James R. Elkins

Professor of Law
College of Law
West Virginia University














A Beginner's Guide to Legal Education

The Critical Project & "Archaeology of Criticism"

Lawyers and Mythology: An Archaeology

Revised Homicide Jury Instructions for West Virginia

Course Websites

Psychology for Lawyers

Convicting the Innocent
[Advanced Criminal Law]

Lawyers and Literature

Advanced Criminal Law
[West Memphis Three Case]

Lawyers and Film

Lawyers, Poets, and Poetry

The Lawyer as Storyteller

Memoir and Legal Education

The Art of Advocacy
[Based on the writings and trial advocacy
of Gerry Spence]

Lawyer as Writer

Crime Film Documentaries
[Advanced Criminal Law]

Advanced Criminal Law
[Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case]

Advanced Criminal Law
[Prosecutorial Misconduct]

I began law teaching at DePaul University in 1975, and joined the faculty at West Virginia University in 1977. I have held visiting appointments at the University of Kentucky, Washington & Lee, and in the Department of Legal Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

My teaching now focuses on the "turn to narrative" in legal education and the legal profession (lawyers and literature, lawyers and film, the lawyer as storyteller) and criminal law (with advanced courses that focus on particular trials and on crime film documentaries). In the story/narrative courses, I ask students to read literary texts and watch films and explore the broader meaning of their lives as lawyers.

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