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(John Zacherle)

See all Zacherley products for sale at Amazon.com.
See all John Zacherle products for sale at Amazon.com.

Visit Zacherley The Cool Ghoul "the official website of the one-and-only Cool Ghoul, the Hosts of Hosts, the creepiest, most sinister man you'll ever die to meet," hosted on the Chiller Theatre Online Website!

Read about (and order) Zach's grand new CD Interment for Two (12 new tracks plus 9 tracks of vintage TV/radio treasures), produced by Mike Gilks, and featuring a cover, packaging artwork and poster by your humble webmonster, E-gor!

Check out the Zachtivities on Paul Scrabo's Scrabo.com website, including:

  • The Zacherley Archives videotape / DVD! The videotape is a 100-minute collection of classic moments from John Zacherle's 50's horror shows as both Zacherley AND Roland! The DVD offers bonus footage and is 3 hours long!

  • John Zacherle's guest appearance in the B-movie spoof Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots, produced and directed by Paul Scrabo, written by Scrabo and Brinke Stevens, and featuring a great cast including scream queen Debbie Rochon, Michael R. Thomas, Conrad Brooks (see Conrad), and Bob Burns, and Zach himself!

  • Richard Scrivani's comments about his great new Zacherle book Good Night, Whatever You Are and other monstrous topics in The Scrivani Pages.

See bio and images of Zacherley and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors at the incredible Horror Host Gallery Website courtesy of video archaeologist Thomas Rudé!

See John Zacherle's Internet Movie Database entry.

Discover real TREASURES on the fabulous Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Website:
Action in the Afternoon
Live half-hour daytime western serial
WCAU-TV, Channel 10 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
February 2, 1953 - January 29, 1954

The Shock Theatre, later shortened to Shock Theatre (live broadcasts)
Monday and Tuesday late-night (11:25); changed to Friday and Saturday late-night
WCAU-TV, Channel 10 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
October 7, 1957 - September 13, 1958

Shock Theater (as "Zacherley")
Monday and Friday at 11:15 p.m.
WABC-TV, Channel 7 (New York City, New York)
Monday, September 22, 1958 - Friday, March 27,1959

Show title changed to Zacherley at Large (live; syndicated)
Friday and Saturday (late-night?)
WABC-TV Channel 7 (New York City, New York)
Friday, April 3, 1959 - Saturday, June 20, 1959

The Zacherley Show (or Zacherley at 12:00?) (taped; syndicated)
Friday at 9:00 p.m., Saturday at 12:00 Noon, Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
(according to rare variant cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland #7 June 1960)
WOR-TV, Channel 9 (New York City, New York)
Friday, October 9, 1959 - Friday, December 9, 1960

The Mighty Hercules (hosting cartoon show)
Weekdays at 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.
WPIX-TV, Channel 11 (New York City, New York)
Monday, September 2, 1963 - Friday, November 16, 1963

The Three Stooges Show
Weekdays at 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.
WPIX-TV, Channel 11 (New York City, New York)
Monday, January 6, 1964 - Friday, January 31, 1964

Chiller Theater
Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
WPIX-TV, Channel 11 (New York City, New York)
February 1, 1964 - spring 1965

Disc-O-Teen (hosting live dance program)
Weekday half-hour shows at 6 p.m.; Saturday hour show
UHF WNJU-TV Channel 47 (Newark, New Jersey)
May 1965 - November 4, 1967

The Return of Roland
One-shot program broadcast from Roland's original set and same studio
WCAU-TV, Channel 10 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
date?, 1985

Live on City Line Avenue
John Zacherle appeared as a guest to honor Roland's 30th anniversary
WCAU-TV, Channel 10 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
date?, 1987

Pilot for projected cable show; unsold to date
date?, 1988

Saturday Night Dead
Roland appeared as a special guest of this show's hostess STELLA (Karen Scioli).
KYW-TV, Channel 3 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
date?, 1988

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
whole chapter and five pictures -- Chapter 4, "Warning: Zacherley at Large!." pp. 31-42.

Other book references:

  • Good Night, Whatever You Are: My Journey with Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul by Richard Scrivani, published by Dinoship, Inc. in 2006. This book truly delivers an " in-depth look at the life and career of one of the great icons of 1960s-60s TV" MUST reading for all true-grue fans of John Zacherle, whatever you are!
    Read about it at Amazon.com.

  • The Zacherley Scrapbook by John Skerchock. Copyright 2001 by Dark Dungeon Enterprises, P.O Box 733, Bellefonte, PA 16823. A monstrously beautiful squarebound paperback with 126 pages shockful of indispensable pictures and information about all aspects of John Zacherle's career. Another must-have book for Zach fans!

    Zacherly for President -- "A Photographic Interview with Zacherly (sic)" by Dick Watson John Elliot and Dick Strome assisted by Syd Rubin. The Macaulay Company Publishers Inc., New York, 1960. 90-page digest-sized squarebound paperback with comical photos of Zach serving as graphic answers to questions posed in a political interview "conducted in the abandoned sewer which serves as Mr. Zacherly's campaign headquarters." Out of print; available from monsterzine dealers.

  • Zacherle! by Gordon R. Guy. Copyright 1987 by Gordon R. Guy Coffin Box 423, Glastonbury Connecticut 06033. 52-page digest-sized squarebound privately printed paperback. Chockful of all sorts of Zacherbilia and heavily illustrated. Out of print but well worth tracking down.

Magazine references:

  • Zacherley At Large is a long-running newsletter for Zach fans published and edited by Paul Russak. Paul has known Zach for over 25 years, and Zach himself refers to this newsletter as his "Fanclub Newsletter." There have been 28 issues published to date. Zacherley at Large was originally started by Louis Antonicello as a 1-2 page newsletter. It was taken over by Paul with issue # 9, and has grown considerably in size since then. Although it is published infrequently, every issue contains many photographs and illustrations of Zach, both vintage and present, some never seen before. Paul also reprints as many vintage articles about Zach as he can. Future issues can be ordered directly for $3.50 apiece from:
    Paul Russak
    1205 Normandy CT
    Flemington, NJ 08822
    Some back issues are available in limited supply, so inquire if interested.

  • Three superb Zacherley fanzines were published by film scholar and horror host Jim Knusch (see PROFESSOR KINEMA). Each one is shockful of incredible illustrations and rare reprints covering every aspect of Zach's career:

    • Zacher-Lore -- A Cool Ghoul Scrapbook (October 1988; 40 pages);

    • The Return of Zacher-Lore (April 1989; 36 pages);

    • Gasport? The Son of Zacher-Lore (Feb 1990; 44 pages).

    All three issues of the publication Zacherley himself called "the ultimate Zach/Cool Ghoul fanzine" are available from Jim Knusch via e-mail.
    See pix of the covers and lots of other cool ghoulishness at his website Professor Kinema's Lifelike Moving Shadow Plays and Ghost Poems!

  • John Zacherle is pictured in and out of character (2 photos), and his show and personal life are discussed on a half-page (42) of the feature article "TV's Nightmares" in the February 1959 issue of TV Star Parade, pp. 39-42.

  • John Zacherle's early career as a host was discussed in detail in "Spoofing the Spooks" in the TV-Radio section of Newsweek, April 6, 1959. (p. 98). The article describes Zach's history until that time, with emphasis on the New York ABC affiliate giving him a better time slot (Friday and Saturday nights) as well as changing the show's name from Shock Theater to Zacherley at Large. It includes two photographs of John Zacherle in and out of make-up.

  • Zach was featured in the "Night Harbingers of Horror" photo-feature in the 26 May 1958 issue of Life magazine (pp 63-68). Includes a photograph (page 64) and descriptive caption.

  • "Zacherley unmasked!" was the caption for a small picture of John Zacherle sans make-up in the letters column of issue #5 (October 1959) of Famous Monsters of Filmland, p. 6.

  • Front cover painting by Albert Nuetzell and photo-feature with 16 pictures, "A Horrific Evening with Zacherley," in issue #7 (June 1960) of Famous Monsters of Filmland, pp. 34-38.

  • Front cover painting by Basil Gogos on issue #15 (January 1962) of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine; cover blurb says "He's back--to judge our make-up contest" (described, with mention of Zach, on pp. 30-31).

  • Ads for 6-foot tall "giant photo pin-up" of Zacherley, "Spook Along with Zacherley" LP, two Ballantine paperback anthologies edited by Zacherley, a rubber Zach mask, etc., in many early issues of Famous Monsters.

  • Eight-page article, "Monsterama -- Frankenstein vs. Zacherley," in April 1964 issue of TV Junior. The piece featured 11 black and white photos of Zach and different Universal monsters) with hand lettering and balloon captions (e.g. "It is I! Frankensteins Monster! I have pounded down your door!" "Frank! I should have known! How nice of you to break in like this! Can I offer you some lovely bats wing soup?"), telling the fumetti-style story of this classic scare meet. (Spotted in eBay auction.)

  • Feature "Zacherle!" by D. Everitt in issue #21 (August 1982) of Fangoria, pp. ?-??.

  • Mentioned, with picture, in feature "The Horror of Them All!" in issue #13 (December 1988) of Filmfax, pp. 28-32.

  • Feature with 30 pictures "An Interview with the 'Cool Ghoul' Himself...John Zacherle" by Jim Knusch, in issue #14 (March/April 1989) of Filmfax, pp. 32-39, 94.

  • Sidebar with eight pictures, "Filmfax on Location with Z-TV" by Jim Knusch, in letters column of issue #16 (August 1989) of Filmfax, p. 9. Describes filming of pilot episode of projected cable television show, "Z-TV," starring Zacherley.

  • Discussed, with cartoon likeness in group drawing, in feature "Monster Mania '57" by Greg Theakston in issue #3 (March-April 1991) of Pure Images, pp. 2-11, 25-28.

  • Feature with 6 pictures, half of interview article "Zach and Ack are Back" (Zacherley and Forrest J Ackerman) conducted by John Brunas, Michael Brunas, Jessie Lilley, Richard Valley and Tom Weaver in issue #4 (Fall 1991) of Scarlet Street, pp. 52-56.

  • Feature "The Cool Ghoul...Zack is Back!!!" in issue #4 (September 1992) of Scary Monsters, pp. 38-42. Describes 1991 recording sessions for a Zacherley audiotape with two songs, "Zack Is Back" and "Grave Robbing Tonight," later issued with other new material on Zacherley's first CD, "Dead Man's Ball."

  • Feature with 7 pictures of Zacherley and others from show, "Disc-O-Teen -- Zacherley's Lost TV Show" by Richard Scrivani, in issue #12 (Fall 1993) of Scarlet Street, pp. 86-90, 97.

  • Zach appears with group of other horror hosts in cover painting by Terry Beatty on issue #8 (September 1993) of Scary Monsters.

  • Illustrated feature "Zacherley -- The Story of Television's First Ghoul," by Louis D. Antonicello in Chiller Theatre Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1 (Winter 1994), pp. 45-60 (15 photos).

  • Four consecutive short Z-features by Lou Antonicello in Chiller Theatre Vol. 1, No. 2 (1995): "Zach's Facts" about Zach's appearance in various media (pp. 5-6, heading illustration and small reproductions of "Ghoul's Tour" map, Shock Club card, sticker); "Zach Records" about the Cool Ghoul's 45's and LPs (pp. 7-8, heading photo and small reproductions of four album covers, 6-foot poster); "Zach Video" about available show and appearance footage (p. 9, heading photo); "Zach News!" about John Zacherle being honored as a kids show host at the Manhattan Museum of Broadcasting (p. 10, heading photo and small reproductions of Transylvania passport and 6-foot poster ad). Last page (p. 100) of same issue has a contemporary photo of Zach in host makeup showing off "the very 1st Chiller Theater Tor Award in May of 1994."

  • Article with one photo and two drawings, "Dinner With Drac? Nope, Breakfast With Zacherley!" by Elaine Manning, in 40th anniversary (collector's tribute edition) "second issue" of The Journal of Frankenstein (January 1999), pp. 22-23. (The first issue, the pilot for Calvin Thomas Beck's long-running, late-lamented Castle of Frankenstein, was published in 1959! -- E-gor.) JoF #2 also contains a half-page ad (p. 53) for the Zacherley Archives videotape (see link above), and a back-cover photo of Zach in his heyday -- a tribute to his appearance on the back cover of the first issue 40 years earlier.

  • ZACHERLEY, The Cool Ghoul Vol. 1, a terrific 50-page "special limited edition" of Chiller Theatre Magazine, published in 1998 to celebrate Zach's 80th birthday bash. With a magnificent cover portrait of Zach by the peerless Basil Gogos, this splendid tribute to the King of horror hosts features scads of great photos and drawings and many great features and it's still available from the Chiller Theatre website grab it while you can!

  • John Zacherle played the long-black-frock-coated undertaker character "Grimy James" just once on the live western show Action in the Afternoon, though he played many other parts throughout the series, working his way up to a co-starring part. When WCAU purchased the SHOCK! package and were looking for a weird host for the live broadcasts, Zacherle allegedly didn't need to audition because they remembered him in that part and still had the coat!

Autographed photo of the one and only Zacherley!

John Zacherle as his namesake ZACHERLEY, the King of Horror Hosts, in his second incarnation (see also Roland).
Click image for larger view.

John Zacherle's Interment for Two CD

John Zacherle's 2nd CD, Interment for Two, with artwork by E-gor!
Click the image to read more, see more artwork, and order your copy!

Zacherley book by Richard Scrivani

Great new Zach tribute by Rich Scrivani, Good Night, Whatever You Are!
Order it at Amazon.com.

Zappula, Count *

Zink, Chuck *
(see CHUCK ZINK *)

Zeko, Dr.
(see DR. ZEKO)

ZinGRR, Dr. *
(see DR. ZINGRR *)

Zombie, Dr.
(see DR. ZOMBIE)

Zombi, I
(see I. ZOMBI)

(Louis Nye; died October 9, 2005)

See Louis Nye's Internet Movie Database credits and career biography.

See the Louis Nye entry in Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia."

Have breakfast with The Munsters! Make your own Crumble Creature Crackers cereal box ("Eddie Munster's favorite"), courtesy of mad monster artist Kerry Gammill and his fabulous Monster Kid Online Magazine!

The Zombo Show
Zombo is a fictional horror host on one episode of '60's TV sitcom The Munsters (2nd season, 22nd episode).

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 25, "Son of Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," p. 175.


  • Zombo, the host of Eddie Munster's favorite horror movie show, is Eddie's hero until he discover's he's not for real.

  • Louis Nye was a brilliant comedian, appearing in many other televison shows, and lots of movies, during his long career. He did stand-up routines and sketches on the Ed Sullivan Show, The Jack Benny Program, The Jimmy Durante Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Hollywood Palace, The Tonight Show and many other variety programs and sitcoms, but is especially remembered as a regular on The Steve Allen Show (he was "Gordon Hathaway" in "Man on the Street" interviews, along with Don Knotts, Tom Poston, Bill Dana and Dayton Allen). He also had a recurring role as "Sonny Drysdale," the banker's son, in The Beverly Hillbillies and most recently, as Larry David's agent's father in episodes of the HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm

Louis Nye as fictional TV horror host Zombo on The Munsters

Louis Nye as Zombo, Eddie Munster's favorite TV horror host on The Munsters, (E-gor's favorite episode).

(Frank Leto!)
Visit Zomboo's House of Horror Movies, the official Website!
See Zomboo's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Frank's House of Horror Movies
"Saturday night @ 12:35 after Xena"
KOLO-TV (abc), Channel 8 (Reno, Nevada)
September 1999 - month? 2000
Show name changed to Zomboo's House of Horror Movies
Month? 2000 - present
"Saturday night @ 12:35 after Xena"
KOLO-TV (abc), Channel 8 (Reno, Nevada)
  • From the website:
    Get ready for chills, thrills, and tons of campy fun because late night hosted horror movies are back!
    Zomboo's House of Horror Movies features classics directed by noted directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Roger Corman, and George Romero. See stars and scream queens like Fay Wray, Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, John Carradine, Peter Graves, and Pia Zadora.
    For you trivia nuts Frank the floating head will share interesting and little-known facts about the movie, story line, cast and crew; for those who need visual stimulation keep your eyes peeled for ghoulish appearances by Zomboo, Werewolfie, the Head Nurse, Miss Transylvania, Quasi the Hunchback, and occasional famous guests who will keep you in stitches with skits and silly antics.
    Butter up some popcorn, turn out the lights, and feast your eyes on these celluloid classics.
  • From the "Ghouls" page on the show's website, where each character is pictured:
    Zomboo is the cool ghoul who lives in the castle above the mist. Some people say he is a vampire, others say he is a werewolf, and still others say he is a nut case. But whatever he is, he likes to make fun of the movies and likes to interact with the sponsors and other characters during the show.
    Frank is the head who lives in the bell jar in the parlor of the "House of Horror Movies." Frank is quite knowledgeable on the subject of horror movies, so each week after introducing the featured flick, he tells the audience a little bit about it.
    The "Head Nurse," otherwise known as Nurse Feelgood, takes Frank and his bell jar around town. She also occasionally visits the castle where she likes to give Zomboo a "shot of reality," and reminds him that some of the movies are so lame, they need crutches.
    Quasi the hunchback lives with his master Zomboo in the castle. Every week Quasi goes deep into the vault to pull out some of the scariest movies ever made. He also likes to assist Zomboo in his dungeon laboratory where he helps him perform quas-essential experiments.
    Werewolfie always seems to appear during the cycle of a full moon. He lurks around the grounds of the castle, occasionally visiting with Zomboo at the dungeon door.
    Miss Transylvania was crowned over 400 years ago during the "First Miss Transylvania Beauty Pageant." Miss Transylvania is Zomboo's "ghoul friend" and appears regularly on the show.
  • Show fan J.J. Ford writes about Zomboo:
    "His look is a lot like the famous still of Lon Chaney in London After Midnight. He does all the things expected of a horror host (appearances, butting in on the movie at times, and all the other things we know and love). Right now, he's sticking to public domain titles (but I'm not complaining-just being able to see these things on tv anymore is a rare occurrence)....
  • Michael Monahan adds: "One thing unmentioned in your entry is the fact that they also produce local commercials featuring their Frank & Zomboo characters. Pretty surreal to see a pasty-faced ghoul proclaiming his diabolic enthusiasm for local casinos and Taco Bell..."
  • "Zomboo" is pronounced "ZOM-bo" (long "O," not "oo").
  • Zomboo himself (!!!) responded graciously to my e-mail requesting more info on the show!:
    Frank the floating head and Zomboo are the same person. The show went on the air on September, 1999. Our show is doing very well. It sometimes even beats our 11pm newscast. We show 26 movies a season, repeating them one time. This past season, our line-up included such grade-B fare as Beast From Haunted Cave, Dementia 13, Curse of the Aztec Mummy, Little Shop of Horrors, Devil Bat, Teenagers from Outer Space, Revolt of the Zombies, Night of the Living Dead, The Human Monster, Horror Express, The Bat, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Horror Hotel, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Killers from Space, Wasp Woman, The Corpse Vanishes, The Ape Man, The Brainiac, White Zombie, Half Human, Attack of the Giant Leeches, She Demons, Killer Shrews, and Creature From the Haunted Sea.
    We sincerely believe that our show is the best of its kind on the air and we are persuing syndication for other markets besides Reno. Although Reno is a market around 107-111 in size, the town doubles in size on weekends. The show is produced by my Creative Services Department which consists of five very dedicated, older and wiser people.
    We have a standard beginning, a short synopsis of the film, followed by a short skit featuring one or more of the characters. We cut into the film about 20 times with funny (hopefully) stuff. We have a weekly "Scaaary Picture of the Week", we're running the Miss Transylvania Beauty Pageant, We solicit the audience's 3-minute horror movies, and we run an additional skit or two or three during the show. We've had Charo on the show, and as we follow Xena, Lucy Lawless cut us a couple of promos.
    I grew up in NY watching John Zacherley on Chiller Theater and the old NY-produced Soupy Sales Show. That is what we have tried to create.... We researched what was on TV in other markets, checked out your website, read Ms Watson's book, saw some archival videoes of other hosts, and decided to put our show together in that manner. And you know the best thing about the show is we all laugh alot when we do it. Zomboo has helped raise money for many local charities as well as St. Jude's Children's Hospital. And this past week we had a young man (30) on the show who had spina bifida and wasn't supposed to live past 10 years old. His two favorite shows are WWF and Zomboo, and we used him in a skit and it made the whole thing worth it.
    If you need any info or help, I've seen just about every old horror movie....
    Keep in touch;
    Your Old Pal;

Frank Leto as Zomboo

Frank Leto as Zomboo, host of horrors on KOLO-TV, Reno, Nevada.
Click to see the front and back of a Zomboo fan post card, courtesy of Frank Leto!

Zucchini, The Great

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