazz] The Critical Parent [16:48 mins.] The Nuturing Parent [19:52 mins.] The Rebellious Child [21:59 mins.] The Adapted Child [16:32 mins.] The Free Child [11:04 mins.] The Adult [10:43 mins.] Uses in Everyday Life [8:56 mins.] Uses in Everyday Life [9:36 mins.] Uses in Everyday Life [10:27 mins.]

Reference (Short Course on TA)

Reference (30 Minute Short Course on TA)

Transactional Analysis: Ego States and Basic Transactions [10:00 mins.] Pt2: Games [10:10 mins.] P3: Gimmicks [10:00 mins.]

Reference (Videos)
Transactional Analysis: Concepts of TA [4:05 mins.] Transactional Analysis: 1 Ego States [5:15 mins.] 2 Ego States [5:35 mins.] Parallel Transactions [2:23 mins.] Crossed Transactions [2:32 mins.] Duplex Transactions [2:25 mins.] Connection between Concepts of TA [3:12 mins.] Beliefs of Transactional Analysis [4:28 mins.]

An Introduction to Transactional Analysis
[11:55 mins.

Transactional Analysis in Action
[8:58 mins.] [Paul Puckridge, Success Institute]

How Do You Use TA?
[4:29 mins.]

Transactional Analysis Therapy
[5:03 mins.] [Mary Golding, MSW]

Transactional Analysis Therapy
[3:30 mins.]

TA Interviews: What Do You Like Most about TA?
[5:52 mins.]

Transactional Analysis: Parent|Adult|Child Model
[5:19 mins.] The Characters [15:18 mins.] [commentary on the development of TA by Eric Berne]

The Idiots Guide to T.A
[4:49 mins.]

TA Interviews
[17:59 mins.]

Becoming Who You Are: Transactional Analysis
[21:38 mins.] [podcast] [audio]

Ego States and Ego States Analysis
[56:59 mins.] [audio with images; ego states description begins at 22:52 mins.]

Working with Anxiety Using Transactional Analysis
[10:37 mins.]

Parent Adult Child
[9:39 mins.]

Are You OK? On Transactional Analysis
[2:54 mins.]

Introduction To Transactional Analysis
[8:23 mins.]

Transactional Analysis
[9:25 mins.] [Candace Pauchnick] Pt2 [10:05 mins.] Pt3 [7:17 mins.] Pt4 [8:19 mins.]

Transactional Analysis: The Characters
[15:18 mins.]

Using Transactional Analysis: Personally and Professionally
[1:27:41 mins.] [TA bridges the divide between psychodynamic and behavioral approaches to therapy]

What is your Life Script? Transactional Analysis Basics
[10:02 mins.]

Reference (Bob Cooke)

Ego State Diagnosis in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
[8:23 mins.] [Bob Cooke]

Ego State Diagnosis in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
[8:24 mins.] [Bob Cooke]

Egograms in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
[5:18 mins.] [Bob Cooke]

Reference (Fanita English)

Ego States in Transactional Analysis
[10:00 mins.]

Scripts and Episcripts
[1:59:54 mins.] Pt2 [1:35:13 mins.] [Fanita English]

TA and Further Useful Concepts for a Therapist
[27:18 mins.] Ch2 [20:53 mins.] Ch3 [14:38 mins.] Ch4 [5:37 mins.] Ch5 [25:08 mins.] Ch6 [29:31 mins.] Ch7 [17:38 mins.] Ch8 [35:21 mins.] Conclusion [14:47 mins.]

The Forces Within Us
[58:41 mins.]

Reference (Web Resources)

Transactional Analysis
[Eric Berne website]

Transactional Analysis

What Is Transactional Analysis Theory?
[Ian Tomlinson, 2013]

Transactional Analysis: Theory & Practice
[Ian Ridgway]

What Am I Getting Myself Into?
[William F. Cornell]

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
[Roland Johnsson, doctoral dissertation, 2011]

Self-Directed Learning: Managing Yourself and Your Working Relationships
[Learning & Development Centre, University of Warwick]

Reference (Claude Steiner)

Claude Steiner: Introducing Himself
[2:04 mins.] [Claude M. Steiner (1935- ), a psychotherapist, has written extensively about transactional analysis (TA) and life scripts and among other topics.]

Reflections from the Early Days of Radical Psychiatry
[31:19 mins.]

Reference (Articles)

Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis
[Transactional Analysis Journal]

A Working Synthesis of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy
[Ken Wilber]

Basic Introduction to TA

Thomas A. Harris, I'm OKYou're OK: A Practical Guide to Transactional Analysis 16-36, 65-96 (New York: Harper & Row, 1969)

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