Lawyers and Literature

| Spring | 2017 |

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"Before the Law" | Thinking About Parables

 Frank Kafka, "Before the Law," in Nahum N. Glatzer (ed.), The Complete Stories and Parables 3-4 (New York: Quality Paperback Book Club, 1971)(Willa Muir & Edwin Muir trans.) [online text]

 Spence: Doors of Risk
[video, 2:57 mins.]

 Kafka, Fragments

 Kafka, "On Parables"

 "Walter Lacklustre" [a parable by John Bonsignore, one of the co-founders of the Department of Legal Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst]

 Three Parables

 Parable of the Treasure: A Classic Hasidic Tale

 "The Blind Men and the Elephant" [John Godfrey Saxe]

 A Final Exam Question

Instructor's Note

A First Note On Writing

Supplemental Reading

In Parables: Teaching Through Parables
John J. Bonsignore, 12 Legal Stud. F. 191 (1988)

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