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(Dale Dorman, WRKO-AM radio station personality)

Read Dale Dorman's DJ bio, and listen to his "Breakfast Club" FM radio show (M-F, 5:30-9 am), on the WODS Boston Oldies 103.3 website

Visit the Dale Dorman talent page at the WRKO.org, with extensive coverage of his radio career and airchecks!

See the incredible Creature Double Featurearticle (including pictures!) in Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit"!

Creature Feature
Saturday afternoon
Creature Double Feature
Saturday afternoon, 1:00 - 4 p.m.
WLVI-TV, Channel 56 (now WLVI) (Boston, Massachusetts)
Mid- to late-'70's


  • Three interesting factoids from the Wikipedia article about Creature Doule Feature cited above:
    In June 2006, The Boston Herald reported that Boston-area car dealership owner Ernie Boch, Jr. would be bringing the show back to WLVI - at its original timeslot - on an occasional basis. The first program of the new series aired on June 24, 2006. The two films shown on this occasion were Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster and The Giant Gila Monster. Boch himself hosted the show in full makeup as The Ghoul, though the original show never had a host - only announcers. A second episode aired on October 28, 2006, featuring 1973's Horror Express followed by the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead.

    The show's original announcers were reportedly Ron Dwyer and Tom Evans. During most of its run, however, the show's announcer was Dale Dorman, a Boston radio personality at WRKO who also frequently did voice work for 56's children's programming....

    The intro/outro music used for Creature Double Feature throughout its run was Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Toccata" from Brain Salad Surgery. WLVI has kept the song as the theme of the 2006 revival. It is not yet known if future WLVI owners Sunbeam Television will continue to air the revival.
  • I, E-gor, originally had this host listed as DALE DORMAN, his real name, until a very helpful show fan Mickey Mickon sent several e-mails to set me straight about this and other details, and provide a bunch of other great information:
    I'm a member of a message board and responded to a thread for cartoon line-up hosts. I couldnt remember the name of a horror movie show in the Boston area and came up with your site via Yahoo.com.

    Just a tiny correction on Dale Dorman from the Boston area. Dale Dorman was known as "Uncle Dale" during his hosting duties on Channel 56 (your site gives his full name, with no mention of the Uncle monicker). I do not remember if he ever mentioned his last name, he may have. He never appeared on camera voice-over intros only, so he was not in costume.

    Dorman hosted Creature Feature and Creature Double Feature, as well as the weekday afternoon and Saturday morning cartoon line-ups on WLVI-TV 56. CF and CDF were part of the Saturday line-up, it may have aired in the early afternoon on channel 56 (now the Boston-area WB affiliate). He called himself Uncle Dale the entire time during the cartoons, and I believe CF/CDF.

    The post on the message board thread that talked about Uncle Dale this way:
    During each show's closing credits, Dale would jump in to talk about whatever was coming up next. He was great at talking to the kids, and he had an amusing hyper-animated announcer's voice. (Imagine an overcaffeinated Casey Kasem, perhaps.)
    According to the memory of this poster, he also hosted a music video show titled The Great Record Album Collection, a show I do NOT remember at all. lol

    Uncle Dale was a solo act. His voice was altered, by him and technology (spooky echo, if I recall correctly), to sound spooky for CF/CDF. He introed the shows, and made comments, usually comical during the cartoons, when the show went to and came from commercial breaks. He also reminded viewers of the title of the movie being shown on CF/CDF.

    I remember seeing a LOT of classic Japanese monster movies (Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan etc.) on those shows. They may have shown B-Movies from the USA as well, I just recall the Japanese monster movies because I love those the most.

    Dale also worked on Kiss 108 FM in Boston as host of the 2 pm to 6 pm (Boston time) show, the "Afternoon Drive." He hasn't been on channel 56 in years, and the line-up he hosted on weekday afternoons and Saturdays has also been taken off the air and replaced with Kids WB (weekday afternoon) and syndicated shows on Saturdays. Man, I miss the CF/CDF days. lol

    I do not remember much about the show itself, but I seem to remember footage from the movies being shown behind the show logo, with the logo of the station at the bottom of the screen. I don't remember the exact theme music of the show, but I seem to recall it to be instrumental, without vocals. The footage had a weird visual effect to it, probably to emphasize the graphic which "dissolved" onto the screen. I think the visual effect was a lightning effect.

(Wally Wingert)

Visit Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show, the show's official Website, featuring lots of information, photos, soundbites and video clips including streaming video of the complete pilot show (also downloadable for iPod)!

Visit Wally's World, Wally Wingert's personal Website, with photos, video clips and soundbites from every aspect of his career and BE SURE to check out his Inside the Chaney Room page to see how deeply this guy LOVES classic horror stuff!

See Uncle Davver's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

Visit Wally's Screening Room for information about the live movie parties that inspired the show!

Check out Wally Wingert's Internet Movie Database entry.

Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show
A great TV pilot looking for a home!
Live show performance filmed in Hollywood, California
October, 2003


  • Information adapted from various pages on the show's official Website:
    Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show is designed as a late-night, weekend comedy show, combining elements of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and your favorite nostalgic TV horror hosts. It morphs public-domain "B" horror and sci-fi films with sketch comedy, celebrity guests and musical parodies.
    From 2001 to 2003, actor / voice-over artist Wally Wingert hosted 12 private movie parties he called Wally's Screening Room at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. Most of Wingert's guests were other actors, comedians, voice-over artists, musicians, producers, and improvisationalists. They screened a variety of "so-bad-they're-good" films, and the quick-witted audience would shout out off-the-cuff, humorous comments. Soon, many guests were flooding to the parties just to hear the hilarious running audience commentary. The next logical step for these parties was TV.
    Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show is loosely based on those highly successful parties, and utilizes the immense and unique following Wingert's gatherings have developed. A TV pilot of the show was filmed at a big Premiere Party at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood in October, 2003, and the edited video presentation is being pitched to cable networks as a series. The movie screened for this event was Horror Express starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas.
    In addition to seeing bad B-films on their home screen each week, the show's TV audience will enjoy the presentation of a live performance with cameras and microphones in the theatre capturing the audience's interaction and comedic commentary. Heading in and out of commercial breaks, there will also be prepared sketches, songs and surprises. Like the films being screened, the show has a charmingly cheesy feel, an appropriate homage to our favorite local TV midnight horror shows: headstones are styrofoam, spider-webs are Halloween leftovers, and the sets are flimsy and minimal.
    The character of Uncle Davver is a composite of many old-time TV horror show hosts. He is a grungy, undead carcass, clad in a ratty tuxedo tailcoat, beat up Converse tennies, and his trademark silver skull bolo tie with red rhinestone eyes. His ghastly blue face features a turned-up, skull-like nose and bulging eyes. His green hair is matted into wads of long "deadlocks". His voice is a little Krusty the Clown, a little Beetlejuice, and a little Beavis all thrown together.
    Uncle Davver maintains his existence as a card-carrying member of the Legion of the Undead, Local 103, in the upper room of Hollywood's Silent Movie Theatre. Once a week he springs from his cardboard coffin (to an opening theme that sounds like a crazed, drunken offspring of Danny Elfman and Rob Zombie) and throws a wacky movie party for his friends, a diverse group of ghouls, creatures, humans and aliens who love to watch bad old movies and yell out scathing and hilarious commentary.
    He introduces the audience to his 3 "Davverettes," Elizadeath Taylor, Ghoulia Roberts & Bone Crawford, who are scantily-clad, heartily-built background dancers who are gorgeous except for their decaying faces. His other supporting players include: Zomb-E, a zombified Elvis wannabe who offers short parody songs; Humongous Jimmy, a seven foot, green-faced jovial gent who serves as the party's bouncer; Emily Blunt, a movie critic who offers her professional opinions on the evening's movie; Pierre LeFreak, an annoying, sawed-off, chain-smoking pipsqueak; Vampirate, a hybrid of an undead bloodsucker and swashbuckling buccaneer; The Snack Hag, a witchy looking woman who runs the snack bar and tries to guilt the customers out of buying unhealthy snacks in a grating yenta-like voice; and more great characters.
    A never-ending supply of B- and C-list celebrities will stop by to add to the off-center fun of the show. Celebs already on tap include Val Kilmer, Paris Hilton, David Naughton, Sybil Danning, Wil Wheaton, Adam West, Bruce Kulik of KISS, Bill Moseley, Kustom Kar King George Barris, Irwin Keyes, Frank Gorshin,Yvonne Craig, Daniel Roebuck, Cindy Williams, Michael J. Pollard, Julie Newmar and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
    Wally Wingert is developing this TV series concept with Ken Dennis, who was most recently the supervising producer on the animated Family Guy series. Ken has also produced on X Files, Millennium, Space; Above and Beyond and other shows.

Uncle Davver, host of the Really Scary Movie Show

Wally Wingert as Uncle Davver, host of the hilarious Really Scary Movie Show.
Portrait courtesy of Uncle Davver; click it to see the personally inscribed photo it was clipped from.

(Real name = ?)

Visit The Uncle Death Show pages on Horror Haven, the official Website for The Fright Channel.
See Uncle Death's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

The Uncle Death Show
Day? Time?
The Fright Channel
Hopefully forthcoming: the world's first all-horror network!

Friday late-night at 1:00 am, Sunday at 11:00 pm, Tuesday at 11:30 pm
Melrose Cable Access (MMTV), Channel 3 (Melrose, Massachusetts)
200? - Present

Thursday late-night at 1:30 am
SCAT-TV, Channel 3 (Somerville, Massachusetts)
200? - Present


  • Adapted from the Horror Host Underground Website profile:
    The Uncle Death Show is the resident horror host on The Fright Channel (TFC-13), the world's first all-horror TV network. It has been voted "Worst TV Show Ever" and Uncle Death has been voted "Worst Horror TV Host" 10 times in a row. He has problems remembering his lines and facts about the films he shows. Even still, he somehow gets ratings and stays on the air. A biography of Uncle Death is (unfortunately) in the works.
  • Information adapted from "The Uncle Death Show" pages on The Fright Channel Website:
    A Brief History of Uncle Death
    Uncle Death started off many thousands of years ago as Death, one of the original Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse (later to go on to greater success as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, when one of the members faced a tragic accident). By the late 1800's he had created a successful Vaudeville act that he later moved into motion pictures. In the 1930's and 40's he became an international superstar working in Horror Films. After a lull in his career and because of personal problems, Death resurfaced in the 1950's as a Children's Television Host and renamed himself Uncle Death. A major scandal caused him to be blackballed from Hollywood until the late 1960's when he came back again as a Late-night Horror TV Host.
    With the advent of videotape, and amidst even more personal problems, Uncle Death disappeared from the public eye and sank into a deep depression. In the late 1990's another scandal arose and Uncle Death was finally sentenced to prison. His punishment: spend 10 consecutive life sentences in Horror Haven where he must impart his (rather sketchy) knowledge of Horror Films upon the viewers of The Fright Channel.
    Now, with a new crew, new writers, and much more direct access to all kinds of alcohol, the NEW Uncle Death show is ready to prove to the viewers of local access cable that fear is a place, death has a face, and whiskey will cure any problem.

(see also COUNT DRACULA)
(Thom Lange, Tim McCall; Sasha Yvonne; Amy Graham, Molly Ibister, and Kristianne Seelye)

Visit the Unofficial Homepage of Horror Incorporated, still online with lots of photos and information about the entire history of the show.

See this show's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

See the Horror Incorporated entry on the Internet Movie Database!

Horror Incorporated
Day? Time?
KSTC-TV, Channel 45 (xx,xx)
Friday the 13th, September, 2002 - February 28, 2004


  • Information adapted from the Horror Host Underground Website profile, the Unofficial Horror Incorporated Website, and the Internet Movie Database:
    "Grave robbing. Monsters. Mad science. Just your average Saturday night." The original "Horror Incorporated," with voice-over by unseen host Jim Wise, aired in the 1960s and 1970s on KSTP-TV, Channel 5. From September 2000 until September 2002, the show was back on the air again, hosted by TV's Count Dracula, Jake Esau.
    The most recent incarnation of the perennial Twin Cities horrorshow Horror Incorporated to date featured the usual "classic" horror and sci-fi movies (see list below), and was shown every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm, and again at Midnight, on Channel 45 in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. The show was hosted by "Uncle Ghoulie," played by co-director and writer Thom Lange; "Carbuncle," played by co-director Tim McCall; "13," played by Sasha Yvonne; "Gordon the Gorilla," played by Amy Graham, Molly Ibister, and Kristianne Seelye. Supporting players included Kristi Bruno, Phil Darg, Kirby Johnson, Kathy Kupiecki, Sheryl Lange, Chris Young, Barry Zevan, and Margo Kennedy as "Wolfie."
    This generation of Horror Incorporate debuted on Friday the 13th, September, 2002, with a showing of Ed Wood's deathless classic Plan 9 from Outer Space. Other films shown in 2002: Robot Monster, The Hideous Sun Demon, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Ape Man, The Devil Bat, The Corpse Vanishes, Scared to Death, Bride of the Monster, Night of the Living Dead, X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Killers from Space, Nosferatu, The Terror, Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster, Monster from a Prehistoric Planet, The Giant Gila Monster and Godzilla vs Megalon.
    Films shown in 2003: Plan 9 from Outer Space, Robot Monster, The Hideous Sun Demon, The Little Shop of Horrors, X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, Nosferatu, Killers from Space, Monster from a Prehistoric Planet, Night of the Living Dead, The Terror, The Ape Man, The Devil Bat, Bride of the Monster, The Mad Monster, The Killer Shrews, The Crawling Hand, Creature from the Haunted Sea, The Atomic Brain, The Brain from the Planet Arous, The Brain that Wouldn't Die, Brain of Blood, Lady Frankenstein, Mesa of Lost Women, She Demons, Wasp Woman, Dementia 13, The Mad Monster, The Killer Shrews, The Crawling Hand, Creature from the Haunted Sea, Lady Frankenstein, The Brain from the Planet Arous, The Brain that Wouldn't Die, Dementia 13, Lady Frankenstein, Mesa of Lost Women, She Demons, Wasp Woman, Dementia 13, Invisible Ghost, Bowery at Midnight, White Zombie, Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Brainiac, The Bat, The Vampire Bat, Atom Age Vampire, Capture of Bigfoot, Carnival of Souls, Horror Hotel, The Day of the Triffids and Invaders from Mars.
    Film shown in 2004: Invisible Ghost, Bowery at Midnight, White Zombie, Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Brainiac, The Bat, The Vampire Bat and Atom Age Vampire. The show was cancelled; the last airdate was February 28, 2004.

(Matt Heinrichs)

Visit Stink-O-Rama, Uncle Roy Hoggins's website.

See Uncle Roy Hoggins's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

Visit Uncle Roy Hoggins's blogsite at myspace.com.

Direct-to-DVD markets from October, 2004 - present
Horror Host Underground web exposure
Live appearance with many other Horror Host Underground peers at Cinema Wasteland show in 2006; other shows forthcoming.

  • Uncle Roy Hoggins himself told me about his show in a couple of e-mails, and generously followed up with a sample of his show (WILD, funny and just a wee bit out of control) and the autographed photo I begged him for (see the sidebar portrait). I'd been putting this incredibly inventive character off until he snagged some sort of exposure on a TV show -- but to Hell with it... he needs and deserves to be seen! I apologize for taking so damn long to get you on the site, Uncle Roy!
    Hey E-gor...
    What would it take for me to be listed on your site...maybe for some exposure... I am having a hard time getting out...except by internet.
    I host a straight to DVD format horror/sick comedy talkshow (with crazy film clips and occasional whole films) called Stink-O-Rama. I am "Uncle Roy Hoggins" the host and creator... it is shot in Independence, Missouri... it's been going since since 2004, we've got 2 episodes out. It is straight to DVD, since KC has no cable access, or public access TV.
    It is a clip show...we have not hosted full films yet...but it is planned.
    I have photos if you wanna have us aboard...really love the site...thankles...
    Uncle Roy Hoggins
  • Tidbits of additional info from Uncle Roy's profile page on the Horror Host Underground site (see link above):
    Uncle Roy Hoggins
    "This show is long...long like a lotta other things"
    It's hosted by Uncle Roy Hoggins, a man whom has sired as many as 120 kids. He spent the early years of his life on the road with many sideshows and circuses... The show is combination talk show and clip show...with a huge heapin' of sick, twisted black comedy and dumb stunts thrown in...it is definitely not the easily offended.
    Debut: October 5, 2004
    Stink-O-Rama is a little self-produced show, filmed in "The Cellar of No Return."
    Roy's sidekick on the show is "Dobbs The Wee," a dwarf, whom Roy won in a poker game in about '79. Dobbs is actually more of a nemesis/pain in Roy's ass than he is a sidekick.
    Occasionally, Roy's homosexual Cajun borther Luscious Hoggins stops by, or phones in to cause havoc, and other characters will be stopping by over the next few episodes, including Damron Hoggins, the youngest Hoggins brother, The Great Stromboli and his puppet Eduardo, and many others.
    Markets: HHU

Uncle Roy Hoggins, host of Stink-O-Rama

Uncle Roy Hoggins, up-and-coming host of horrifying antics on Stink-O-Rama, now playing on a DVD near you!
Portrait courtesy of Uncle Roy Hoggins; click it to see the personally inscribed photo it was clipped from.

(Ted Raub: died March 10, 1998; and Richard Briggs / Gerry Coleman)

See bio and a nifty batch of images from the late-lamented Uncle Ted's show and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors at the incredible Horror Host Gallery Website, courtesy of video shockaeologist Thomas Rudé!

Uncle Ted's Ghoul School
Live on Friday night
WNEP-TV, Channel 16 (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
1974 - 1982

Uncle Ted's Monstermania
Friday night at 11:30
WVIA-TV, PBS Channel 44 (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
1984 - 199? (old taped shows still shown)

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
part of chapter and picture -- Ch. 26, "Son of Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," pp. 184-186.

Magazine reference:
  • Four photos and a pair of articles by John Skerchock, "Uncle Ted, the Man with the Hat" and "Introducing Monstermania and Nefu Ned," comprise a four-page feature on Uncle Ted in issue #11 (June 1994) of Scary Monsters (pp. 22-25). An Uncle Ted and Nefu Ned "Scare-card" was also inserted in random copies of this issue.


  • Gerry Coleman, who took over the Nefu Ned role from Richard Briggs on Monstermania in 1992 (though Briggs has returned for pledge drives), previously played Mordici the demented hunchback on Uncle Ted's Ghoul School.

(Ring persona of professional wrestler Mark Callaway)

See The Undertaker's talent bio at the Smackdown! Superstars Website

See Mark Callaway's Internet Movie Database entry.

The Undertaker's Theater of Doom
Monday-Thursday at 9:00 p.m. and 1 a.m. EST (4-day series)
Sci-Fi Channel (cable) (City?, State?)
March 15-18, 1999


  • A wrestling horror host -- an idea whose time has come in America... too bad they didn't think of it in Tor Johnson's day. Check out the SANTO entry for information about the great Mexican masked wrestler El Santo ("the Silver-Masked One") hosting horror movies on TV South of the Border!

  • In the wrestling world, Undertaker's "keeper"/manager is a rotund mortician named Paul Bearer -- no relation to the late-great horror DR. PAUL BEARER.

  • The Sci-Fi Channel's website introduction for this series read: "I AM THE UNDERTAKER and beginning March 15, I will take control of the Sci-Fi Channel, presenting my Theater of Doom. For four nights, I will present the movies that accurately reflect the dark visions that I possess. These films: Army of Darkness, Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, The Terminator, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, all explore concepts that few mortals have ever considered, and even fewer have dared to explore. Perhaps after watching these films, you can truly understand the world that I live in... but heed this warning, once you taste the darkness, you may never want to turn away."

    Another page "Q&A with The Undertaker," presented an interview exploring the host's favorite films, ranging from Akira to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Omen. Asked "Who would win in a steel-cage match: Freddy or Jason?" Undertaker replied "Neither would survive... when this pair stepped into my domain, they would immediately incur my wrath, forcing me to destroy them both."

    A third page, "Ask The Undertaker," offered a chance to "ask a yes or no question if you dare, but be prepared to live with the consequences. When asked "Will you be a TV horror host again?" the response was "Nothing is impossible, but your future is uncertain."

    The final page presented video clips from The Undertaker's introductory segments for the four films shown in the series.

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