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Jack, Halloween

(Jami Deadly)
Watch Deadly Cinema, the show's Web-TV site, with downloadable video!
Navigate Deadly Curves, Jami Deadly's official Website with gorgeous pinup photos! AwwwwoOOOOOOH!
Ogle Modern Marilyn.com Jami's showcase for her incredible Marilyn Monroe impersonation.
Read Jami Deadly's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Join Jami Deadly's Yahoo Group!
Deadly Cinema
Repeated irregular airings of episodes.
North Texas Television (NTTV), Denton Cable Channel 22 (Denton, Texas)
? 2003 - Present
  • The devastating Miss Deadly sent E-gor this scintillating shE-mail!:
    Hi there!! Love your site, and just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know about my new horror hostess show! It is brand new, and out of Denton, Texas. Think of it as Vampira meets Marilyn Monroe! Lounging in my bubblegum pink coffin, I show classic b horror/sci fi movies, and have special monster guests! Please check out Deadly Cinema and for more about me, look at Deadly Curves!
    Miss Jami Deadly
  • From Jami Deadly's Horror Host Underground Website profile:
    "Spiderweb smooches!"
    Miss Jami Deadly has been called a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Vampira. This blonde bombshell adores living in her Texas-based bachelorette crypt, baking cakes for her ghoulish neighbors, and wandering about in glamorous fashions. She also loves hosting classic b horror / sci fi movies while lounging in her bubblegum pink coffin. Plenty of sexy outfits, thrills, chills, and laughs, and special monster guests!
    Jami Deadly already has a fanclub with more than 2000 members!
    Notable quote: "To this day I dream about being carried away by some misunderstood monster that happens to have fins, fur, or electrodes."
  • Jami Deadly's description on her Deadly Curves Website:
    Hello dahlings! My name is Jami Deadly, and I'm a professional vintage pinup / fetish model, Marilyn Monroe impersonator, horror hostess, and burlesque dancer. My style hybrid is that of 50's blonde bombshell, mixed with vampy queen of the undead. I've been a retro and fetish model for 6 years, and have appeared in countless printed publications and internet websites. In the past year I have traveled nationwide performing as a tribute artist of Marilyn Monroe. You'll also occasionally catch my spooky yet sexy live burlesque act and cable access horror host show, Deadly Cinema.
  • The film shown as Episode 1 of Deadly Cinema, Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory, last aired on NTTV in October 2003, and was subsequently posted for viewing on Jami Deadly's Website. Episode 2, The Beach Girls and The Monsters, scheduled at 7:30 pm on July 15, 22, and 29, 2004.

Jangler, The Bone

Jasper Farndark
(Bob Guy, program director; died September 10, 1984)
Visit the Lost Angels: Horrors! LA's forgotten Horror Hosts page at the Real Little PartiGirl's Local Legends website, which includes a brief history of the hosts of Jeepers Creepers Theatre and pictures!
Jeepers Creepers Theatre first, then show title changed to Theatre 13
Saturday, 10 p.m.
KCOP-TV, Channel 13 (Los Angeles, California)
1962 - 1963
Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 25, "Son of Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," pp. 176-177.
Magazine references:
  • Feature with six pictures, "Mad Mummy Gets Jeepers," about Bob Burns' character "The Mad Mummy" appearing on Jeepers' show, in issue #4 (1962) of Fantastic Monsters of the Films, pp. 36-38.
  • Discussed, with picture, in a long letter from Jan Henderson in issue #16 (August 1989) of Filmfax, pp. 8-10.
  • A recording by Jeepers (and Frank Zappa!) is discussed (along with information about Boston host SIMON) in a letter from Mark Natola in issue #11 (June 1994) of Scary Monsters (p. 13). See NOTES below.
  • Replaced as host of show by GHOULITA.
  • According to Mark Natola's letter in Scary Monsters (see magazine references above), "LA based horror host Bob Guy recorded a pair of novelty songs entitled 'Dear Jeepers' and 'Letter from Jeepers.' Unknown to the rest of the world, Bob was collaborating with a struggling musician named Frank Zappa."
    E-gor's NOTE: "Dear Jeepers"/"Letter from Jeepers" was released on the Donna label. Re-released on LP Rare Meat, Rhino Records RNEP 604, and (according to Mark Natola) on a Japanese import CD titled The Cucamonga Years, the early works of Frank Zappa.

(Fred Stuthman; died July 7, 1982)
Visit the Lost Angels: Horrors! LA's forgotten Horror Hosts page at the Real Little PartiGirl's Local Legends website, which includes a brief history of the hosts of Jeepers Creepers Theatre. and pictures!
See Fred Stuthman's Internet Movie Database entry
Jeepers Creepers Theatre
Saturday night?
KCOP-TV, Channel 13 (Los Angeles, California)
1964 - 19??
Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
discussion and four pictures (pp. 7, 177, 178, 179) in Ch. 25, "Son of Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," pp. 177-179.
Magazine reference:
  • Pictured in feature "The Horror of Them All!" in issue #13 (December 1988) of Filmfax, pp. 28-32.
  • Discussed extensively in long letter from Jan Henderson, including 7 pictures of Fred Stuthman in and out of makeup, in issue #16 (August 1989) of Filmfax, pp. 8-10.

(Jim Cooke)
The Late, Great Horror Show
Saturday at 11:30 p.m.
WJET-TV, Channel 24 (Erie, Pennsylvania)
Summer 1980 - 1982
The Just Right for Late Night Horror Show
Saturday at 11:30 p.m.
WJET-TV, Channel 24 (Erie, Pennsylvania)
1984 - 1985? (less than a year?)
  • E-gorespondent Ian Eastman remembered this host and the following details:
    The Late, Great Horror Show premiered in the summer of 1980 and was hosted by Jim Cooke, a local disc jockey. Although it shared a lot of the trappings of other horror shows (including a really funky orange and yellow dungeon set) it had a sensibility all its own. Jim didn't wear fright makeup or a costume. He was just a "regular guy" laughing at the movies with the audience (Oh yea... and hawking lots of pizza! Pizza Hut was the main sponsor). The double feature show was broadcast live and featured a really crazy cast of guest stars.
    The theme music was "Night on Disco Mountain" from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The closing music was a really screwed up version of "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" from a kiddy novelty album.
    SIR ROBERT GHOUL-LEY, a more traditional type of host in makeup, filled in when Jim was away. In 1982 the show was replaced by syndicated episodes of Elvira's Movie Macabre.
    Jim went on to host Video Rock, a half-hour music show, but was back in 1984 with The Just Right for Late Night Horror Show. The production values were a lot lower on this version of the show. The original dungeon set and props had been destroyed so the show was produced in the WJET lunch room! The show was prerecorded -- the original was LIVE -- so Jim's snide comments about the film were always showing up in the wrong places! I don't think this version of the show even lasted a year. But (sigh) it was still better than late-night infomercials!

Jimmy Hollister

(Jim Ross)
Shock Theater
Saturday at 11 pm
KGUL-TV, Channel 11 (Galveston, Texas)
  • E-gorespondent Bill Vaglienti initiated this entry, writing:
    I ran across your web site while searching for information on old TV station KGUL, channel 11 in Galveston, TX. The host for the Saturday night Shock theater back in the late 50's was Jim Ross who was great at dressing up as the main character of the show and working his skit into the sponsor's commercial.

Joe Alston

(John Bloom)
Visit The Joe Bob Report website!
See bio and a images of Joe Bob Briggs and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors at the incredible Horror Host Gallery website, courtesy of video shockaeologist Thomas Rudé!
See John Bloom's / Joe Bob Brigg's Internet Movie Database entry.
Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater
Day? Time?
The Movie Channel (cable)
1990 - 1996
TNT's MonsterVision
Friday late-night (midnight or following sports events), later Saturday night
TNT (cable)
1996 - July 2000

(Real name = ?)
Visit Saturday Night Fright, the show's official Website.
See Joe Fright's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Saturday Night Fright
Saturday late night, Midnight - 2:00 am
Time-Warner Cable Akron, Ohio Position 23 (Akron, OH)
Coming Fall 2004
  • Adapted from the Saturday Night Fright Website:
    Brought to you in part by Creepy Classics Video.
    MOVIES - MONSTERS - MADNESS! Making Saturday night fun again! Over 200 movies. Interviews with classic actors, actresses and special effects wizards. See Joe Fright go insane weekly crazy cartoons, exploding food, flying pumpkins, on-the-street interviews, demented drama, pizza giveaways, T-shirt giveaways, letters from disgrunted viewers! Win dinner with Joe Fright! Sidekick: Clark the rubber chicken.

(John Barclay)
Nightmare Theater
Wednesday at 10:35 p.m.
KRON-TV, Channel 4 (San Francisco, California)
1957? - 19??
Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 3, "Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," p. 22.
Magazine reference:
  • Featured in "Night Harbingers of Horror" in the 26 May 1958 issue of Life magazine (pp 63-68). Includes a photograph (page 63) and descriptive caption.
  • Mentioned in feature "The Horror of Them All!" in issue #13 (December 1988) of Filmfax, pp. 28-32.
  • Mentioned in feature "Monster Mania '57" by Greg Theakston in issue #3 (March-April 1991) of Pure Images, pp. 2-11, 25-28.

(unseen host; voice only)
(John Carradine; born Richmond Reed Carradine)

See John Carradine's incredible Internet Movie Database entry

See E-gor's John Carradine tribute page in another of my Web sites, BOOS WHO: A Classic Horror Player's Directory.

Haunted Hollywood
(syndicated movie package)
Saturday night 1 a.m. (after Saturday Night Live)
WPXI, Channel 11 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (many other stations?)
Late '80's - c. 1990

  • Carradine's opening narration, over an animated montage of familiar horror movie photos, lightning and Hollywood landscape:
    They're coming... they're coming back -- There's no escape! The horrors from Hollywood's past have returned. Forgotten skeletons from long-locked closets and dusty film vaults... Delightful tales of the macabre... unsettling visions... Ghost of Hollywood's past walk once again! It's not a dream...it's not a nightmare... It's HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD!

Host picture is coming!
If you have
any sort of
information about
this horror host,
E-mail E-gor!

John, Junkyard

(Local DJ "Jukebox Johnny" John Robinson?)
See Johnny Nightmare's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
Creep Theater
Friday night from 10:00 pm to Midnight
STATION?, Channel ? (Jackson-Lansing, Michigan)
200? - Present
  • Cobbled together from the Horror Host Underground Website "Second Half of 2003" E-mail page and the show's HHU profile page:
    Greetings fans thought I'd give you the heads-up on a new horror movie show here in Jackson, Michigan playing the Jackson - Lansing area called Creep Theater! It features a number of "creepy" hosts including Johnny Nightmare, Professor Psycho and his assistant Conehead, Chuck the Werewolf (hands like White Fang on Soupy Sales), Popeye (a zombie), Shecky Groan (standup ghoul comedian), Scratch & Sniff (two-headed movie critic), Casandra, Bug Girl and other resident ghouls, and guests. It airs on Friday nights 10 PM to midnight. Produced by Jukebox Johnny, a local disc jockey (who plays Johnny Nightmare on show). Show contains many tributes to monster movie hosts, lots of gags and special effects and monsters wandering in and out. Sets include a spooky castle; Professor Psycho's laboratory, and a graveyard. Really a good show...lots of production value!

(see also BOB WILKINS *)
(John Stanley)

Visit John Stanley's website, www.stanleybooks.net!

Read John Stanley's History of "Creature Features" in the San Francisco-Bay Area on his website (and then read many more details about the show in his book I Was a TV Horror Host, discussed below).
Creature Features
Saturday night
KTVU-TV, Channel 2 (Oakland, California)
January 1979 - September 1, 1984

Book references:

  • John Stanley's autobiographical account of his television career, I Was a TV Horror Host, is now available from bookstores and from John Stanley's own Creatures at Large Press through his website.
    See E-gor's review, and ordering information here.

  • Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference: mention (p. 212) and whole chapter with two pictures -- Ch. 22, "John Stanley: Man, Not Monster," pp. 152-157.

    Magazine reference:
    • Autobiographical feature with three pictures, "The Career That Dripped with Gore" by John Stanley, in Scary Monsters Presents Monster Memories #3, 1995 Yearbook (January 1995) pp. 33-35.


    • Replaced original host BOB WILKINS.

    • John Stanley has edited and published many different editions of The Creature Features Movie Guide from his own Creatures at Large press (see his website link above).

John Stanley, host of Creature Features in Oakland CA

John Stanley, writer, movie scholar and legendary horror host in Oakland, California.
Click image to see the autographed photo it was cropped from.

(John Roberts)
Visit Dumpsterpiece Theatre, the show's official Website.
The History of Dumpsterpiece Theatre, details on the show's first season and plans for the future.
Episode Guide: details on a small sampling of the more than 300 live episodes aired.
Dumpsterpiece Theatre
Friday late-night from Midnight-2:00 am
KPAL-TV, Channel 38, Adelphia 16 (Lancaster, California)
May 1994 - May 1997 and ? 2000 - ? 2003
  • Details adapted from the Dumpsterpiece Theatre Website:
    Dumpsterpiece Theatre is a witty, informative, irreverent, and downright unpredictable two-hour show! Every week from 1994-1997, and again from 2000-2003, it featured a different rarely-seen, very old, and usually quite bad B-movie, rare short films and cartoons. There are 4-5 host segments per episode, featuring funny skits, home-made movies, local and rare music, and sponsor endorsements... Each episode features a different theme and set designed by professional artists.

    Dumpsterpiece Theatre is not a new program. Both seasons were broadcast LIVE, every week, on KPAL-TV. Our Average Viewer Age is 13-99... We are very popular with teenagers of all ages!
  • The show's cult following and general popularity was considerably boosted by the comical antics of Junkyard John's puppet co-hosts "Alphonso T. Rat" and "Stu the Carrot," operated and performed by Dean Matherly and William Blair. The first several episodes were also hosted by a good friend of the producers, actor Michael Berryman (see Internet Movie Database entry), an unforgettable character in films and TV shows like The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Weird Science, The X-Files and many more! John, Michael, and Dean, and Bill had a great time bringing bad films to a receptive audience.

  • WHY BAD MOVIES? ("From the Circular File of Junkyard John" on the show's Website):
    Anyone can watch a good movie; expound upon it's virtues and commend performances. But what about bad movies? Do you have what it takes to sit through feeble attempts at performing that are so frustratingly rotten that you attempt to complete the dialogue yourself? Probably not, but this is where Dumpsterpiece Theatre fits in. We control the stupidity we can change the humor from a soft blur, or...but, I digress.
    The staff of Dumpsterpiece Theatre see our program as a format which allows you, the viewer, to enjoy or reject a film on its' own lack of merit. Sure, we add a lot of rude sound effects where the original filmmakers probably couldn't afford any. And an evening rarely goes by without our adding a few choice sequences of our own. Wouldn't you?
    But the thing to remember about our show is the fact that it is going out live, so we are attempting to entertain ourselves along with you (so we don't all fall asleep)! I mean, we have already seen these films at least once or twice during the course of the week, so the thought of watching the same piece of crap well, some form of anarchy is bound to result. So that is why we show you films shall I say of a lesser quality.
    We feel vintage, low-budget filmmaking is extra special because it simply cannot be done the same way anymore. There is nothing more hilariously exhilarating than watching flying saucers dangle on visible wires or rubber monsters with zippers up their backs. They weren't trying to be funny (like the obvious high-camp of today's sorry films) directors in the 1950s and '60s couldn't afford to do it over and over again; Their films would never have been completed.
    And that is the ultimate reason why we enjoy these "Dumpsterpiece Classics" At least they got made. So try and enjoy these films for what ever reasons you may find, and perhaps you will enjoy them with a keener eye.
    After all, the only truly bad film is a boring one.

Justin Sane

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