5:42 mins.

Advanced Criminal Law: Convicting the Innocent
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
West Virginia University|Fall|2016|



Michael Morton


"An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story" [2013] [DVD] [90 mins.]  


Michael Morton, Getting Life: An Innocent Man's 25-Year Journey from Prison to Peace (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2014)  

A Complete Accounting of the Case

Report to the Court
State of Texas v. Michael v. Morton, Barry Scheck, et.al. counsel
for Michael W. Morton

Pamela Colloff, The Innocent Man, Texas Monthly | Pt1 | Pt2

Timeline: Michael Morton Case: Timeline

Summary of the Evidence That the Prosecutor Failed to Disclose

Evening With Michael Morton and Barry Scheck
[1:16:15 mins.] [Barry Scheck summarizes the nature of the evidence the prosecutor failed to disclose to the defense; the Scheck summary begins at 45:45 mins, ends at 50:52 mins.] [Scheck sets forth his version of why John Bradley opposed DNA testing in the Michael Morton case (DNA was was requested in 2005 and not accomplished until several years later); Scheck's explanation begins at 41:28 mins. and ends at 45:45 mins.]

Videos: Evidence of Innocence: The Case of Michael Morton
[14:00 mins.] [CBS 60 Minutes, video, March 25, 2012]

Freeing Michael Morton [6:59 mins.] [60 Minutes]

American Statesmen Interview [11:32 mins.] Pt2 [6:40 mins.]

Michael Morton sits down with KXAN [20:18 mins.]

Innocent man: There were years I plotted revenge [4:30 mins.] [CNN]

Michael Morton: If you want to be forgiven you must forgive [5:18 mins.]

Houston Lawyer: Prosecutorial Misconduct
[5:00 mins.] [commenting on the Michael Morton case]

Prosecutors: Ken Anderson & John Bradley

Ken Anderson [DA] News Conference
[5:14 mins.] [Texas Tribune video, November 16, 2011] | Longer version: pt.1 :: 8:09 mins. | pt.2 :: 8:39 mins.| pt.3 :: 3: 58 mins.|

Texas Tribune Weekend Insider: John Bradley
[2:55 mins.] [Texas Tribune video, November 17, 2011, Reporter Brandi Grissom profiles Williamson County district attorney John Bradley, a hard-nosed prosecutor who is changing his philosophy in light of recent controversial court cases.]

Prosecutor Jailed for Convicting Innocent Man
[2:05 mins.]

Defense Lawyers

John Raley [Defense Counsel] Texas Tribune Interview
[10:00 mins.] [Texas Tribune video, January 12, 2012]

John Raley: Truth Matters
[34:14 mins.]

John Raley Discusses Michael Morton Exoneration Case
[48:23 mins.] [Raley's presentation begins at 8:40 mins.] [Michael Morton was in attendance for the presenation.]

Reasonable Doubt: John Raley
[1:00:23 mins.]

Nina Morrison: The Innocence Project
[1:14:30 mins.]

Nina Morrison Discusses the Michael Morton Case
[1:02:13 mins.]

Additional Videos

Michael Morton DNA Evidence May Set Morton Free
[2:49 mins.] KXAN News video. October 3, 2011. DNA could set a man free 25 years after he went to prison for killing his wife.

DNA evidence frees innocent man who spent 25 years in jail
[5:18 mins.]

Juror who convicted Morton feels guilty
[2:06 mins.]

Michael Morton Set Free: October 4, 2011

Michael Morton imprisoned 25 years to be freed
[1:43 mins.] KXAN News. October 4, 2011

Michael Morton is a free man
[2:27 mins.] KXAN News. October 4, 2011

Michael Morton Speaks to the Press
[3:57 mins.] Innocence Project. October 4, 2011. Michael Morton speaks to media in a Georgetown courtroom after Judge Sid Harle released him from wrongful imprisonment in the beating death of his wife, Christine.

Questioning of DA Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson [DA] News Conference
[5:14 mins.] Texas Tribune video, November 16, 2011, Judge and former prosecutor Ken Anderson talks about the wrongful conviction of Michael Morton. | Longer version [8:09 mins.] Pt.2 [8:39 mins.] Pt.3 [3: 58 mins.]

Jana Duty opposes John Bradley for the Williamson County District Attorney's Office | December 14, 2011, Texas Tribune,

Evidence of Innocence: The case of Michael Morton
[13:50 mins.] CBS 60 Minutes. March 25, 2012, [alternative site]

Freeing Michael Morton
[6:51 mins.] CBS This Morning. March 26, 2012. Lara Logan, 60 Minutes correspondent, speaks about her "60 Minutes" report on the Michael Morton case. The video also shows Barry Scheck speaking to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the Morton case, at 1:20 mins. into the video. [alternate site]

Life after prison, Morton reunites with family
[4:32 mins.] CBS 60 Minutes. March 25, 2012

Morton's path from villain to hero
[1:16 mins.] CBS 60 Minutes. March 25, 2012

Michael Morton Presentations

Michael Morton on a Year of Freedom
[9:00 mins.]

Anniversery Speech
[44:35 mins.] [Texas Tribune]

Michael Morton Interview
[11:32 mins.] [American Statesman] Pt2 [6:39 mins.]

Michael Morton Interview
[11:52 mins.] [Morton notes that the case began when the police looked around the crime scene and decided that he did it]

Michael Morton on Brady v. Maryland
[24:46 mins.] [University of Pennsylvania School of Law]

Michael Morton and Barry Scheck

Evening With Michael Morton and Barry Scheck
[1:16:15 mins.]

Web Resources

National Registry of Exonerations

Michael Morton