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Kackel, Klara

(Jerry Moore)

Visit Monster Madhouse, the show's official website, "Home of the East Coast's Only Live Horror Host TV Show!!!"

Watch LIVE streaming videos on show nights at Monster Madhouse Live!

Check out Monster Madhouse at Myspace.com.

Karlos Borloff's profile page is forthcoming at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

Monster Madhouse (half-hour weekly show)
Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Thursday-Friday at Midnight
Fairfax Public Access (FPA-TV) Channel 10 (Fairfax County, Virginia)
Friday & Saturday at 10 pm
Falls Church Cable (FCC-TV) Channel 12 (Fairfax County, Virginia)
October 2006 - present
Also shown on the Web, and aired on Verizon Channel 35 (U.S. Minor Outlying Islands)

Monster Madhouse Live! (2-hour show every three weeks)
Scheduled Fridays from 10 pm - Midnight
Falls Church Cable (FCC-TV) Channel 12 (Fairfax County, Virginia)
August 2006 - present
Also streamed LIVE on the Web, and aired at different times on DC local channels FPA-TV 10, Verizon Channel 35, RCN Channel 2, and WORLD 40.

Horror Host Underground Network
Live and circulating pre-recorded guest appearances
2006 - Present
Live appearances at monstrous film festivals and other shows and events throughout the year.


  • On September 2, 2005, before Karlos Borloff was born in his feverish mind, Jerry Moore told the other members of Count Gore De Vol's Horror Host Mailing List (now called "Fans of Horrorhosts") about his debut appearance on a hosted horror show:
    Hey everyone .... I was kindly invited by Count Gore De Vol, Dick Dyszel, to be a guest on the current episode of Creature Features!!! The current film in the "Lab" is House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. I (& my lovely assistant "Candi") appear as a contractor, doing the Count's "Dungeon Make-over." We start the job... he puts the bite on the lovely lady... and ends up stoning the contractor inside a wall. Absolutely hilarious stuff !!! It's pretty cool to actually be on the show after being a fan for 30+ years. My life is now complete!!!!!
  • In March, 2006, Jerry announced to the group that he would unveil his own show called Monster Madhouse at the forthcoming Cinema Wasteland show in Cleveland, Ohio. In a follow-up post he added:
    We've got the "Under Construction" page up for our new horror host team... The "Monsterminators," at www.monstermadhouse.com. We will be streaming episodes on the web, inspired by the legendary Count Gore De Vol and Creature Feature. Hopefully, the 4 episodes will be finished by May, and we'll be having guests galore... especially all you great horror hosts from around the nation....
    A few months later, he posted about the latest development:
    WOW!!!! I am extremely excited about appearing as "Karlos Borloff" on the current (Saturday, July 15, 2006) episode of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature, a great honor!!! This appearance is actually my official debut as a horror host... I'm thrilled!!! What a great time we had filming the show!! Dick Dyszel is a fabulous director and producer (that's why he's got an Emmy on his shelf)!
    (Count Gore has since turned the tables by appearing as a special guest host of Monster Madhouse!)

  • The rest is history. Here are some additional details adapted from various E-gorespondence I got from Borloff himself (most recently in February, 2008):
    Hey There!! I'm Jerry Moore, producer, creator and host ("Karlos Borloff") of Monster Madhouse, Washington DC's only TV horror host show, and Monster Madhouse Live!, the East Coast's only LIVE TV horror hosting show.
    We'd love to be included on your infamous "LIST" of hosts. We've done over 60 TV shows in the past year and a half... Things are really cooking, and I know that we can honestly call ourselves the "hardest working horror hosts in the world" at this point.

    Karlos Borloff is a Mexi-Slovakian monster hunter from another time who hosts a weekly half-hour show with classic movie trailers, celebrity interviews, horror comedy skits and monsterous music videos. Monster Madhouse debuted in October 2006, and to this day still runs 4 times a week on FPA-TV 10 and WORLD 30, as well as on the Web.

    And then, of course, there's Monster Madhouse Live every three weeks... we're on LIVE TV in the nation's capital, showing the Best of the Worst monster movies... guests, concert footage. live call-ins, and LOADS OF MONSTERS!!! And we always have special guest hosts, like Count Gore De Vol, Dr. Sarcofiguy, Jebediah Buzzard, The Bone Jangler, and Penny Dreadful, among others!! The live show debuted in August 2006, and we've done 25 full hosted movie shows, six 2-hour specials, and a "Live in Concert" 1-hour special.

    Monster Madhouse Live is LIVE on the Web as well as on TV!! Watch it on www.monstermadhouselive.com at 10 PM (EST) on show nights.

    Our 2-hour movie shows air at 2 AM almost every single night here in the DC area on FPA-TV 10. They rotate different shows every night. We're also on Verizon Channel 35, Falls Church TV Channel 12, RCN Channel 2, and WORLD 40, all local channels. We're currently hooking up with other local DC area stations, and others in Southern Virginia, trying to spread the show wherever we can.

    Repeats also get sent out (via Horror Host Underground Network circulation) to Chicago, Massachusets, California, Florida, Dayton, Ohio, and other unknown cities.

    Our other Web homes are:

    Thanks, Brother E-gor!!!
    Borloff (Jerry Moore)
  • Other gifted loonies who regularly help Borloff host the show include Dr. Elixir (Ken Hasty), Gizmo Doohickey (Russ Hasty), Dangerous Dan (Dan Prewitt), Countess Contessa Vanessa (Caroline Zimmerman), Beauregard J. Pettigrew (Bobby Madden), Ivan (Joe Haley), Spooky Dementia (Jane Bredesen), Pumpkin Punk (Dan Fowler), Anne-Tenna (Jennifer Gobel), and (in past episodes) Sally the Zombie Cheerleader (Nicole Brooks). A riotous parade of monstrous special guests is also featured, including many other notable horror hosts from all around the country (see Borloff's partial list in the NOTE).

  • Curtis Prather, one of the four fathers of the Horror Host Underground movement, produces the show, and Peter Scheps is floor director.

  • The house band on the show is the "Monsterminators," featuring many of the cast members: Jerry Moore (guitars, vocals, bass), Caroline Zimmerman (Supreme Ruler), Ken Hasty (guitars, vocals, bass), Russ Hasty (drums), Joe Haley (guitars), and Dan Prewitt (bass guitar). The group is a concert Rock & Roll band, available for bookings. See the show website for details, including contact information.

  • Dan Fowler, "Pumpkin Punk" on the show, is a talented young artist who is developing a series of comic books based on the show.

  • In 2006, Jerry Moore played the "Killer" in the early scenes of an independant horror movie called Hatchet Jack that was filmed in Rivesville, West Virginia, near his birthplace (Fairmont WV). The film, written by Justin Sago and directed by Eddie Mahalick (the mayor of Rivesville), had private and public screenings in Morgantown WV; the producers are currently looking for distribution. See more information and film clips on MySpace.

  • Early in 2008, Jerry Moore scored a major coup for the glorious cause of horror hosting when, in full Borloff regalia, he caught the eye of "Ross the Intern" (roving reporter for humorous "man-on-the-street" segments on Jay Leno's Tonight Show) at the NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) conference in Las Vegas. It took a boatload of chutzpah to confront the Suits with his freak flag fully unfurled, but it sure paid off! Leno's producers liked what they saw, and the interview clips, along with segments from a recent Monster Madhouse show, appeared on Tonight on Friday, February 8, 2008!

    Keep an eye on this guy!!!

Jerry Moore as Karlos Borloff, rockin' host of Monster Madhouse

Karlos Borloff, the
Bull Goose Loony of Monster Madhouse.
Click to see a larger photo of Borloff with some of his Madhouse mates.

Keefe, Adam

(Rich Clark)
See bio and images from this show and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors at the incredible Horror Host Gallery website, courtesy of video shockaeologist Thomas Rudé!

Chamber Theatre
Day? Time?
WVEC-TV, Channel 13 (Hampton-Norfolk, Virginia)
1984 - 1986

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 26, "Son of Invasion of the Ghost Hosts, Part II: The Return," pp. 190-191.


  • The Horror Host Gallery page reveals The Keeper to be a cryptkeeper in the E.C. comics vein who "haunts the graveyard bringing a humorous slant to the movies he shows"...."Universal classics such as Frankenstein and Dracula."

Keeper of the Dead

(Real name = ?)

Klara Kackel's Kreepy Kauldron
Saturday night
WHME-TV, Independent Channel 46 (religious station since 1976) (South Bend, Indiana)
1974 - 1976

Magazine reference:

  • Mentioned in a letter from Joseph Meeks in issue #10 (March 1994) of Scary Monsters, p. 7.


  • According to Joseph Meeks' published letter cited above, Klara was a man dressed up as a witch with a high-pitched gruff voice. She welcomed her "little dearies" to the show tending a smoking, bubbling cauldron with rubber chickens sticking out of it. She stirred it with her broomstick while occasional rubber bats flew by. The station went bankrupt and was taken over by a religious station in 1976 or '77.

  • E-gorespondent Jack Mohney, who watched the show, filled in some blanks:
    Under Klara Kackel, your notes are accurate you lack the channel, call letters, & show title.
    It was channel 46, the call letters were WHME, and the show was called Klara Kackel's Kreepy Kauldron.
    I don't know the name of the actor who dressed up as Klara.
    I remember watching this show back when I was in high school. Very corny & the shows were fairly pitiful made for good fodder for the MST3K crowd...
    Hope this helps.
    Jack Mohney

Knave, The Scarlet

Krandall (should be Krandel)


(Jack Murdock; died April 27, 2001)

See Jack Murdock's Internet Movie Database credits.

Zone 2
Monday through Friday, 3:30-5:30 p.m.
KTVI, Channel 2 (St. Louis, Missouri)
August 1965 - August 1966

Magazine reference:

  • Discussed in letter from show fan/researcher Sam Moffitt in issue #16 (August 1989) of Filmfax, pp. 10-11.


  • E-gorespondent Michael May sent several e-mails full of great information about this host, combined and adapted below:
    Back in 1965-66, KTVI-2 in St. Louis, Missouri, carried Zone 2 Monday through Friday at 3:30 PM! I think that this is a timeslot intended to pull in teenage males like myself (13). The program featured sci-fi and horror films hosted by Jack Murdock. Jack was a, well, Jack of all trades. I think that he even did weather, but I'm not absolutely sure about that.

    Zone 2 was competition for the teenage audience because Shindig and Hullabaloo ran at the same time. As for me, if the flick was a dud, I'd check out the Go-Go Girls!

    I don't remember Mr. Murdock doing any particular schtick or character, although I think that the show was live, because he gave on-air verbal cues to the projectionist. Pretty straight ahead intros, no effects, graphic card intro, occasionally a little info about the movie, actors, music or whatever. Low bucks, but effective -- it got my attention. I remember being intrigued by The Flame Barrier, and Caltiki, the Immortal Monster was fun because of my growing interest in Archeology.

    Jack left to do movies and Broadway shows like "1776." Jack is the poor defenseless janitor who gets beaten to a pulp by an de-evolved ape in Altered States. Here's some more of his movies: Miracle Landing (1990) "George Hendricks"; Gross Anatomy (1989) "Old Patient"; Nick Knight (1989) "Fenner"; Rain Man (1988) "John Mooney"; Big Top Pee-Wee (1988) "Otis"; Psycho III (1986) "Lou"; Florida Flight 90 (1984) "Mr. Farrell"; Calamity Jane (1984) "Rev. Warren"; Blue Thunder (1983) "Kress".

    I met Jack at a PTA meeting in South St. Louis, back when he was doing a local kids' show in 1964. I emailed KTVI a few years ago, and no one could remember the program!

    I just thought that this little bit of TV grue-stew would fit your ghastly palette!
  • The late great Joe "Renfield" Meadows, editor of the long-running, fan-tastic HORROR-WOOD Webzine, posted his memories of this host in the Who Was Your Horror Host? thread in the vast Classic Horror Film Board forums:
    No real horror hosts in the St. Louis area, alas. Except for a guy who hosted Zone 2 on the ABC affiliate Channel 2 for a year or so. As I recall, he played a pretty straight host, no makeup or affectations, who would read from classic horror novels like "Dracula" between showings of packaged horror films. I first saw Roger Corman's The Undead on Zone 2.
    When I, E-gor, refreshed his memories of Kronos with the content on this entry, Renfield responded:
    Looks like your contributor nailed it. It was shown after school on Fridays. Kind of a funny time time spot for a horror host, but there you are. My very murky memories have the host sporting a moustache and looking fairly elderly.

Kutchyourheadoffski, Boris

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