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Horror Host Videos Online (with Links)

The lists below provide links to many, though not all, of the hundreds of videos of TV horror hosts now available on show-related websites, host-related fansites, video portals, and on YouTube, a video-sharing website where users can view video clips, and/or upload and share them with a worldwide audience, free of charge. Unregistered users can watch most videos on the YouTube site; registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. For more information, check YouTube's Help Centre.

If you find errors, or discover other free videos of hosts not listed here, or if you make new horror host videos available yourself, please contact the Webmonster!

NOTE: most of these links are currently for YouTube videos; links to videos on other websites, as noted, will be added as soon as possible.

Specific Hosts and Shows

Search for Your Own Host

Can't find YOUR cool ghoul? Go to the YouTube homepage, or the Veoh homepage, or the MySpace TV page (etc.), and search with your own keywords (name of host or actor, show title, station call letters, and so forth). If you find a horror host or hosted show that's not listed here, please contact the Webmonster!

Generic Searches


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A Few More Just for Fun


Abbott and Costello |  Forrest J Ackerman |  Samuel Z. Arkoff |  Tod Browning |  John Carradine |  William Castle |  Lon Chaney  (both) |  Roger Corman |  Creature from the Black Lagoon |  Peter Cushing |  Dracula |  Frankenstein |  Dwight Frye |  Godzilla |  Ray Harryhausen |  Tor Johnsone |  Boris Karloff |  King Kong |  Charles Laughton |  Christopher Lee |  Val Lewton |  Peter Lorre |  Bela Lugosi |  The Mummy |  Paul Naschy |  Willis O'Brien |  George Pal |  Jack Pierce |  Vincent Price |  Claude Rains |  Basil Rathbone |  Santo |  Barbara Steele |  Conrad Veidt |  Wolf Man |  Edward D. Wood Jr. |  Fay Wray

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