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(Evan Davis)
See Halloween Jack's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.
See Dan Johnson's interview with Halloween Jack, originally published in The Monster News (see citation below), and reprinted here in Adobe Acrobat format on the Horror Host Underground Website.
Check out Hall of Horror History, Halloween Jack's incredible monthly column for the Creature Feature the official Web site of Count Gore De Vol!
Read fellow horror host (and HHU co-founder) A. Ghastlee Ghoul's rant about Halloween Jack from the HHU archive of The Very Important Writings of A. Ghastlee Ghoul.
The Haunted Theatre
Friday night from 8:00 - 9:30 pm
Cablevision of Monmouth, Channel 77 (Jackson, New Jersey)
Halloween 2000 - Present
The Horror Host Underground Presents (sponsored by Halloween Jack)
Friday night from 7:30 - 8:00 pm (lead-in to his own show)
Cablevision of Monmouth, Channel 77 (Jackson, New Jersey)
October 2001 - Present
Magazine references:
  • From Halloween Jack's Horror Host Underground Website profile:
    "Jack can be anywhere...even under your bed!"
    Jack was a struggling actor back in the 60's who paid the bills by dressing up in ghoulish make-up and running out into the audience during horror films. One time while assisting a magician, he was locked in a trunk. It was at that moment that the theater was condemned and shut down. Jack, still in the trunk, was put into the basement with the rest of the props where he remained for 40 years. He was released by some children who snuck into the basement on Halloween night 2000. Having become one of the undead, the children ran away when they saw him. He didn't mean to scare them off, though deep down inside, he was glad he still had the ability to induce fear. From that moment on, Jack (who was now known as Halloween Jack) vowed to show kids, young and old, that horror movies could be fun. So he presents the best of the worse every week from the basement of the Haunted Theatre.
    Alternate show titles: The Eerie Late Night Movie Show, Eerie Evan's Haunted Theatre.
    Halloween Jack's primary influences: the original Svengoolie (Jerry G. Bishop) and current Nevada host Zomboo.
  • Evan Davis (Halloween Jack) is one of the four co-founders of the national self-syndication and promotional network called The Horror Host Underground, with C.W. Prather (producer of The Spooky Movie with Dr. Sarcofiguy) and two other current horror hosts, Bob Hinton (A. Ghastlee Ghoul) and Larry Underwood (Dr. Gangrene).

  • Halloween Jack's markets include Jackson, New Jersey (Home) and the following outlets on The Horror Host Underground Network: Dayton, Ohio (The Horror Host Underground); Northern Virginia (Night Fright); Greensboro, North Carolina (Shock Block); Illinois (The Bone Jangler).

Hardt, Peter

Harold, Captain

Harold, Count

(Harold Gunn)

Boo Theatre (as Count Harold)
Friday night
KRIV, Channel 26 (now Fox 26) (Houston, Texas)

Captain Harold's Theater of the Sky (as Captain Harold)
Saturday night
KPRC-TV Channel 2 (Houston, Texas)
198? - 198?

Show title? (as Captain Harold)
Day? Time?
Independent UHF Channel 55 (Houston, Texas)
c. 2000

  • I first heard about this great Texas TV personality from another horror host, the hard-working, monstrously talented PROFESSOR GRIFFIN::
    I grew up in Houston, Texas, and my horror host for weekly thrills and chills was an unassuming, balding, mustached man named Harold Gunn, aka "Count Harold," aka "Captain Harold."

    Count Harold used to host Boo Theater every Friday night on Channel 26 (before it became Fox 26) during the 1970's, His assistant was "The Dummy Mummy." I still remember the opening. Great black light paintings of a frightened man who speaks in a creepy echo box voice effect, "Oh-No! It's happening again!" Then in a series of dsssolves into artwork he would rip off his face and reveal his grinning skull underneath. When the last frame froze, the fleshy skull with one eye would intone... "Boo Theatre...it's an EYE-Ball!!"

    Now my monster memories of my childhood sometimes run together and mix with other things, but I remember the thrill of trying to stay up late and watch so many great films like Assignment Terror, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman and Attack of the Mushroom People on Boo Theatre...

    Harold Gunn also used to have a local talk show during the daytime on Channel 26, The Harold Gunn show.

    In the 1980's, Harold Gunn returned as Captain Harold...hosting Captain Harold's Theater of the Sky on NBC affiliate KPRC TV, Channel 2. This was a great, local hosted show that showed all kinds of movies, not just horror. Captain Harold, wearing an old WW II air force uniform and sunglasses, hosted movies from his bunker with his two assistants. Throughout the 1980's it was Captain Harold on Saturday night and then the nationally syndicated Elvira's Movie Macabre for me.

    Captain Harold had a comeback of sorts on Houston UHF channel 55 a few years ago. I tried watching it a few times, (once he was showing The Brain from Planet Arous), but there was an incredible amount of commercials (a lot for gun shops and pawn shops, segment marketing at its finest!) and very little in the way of skits that made the original show so much fun. (I still remember parody sketches that skewered local personalities - Marvin Swindler, Eyewitless News, and Dewey Compost (with Little Dew)!) The cheesy opening for the short-lived revival brought back fond memories.

    Harold Gunn had (has??) a radio show at one time and people in Houston hear his voice practically every day on some commercial.

    Gunn produced a lot of the commercials himself to supplement the sponsorship to purchase the airtime to broadcast his show. He also repeated a lot of his old parody stuff from his 1980's run in Theater of the Sky (Martles and Mange, Captain Harold's Show Business stuff ..etc)

    That's about it. I've tried to contact Harold Gunn a few times in the past, but so far, no luck.

    Rest In Peace,
    Prof. Griffin
    The Midnight Shadow Show

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PLEASE E-mail E-gor!

Headley, Hilo

Hedges, Vincent

(Real name=?)
Name of show?
Friday night
Hawaiian Cablevision Channel 2 (Hilo, Hawaii)
1990? - ?
  • E-gorespondent "Tiki" remembers:
    Around 1990 or so in Hilo, Hawaii there was a horror-show host called "Hilo Headley," all they showed was this guy's head on a platter and he looked like Uncle Fester... this would be on Friday nights on Channel 2, local cable TV. The show was broadcast from their studios in Hilo. Headley would host grainy-looking B&W Horror flicks and make strange comments in between...he would occasionally have guests to play off of...
Hoggins, Uncle Roy

Hollister, Jimmy

(Bob Wells, Charles Schodowski, and John Rinaldi)

Browse Bigchuckandliljohn.com, the Official Fan Site for this loooonnnng-running show, with great images and information resources including biographies, chat room, calendar of events, discussion forums, streaming videos, vast photo galleries, cool rare and current collectibles, links, virtual museum and much more!

Read the Big Chuck and Lil' John entry in Wikipedia, the free web encyclopedia.

Check out the Big Chuck and Lil' John Ghoulardifest website for details on this annual event these guys host in honor of the great tradition of Cleveland TV horror history since Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson.

Watch free videos of Big Chuck, Lil' John, Hoolihan and Ghoulardi on Big Chuck and Lil' John's official YouTube account! More videos of these legendary hosts can be seen at Bigchuckandliljohn.com and its sister site, couchpotatotheatre.com.

See the Big Chuck and Lil' John profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground.

See bios and images of Hoolihan and Big Chuck and Lil' John — and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors — at the incredible Horror Host Gallery website, courtesy of video shockaeologist Thomas Rudé!

The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show
Friday night
WJKW-TV Channel 8 (Cleveland, Ohio)
December 1966 - August 1979

The Big Chuck and Lil' John Show
Friday at 11:30 p.m. and Saturday at midnight; later moved to Saturday afternoon
WJKW-TV (call letters changed to WJW-TV c. 1985) Channel 8 (Cleveland, Ohio)
? 1979 - June 22, 2007

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
whole chapter with two pictures -- Ch. 11, "Life After Ghoulardi: Big Chuck and Little John," pp. 77-83.

Magazine references:

  • Discussed in feature article by Michael Weldon about Cleveland horror hosts, "The Hosts That Ate Cleveland," in issue #24 (December 1982) of Fangoria, pp. 28-32.

  • Feature above reprinted with changes as "Stay Sick with Ghoulardi" in issue #2 of Michael J. Weldon's own magazine, Psychotronic Video, (Spring, 1989), pp. 38-43. Picture of Hoolihan and Big Chuck, more of other hosts.

  • Discussed in article "Here we go-o-o again - Remembering Big Chuck and Little John (and Hoolihan)" by Mike Acord in Scary Monsters #32 (September 1999), pp. 20-23. Three pics of Chuck and John, two of Ghoulardi (also discussed in the article).


  • Information reprinted from the Horror Host Underground profile page, cited above:
    "Big Chuck" Schodowski is a true television pioneer, working for Cleveland's WJW - TV 8 since 1960. When WJW launched Shock Theater in 1963, hosted by the soon-to-be legendary Ghoulardi, Big Chuck was on board, helping to shape the spirit of the show through his combined love of Ernie Kovacs, blues and polka music, and Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson. When Ernie left for Hollywood in 1966, Chuck helped groom Bob "Hoolihan" Wells for an audition to replace the departing host, only to find himself reluctantly recruited as the co-host of what became known as The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show. They continued through 1979, with the show's zany style of black-out humor clearly inspiring Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (right down to musical cues), before Bob Wells left for Florida. At this point, "Lil' John" Rinaldi stepped up to the co-host slot, and the pair have remained popular fixtures on Cleveland's late-night schedule ever since.
    Ernie Anderson goaded a shy Chuck Schodowski in front of the cameras for the first time for skits on Ghoulardi's Shock Theater program, which Schodowski was directing. He became extremely popular as "Handsome downstairs neighbor, Jerry Kreegle" in "Parma Place," Ghoulardi's controversial Peyton Place parody.
    The Polka standard "Who Stole the Kishka?," an identifying staple of Ghoulardi (and later The Ghoul), was introduced by Big Chuck as a way to curb Ernie Anderson's on-air ribbing of Parma, the Cleveland suburb to which Chuck had then recently relocated.
    Lil' John Rinaldi debuted in a Hoolihan and Big Chuck skit set to the song "Bridgett the Midget."
    As a continual television host since December 1966 [and until June 22, 2007], Chuck Schodowski was Cleveland's longest running local host. And this doesn't even include the previous 3 years he appeared on the Ghoulardi show! [Forty-four years...an incredible career for a horror host! -- E-gor]
  • Hoolihan himself provided comments and corrections to this entry -- what a treat to get e-mail from Bob Wells personally!:
    It's always good to be remembered for your efforts, but allow me to set the record a little straighter on the facts in your piece about Hoolihan and Big Chuck on Cleveland, Ohio TV.
    Our show started on December, 1966 (succeeding a wildly successful Ghoulardi program) and went through August, 1979....
    Also, to correct TJ's comment at the end of our article, I went to the Tampa Bay area in Florida (Clearwater, specifically), to co-host, with my wife, Barbara, a daily ninety-minute program on a brand-new Christian TV station. That "back problem" he refers to is probably the time, early in 1979, when I had to have a back operation, and did my part of the program from my hospital bed that week...that's gotta be a first, don'tcha think?
    By the way, during football season, Barb and I often attend the Sunday Cleveland Browns games in nearby Largo, FL, at the Green Parrot Lounge. They're a great group of former Cleveland area zanies who root home the Browns each week. Believe me, there is NOTHING like a Browns fan!
    Take care,
    Bob (Hoolihan) Wells
  • Show fan, hostorian and E-gorespondent Mike Acord (discussed on this site himself as live show host Lon Madnight), wrote the Scary Monsters feature article cited above, and comments:
    Chuck and the guys are great. after a number of "reality checks" while meeting celebrites in the past, it was a real delight to meet these guys I grew up watching and to find they were honestly happy to know they are remembered. The photos on the article were provided by Chuck who was very supportive and kind about the piece.
    I knew in 1965 that I wanted to grow up to be a horror host. I still chase that dream. And I always hold in my heart the memories of all the hosts I have been lucky enough to see: Hoolihan, Little John, The Ghoul ,Commander USA, Super Host, Ghoulardi, Sir Graves Ghastly, Frank and Drac, and on and on. But more than any of them I have to name Chuck Schodowski as the biggest influence. And after the years he has been in this game, I'm proud to cite him as the longest running horror host of all.
  • Cleveland fan "TJ" remembers:
    Hoolihan had a couple nicknames, "Hoolie," and "Hoolihan the Weather Man." Which he was for a while on the TV-8 news. He left Ohio .... I think .... because of back problems.
    (See Bob Wells' correction in first note above -- Ed.)
    That's when 'Lil John', who was already a regular, became co-host.
Hoolihan and Lil' John and Big Chuck

Top: Bob "Hoolihan" Wells, "Lil' John" Rinaldi and "Big Chuck" Schodowski, carrying on the Ghoulorious tradition in Cleveland.
Bottom: promotional postcard signed by all three at the 1st Ghoulardifest.
Click image for larger view.

Horror, Davey

(Tom Leahy and Lee Parsons / Jim Herring / John Salem)
See bio and images of The Host and Rodney — and hundreds of images of a host of other horrors — at the incredible Horror Host Gallery website, courtesy of video archaeologist Thomas Rudé!
Nightmare [with The Host and Rodney (Lee Parson)]
First on Friday (live) and Saturday (kinescope) after midnight; moved to Tuesday at 10:30 after several months
KAKE-TV (Wichita, Kansas)
January 31, 1958 - 1959
Name of show? (without Lee Parsons as Rodney)
Day? Time?
KWCH-TV Channel 12 (Wichita, Kansas)
mm/dd 1960 - mm/dd 196? (six months)
Name of show? (with Jim Herring as Rodney)
Day? Time?
KSNW (originally KARD-TV), Channel 3 (Wichita, Kansas)
Name of show?
Day? Time?
KSAS-FOX Kansas, Channel 24 (Wichita, Kansas)
1990 - 199?

Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 3, "Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," p. 28.

Magazine references:
  • The original Host and Rodney, with their alter-egos Tom Leahy and Lee Parsons, are pictured and briefly discussed in a two-page feature on midwestern horror hosts, "Underneath the Masks," in the December 6-12 issue of TV Guide, pp. 26-27.

  • Discussed, with cartoon likenesses in group drawing, in feature "Monster Mania '57" by Greg Theakston in issue #3 (March-April 1991) of Pure Images, pp. 2-11, 25-28.

  • Part one of feature "Tom Leahy - The Host is Back" by Jeff Kilian, with two pictures of The Host (one with Herring as Rodney) and a TV listing ad for the original show, in issue #5 of Scary Monsters (December 1992),

  • The Host appears with group of other horror hosts on cover painting by Terry Beatty, and by himself on back cover self-portrait, on issue #8 (September 1993) of Scary Monsters.

  • On Nightmare the same movie was shown both nights; the host segment was performed live on Friday and kinescoped for Saturday.

  • E-gorespondent Dan Sweet notes "The Host and Rodney put out a card set of pictures of them doing their act and the card backs were puzzle pieces that combined to make a picture of the Host."

  • Jennifer G sent e-mail about "Jim Herring on Rodney and the Host Wichita Kansas":
    Hi! This is my uncle who pased away years ago. I thought you would be interested in knowing that he moved away to L.A California where he became a camera man for NBC TV. He was very well known and soon earned himself three emmy awards, one of which is sitting on my mantle. He was a neat guy that everyone loved and is missed. He was very wacky and kept you on your toes!
    It was neat to see his name in print on the internet.
  • Tom Leahy's biography, issued as a news release when he was inducted into the Kansas Broadcasting Hall of Fame in October, 2001:
    Tom Leahy/Wichita – Kansas Broadcasting Hall of Fame
    Tom was born in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and moved to Wichita in 1941 as a teenager. He began his broadcast career at KFH Radio, doing a program through Wichita State University called, "This Week in History." Soon Tom’s television career was born when he was hired at KAKE TV as a booth announcer in the days before tape and carts were the norm. His big break came in 1957 when KAKE TV bought a horror movie package and asked Tom if he would like to host the weekly horror fest later named "Host & Rodney". In 1960, Leahy became promotion director of KWCH TV 12 and resurrected "Host & Rodney." The sophisticated "Host" would rise again on KSNW TV 3 in 1969 and again in 1990 on FOX 24. Another highlight of Leahy’s career was his starring role as Major Astro, a children’s show host. The show aired between cartoons for 11 years beginning in 1962 on KARD. Tom revived "Major" in 1985 on FOX Kansas and continued on for several more years. During Astro’s heydey, Tom’s alter-ego could also be found entertaining children in local hospitals during the holidays. Later, Tom diverted from TV life with a starring role in the Wichita film "King Kung Fu." The western-monster spoof allowed him to play up his astute impersonation of John Wayne. As a result, viewers still stop Tom on the street for an autograph and reminisce about watching him while growing up and comment that their children watched him in later years. Tom’s signature sign-off, "Happy orbits boys and girls," is as much a childhood memory to Kansans as sunflowers on the plains. Today, though 79 years old, listeners can still hear Tom’s baritone voice on radio commercials for Spangles Restaurants and other locally produced commercials.
Help E-gor picture this host!

If you have any sort
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this horror host
(particularly a photo),
PLEASE E-mail E-gor!

THE HOST (II), aka JOE ALSTON (died September 28, 1989)    (see also BOB BURNS and MISS SHOCK)
(Joe Alston)

See "Ahoy There Little Mateys!" — a wonderful webpage about Joe Alston's long stint as kid's show host "Captain Gus" (see a fan photo on the sidebar at right), created by the guy who played the Captain's sidekick, "First Mate Mortimer," Dennis DuPriest! The page includes some great pictures and memories of this show, reprints of two articles from the San Antonio Express-News, and "Mail from the Mateys," lots of feedback from old fans.

Shock Theater
Friday at midnight
KENS-TV, Channel 5 (San Antonio, Texas)
1959 - 1960 (?)
Five Star Shock
Friday night (?)
KENS-TV, Channel 5 (San Antonio, Texas)
19?? - 19??
Project Terror (voiceover only?)
Friday night (?)
KENS-TV, Channel 5 (San Antonio, Texas)
1960-1965 (?)

Book reference:

  • Monster Kid Memories by Bob Burns as told to Tom Weaver; foreward by Leonard Maltin, introduction by Joe Dante. Paperbound, Dinoship, Inc., 2003. ISBN: 0-9728585-2-0.
    Jacket blurb: "Behind-the-scenes, first-hand encounters with the men who made the classic movie monsters! More than 300 rare photos! Monster Kid Memories chronicles Bob Burns' role in science fiction and horror film history over the course of more than 50 years. Inside, read all about Bob and his friendships with legendary SF producer-director George Pal (The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine); Glenn Strange, last of Universal's classic Frankenstein Monsters; WIlliam Castle, king of the "gimmick" horror movies; makeup legend Jack Pierce; the men who made the Saturday matinee serials; Hollywood's greatest "Ape Man" Charlie Gemora, and many more!"

    (Not to mention a fascinating chapter on Bob and Kathy Burns' TV horror hosting stint with "The Host," Joe Alston! — E-gor.)

Magazine references:

  • Feature article "Horror Monsters introduces Bob Burns -- Horror is His Hobby!" with a picture of Joe Alston (and thirteen pictures of colleague Bob Burns) in issue #4 (1962) of Horror Monsters, pp. 31-38.

  • Discussed in article about Bob Burns, "Return of the Burn," in issue #15 (January 1962) of Famous Monsters of Filmland, pp. 24-27. Pictures of Burns and his wife but not Joe Alston. See BOB BURNS.


  • Joe Alston, like most of the horror hosts of his generation, was the Jack of all trades at his station, hosting movies, doing live commercials and every sort of announcing, and starring in an afternoon kid's program called "The Captain Gus Show" which ran for many years (1953 through 1979). See the web link at the top of this entry for great details about this show.

  • Over the years Joe Alston hosted horrors at KENS, the show title changed from Shock Theater (aka Shock!) to Five Star Shock and Project Terror, and his hosting duties ranged from live on-camera skits to off-screen voiceover intros. If anybody can help pin down the specific dates and more details on any of these shows, please e-mail E-gor!

  • Legendary make-up artist, "gorilla-man" and collector BOB BURNS and his wife Kathy (see MISS SHOCK) appeared in a wide variety of monstrous characterizations on Joe Alston's Shock Theater show in 1959-60, when Bob was drafted into the Army and ended up making ghastly medical training aids at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

    When Bob and Kathy discovered KENS-TV's Shock Theater, they offered to assist with a different monster every week, tied in with the movie being shown, if the station would pay for the supplies they needed to do the job. KENS agreed, ratings went up, and Bob and Kathy had a ball inventing spooky skits and playing assorted monsters for the duration of Bob's Army hitch. Bob's characters included mad doctors and lab assistants and the victims of their crazed experiments, a village idiot, the Frankenstein monster, a wolf man, and one of his best known characters, the Mad Mummy; Kathy played the Bride of Frankenstein, the Weird Woman, hideous hags, witches and various other female fiends including her infamous "Miss Shock."

  • When legendary movie producer/director William Castle came to San Antonio in 1959 to promote his latest film, The Tingler, Joe Alston and Bob and Kathy Burns were involved with the ballyhoo. Bob and Kathy met Castle at the airport in full werewolf and Miss Shock regalia to present him with a Skeleton Key to the City made out of human bones from Medical Supply!

    Castle enjoyed the stunt, and participated in a KENS Shock! "Mystery Photo" contest during his stay in the city. Wearing a Don Post (Glenn Strange as ) Frankenstein mask, Castle was photographed and filmed attacking Joe Alston with a cane, and shown on ads and flyers reading "Identify This Man in the Frankenstein Mask — Win a $25.00 Savings Bond." At the end of a week of TV commercials and newspaper ads, "Frankenstein" was shown taking off the mask to reveal the King of Gimmicks, still unsurpassed for goofy promotional effects like rigging theater chairs to give the audience a shocking surprise during The Tingler.

  • The Burnses later contributed to Joe's Captain Gus show even after they left Texas:
    When I returned from the army in 1960 Kathy and I went to Marineland and shot some 16mm footage of whales for Joe to use on his Captain Gus show. I heard that he used it over and over. I have a card that he used to send out as Captain Gus. I'll be glad to send you a scan of it if you'd like it.
    See the sidebar for a picture of the Captain; click on it to see the complete fan card!

  • According to one of the newspaper articles reprinted on the "Captain Gus" webpage linked above, Joe Alston appeared in bit parts in a few movies, including For Whom the Bell Tolls, the classic "film noir" T-Men, and West Point of the Air (about the early pilot-training program at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, filmed on location. The Internet Movie Database doesn't appear to include Alston's film credits.

Portrait of The Host, Joe Alston

The Host, Joe Alston, with his mad lab assistant Bob Burns

Joe Alston as Captain Gus

Photos of "The Host" and "Captain Gus" courtesy of Bob Burns. Click for larger views.
Top: "This was his original look wearing a mustache and goatee. He only wore this look for the first two shows and then just wore the homberg hat and cape from then on."
Middle: Joe Alston and his mad lab assistant Bob Burns.
Bottom: Joe Alston as kid's program host on "The Captain Gus Show."

Howard Meagle
(see MR. SLIME)

(Barry McAlister)

Check out the cool (frames) tribute page to Humphrey the Hunchback — along with pages for several other notable Music City hosts — in the "Nashville Vault of Horror Hosts" subsite of Dr. Gangrene's Web-Lab! It includes comments about the show from Humphrey himself!

The WNAB Saturday Night Horror Movie (later called Frightmare Theater)
Saturday night at 10:00 (opposite Saturday Night Live
WNAB, Channel 58 (Nashville, Tennessee)


  • From Barry McAlister's comments on the webpage noted above:
    I did my show for about two years before they decided to stop doing any local production at all! The station put the word out that they were looking for someone to be host. At the time I had a manager for my acting endeavers and she knew right away the opportunity was for me! I had created the character of Humphrey for a KT Oslin video a few years earlier and I am an Improvisational comedian. So I shot a tape at Two Rivers Mansion and got the gig!
  • (Again from Dr. Gangrene's Humphrey the Hunchback page): movies Humphrey hosted included C.H.U.D., Jason Goes to Hell, Piranha, and Halloween II.

hunchback, Claude the

Hunchback, Humphrey the

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