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Lamond, Duncan

Lane, Rex
(see REX LANE)

(Laraine Newman)
See Laraine Newman's Internet Movie Database entry.
The Canned Film Festival
Saturday night?
WWOR-TV, Channel 9 (New York, NY)
  • Horror hostorian Saul Fischer submitted this entry, and these details:
    The Canned Film Festival aired on WWOR-TV/Channel 9 -- New York, NY -- Saturday nights(?), mid 80s. Hosted by Laraine Newman. Sponsored by Dr. Pepper (hence the title, get it?). Ms. Newman played a movie usher. She wore a movie usher's outfit. The movie theatre in which she worked (the set) had washing machines. There was an ensemble cast of regular "theatregoers" who would go to see the movie (whatever movie this TV show was playing), and then leave to wash their laundry and act out boring, lame, unfunny, unmemorable "comedy" skits that were even WORSE than the movie. Worse still, the movie was cut JUST to make more air time for these bad skits. They ran low-budget horror/sci-fi movies like Project Moonbase, Wild Women of Wongo, etc. (Am I the only person who remembers this?)

(Hugh Turley)
Name of show?
Day? Time?
WSWB-TV, Channel 35 (Orlando, Florida)
NOTE: E-gorespondent Jim Patterson, who worked on the production staff of this show and another one (see SCORPIO), provided this entry and the following footnotes:
  • Lazarus was an old bearded man who had an ironic and somewhat sarcastic view of the modern world....One of his favorite refrains was "Love It, Love It, Love It!" His name.... was the winner in a viewer contest.
  • Hugh Turley was also the host of the WSWB afternoon kid's show, "Uncle Hubie's Penthouse Barnyard". The premise was that Uncle Hubie struck it rich and moved his whole farm, lock, stock and chicken coop, to the top of an urban hi-rise.
  • WSWB went out of business in '75. The studio on Colonial Avenue is now occupied by the PBS affiliate.

Lazarus, Seth

(Rick Thomas)
Visit Graveyard Theatre, the show's official website.
See the show's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground (HHU).
Read an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) article about the show: "Getting the Dirt on Graveyard Theatre" by Dan Johnson, posted in the Horror Host Underground Website Archives. This feature originally appeared in The Monster News, May 1, 2000.
Graveyard Theatre
Saturday at 11:00 pm (previously 10:30pm)
WYIN, PBS affiliate Channel 56 (Gary/Merrillville, Indiana)
October 1997 - Present
Graveyard Theater
Friday at 4:00 p.m.
TCI Cable, Channel 16 (Hammond, Indiana)
October 1997 - ??, 19??
  • Details adapted from the Horror Host Underground Website:
    Laslo is a ghoul who was raised from the grave and had a curse placed upon him. He is forced to watch crummy horror movies nightly in his secluded, run-down castle, from which he can never leave. As added punishment he must watch these bad movies in the company of three other undead beings who don't really like him too much:
    • Demonica The Demoness (played by Rachel Foley) is a vampire-demon with a bad attitude, she keeps an eye on Laslo, making sure he doesnt get out of line.
    • Rinfield, the wacky neighbor (played by Ron Hemphill), is another quite mysterious member of Graveyard Theatre no one knows where he's from or who he really is. Does he have a home or does he just wander around in a drunken state of death? (Most believe the latter.)
    • A rotting corpse named Mildew (a puppet created by Doug Goins) completes the group.
  • Cast list from the show's old Website (now defunct?):
    Rick Thomas as Laslo (Star of the Show, also Original Concept);
    Demonica as Herself (Vampire Sidekick);
    Renfield Jones as Himself (Local Ghost Hunter, Camera #2 & Bassist, Porta-Pottie expert);
    Jim Corey the Director (Original Concept & Producer);
    Curd Jackie as Himself (Stage & Set Director, Camera #1, Lighting);
    Post Mortem Mailman (A Dead U.S. Postal Worker [no surprises here], Set Direction);
    Septic as Himself (Nasty Wee Fellow, Noted Commie, J. Edgar Hoover Look-Alike);
    Mummie as Himself (Hanging Out, Coffee Boy, Best Boy).

  • Background Info from the old Website:
    The theater set was constructed in early October of '97. Rick Thomas and Jim Corey felt the horror movie genre was sorely lacking in the hosting area. The few doing that job catered to an adolescent market. Thinking they were not alone in their love for the stylized 'B' picture of the early cinema, they struck out to prove the demographic experts had missed a major segment of the movie going public...adults that love horror flicks. "With absolutely no funds we designed and built our own set in Rick's garage," states Jim Corey, producer and director of the show.... "It didn't take long for the show to grow from a low caliber show to a program with production values." "Within only a few months we had a cult following," exclaimed Rick Thomas, host of the show as...LASLO, KEEPER OF THE DEAD.

Lefty *

Lenny (Crazy TV Lenny)

(Roy Bishop)

Tales from the Tomb
Friday at 11:00 or 11:30
WSBA, UHF Channel 43 (York, Pennsylvania)
Late 50's - early 60's ("a few years")

Tales from the Tomb
One show Saturday afternoon, a different one late-night Saturday
WHP-TV, Channel 21 (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Early 60's


  • E-gorespondent Jeff Clinton initiated this entry:
    LEROY is missing from your list. There was a horror movie show on WSBA Channel 43. the local UHF station out of York, Pennsylvania. I think it was during the late fifties and aired on Friday nights, at 11:00 or 11:30. The old Universal classics were shown, Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Invisible Man, etc. The show was called Tales from the Tomb, and was hosted by a guy named "Leroy." He was not scary at all. He was a short, plump-looking guy who wore thick dark glasses and baggy pants with suspenders. I believe he also wore a derby. There was a co-host named "Vampira" who wore a black slinky gown. On the set was a coffin and during the show a voice would speak from the box telling Leroy it was time to feed the monster. Leroy would empty (gurgle, gurgle) a quart of Piels beer (the sponsor was possibly a local distributor?) into the coffin. I believe "Vampira" was played by the weather girl for the station. I can not remember Leroy's real name though. I am surprised that no York-area people have notified you of this one. The show was on a few years. Maybe some other visitor to your site will recall the hosts' real names.
  • Chet Williamson provided more details:
    With Halloween around the corner I was getting nostalgic for "Leroy," who was a horror host during the early 1960s for WHP-TV, Channel 21 in Harrisburg, Pa. I couldn't find him on your listing and had no luck googling him either, so he may be forgotten. He had two shows, one late Saturday afternoon, and another late night Saturday. The daytime show played the schlockier, less scary movies, while the late show played the good old Universal horrors, the ones I wasn't allowed to stay up to see.

    Leroy (it might have been "Leeroy," I'm not sure) was funny rather than scary, and I actually audiotaped a few of his antics, one of which was a song parody of "The Sheik of Araby," which went:
    I'm the ghoul from WHP,
    Your blood belongs to me.
    At night on your TV,
    Inside your homes I'll be.
    The bats that fly on high
    Will get you by and by.
    You'll die like Drac and me,
    I'm the ghoul from WHP -- Harrisburg, Transylvania...
    Anyway, there's a little info on Leroy -- wish I knew more about him.
  • In mid-March 2007, some definitive information about this host arrived from a guy who worked with him on the show! :
    The postings by Jeff Clinton and Chet Williamson really brought back the memories of the late 50s to early 60s. I used to work at WHP-TV as a stage manager while in high school and had the opportunity to work with Roy.

    We used Iron City beer for the live 11 pm news commercials. I used to pour the beer into Pilsner glasses, and Roy and other visitors doing live commercials with him would all get tuned up. Roy was the director of the news and other programs and called the camera shots. I cant remember Roys last name, but I thought that when he left WHP he went to the Philadelphia area to do his show. We had a great time doing the show and I would occasionally crawl into the coffin with a can of rose dust to make it look like Dracula was smoking. We used a large blue plastic screen behind Roy to project images behind him. I remember one day when we used lighter fluid in a pie pan on a wooden desk in front of Roy, to make it look like he was in a fire scene, and the desk caught fire.

    Many years have passed and Im sure that all who participated are either gone or retired. Live TV shows were the best because you never knew what would happen during them. I later became a film editor and news photographer at WHP.
    I enjoyed your site.
    Bob Andrews
    Now in Coatesville, PA
    Bob Andrews wrote again with more pieces of the LEROY puzzle! :
    The star of Tales from the Tomb on WHP TV in Harrisburg was Roy Bishop. Roy came from a station Philadelphia. I'll see what I can find in the way of a photo -- I have nothing here at home. I know that doing a search on Google, using Roy's name, that there is a picture of him at a TV studio in Philadelphia that was taken way back before he went to Harrisburg. Roy was a fun person to work with.
    If anybody can help us find out what happened to Roy Bishop since this show ended, or provide a picture of him as "Leroy," please e-mail E-gor!

Li'l John *

Lobo, Mr.
(see MR. LOBO)

(see also MR. DARC)
(Mike Acord)

Read "A Dream of a Nightmare," Mike Acord's article about playing his proto-host character "Deadbeat" at the "Terror on Church Street" live spook show, on the Haunted Attraction Website.

Darc of the Night
(as a different host character, "Mr. Darc")
Pilot featuring Plan 9 from Outer Space broadcast on three successive Friday nights
Time Warner Cable (now Bright House Networks), Channel 98(?) (Orlando, Florida)
October, 1992

Madnight Movies
A great, field-tested horror host character looking for a home channel!

Horror Host Underground Network
Circulating videotape guest appearances
200? - Present

Live appearances at haunted attractions and other theme park attractions in Orlando, Florida
Watch the News page on the Horror Host Underground Website for information about recent and forthcoming activities.

Regular appearances as the host of a series of vintage horror movie DVD releases from AC Comics. See more information here.

Magazine references:

  • Article by Mike Acord, "I Was a Teenage Movie Host (or at least a thirtyish wannabe)," in Scary Monster #8, September 1993, pp 36-38. Mike describes his efforts to promote his character MR. DARC on a short-lived cable access show called Darc of the Night in Orlando, Florida in 1992.

  • April Fool's review of an imagi-movie called It Quacked the World by Crystal Guillory in the April 2002 issue of Horror-Wood, the (sadly now-defunct) "monthly Webzine for classic and cult horror and monster film fans." In her parody, Crystal (one of the crazed crackpots behind the infamous New Orleans Worst Film Festival) attends a showing of a "lost" 50's horror about a giant killer duck at her local Voodoo Pizza parlor. The evening's reel entertainment is hosted by the real Lon Madnight.


  • Crystal Guillory's description of Lon Madnight from the Horror-Wood Webzine movie spoof cited above:
    He was a striking figure standing just about six feet tall and dressed in mostly black. His makeup was a cross between death's head and a grinning clown, which made him have a sinister and comical look at the same time.
    Additional Note on his appearance from E-gor: With his black outfit, shark-toothed grin, long stringy hair, tall beaver hat, and intense stare, Lon Madnight's most obvious visual (as well as literal) influence is Lon Chaney's fiendish vampire character in the "lost" silent mystery/horror film London After Midnight.

  • According to biographical information from Mike Acord, he was born in 1959, discovered Ghoulardi and Super Heroes in the mid-60's, and has loved monsters and Captain Marvel ever since. When he finished school he decided to become an actor and moved to Florida (seduced, and subsequently abandoned, by Disney). From 1992-1998 he performed at the "Terror On Church Street" haunted house attraction in downtown Orlando, where he created "Deadbeat," a prototype for Lon Madnight. From 1998 to the present he has worked with Universal Studios Florida, where he currently plays "The Sultan" at the Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction.

  • Cudoes for Lon Madnight from current horror host A. Ghastlee Ghoul, co-founder of the Horror Host Underground movement that's pumping new blood into a grand old tradition that was nearly lost:
    Lon is always very humble. We consider him a member of the HHU even though he has only commited one thing to tape (which was VERY good). He, like Carpathian, represents the roots of horror hosting; the live performer.
  • Selected comments from Mike Acord's ongoing e-mail to E-gor:
    My (HHU) credit as a host stems from the seven and a half years I "hosted" "Terror On Church Street," a year-round haunted house in Orlando, Florida (since closed). At that time the character was called "Deadbeat." I personally felt I didn't have the right to class myself as an actual host, but the body of the HHU members insisted that I am one of them.
    While "Terror on Church Street" was in operation, we participated in Fast Eddie's Freak Week, a week of films like Creepshow and Robert Englund's Phantom of the Opera. It was shot in the attraction and featured a local radio personality who had no idea what he was doing. We had to come up with all the gags for the shows. My big moment came when I did a commercial break saying "And now here's something REALLY scary COMMERCIALS!"
    I have been making sporadic efforts to put some shows together.... I am filming a clip for Manor Mayhem's Halloween show, unproduced at this moment.
    (April 2, 2007): I am now an offical horror host. I'm currently working with Bill Black of AC Comics in Longwood Fla. We're putting together hosted films on DVD. The first two in the series are out and I'll be shooting more soon. You can find info at:
    Lon Madnight
    Mike Acord

Lorre, Peter Jr.

(Josh Thompson)
See Lou Schlock's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Schlock Theatre
Day? Time?
STATION?, Channel ? (Chino, California)
1998 - Present
  • From the Horror Host Underground Website profile:
    "See you on the TV, kids!" Josh Thompson (aka "Lou Schlock") grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, on a steady diet of Big Chuck and L'il John, Son of Ghoul, The Ghoul, Super Host, Elvira, and Frankand Drac. When he first began the show, he was shocked at how few kiddies understood what we were trying to do. Five years later, they've become (in their sick and twisted mind) something of an underground favorite. "And that's just the way we like it."
  • Lou Schlock's co-host, Timmy The Troll, often runs amok inside the movies.

  • Also hosts "The Josh Thompson Show" in Chino.

Lucifer, Dr. *

Lucifer Family, The *

Lucifers, The *

Lucifur, Dr. *

Lloyd, Sal U.
(see SAL U. LLOYD)

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