Lawyers and Literature
James R. Elkins

The assigned reading is an excerpted version of Leslie Hall Pinder, On Double Tracks (Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys Limited, 1990).




The excerpted version was published in the Legal Studies Forum with permission of Ms. Pinder.


Leslie Hall Pinder On Becoming a Novelist

When a Lawyer Becomes a Novelist
[39 Legal Stud. F. 1 (2015)]

On Lawyers Who Make Their Life's Work Representing Native Peoples: Bruce Clark, Justice in Paradise (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999):

[Boyce Richardson's dustjacket statement about Justice in Paradise: : "Part memoir, part jurisprudential adventure story, Justice in Paradise details the battles of a renegade's life defending the rule of law and Native rights."]

On the Judge as Antagonist: Jonathan Harr, A Civil Action (New York: Vintage, 1996)(New York: Random House, 1995)

On Judge Theodore Selbie's Limits: As a Jurist and as a Human Being

John William Corrington, a writer whose work we will read later in the course, makes the following observation: "The lawyer or the writer begins to walk the path of wisdom when he comes to realize that his metaphor, his chosen way of seeing the world, is not co-extensive with reality, that the concreteness of the law is an illusion generated by potential force . . . and that alternative ways of seeing, other displays, other dramas, may, in a given situation, not only supercede his own, but require that he step outside the legal paradigm altogether and revision the world from within quite another metaphoric structure." [John William Corrington, Logos, Lex, and Law, 26 Legal Stud. F. 709, 712 (2002)]

On Old Judges:

Life Tenure for Federal Judges Raises Issues of Senility, Dementia

Extreme aging in the federal judiciary—and the trouble it causes

On the Delgamuukw Case (the case that provides the basis for the Pinder novel):

Aboriginal Rights and Title in Canada After Delgamuukw

Leslie Hall Pinder: Videos

Leslie Hall Pinder Interview [14:46 mins.] Pt2 [6:13 mins.] Pt3 [7:40 mins.] [discussing her book, Bring Me One of Everything]

Book Trailer for Bring Me One of Everything

Leslie Hall Pinder reading from Bring Me One of Everything

Block Party
[An imaginative video about writer's block]

British Columbia Native Peoples: Videos

Aboriginal Culture in British Columbia

Northern BC Aboriginal Culture

Canadian Aboriginal Festival 2011: Drum Songs

We Will Be Free: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada




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