A Beginner's Guide to Legal Education

Professor James R. Elkins
College of Law, West Virginia University


One Teacher's Perspective

Acquiring a Legal Mind   An Education in Cleverness   Looking Ahead

Law School: What Kind of Story Is It?   Scott Turow's First Year at Harvard Law School

John Grisham's Rudy Baylor Education as Journey & the Two Worlds Problem

The Transformation of Self   Mark Twain Becomes a Riverboat Pilot  

 Socrates and the Socratic Method    Law School Reading Practices

Things We Carry Into Legal Writing   Introspective Writing in Legal Education  

An Introduction to Story   Legal Education Bibliography Becoming a Lawyer


Web Resources for Law Students

Preparing for Law School Briefing Cases
The Socratic Method Study Skills & Learning Strategies 
Study Aids, Outlines, & Notes Legal Research and Writing
Law School Examinations Legal Reasoning
Thinking Like a Lawyer Legal Education in Perspective
A Critical Perspective   The Law School Experience
Looking Ahead  An Eye on the Professors  
A Humanistic Perspective YouTube Videos


The First Day of Law School: Tutorials

A Web Tutorial from Southern Methodist University

Legal Education: Wikipedia


Posted: November 9, 1999. New server: October 10, 2006 :: Updated as time permits. James R. Elkins, Professor of Law, West Virginia University