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X, Dr.
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(Real name?)

Name of show?
Friday night
Lincoln Cablevision, Channel 9 (Lincoln, Nebraska)
c. 1971-1972

  • Dave Meile initiated this entry with e-mail full of memories:
    When I first cajoled my folks into getting cable TV (c.1971 or 1972), Lincoln Cablevision had a channel (9) that was generally some public access programming (locally produced shows like puppet shows, news events, etc.), old TV shows and cartoons (Ozzie & Harriet, Gigantor, Speed Racer, etc.). On Friday Nights they had a "creature feature" type show hosted by a fellow called "Xerxes" or however the old Greek mythology name is spelled pronounced "zerk-seas." I recall my buddy and I not liking him nearly as much as good ole' DR. SAN GUINARY (who we knew a little bit), but I do remember he showed a few flicks we hadn't seen before, such as The Amazing Transparent Man, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll and a weird one: The Gamma People with Paul Douglas and Eva Bartok.

    I don't recall him ever showing any old Universal classics with Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney et al. Always crummy stuff we had no appreciation for as 11 and 12 year olds.

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