Psychology for Lawyers

freud & psychoanalysis: pt 3


“Introducing the Psychodynamic Approach,” in Michael Jacobs, Psychodynamic Counseling in Action 1-3, 6-25 (Los Angeles: Sage, 4th ed., 2010)

Melissa L. Nelken, Negotiation and Psychoanalysis: If I'd Wanted to Learn about Feelings, I Wouldn't Have Gone to Law School, 46 J. Legal Educ. 420 (1996)

Stephen Grosz, The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves 146-150, 167-178 (New York: W.W. Norton, 2013)

Follow-up on Walter Barnett's Psychotherapy with Dr. Paul Weston (from our earlier sessions)

Frederic N. Busch & Barbara Milrod, "Psychodynamic Treatment of Panic Disorder," in Raymond A. Levy & J. Stuart Ablon (eds.), Handbook of evidence-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (New York: Humana Press, 2009) [online text]

Class Videos

Class Viewing 1: What Is Psychoanalysis? [12:14 mins.] [Susan K. Moore, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society interviews Donald L. Craveth] [end presentation at 8:14 mins.]

Class Viewing 2: Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis [5:48 mins.] [brief statements by psychoanalysts, begins at 0:54 and ends at 1:46 mins.]

Class Viewing 3: Susie Orbach: In Therapy [14:52 mins.] [Susie Orbach was born in 1946. She is is a British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic. She founded Women's Therapy Centre of London]

Class Viewing 4: What is Psychoanalysis? [8:39 mins.] [Freud Museum London]

Reference (Psychoanalytic Theory & Analysis)

Psychoanalysis: An Introduction
[7:03 mins.] [psychoanalysts talk about psychoanalysis]

What is Psychoanalysis?
[3:23 mins.] [animation]

Freud and Psychoanalysis
[15:15 mins.]

Who Can Benefit from Analysis?
[6:59 mins.] [Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute]

[46:39 mins.] [Eric Landrum]

The History of Psychoanalysis | Lecture 1: Psychoanalysis as a Treatment for Mental Disorders
[1:44:44 mins.] [ Aleksandar Dimitrijevic recorded at Stillpoint Spaces in Berlin, 2016] Lecture 2: Psychoanalysis as a Science [1:36:37 mins.] Lecture 3: Psychoanalysis as a Personality Theory [2:05:07 mins.] Lecture 4: Psychoanalysis as a Developmental Theory [1:45:05 mins.] Lecture 5: Psychoanalysis as an Applied Discipline [1:42:53 mins.] Lecture 6: Psychoanalysis as a Profession [1:49:40 mins.]

Psychoanalysis: The Beginnings--History of Modern Psychology
[31:33 mins.] Psychoanalysis: After the Founding [28:17 mins.]

Psychoanalysis in the United States
[1:32: 25 mins.] [roundtable discussion; participants are Jay Greenberg, William Grossman, Peter Loewenberg, Robert Michels, Edward Nersessian, and Jerome Winer] [for use in "Psychology for Lawyers, begin the video at 52:26 mins., end at 1:04:32 mins.]

Interview with Peter Fonagy
[16:11 mins.] [For class, view first 6:24 mins. of the video]

Socialization and Personality Development
[35:55 mins.] [Kevin Riggs] [audio] [commentary on the id, ego, and superego]

Modern Psychoanalysis
[25:17 mins.] [Dr. Mark Sell]

History of Psychoanalysis
[24:36 mins.]

100 Years of Psychoanalysis in America
[11:00 mins.] [American Psychoanalytic Association] [commentary on the early history of psychoanalysis]

Freud and Beyond: Introduction to Freud
[1:41:39 mins.] [Don Craveth, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society] Freud and Religion [56:02 mins.] Ferenczi [1:04:24 mins.] Ferenczi Superego Klein Kernberg Projective Identification [1:58:51 mins.] Death Instinct, Bion, Winnicott [2:19:15 mins.] Suttie, Bowlby, Erikson [1:53:56 mins.] Fromm, Sullivan, Sartre [2:15:41 mins.] Narcissismm, Lacan, Aichhorn, Kohut, Spotnitz, Kernberg [2:02:54 mins.]

Woody Allen on Psychoanalysis
[6:42 mins.] [interview by Dick Cavett]

Frasier & Lilith Argue about Freud
[2:34 mins.]

British Psychoanalysis Yesterday and Today
[15:48 mins.] [Freud; an historical perspective]

Psychoanalysis Today
[37:33 mins.] [Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis lecture, "The Unconscious Today" by Charles Jaffe, December, 2015 ] Pt2 [37:31 mins.] Pt3 [5:26 mins.]

Training to be a Psychoanalyst
[14:44 mins.] [discussion of psychoanalytic training at the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London]

Putting Psychoanalysis into Practice
[4:17 mins.]

On Becoming a Psychoanalyst and the Nature of Psychoanalysis
[4:03 mins.]

Can Psychoanalysis Liberate the Soul?
[30:18 mins.] [Dr. Jane Goldberg: relates psychoanalysis to psychotherapy; talks about psyche and soul; commenting on the tradition of psychoanalysts being physicians]

Shame, Unknowing and the Between
[22:24 mins.] [David Henderson]

Psychoanalysis and the Possibility of Meaning
[38:06 mins.] [Dr. Gerald Gargiulo reading a chapter from his book, Psyche, Self, and Soul]

Psychoanalysis vs Therapy: On Two Contrasting Discursivities
[2:11:46 mins.] [Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes] [2012]

Reference (Freud's Books)

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

The Origin and Development of Psychoanalysis

The Interpretation of Dreams

Reference (Freudian Analysts)

The Legacies of Theodor Reik
[53:44 mins.] Pt2 [1:03:32 mins.] Pt3 [39:30 mins.] Pt4 [20:53 mins.]

Erich Fromm
[29:35 mins.] [Mike Wallace Interview]

A Psychoanalyst Talking with Students
[14:44 mins.] [Betty Joseph, 2007] [commenting on the place of imagination in psychoanalysis; flexibility to "move" in one's thinking; looking at the analytical situation "when you get stuck or bored"] [excerpt from a documentary film, "Encounters Through Generations"]

Meeting Anne Marie Sandler
[4:01 mins.] [excerpt from a documentary film, "Encounters Through Generations"]

Putting Psychoanalysis into Practice
[4:17 mins.] [Jessica Benjamin]

Anouchka Grose in conversation with Ajay Khandelwal
[47:35 mins.] [begin presentation at 6:46 mins.]

Encounters through Generations
[10:56 mins.]

Resuscitating Freud's First Paradigm of Psychoanalysis
[1:28:02 mins.] [Robert J. Langs, a psychoanalyst, talking about his life]

Reference (Critique of Freud and Psychoanalytic Theory)

Integral Psychology & Relational Psychoanalysis
[12:29 mins.]

The Analytic and the Relational: Inquiring into Psychotherapy Practice
[1:01:16 mins.] [Farhad Dalal]

Reference (Susie Orbach)

Susie Orbach: In Therapy
[14:52 mins.]

Susie Orbach on Psychoanalysis
[38:14 mins.] [interview; intellectual origins of Orbach's interest in psychoanalysis; social and feminist context]

[22:03 mins.] [Susie Orbach and Maria Furtwängler discuss authenticity; 2011, Munich] [conversation begins at 5:00 mins.]

Bodies & Business
[23:32 mins.]

On Womens' Body Issues
[4:40 mins.]

GRITtv Interview: Susie Orbach
[5:52 mins.] Pt2 [6:04 mins.]

[1:26:13 mins.] [London School of Economics and Political Science] [conversation begins at 3:00 mins.]

Love, Suffering, Death and Happiness
[1:30:45 mins.] [St Paul's Cathedral, 2010]

Reference (Psychoanalytic Theory & Film)

Film and Psychoanalysis
[12:14 mins.]

Secrets of a Soul: A History of Psychoanalysis and Cinema
[1:15:00 mins.] [panel discussion]

Using Films in Psychoanalysis
[9:10 mins.]

Reference (Psychoanalytic Theory & Literature)

Literature and Psychoanalysis: Reciprocal Insights
[1:50:01 mins.]

Psychoanalysis, Narrative, and Freud
[9:26 mins.]

Reference (Psychoanalytic Theory & Psychoanalysis|Misc.)

BBC Masterpieces of Vienna: Freud's Couch
[29:10 mins.]

Psychoanalysis on the Far Side of the 20th Century
[2:00:20 mins.]

Freud and Oedipus
[2:01 mins.]

What is Psychoanalysis? The Oedipus Complex
[10:44 mins.]

Freud and Jung on Dreams
[25:10 mins.] [Britt-Marie Schiller on Freud; Rose Holt on Jung] [Schiller is Dean and Faculty Member, St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute] [Holt is a Jungian analyst in private practice in St. Louis and Chicago and active in the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago Analyst Training Program] [Schiller's presentation on Freud ends at 12:50 mins.]

Psychoanalysis of Chronic Depression
[58:10 mins.]

The Maternal in Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Feminist Thought
[20:31 mins.]

Jan Abram on "Winnicott's Last Word on the Death Instinct"
[1:15:06 mins.]

Psychoanalysis And The New Shamanism: Jung and Freud
[5:47 mins.]

The Evil Genius of Psychoanalysis
[2:31:05 mins.] [a lecture by Arnold Wm. Rachman at the Library of Congress on the mutual analysis between Dr. Sándor Ferenczi and Elizabeth Severn, which took place from 1925 to 1933; considered one of the most controversial episodes in psychoanalytic history]

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud
[59:45 mins.] [Armand Nicholi, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, gives an address]

Beyond Instinct and Intellect: Modern Psychoanalysis
[1:45:16 mins.] [ Donna Orange, author of Emotional Understanding and Thinking for Clinicians, and George Hagman, author of Aesthetic Experience: Beauty, Creativity, debate the future of psychoanalysis.] [Donna Orange presentation begins at 6:41 mins.][Introduction of George Hagman begins at 1:08:20 mins.; Hagman presentation begins at 1:10:00 mins.]

Resuscitating Freud's First Paradigm of Psychoanalysis
[1:28:02 mins.] [Robert J. Langs, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst]

On Life, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality
[51:59 mins.] [an interview of Nancy McWilliams] Talks to New Therapist [16:07 mins.] Master Clinicians and Theologians in Dialogue: Nancy McWilliams [45:11 mins.]

Toward a Spiritual Point of View in Psychoanalysis
[1:19:55 mins.] [audio] [a lecture by John Mack, Harvard]

Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis
[5:48 mins.]

Reference (Dreams)

Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
[14:59 mins.] Pt2 [14:45 mins.] Pt3 [14:43 mins.] Pt4 [6:55 mins.]

Freudian Dream Theory
[11:46 mins.] [audio with slides]

Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
[3:06 mins.]

Reference (Jacque Lacan)

Freud and Oed

Eric Laurent: Lacan as Analysand
[1:13:05 mins.]

Lacan by Marcus Pound
[22:41 mins.]

Jacques Lacan: On Obsession and the Rat Man Case
[11:47 mins.]

Video (Repression)

Sexual Transference and Countertransference in Psychodynamic Therapy
[14:50 mins.]

Reference (Freud's Books) (Audios)

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
[8:29:13 mins.] Pt2 [9:23:09 mins.]

Psychopathology of Everyday Life
[7:15:28 mins.] [audiobook]

Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
[15:00 mins.] Pt2 [12:53 mins.] Pt3 [14:35 mins.] Pt4 [6:55 mins.]

Dream Psychology
[6:05:27 mins.] [audio book] [the introduction runs for the first 13:32 mins. of the audio] Ch.1 [33:59 mins.] Ch.2 [44:04 mins.] Ch.3 [33:10 mins.]

The Future of an Illusion
[1:56:11 mins.]

Totem and Taboo
[50:45 mins.] Pt2 [2:15:21 mins.] Pt3 [56:54 mins.] Pt4 [2:21:20 mins.]



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