Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

W. Adam Mandelbaum

W. Adam Mandelbaum is a New York attorney, from Oyster Bay, practicing in the fields of criminal and divorce law. He is also the author of The Psychic Battlefield: A History of the Military-Occult Complex (St. Martins, 2000), the first extensive history of psychic spying. His poetry has been aired nationwide on "The Romantic Hours," a syndicated show, and has appeared in various publications and on the web.

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["Reflections in a Dead Eye"]

Dark Dreamer

Drunk deep of dark liquer
Suspiring perfumed night,
With memory of her
He sleeps—
Sanguivorous sybarite

And with each languid breath
This Exquisite supine,
Laughs at age and death,
He sleeps—
With dreams of more new wine.

And She shall bear his mark,
And She shall bear his stain,
Now Mistress of the Dark
You Sleep—
For his love is in vein.

["Dark Dreamer" appeared in Vampire Journal in 1991 and was read by Mr. Mandelbaum on a show scripted for "Romantic Hours" in October, 2002. The poem appears here with the permission of Mr. Mandelbaum.]