Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Robert Morris

Poet Laureate of Masonry

Used with the permission of the
Grand Chapter of Missouri,
Order of the Eastern Star

Rob Morris was born Robert Williams Peckham on August 31, 1818 near Boston, Massachusetts. When his father died in 1825 he was placed in a foster home and took the name of one of his foster parents, John Morris. Morris was educated as a lawyer and was a lecturer, educator, author, poet, and song lyricist. Morris is revered in Masonic circles as a founder of the Order of the Eastern Star, an auxiliary of the Masonic Order for women. Morris is also known as the Poet Laureate of Masonry, given the honor in 1884, the first to hold the title since it had been conferred on the first Poet Laureate of Masons, Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Morris reportedly wrote over four hundred poems, many of them devoted to the Masons, their rituals, practices, and beliefs. Morris lived in Tennessee and Mississippi, but spent the last twenty-six years of his life at LaGrange, Kentucky, near Louisville. Morris was also, for a time, president of Oldham College. Morris's home at LaGrange is now maintained as a Shrine in honor of the Master Builder of the Order. Rob Morris died at LaGrange, Kentucky and is buried there.

[See: James B. Lloyd (ed.), Lives of Mississippi Authors, 1817-1967 343-344 (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1981)("He probably taught school in New England before moving to Oxford, Mississippi (c. 1840) where he was named principal of Mt. Sylvan Academy . . . . In 1853 he moved to Lodgeton, Kentcky, and in 1856 served a President of Oldham College in La Grange, Kentucky, to which he moved in 1860. Here he died on 31 July 1888." Id. at 343. The Lives of Mississippi Authors biographical sketch makes no reference to the fact that Morris was educated as a lawyer.][The "Rob Morris" entry in the Grolier Encyclopedia Americana (1989) indicates that Morris is a lawyer.]

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