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walter barnett's 2nd session with dr. paul weston


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Class Video

In Class Viewing 1: Walter Barnett's 2nd session with Dr. Paul Weston

"Walter" | In Treatment (HBO) | Season 2, Dk. 2, Episode 9 [approx. 20 mins.] [Walter's session begins at 3:26 mins. into the episode]

In Class Viewing 2

How Do You Deal with an Anxiety Attack? [3:22 mins.] [Steven C. Hayes, clinical psychologist, University of Nevada] Finding a Career by Way of a Panic Attack [12:28 mins.] [in this video, Hayes explains the background of his approach to dealing with anxiety attacks; presentation, can end at 6:37 mins.] [reference to mindfulness and acceptance and committment therapy (ACT); Steve Hayes is one of the principle figures in the development of ACT, as a form of therapy]

The Struggle Switch: Russ Harris [3:02 mins.]

On Anxiety and Fear [14:12 mins.] [Joseph LeDoux] [a neuroscience approach to anxiety] [end in-class presentation at 3:44 mins.]

Reference (Anxiety & Fear--A Neuroscience Perspective)

What Triggers a Panic Attack?
[5:53 mins.] [Katherine Shear, Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University School of Social Work]

Harry Barry: Overcoming Panic Attacks
[13:05 mins.]

Harry Barry: Understanding Generalised Anxiety Disorder
[10:08 mins.]

Harry Barry: Flagging Anxiety & Panic
[50:34 mins.] [Talks at Google]

Joseph LeDoux: Coming to Terms with Fear
[1:35:44 mins.] [LeDoux presentation begins at 4:36 mins.]

Joseph LeDoux: Have We Misunderstood Fear & Anxiety?
[55:04 mins.] [video of presentation does not appear until 1:17 mins.]

Ask The Expert: Panic Attacks
[6:37 mins.]

Reference (Anxiety/Panic Attacks)(Videos)

Symptoms of a Panic Attack
[7:11 mins.]

Anxiety Overview
[7:08 mins.] [focus on the psychopathological aspects of anxiety; diagnostic categories of anxiety disorders]

Overcoming Panic Attacks with Psychologist
[35:26 mins.] [[Becky Spelman, Private Therapy Clinic, London]

When Anxiety Attacks
[50:24 mins.] [Agenda with Steve Paikin]

Anxiety: Hibernate, Adapt, or Migrate
[17:14 mins.] [ Summer Beretsky, TED Talk]

Anxiety: A Cancer of the Mind
[15:49 mins.] [Aneysha Bhat, TED Talk]

Zara Speaks to Dr Russ Harris
[30:43 mins.]

Anxiety Assessment
[8:25 mins.] [Jon Frederickson] Pt.2 [4:58 mins.] Pt.3 [5:40 mins.]

Abnormal Psychology: Disorders: Phobic Disorder and Panic Disorder
[10:42 mins.] [Chris Dula, East Tennessee State University]

Jordan Peterson: How He Treats Anxiety
[5:36 mins.] [Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychology, University of Toronto]

Jordan Peterson: Overcoming Anxiety and Fear
[6:03 mins.]

What Causes A Panic Attack and Dealing with Anxiety Attacks
[6:17 mins.]

Colin Wilson Describes His Panic Attacks
[27:35 mins.] [Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove]

Reference (Panic Attacks | Film)

An Anxiety Attack [0:51 mins.] Analyze This Anxiety Disorder [4:32 mins.] Deniro Tells Billy Crystal "Freud's sick!" [2:01 mins.]

On Dealing|Not Dealing with Grief

Mark Epstein: The Trauma of Everday Life
[55:57 mins.] [psychiatrist & author of Thoughts Without a Thinker and The Trauma of Everyday Life] [begin class presentation at 3:26 mins.; end at 5:56 mins.]

On Interpretations by the Therapist

Differences in Modern & Freudian Psychoanalysis
[1:40 mins.]

Reference (Anxiety)

Anxiety | Panic Attacks | Panic Disorder

Open Trial of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Panic Disorder: A Pilot Study

Reference (Self Concept)(Video)

[6:32 mins.]

Reference (Presenting Problem as a Seamless Web)(Videos)

A Client Describes the Problem that Brings Him to Counseling
[2:28 mins.]

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
[11:04 mins.]

Walter Barnett: "In Treatment"

The Underlying Cause of Walter's Panic Attacks
[8:15 mins.]

Frederic N. Busch & Barbara Milrod, "Psychodynamic Treatment of Panic Disorder," in Raymond A. Levy & J. Stuart Ablon (eds.), Handbook of Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (New York: Humana Press, 2009) [online text]

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