Lawyers and Literature

Spring || 2018


Monday. January 8. 2018: First Class

1st Class Assignment: Getting Started

1st Class Assignment -- Pt2
We gave parables only a cursory look in our first class session. During this no class I hope you will take another look at the parables I handed out (all of which are found on the 1st class assigment part of the course website) and the Instructor's Note for this Assignment

Monday. January 15. 2018: Martin Luther King's Birthday: No Class. Reading that Will Get you Started in Preparing for the Course

This week off will be an opportunity to follow-up on the background of the course. The best place to do that is in the Stories in the Education of Lawyers section of the course website. At this point, you might find most relevant: Ch1: Claiming Law School as a Place of Stories (reading this chapter as a prologue to the three chapters (that are, in essesse, a syllabus for the course) in which I try to tell you as much as I can about the course and how it "works": Chapter 5: Stories Take Center Stage Chapter 6: Our Work with Stories Chapter 7: A Conversation about Lawyers & Literature Continues

Monday. January 22. 2018

Law School Stories
J.S. Marcus, "Centaurs"; Lowell B. Komie, "The Interview" & "Ice Horse"

Monday. January 29. 2018

Lowell Komie Stories
"The Skipping Stones"; "The Cornucopia of Julia K."; "I Am Greenwald, My Father's Son"; "A Commuter's Notes"

Monday. February 5. 2018

Another Installment of Lowell Komie Stories
"The Balloon of William Fuerst"; "The Honorable Alicia Beauchamp"; "Ash"

Monday. February 12. 2018

Richard Ford, "Puppy,"; Madison Smartt Bell, "Witness,"
Maile Meloy, "Tome," Tobias Wolff, ""The Deposition"

Monday. February 19. 2018

Guest Lecturer: Deirdre Purdy.

For Deirdre Purdy's visit, you will want to read: Deirdre PurdyŚ1997 Student Paper for Lawyers and Literature


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