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c.g. jung :: an introduction
jordan b. peterson
professor of psychology | university of toronto



Daryl Sharp, Digesting Jung (Toronto: Inner City Books, 2001) [online text] [this relatively short guide to Jung's analytical psychology can be read as an introduction to C.G. Jung and in conjunction with further assignments on Jung and his theories]

James R. Elkins: C.G. Jung and Our Transforming Pathologies :: C.G. Jung on the Unconscious

Class Videos

Class Viewing 1: Carl Jung's Intelligence was "Bloody Terrifying" [4:08 mins.]

Class Viewing 2: Carl Jung and the Lion King [54:02 mins.] [Jordan B. Peterson, 2017 lecture in his course Maps of Meaning at the University of Toronto] [begin Peterson's lecture at 2:10 mins.; end at 9:05 mins.]

Class Viewing 3: Piaget & Jung [1:13:48 mins.] [Peterson's 2016 lecture in his course Personality and Its Transformation at the University of Toronto] [begin at 36:44 mins.; end at 43:02 mins.] [begins with comments on Freud and Jung] [introducing the known & unknown aspects of your world]

Class Viewing 4: Depth Psychology: C.G. Jung [1:19:48 mins.] [Jordan B. Peterson, 2015 lecture in his course Personality and Its Transformation] [drawing distinctinons between Freud and Jung] [end the in-class viewing at 41:52 mins.] [skip 17:08 mins. to 21:12 mins.] [possible skip: 2:57 mins. to 5:38 mins.]

Class Viewing 5: Peterson's 2015 Personality Lecture on Carl Jung (con'd) [1:13:47 mins.] [commentary on persona and shadow, foreshadowing the session we will devote to persona and shadow] [possible end of presentation at 6:30 mins.]

An Alternative Introduction (James Hillman)

Class Viewing 1: James Hillman Lectures and Interviews [1:25:45 mins.] [class presentation ends at 32:58 mins.] [a short version of the presentation ends at 2:14 mins. and skips to 15:20 mins. and ends at 23:56 mins.]

Class Viewing 2: Jung and Active Imagination [33:54 mins.] [excerpted from a a DVD (Depth Video), Jung and Active Imagination, 2007] [Youtube title: VTS 011] The presentation, not used in this alternative introduction to Jung, all on the DVD continues: Pt2 [35:38 mins.] Pt3 [36:33 mins.] Pt4 [37:45 mins.]

An Alternative Introduction (On Reading Jung)

Susan Rowland: C.G. Jung's Dramatic and Imaginative Writing [1:29:25 mins.] [begin presentation at 4:40 mins.; end at 1:00:10 mins] [effective length of the video is 1 hr. 7 mins.] [a place to begin a study of Jung--reading about reading his work before you start the reading]

Deidre Bair: Writing Jung's Life [1:29:31 mins.] [San Diego Friends of Jung, 1988] [audio]

An Alternative Introduction (Academy of Ideas)

Introduction to Carl Jung: The Psyche, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
[10:47 mins.]

Individuation, the Persona, the Shadow, and the Self
[13:09 mins.]

Carl Jung and the Shadow: Integrating the Hidden Power of Your Dark Side
[5:02 mins.]

What is the Individuation Process?
[11:03 mins.]

What are the Archetypes?
[11:48 mins.]

The Achievement of Personality
[8:29 mins.]

Tthe Spiritual Problem of the Modern Individual
[11:31 mins.]

The Achievement of Personality
[8:29 mins.]

Reference (Jordan B. Peterson)

Jordan Peterson on Carl Jung and Depth Psychology
[1:14:57 mins.] [2014 lecture in Peterson's course, Personality and Its Transformation] [presentation on Jung begins at 31:22 mins. and ends at 49:28 mins.]

Carl Jung was Radical
[3:18 mins.]

The Facinating Carl Jung
[6:55 mins.]

Jungian Psychoanalysis in a Nutshell
[5:02 mins.]

Jordan Peterson on His Religious Beliefs
[7:14 mins.] [comment on Jung begins at 5:00 mins. and ends at 7:12 mins.]

A Compilation of Links to Jordan B. Peterson Lectures, Presentations, and Commentary

Reference (James Hillman)

In Defense of Jung
[7:13:45 mins.] [audio]

James Hillman
[course resources]

Reference (Ken James)

Approaching the Unconscious
[8:11 mins.] [a presentation organized in three parts: the historical period in which Jung lived; Jung's personal history; the unconscious]

Jung on His Own Work

A Cautionary Note from a Reading of C.G. Jung's Axion
[13:12 mins.] [end presentation of the cautionary note at 2:42 mins.]

Introduction to Jung
[13:12 mins.]

C.G. Jung: The Reality of Images
[1:43 mins.]

The Insanity of Living Without Myth
[1:09 mins.]

To Believe Or Not To Believe? The Power Of Knowing
[4:30 mins.]

Jung: Death is Not the End
[4:30 mins.]

Carl Gustav Jung on Kundalini
[8:41 mins.]

CG Jung: Documentaries

"The World Within"








Pt1 [14:10 mins.] Pt.2 [14:10 mins.] Pt.3 [14:10 mins.] Pt.4 [14:10 mins.] Pt.5 [5:40 mins.] Entire Film [1:02:19 mins.]



  "Matter of Heart" is a 1986 documentary about the Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, featuring archive footage of Jung as well as interviews with Jung's former pupils, friends and colleagues. It examines Jung's life and times, focusing on his ideas, particularly about the collective unconscious.


Jung on Film

[1:17:00 mins.] [commentary on the Jung interview and transcript of the interview] [transcript can also be be found in C.G. Jung Speaking (Princeton University Press, 1987)]





Carl Jung: The Wisdom of the Dream--A Life of Dreams


Face to Face With Carl Jung
[10:01 mins.] Pt2 [10:05 mins.] Pt3 [10:05 mins.] Pt4 [10:06 mins.]

Carl G. Jung--Lapis Philosophorum
[29:27 mins.] [filmed by Jerome Hill]

Jung at Bolligen
[3:25 mins.]

[2:54 mins.]

Andreas Jung: On Bolligen
[9:34 mins.] [Murray Stein joins Andreas Jung at 4:20 mins.]

Jung Interviewed
[34:09 mins.] [old interview; poor sound quality]

Seven Sermons to the Dead
[41:02 mins.] [audio]

Jung: An Introduction

Carl Jung on Accepting the Darkness of Self and Others
[8:14 mins.] [audio] [useful as an introductory presentation of Jung and his ideas]

Approaching the Unconscious
[8:11 mins.] [Ken James]

On Freud & Jung
[9:58 mins.] [Robert Van de Castle] Pt2 [8:35 mins.] Pt3 [9:08 mins.]

Jung: Modern Wizard
[10:31 mins.] [lectures by Lance Owens; audio only] Pt2 [10:50 mins.] Pt3 [10:31 mins.] Pt4 [10:02 mins.] Pt5 [10:42 mins.] Pt6 [10:41 mins.] Pt7 [10:41 mins.] Pt8 [10:59 mins.]

C. G. Jung Concepts
[4:58 mins.] [from "Never Cease Exploring: The Psychology of C. G. Jung," TV program (1994) with Dick Pearson and Jungian Analyst D. Stephenson Bond] Pt2 [10:31 mins.][discussion about the ego] Pt3A [10:11 mins.] Pt3B [10:28 mins.] [discussion of the shadow] Pt4 [8:18 mins.] [anima/animus] Pt5 [8:03 mins.] [anima] Pt6 [2:31 mins.] [conclusion]

The Depth Psychology of Carl G. Jung with Leanne Whitney
[41:43 mins.]

Jung: A Talk by Alan Watts

Alan Watts: Tribute to Carl Jung
[28:02 mins.] Longer Version [1:23:00 mins.] A Different Version [54:54 mins.]

Jung: Introductory Lectures

Our Connection to Something Bigger: The Archetypes of C.G. Jung
[1:22:06 mins.] [Sandra Portko] [discussion of the "collective unconscious begins at 21:22 mins.]

The Psychology of the Spirit
[1:20:08 mins.] [Stephan A. Heller] [audio lecture]

Jung: The Man and His Ideas

Remembering Jung
[1:05:14 mins.] [Liliane Frey-Rohn, a Jungian analyst]

Remembering Jung
[1:01:15 mins.] [Marie Louise von Franz]

Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul
[24:49 mins.] [Claire Dunn, a lay reader of Jung, talking about how she found Jung and her impressions of Jung, his background, and his work]

Our Connection To Something Bigger: The Archetypes of C.G. Jung
[1 hr. 23 mins.] [Dr. Sandra Portko, Professor of Psychology, Grand Valley State University]

Claire Dunne: Carl Jung--Wounded Healer of the Soul
[24:49 mins.]

An Introduction to Depth/Analytical Psychology

The Self
[5:39 mins.] [excerpt from C.G. Jung, Man & His Symbols (audiobook)] [inner experience of the self, the living reality of the self, ordinary life and the "inner adventure"; losing contact with the "inner regulator" of the soul; one-sideness; ego consciousness; anima and animus; personification]

Ian Laird Discusses Jungian Psychology
[1:17:41 mins.] [Ian Laird discusses Jungian psychology] [commenting on basic Jungian concepts of ego, self, and persona]

A Jungian View of Psychopathology
[1:00:13 mins.] [introduction]

On Psychic Energy
[20:34 mins.] [a reading, at times literal, of C.G. Jung's On Psychic Energy]

Energy is Unlocked via Symbols in the Unconscious
[44: 58 mins.]

Murray Stein Lectures on Jung and Jungian Psychotherapy

An Introduction to Jungian Psychology
[11:46 mins.] [Murray Stein, a Jungian analyst] [commenting on Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections; Jung's work with the two personalities he lived with; commenting on active imagination and shadow]

The 4 Pillars of Jungian Psychotherapy: Individuation
[9:35 mins.] [recorded in Zurich, Switzerland]

Symbolic Meaning on the Path of Individuation
[11:46 mins.] [Murray Stein]

The 4 Pillars of Jungian Psychotherapy: Therapeutic Relationship
[9:45 mins.]

The 4 Pillars of Jungian Psychotherapy: Active Imagination
[9:54 mins]

Rationality vs Mythopoetic
[3:08 mins.]

Carl Jung's Red Book
[9:49 mins.] Pt2 [8:22 mins.]

Jung's Shattering Midlife Crisis & "The Way"
[7:51 mins.]

Psychotherapy and Spirituality
[5:40 mins.]

Communing with the Divine
[9:44 mins.] [Lecture 11]

In What Spirit Are You Living?: Jung's "Spirit of the Times" vs "Spirit of the Depths"
[2:50 mins.]

The Age of the Holy Spirit: Transcending the Polarities of God the Father and God the Son
[7:08 mins.]

Jungian-Christian Dialogue
[27:05 mins.]

The Dry River Beds of Culture
[7:42 mins.]

Introduction to Depth Psychology

On Jungian Psychology
[6:54 mins.] [Ken James]

Psychotherapy Based on Depth Psychology is a Superior Approach
[28:59 mins.]

On Jung
[6:54 mins.] [Ken James] [commenting on the self, ego/self axis, complexes, collective unconscious, connection of complexes and archetypes of the collective unconscious]

Jung's Red Book


Resources Compiled for the
Lawyers & Psychology Course

Active Imagination

James Hillman on Jung and Active Imagination
[33:54 mins.] [passing references to the Red Book: The Red Book as Jung's account of his efforts to survive, a process that went on for 14-15 years; a book of religion, an engagement with Christianity; a "book of torment"; "a book of initiation"; a "heretical document"; a book that "revolutionizes"; the book, not really written as a book, is a "heroic task" (undertaken while he was dreaming of the death of the hero)]
[This first segment of Hillman's presentation on Jung and Active Imagination on the DVD ends at 35:25 mins.] Pt2 [35:38 mins.] [In Pt2 Hillman's impressive presentation on Jung and active imagination continues.] [End class presentation at 25:46 mins., resume at 31:36 mins. and end at 34:30 mins. (Hillman responds to a question about doing active imagination on your own without a therapist)] [Hillman's presentation ends at 13:20 mins. and takes a question] The presentation continues: Pt 3 [36:23 mins.] Pt4 [37:46 mins.].

Active Imagination
[9:54 mins.] [Murray Stein lecture; Stein is a Jungian analyst]

How To Learn the Active Imagination Technique
[2:12 mins.]

Complexes and Imagination
[46:06 mins.] [Verena Kast, training analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute] [Kast's comments on active imagination begins at 4:08 mins.; an explanation of complexes begins at 11:24 mins.; a therapeutic application of these ideas begins at 14:08 mins.]


Carl Jung on Shadow Projection
[4:08 mins.]

What Is a Projection?
[4:19 mins.] [James Hollis, a Jungian analyst; Jung Society of Washington]

[8:37 mins.] [Jon Frederickson]

[6:24 mins.]

Anima and Animus

Jung on Inner Images and Archetype of the Anima
[2:04 mins.]

Anima and Animus
[7:11 mins.] [excerpt from "A World of Dreams," a three-part series of films produced by PBS]

Anima Projection
[6:38 mins.] [excerpt from C.G. Jung, Man & His Symbols (audiobook)] [negative aspect of the anima in the male psyche]


Andrew Samuels on Jung and Post-Jungians
[41:19 mins.] [Samuels discussion of a Jungian approach to working with dreams runs from 30:02 mins. to 33:57 mins.]

Michael Conforti: Dreams, C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz
[1:14:14 mins.]

Resources Compiled on Dreams


Jung on Normality
[22:35 mins.] [Steve Myers] [Normality in Analytical Psychology]


Carl Jung: Aging & Growth
[7:18 mins.]

Jung & Aging: Bringing to Life the Possibilities
[2:28:06 mins.] [Lionel Corbett's presentation begins at 18:40 mins.]
Pt2 [2 hrs. 33 mins.]

Jung & Erich Neumann

Erel Shalit: Neumann & Jung
[4:10 mins.]

Jung Neumann Letters
[21:32 mins.]

A Conversation with Erel Shalit and Joe Cambray
[52:20 mins.]

Erich Neumann Seminar
[2:01:04 mins.]

Depth Psychology Alliance

Introduction to Jungian Psychology with James Newell
[1:33:21 mins.]

Intro to Applied Jungian Psychology with James Newell
[1:33:03 mins.]

Jung, The Arts, and Spirituality: James R. Newell in Conversation with Bonnie Bright
[37:05 mins.]

The Therapy Room and the Interactive Field: Interview with Joseph Cambray
[31:36 mins.] [Cambray is a Jungian analyst]

Depth Psychological Insights on Narcissism (in the Era of Donald Trump)
[41:05 mins.]

Using Typology to Navigate Your Individuation Journey
[1:23:43 mins.]

The Image-Making Capacity of Soul: Mary Harrell in Conversation with Bonnie Bright
[37:04 mins.] [author of Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life: Stories from the World Between Matter and Mind]

Alchemical Psychology: Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak
[34:51 mins.]

Depth Psychology and the Digital Age
[1:04:27 mins.] [online panel discussion; the panelists are Robert Romanyshyn, Drew Foley, Priscilla Hobbs] Online Panel #2 [1:04:03] [Steve Wood, Sharon Heath, Eva Rider are the panelists]


An Introduction to the Journal of Analytical Psychology
[6:59 mins.]

David Whyte: Through Darkness to Innocence
[8:25 mins.]

The Unconscious, Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society
[2:36 mins.] [Professor Roderick Main, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies]

[3:07 mins.] [excerpt from C.G. Jung's Man & His Symbols (audiobook)]

Jung and Spirituality
[9:39 mins.] [Lionel Corbett]

C.G. Jung & Gnosis
[9:58 mins.]

Jung and Drug Addiction
[5:00 mins.] [drug abuse and the search for meaning]

Alchemical Opus
[4:45 mins.]

Robert Romanyshyn on Psyche and Nature
[2:52 mins.]

Jungian Studies
[2:35 mins.]

What Depth Psychology Can Teach Us About Vocation
[52:54 mins.]

Giovanni Segantini: Darkness, Yearning, and Creative Fulfillment
[7:29 mins.] [Kathrin Asper, Jungian analyst]

Implications of Jungian Psychology for Psychedelic Psychotherapy
[13:20 mins.] [David Lukoff]

Jungian-Christian Dialogue with John Sanford
[31:11 mins.]

Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction: A Visit with Don Bisson
[52:17 mins.]

Jung on Religion and Spirituality
[9:39 mins.] [Lionel Corbett] [British-trained psychiatrist and Jungian analyst]

New Myth of God
[4:13 mins.]

CG Jung and Rudolf Steiner
[1:53:40 mins.] [Robert McDermott & Sean Kelly] [2012] [Sean Kelly's presentation on Jung begins at 40:34 mins. and ends at 1:24:56 mins.; discussion of Jung's "dark night of the soul" and the production of The Red Book, begins at 1:08:43 mins.] Pt2 [1:21:34 mins.] [Pt2 features Robert McDermott] Pt3 [2:13:50 mins.] [Sean Kelly returns in Pt3. Presentation ends at 59:00 mins.] [Sean Kelly received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa in 1988. Before coming to California Institute of Integral Studies, he taught religious studies at the University of Windsor, the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University (Canada). He is the author of  Coming Home: The Birth and Transformation of the Planetary Era  and  Individuation and the Absolute: Hegel, Jung, and the Path toward Wholeness]

Jung and Buddhism
[1:03:45 mins.] [Rob Preece]

Jung, Individuation and Buddhism
[4:33 mins.]

What is the Self? Buddhism, Jung & Freud on the Self
[8:44 mins.]

Jung and Feminism
[9:30 mins.]

The Interrogation of Nothingness: Psyche's Response to the Question, “Why is There Not Nothing”
[11:02 mins.] [Josephine Evetts-Secker, a Jungian analyst based in London]

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