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See a List of TV Stations carrying SHOCK! in 1958


Lists of Movies
in the SHOCK! and
TV packages

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Films in the SHOCK! Series

  1. The Black Cat
  2. Calling Dr. Death
  3. The Cat Creeps
  4. Chinatown Squad
  5. Danger Woman
  6. A Dangerous Game
  7. Dead Man's Eyes
  8. Destination Unknown
  9. Dracula
  10. Dracula's Daughter
  11. Enemy Agent
  12. Frankenstein
  13. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
  14. The Frozen Ghost
  15. The Great Impersonation
  16. Horror Island
  17. House of Horrors
  18. The Invisible Man
  19. The Invisible Man Returns
  20. The Invisible Ray
  21. The Last Warning
  22. The Mad Doctor of Market Street
  23. The Mad Ghoul
  24. Man Made Monster
  25. The Man Who Cried Wolf
  26. The Mummy
  27. The Mummy's Ghost
  28. The Mummy's Hand
  29. The Mummy's Tomb
  30. Murders in the Rue Morgue
  31. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  32. The Mystery of Marie Roget
  33. Mystery of the White Room
  34. Night Key
  35. Nightmare
  36. Night Monster
  37. Pillow of Death
  38. The Raven
  39. Reported Missing!
  40. Sealed Lips
  41. The Secret of the Blue Room
  42. Secret of the Chateau
  43. She-Wolf of London
  44. Son of Dracula
  45. Son of Frankenstein
  46. The Spider Woman Strikes Back
  47. The Spy Ring
  48. The Strange Case of Doctor Rx
  49. Weird Woman
  50. Werewolf of London
  51. The Witness Vanishes
  52. The Wolf Man

Films in the SON OF SHOCK! Series

  1. Before I Hang
  2. Behind the Mask
  3. The Black Room
  4. The Boogie Man Will Get You
  5. The Face Behind the Mask
  6. Island of Doomed Men
  7. The Man They Could Not Hang
  8. The Man Who Lived Twice
  9. The Man with Nine Lives
  10. Night of Terror
  11. The Devil Commands
  12. Black Friday
  13. Bride of Frankenstein
  14. Captive Wild Woman
  15. Ghost of Frankenstein
  16. House of Dracula
  17. House of Frankenstein
  18. The Invisible Man's Revenge
  19. Jungle Captive
  20. The Mummy's Curse

END of SHOCK and SON OF SHOCK Filmlists

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