Psychology for Lawyers

michelle michaud
talks about her life and her work as a lawyer


"The Cornucopia of Julia K.," in Lowell B. Komie, The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie (Chicago: Swordfish/Chicago, 2005) [25 Legal Stud. F. 71 (2001)] [online text]

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Class Video

Class Viewing: Michelle Michaud [8:21 mins.] Pt2 [8:58 mins.] Pt3 [6:28 mins.] Pt4 [8:34 mins.] Pt5 [7:13 mins.] [total viewing time: approx. 42 mins.]

Videos (Reference)(Len Riskin)

Changing Lawyers' Understanding of Resolving Disputes
[2:22 mins.] [Len Riskin] [lawyer unhappiness related to our adversarial practices; commenting on the "standard philosophical map" that dominates our lives as lawyers]

Len Riskin Talks about the Value of Meditation for Lawyers
[9:18 mins.] Pt2 [9:41 mins.]

Videos (Reference)(Michelle Michaud)

Michelle Michaud on Lawyers As Agents of Evolutionary Change
[3:55 mins.]

Lawyers As Peacemakers
[5:14 mins.]

Reference (Rethinking Adversarial Law) (Gary Friedman)

A Lawyer's Search
[9:58 mins.] [Gary Friedman] Pt2 [9:32 mins.] Pt3 [8:59 mins.] Pt4 [9:46 mins.]

Gary Friedman and Mediation
[4:05 mins.]

Introducing Gary Friedman
[4:04 mins.]

Self-Reflection for Conflict Professionals
[15:14 mins.] ["Your inner life is a powerful tool . . ."]

Positive Neutrality Under Fire
[10:55 mins.]

Saving The Last Dance
[6:15 mins.]

Videos (Reference)

Introducing Catherine Conner
[3:33 mins.] [a lawyer talking about collaborative law]

Helping Lawyers Live Epic Lives
[2:32 mins.]

Failure and the Search for Passion
[15:00 mins.] [TED Talk]

On Quitting
[13:46 mins.] [Gracye Cheng, a recovering lawyer, shares her advice on quitting.She graduated from Harvard Law School and Harvard College.]

References (Articles)

Martin E.P. Seligman, Paul R. Verkuil & Terry H. Kang, Countering Lawyer Unhappiness: Pessimism, Decision Latitude and the Zero-Sum Dilemma [online text]

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