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Natas, Count

(Steve Brenzel)
See current information about Chiller Theater and Ned the Dead on the Northeast Wisconsin Around Town website.
Read about Ned the Dead on the "Green Bay Hosts" page at Dick Nitelinger's Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website.
Check out Ned's radio show at WJLW on "The Eagle" online.

See bio and images from the show and check out hundreds of pictures of other horrors at the Horror Host Gallery website, courtesy of video shockaeologist Thomas Rudé!

Chiller Theater
Saturday at midnight (after Saturday Night Live)
February 4, 1984 March 25, 1989
Saturday night At 11:30 p.m. (repeated the following Friday late night At 2:05 a.m.)
January 13, 1996 April 24, 1999
WLUK-TV, Channel 11 (Fox affiliate) (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
Ned the Dead's Demented Drive-in
Saturday night at 11:00 pm
September 18, 1999 April 1, 2000
Saturday night at 10:00 pm
April 8, 2000 September 15, 2001
WACY, Channel 32 (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
Chiller Theater
Friday night at 10:00 pm; repeats on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm and Sunday at noon
N.E.W. (Northeast Wisconsin TV), Time-Warner Cable (Channels 2 & 19)
(not cable access; locally-produced programming which does allow commercials)
August 16, 2002 - September 30, 2005
Chiller Theater
Saturday Night at 9:00 p.m.
WACY, Channel 32 (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
October 1, 2005 - present

Magazine reference:
  1. Feature article with Steve Brenzel interview conducted by Dick Nitelinger (Golembiewski), "Titletown's Latest Horror Host: Ned the Dead!", in Scary Monsters #54 (April 2005), pp. 22-27. GREAT interview and 7 images, including promotional photos and screen grabs from show videos.

    Order a copy at the Scary Monsters website!


  • Specific airdates and other details for this entry contributed by tireless horror hostorian Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, infamous webmonster of the frighteningly fabulous Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website.

  • Steve Brudie was one of several E-gorespondents (including Ned the Dead himself see last note below!) who helped me correct the omission of this local legend, chiding:
    One of the coolest Horror Movie T.V. Hosts in the country is missing from your list. His name is Ned The Dead, and he hosts Chiller Theater every Friday & Saturday night here in Green Bay, Wisconsin on WLUK Fox 11. He has been around for many, many years (at least 10) and he prides himself on playing the cheezyest films around. He's a small "Troll Like" little man all made up like a zombie/skeleton in a black dress blazer. His off-the-cuff humor though is what makes him so unique. He can really push the limits of "standards and practices." He deserves to be proudly listed among the legion.
  • E-gorespondent John Sauer adds:
    I recently became re-interested in tv horror hosts on a trip to Wisconsin. There is a guy in cheezy ghoul makeup on a Green Bay station (WLUK, a Fox affiliate) that goes by the name Ned the Dead. I saw a few shows and very much enjoyed them. He presents some very cool (and often hard to find) low budget horror and sci-fi films, and during commercial breaks he talks and reads mail or just goes on about odd things. I guess he's been on since the early-mid eighties.
  • Ned the Dead himself contacted us (!) and generously provided the following details on his shows:
    Let me give you a brief history of the Ned the Dead character.... The Ned character started on WLUK-TV in Green Bay, WI in 1982. At the time, I was a news photographer for the station and they felt that I was the most whacked-out employee they had and therefore a prime candidate to host something which they felt might last only a few weeks. The Ned the Dead character and Chiller Theater was born at that time. My character, which has decomposed over time, was patterned loosely after the wonderful Dr. Cadaverino who appeared in the early 60's on WITI-TV in Milwaukee, WI. More important, however, was the producer of my show who was appointed by WLUK. His name was Don Schunke...and he was a veteran of the early days of television in northeast Wisconsin. Among his marvelous credits was his stint as "Bruce Barometer"; one of the first weather guys in that tv market. I was a 24 year old overly energetic wildass...but he was a genius. Together we created a show which still exists...although it has mutated somewhat. The show ran on WLUK from '82 thru '89, and then I left Green Bay until 1995 when it resumed on WLUK till April of this year. At that point, I got the royal heave-ho from WLUK so that they could sell infomercials during my time slot. (at least they were the good infomercials from Ronco where they make jerky out of goat meat with that dehydrator thing). Amazingly, I went across town and the show got picked up by WACY-TV. It has been renamed Ned the Dead's Demented Drive-in. It airs Saturday nights from 11pm to 1 am. One sad footnote though, Don Schunke passed away during the shows first hiatus in 1996 I believe. He was a TV hero.
  • Steve Brenzel is also doing a morning radio show (still billed as Ned the Dead, though he uses his real voice) on WJLW, "The Rock of Green Bay," FM 106.7 (see link above).

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Nefu Ned *
(see UNCLE TED and NEFU NED *)

Nightmare, Johnny

(Nina Haagen, Indira Varma, Rachel Grant)
See Nina's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Visit rachelgrant.com, the official Rachel Grant Website see WMV (Windows Media Video) clips of Rachel Grant as Nina on the "Video" page!
Friday at 10:00 pm
UK Sci-Fi channel (United Kingdom, Eire and South Africa)
Friday, August 27, 1999 - ? 2003
  • The character "Nina" has been played by three different actresses: German singer Nina Haagen (hence the name of the character), Indira Varma and Rachel Grant.

  • Information adapted from the Horror Host Underground Website profile:
    "Get the bloody message?" The United Kingdom's Sci-Fi channel presents a double-bill of films every Friday to chill the viewer to the marrow! Introduced by Nina, a true child of the television age, reared on a constant diet of blood-and-gore film fests, Nina's multiple personalities manifest themselves each week in a bewildering array of costumes as she introduces some awfully frightening (and often frighteningly awful) horror movies. Nina presents Sci-Fright from her home, No. 13 Thrillington Place, which she shares with her cat and dog. Visitors are always welcome...for dinner!
    A comic strip about Nina, "The Nina Diaries" started in 2002 in 2000 AD, the "Judge Dredd" magazine..
    Nina (Rachel Grant only?) also appeared (photographed in Zodiacal costumes) in a daily "Horrorscopes" feature at www.uk.scifi.com.
    Nina was also called the Hostess of the Grotesque, the Hostess with the Mostest, the Mistress of Distress, and the Queen of Scream.

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Night Owl, The
(should be The Nite Owl)

(Real name = ?)
Visit Horror / Kung Fu Theater, the show's official Website.
See The Nightshadow's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground (HHU).
Horror / Kung Fu Theatre
Day? Time?
STATION?, Channel ? (East Los Angeles, California)
and guest appearances on The Horror Host Underground Network
? - Present
  • Information adapted from the Horror / Kung Fu Theatre Website and The Nightshadow's HHU profile page:
    Atop eerie "Castle Shadow," surrounded by a dark, gloomy forest and guarded by hideous monsters and undead Shaolin masters, stands a shadowy figure waiting for the innocent to turn on their television! Your horror host is named "The Nightshadow," a professional wrestler and one of the Undead.
    The show's unusual combination of horror and martial arts movies, and music videos, and the insane characters who are regular visitors to the castle, explodes onto your screen. You never know who will be there, alive or dead! Despite vampire hunters, villagers carrying torches and pitchforks, and advocates of good taste, Horror/Kung-Fu Theatre is still playing! The Nightshadow is said to be a "wolf-pyre," half vampire and half werewolf but that is not so strange considering the characters around him. Welcome to the madness, hope you survive the experience.
    Horror / Kung Fu Theatre has featured a very large cast of characters, including: The Night Shadow, Mad Mike, The Armenian Comedian, Harry Perry, Beetle Juice, Mr. Silver, Johnny Jackass, Raven The Seductress, Hollywood 2, Giggles the Half-Ass Clown, The Mighty Mangalla, Ted Shred, Low Rider Joe, Mr. Meanee, Jason Yan Jing, Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Henry the Dead Guy, Hapu Tyson, Bruce Leak, Karras the Guerilla, Tatsuro Abe, Little Woody, Bob Oso, Barbbette The Schizophrenic French Maid, Johnny Skunks, Sir Francis Drake, Stephanie Beaton, Just Erl, The Professor, The Duke of Doo Dah, Duperman, Wild Life Wendy, Big Bad Booty Beanee Guy, Damien the Trash-digging Alien Abductee, Yolanda the Baton Princess, Michael Royner, Elmira, The Kleen Team, Kumi the Comedian, The Amazing Bill Perron, and Honest Abe.
    The Nightshadow is a member of the n.W.o. (New World Order) the first and only independent wrestler chosen to represent the organization. He has wrestled against Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Mr. Gene LeBell, and the great Mexican monster-fighting masked wrestler Mil Mascaras! He was also a runner-up in Los Angeles Golden Gloves Boxing qualifiers (he says that's a polite way of saying "I got my ass-kicked in the finals").
    Favorite Horror hosts that influenced The Nightshadow: Elvira, Seymour and Grimsley.
  • The Nightshadow's television markets include: East Los Angeles (Home); Santa Monica, California; Venice Beach, California; San Francisco, California; approximately 35 different cities in the Los Angeles area; and the Horror Host Underground Network, for which The Nightshadow sponsors a shared-guesthosting timeslot in Los Angeles, California.

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Nite Owl, The

Nesmith, Ottola *

Newman, Laraine

(see ARACH and NID)


NoNeck, TooLoose *

NoNeck, Tolouse *

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