Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Victor Tort

New Jersey

--Margate, New Jersey lawyer

[source: The Gettsburg Times, Aug. 17, 1993, p.21]

[Tort passed his bar examination in 1935. He retired from the practice of law in 1983.]


      The phone rang constantly making
everyone mad.
      The phone rings no more making
me so very sad,
      What happened to the calls of
      The calls that were to me so dear.

       Why have I been left out in the
       Is it because I am so old?
       Are the memories of my clients
and stenos so short
       As to leave me so distraught?
       What happened to people I have
       Do they not realize the lost feeling
       I have felt?
       As I dwell upon the years that
have quickly passed,
       It is obvious that nothing, no
nothing lasts.
       As I sit on my porch feeling so lost
       The lack of the phone calls hurt
me the mast.
       You see, the phone simply rings
no more.

[The Gettsburg Times, Aug. 17, 1993, p.21]