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James R. Elkins

"Weight," in Margaret Atwood, Wilderness Tips 163-178 (New York: Doubleday, 1991) [reprinted in Jay Wishingrad (ed.), Legal Fictions: Short Stories About Lawyers and the Law 70-81 (Woodstock, New York: Overlook Press, 1992)]


 Biographical Notes

Margaret Atwood
Poetry Foundation: "Regarded as one of Canada's finest living writers . . . ."

Margaret Atwood: Writing Philosophy

Margaret Atwood Biography & Books

Interview with Linda Richards

Margaret Atwood
Academy of American Poets


Margaret Atwood: Once in August
[Documentary film, 1984; Michael Rubbo director; 57:25 mins.]

Turning Pages: The Life and Literature of Margaret Atwood
[3:21 min.]

Margaret Atwood: Why We Tell Stories
[5:05 mins.]

A State of Wonder: How Technology Shapes Story
[4:16 mins.]

Margaret Atwood: What Happens in the Brain When You Read
[3:30 mins.]

Margaret Atwood: The Creative Process
[4:57 min.]

On Writing a Serial Novel
[5:04 mins.]

On Fiction, the Future and the Environment
[4:11 mins.]

Margaret Atwood at the NY Public Library
[1:11:06 mins.] [Margaret Atwood is interviewed by Marilyn French with Atwood showing her considerable humorous inclination]

Margaret Atwood with Bill Moyers
[10:14 mins.]
Pt2 [10:37 mins.] Pt3 [9:57 mins.]

Margaret Atwood: A Conversation about Creativity
[1:20:07 mins.] [meeting with students]

Margaret Atwood: The First Writer for Future Library
[4:28 mins.]

Margaret Atwood – Systems and Solutions
[3:48 mins.]

Margaret Atwood: The Woods Inside Me
[12:12 mins.]

Margaret Atwood – Imagination
[2:12 mins.]

Margaret Atwood – Hope and the “Everything Change”
[3:49 mins.]

Margaret Atwood: On the Planet of Speculative Fiction
[55:20 mins.]

A Reading of Margaret Atwood's "Night Poem"
[1:11 mins.]

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