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Acri, Chuck

Acula, Dr.
(see DR. ACULA)

(Adam Keefe; died November 10, 1994)

See Adam Keefe's Internet Movie Database credits.

Fright Night Theatre
Friday night
WKBW-TV, Channel 7 (Buffalo, New York)
1963-1969 (?)

  • Allan Kasprzak kicked off this entry with memories and a request for more information:
    Do you remember or have any info on an Adam Keefe who played host to the Fright Night feature on WKBW-TV, Channel 7, in Buffalo, NY? Keefe played a vampire who, of course, would go about his bad vampire acting and introduce the movie which was always showed with one chapter of Flash Gordon or Buck Rodgers.

    Keefe was infamous for either showing a great old Universal Movie (Dracula, Frankenstein, et al) or showing one of the many Mexican wrestlers versus monster movies (which I loved).

    The only thing that I remember was that he left Buffalo for New York City to do commercials for a brand of toothpaste. Any info on him would be great. Thanks for any assistance.
  • Television horror hosts are discussed, along with hundreds of other topics, in the discussion forums of the Classic Horror Film Board. The following big and little bits of information were extracted from comments about Adam Keefe in these forums.

    CHFB member Catmandu7 remembered:
    Channel 7 had a Fright Night double bill emanating from WKBW, Buffalo, New York. The host was Adam Keefe, and he had as a straight man, the Frankenstein Monster wax figure from the Tussaud's Museum in Niagara Falls, Canada. I always wondered how they kept the statue from melting. That ran, I think, from 1963 to 1969, and they showed all the Universals and a lot of the B horror classics. What I wouldn't give to see that again.
    Board member HalLane provided great additional details:
    Fright Night was hosted by the great Adam Keefe in the early 60's. He later did his Bela Lugosi impression on a then-popular commercial for then-popular men's hairspray ("De Dry Look....from.....Gillll....ette!"). He also alternated on Fright Night with his Boris Karloff impression, and played against a Frankenstein mannequin; there's a famous kinescope at Ch. 7 of Frankie with an enema bag around his neck. The show opened with a graphic of a haunted house accompanied by the One Step Beyond theme; they showed an 'A' film (one of the classic Universals) followed by The Late Late Show with a 'B' film (AIP or some other 50's thing). Just a short stretch up the road in Toronto, the birthplace of SCTV, I'm firmly convinced that he influenced the creation of the subsequent COUNT FLOYD as played by Joe Flaherty (almost exactly the same).
  • When I sent e-mail to Catmandu7 and HalLane asking them for permission to reprint their CHFB comments, they both responded immediately. Catmandu commented:
    When I watched Channel 7, late at night it was against my Dad's wishes as he thought I was horror film obsessed. I know Mr. Keefe was in Jay Ward's Nutt House pilot, and I talked to some friends and they remember Adam cracking ghoulish jokes like Raymond, the host of (the radio show) Lights Out, and (the comic strip host in Warren magazines) Uncle Creepy.
    I remember him using the monster dummy as a foil; apparently it was a mock up, not the wax dummy. The show would start with creepy music, screams and the Fright Night title card. I found a TV Guide from 1970, and the show was on, but not in 1971. A letter and emails asking about Fright Night to WKBW have not been answered. I wish I could remember more.
    HalLane replied:
    Only too glad to help you out with my two cents worth. After posting that little bit on CHFB last year, I got a private mail from a fellow who was doing a documentary or tribute of some sort on Adam Keefe. I think I mentioned the kinescope outtake from Channel 7 to him, and I know he said he contacted them for more info. I'm not sure if I mentioned to him that the guys who host the local Off Beat Cinema specifically designed the program as a tribute to the Fright Night glory days, complete with black and white photography and the whole '60s beatnik vibe. The show has been going on for more than a decade, and is still in production here, and I wonder if those guys remember more about Keefe (the main host, local comedian "Airborne" Eddie Dobiewicz, is certainly old enough to remember). As a matter of fact, as 90% of what they show these days is old monster movies, I wonder if they (beatniks Maxwell Truth, Bird and Zelda) qualify as "Horror Hosts"?
  • Adam Keefe appeared in a number of television shows and a few movies. To see his career credits, see the Internet Movie Database link above.

Adam Keefe, host of Fright Night Theatre in Buffalo NY

Adam Keefe, host of Fright Night Theatre in Buffalo, is shown here in a shot from a Sony Betamax TV commercial reproduced in Famous Monsters #133 (April 1977). Scan courtesy of Hal Lane.

Click on the image for a larger view of the entire FM scan.

(Robert Hersh; died April 30, 2006: see obituary)

Visit Milwaukee Hosts of Horror, an incredibly comprehensive website maintained by supreme horror hostorian Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, for great information and pictures of The Advisor and other hosts from that area.

Friday night at 11:30
WITI, Channel 6 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
August 22, 1958 - March 27, 1959
Double Shock
Saturday night at 9:30
WITI, Channel 6 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
August 23, 1958 - March 28, 1959
The Advisor's Mystery Theater
Friday night at 9:30
July 24, 1959 - December 18, 1959
Saturday night at 9:30
July 25, 1959 - December 19, 1959
WXIX, Channel 18 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Friday night at 10:05
December 25, 1959 - January 29, 1960
Saturday night after the 10:00 p.m. news
December 26, 1959 - January 30, 1960
WXIX, Channel 18 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Magazine references:

  • Shows discussed in depth, and Bob Hersh interviewed, in boodacious feature article, "A Consultation with 'The Advisor,'" by Milwaukee hostorian/webmonster Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, in issue #36 (September 2000) of Scary Monsters magazine, p. 82-87. Included are a number of advertisements for Shock, Double Shock and The Advisor's Mystery Theater, as well as photos of Hersh in his incarnations as "The Advisor."

  • Fabulous feature article by tireless shockaeologist Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, "How Television Horror Came to Town, Milwaukee's First Horror Host, The Advisor!" in issue #29 (December 1998) of Scary Monsters magazine, pp. 76-79. Illustrations include numerous advertisements, photo, and a "horror club" membership card.

  • Additional promotional club cards found in "The Advisor" Scarebook Pages in issue #30 (March 1999) of Scary Monsters magazine, pp. 76-77. In the lower right hand corner of page 75 of the same issue is an original advertisement for Shock and Double Shock.


  • Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, who wrote a terrific article on the same station's later host, Dr. Cadaverino (see entry) in Scary Monsters #20, researched Milwaukee's very first horror host and dug up lots of info which he generously shared here before publishing his findings in Scary Monsters (see magazine references above) and on his own incredible Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website:
    Milwaukee's first horror host was "The Advisor" (occasionally spelled Adviser), "Your Monster of Ceremonies." These shows (Shock and Double Shock) replaced Haunted which began running in January of 1958. In August of 1958, the station (The "-ITI" stood for the name of the company, "Independent Television, Inc.") was sold to the Storer Broadcasting Co., who promised to build up the station's programming. The station then purchased the "Shock" package, while keeping its own movie library.
    The show went off-the-air when CBS (which owned the only UHF station in town, WXIX, shifted to WITI-TV. (The -XIX came from the fact that it was originally channel 19, until interference problems caused the FCC to switch the frequencies of UHF stations in Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. At that time, WXIX shifted to Channel 18. The Storer purchase was most likely in anticipation of this move.) WXIX went off-the-air for a time. WXIX went back on-the-air as an independent UHF station on Monday, 7/20/1959. Hersh went back on-the-air as "The Adviser" (note spelling), but rather than horror movies, showed mysteries. The Adviser's Mystery Theater ran Saturday nights at 9:30 from 7/25/1959 thru 12/19/1959. After 12/19/1959 it was listed as Mystery Theater and later as the Eighteen Million Dollar Mystery. I have to assume that Hersh left the program.
    The Advisor's sidekick was a pet monkey named Sancho whose real name was Doodles.
  • On a televised 1976 interview with legendary horror host Zacherley, TV talk show host Tom Snyder said he worked with Bob Hersh, helping to write the shows at a time when he was young and out of work.

  • Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski sent this very sad news in May, 2006:
    Bob Hersh 1933-2006

    Bob Hersh, aka "The Advisor," passed away on Sunday, April 30, 2006.

    Bob played the character first on WITI-TV from August of 1958 through March of 1959. He had been an actor in the area for many years when he was asked to host Shock and Double Shock. He moved to newly independent WXIX (Ch. 18) where he hosted The Advisor’s Mystery Theater from July of 1959 through January of 1960.

    Bob later built a successful law practice in the area.

    I was privileged to know Bob. Six years ago I interviewed him for an article. It was the first time he had spoken about his TV character in many, many years.

    Dan Guenzel, Dave Bruess, Jim Feeley, Mike Stauff and I shot some footage of Bob reprising his role in January of 2004. ' We also shot an interview with him. Although a successful attorney, Bob still loved to discuss his acting days. More than once a tear would come to his eye in a pre-production meeting. When he heard Dan and I talking about Darlyne Berg (Haertlein), he inquired if it was the same gal who had appeared in a play with him. It tuned out it was!

    During the closing of the interview segment we shot, Bob emotionally confessed that while doing live TV was nerve racking, the preparation and writing provided him with the most creative time of his life.

    We had some problems during our 2004 shoot, and had scheduled Bob to re-shoot the whole thing in early February of this year. He called me early in the evening the night before we were to do so, confessed that he wasn’t feeling well, and said that he had to cancel. He was scheduled to take his semi-annual trip to California in a week or so, and suggested that we reschedule things for his return this month. I was just thinking about that this week.

    Bob was a wonderful, warm human being. He threw himself into planning for our shoots. He reviewed and suggested changes to the shooting script, and admitted that, "once a ham; always a ham"! You could see a gleam in his eye as he worked.

    We’ll never be able to redo that footage now, but I’m happy that we were able to get him on videotape.

    Rest in peace Bob! You touched so many people in your lifetime.


Bob Hersh as the Advisor

The late-great Bob Hersh as The Advisor, first-generation horror host on stations WITI and WXIX in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Photo courtesy of Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski and his Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website.

(Bob Hinton)

Visit A. Ghastlee Ghoul's Home Page.

See See Ghastlee's profile page at HORRORHOSTS.com, the official site for the Horror Host Underground (HHU).

Peruse "The Very Important Writings of A. Ghastlee Ghoul on the HHU Website Rants page — an archive of the regular column Ghastlee writes for the Gallows page on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature, the Weekly Web Program!

Listen to Ghastlee's weekly Saturday night radio show, "Splattertude Radio," online at http://myspace.com/splattertuderadio and http://myspace.com/horrorhostradio.

See Bob Hinton's Internet Movie Database entry.

The Ghastlee Movie Show
Friday late night, midnight - 2:00 am
DATV, Time Warner Cable Channel 20 (Dayton, Ohio)
Halloween 1988 - present

Ghastlee and the Horror Host Underground
(co-sponsored by Bob Hinton and Henrique Couto)
Friday late night, 2:00 - 4:00 am
DATV, Time Warner Cable Channel 20 (Dayton, Ohio)
August 2001 - present


  • A. Ghastlee Ghoul sent the e-mail below before I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the Monsterburgh horrorshow in Pittsburgh. He's a very cool, very funny character. Here's his original note, with my most humble apologies for posting this entry so (re)tardily:
    I'm A. Ghastlee Ghoul (aka, Bob Hinton) from Dayton, Ohio. I've been doing The Ghastlee Movie Show here for 14 years, and would love to be listed on your site if possible.
  • Ghastlee says he was inspired by three "illegitimate stepdaddys": Dr. Creep (Barry Hobart) from Dayton, the late-great Cool Ghoul (Dick Von Hoene) from Cincinnati, and Baron Von Wofstein (Tim Herron) from Indianapolis.

  • Ghastlee's show started out as a sketch on the Dayton cable access comedy series The Underground Sideshow that Bob Hinton and other talented local comics did in 1986.

  • Bob Hinton is one of the four co-founders of the national self-syndication and promotional network called The Horror Host Underground (HHU), with C.W. Prather (producer of The Spooky Movie with Dr. Sarcofiguy) and two other current horror hosts, Evan Davis (Halloween Jack) and Larry Underwood (Dr. Gangrene).

  • Ghastlee's show is famous for "pushing the envelope," but he received the most complaints (so far) for the one in which he just stared at the camera for a full half-hour, which some viewers found downright diabolical!

  • A. Ghastlee Ghoul married his girlfriend and show partner, SUSPIRA, in a monstrous ceremony at the October 2003 Cinema Wasteland convention — the World's first Horror Host Wedding!
    Read about it (and see pictures) on Ghastlee's Website!
    Read an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) account of the wedding, the Cinema Wasteland show, and the HHU in general, in an article by C. W. Prather, reprinted from Scary Monsters magazine #49 (January 2004) and posted in the HHU Website Archives.

  • A. Ghastlee Ghoul hosts Ghastlee's Scary Camp, "The Monster Movie and Memorabilia Weekend" in Dayton, Ohio, a show attended by many other current TV horror hosts! The first scary camporee was held on May 28-30, 2004; watch Ghastlee's Website for news about the next one.

  • Ghastlee directed a movie! Here's his (adapted) announcement of the completed film from the HHU Website News page:
    After nearly a year of work, A. Ghastlee Ghoul's monsterpiece, a film called Joe Nosferatu: Homeless Vampire, has been released! Tim Herron, aka horror host Baron von Wolfstein, has brought to "life" the pathetic blue bloodsucker in a way that is funny, punny, and full of pathos — and the cast did a beautiful job improvising scenes with him, with very little direction). The Bone Jangler & Nocturna, Ken Kish, Suspira, Butch R. & Joan E. Cleaver (actually one of her puppetry creations: Patches the Puppy), Count Gore DeVol, Miss Scarlett (from The Patient Creatures), Leanna Chamish, Remo D. and his progeny Cameron and Rebecca, Dr. Freak, Dr. Creep and others did a fantastic job winging funny little scenes with Joe to make our "Dracumentary" happen. Curtis "CW" Prather lends a hilarious bit of voice talent, and my sidekick Jeff McClellan and I appear as the director and financeer, Honey Diptwat and J.R. Kiltsport. I can best describe it as a comedy that looks and sounds scary; sort of Rob Zombie meets Woody Allen — without a budget! We'll have it for sale on dvd through www.ghastlee.com soon.
  • A. Ghastlee Ghoul's cable markets currently include Dayton, Ohio (his home channel), Northern Virginia (Night Fright), Greensboro, North Carolina (Shock Block), Jackson, New Jersey (Horror Host Underground) and Aurora, Illinois (Horror Host Underground).

  • Ghastlee's most recent e-mail (January 18, 2008) provided this update on his activities:
    Good to hear from ya! Keeping busy here too. Into our 19th year of the TV show, we've got our band going, and doing a weekly online radio show now on Saturday nights too. Count Gore, Dug Graves, Uncle Roy Hoggins and Ormon Grimsby do shows on there too.
    (See links above -- E-gor.)


A. Ghastlee Ghoul, host of The Ghastlee Movie Show in Dayton OH

A. Ghastlee Ghoul, host of The Ghastlee Movie Show in Dayton, Ohio, and one of the founding fathers of the Horror Host Underground!
Click image to see the autographed photo it was cropped from.

A Go-Go, Ghoul

("John Leary," played by Danny DeVito)
Midnight Shriek
Fictional horror host in 1993 drama/comedy film Jack the Bear, starring Danny DeVito as a television performer trying to raise two sons in the early 70's after the tragic death of his wife.
Late night (weekends?)
KCFG, Channel 3 (Oakland, California)
  • Al Gory specialized in ghastly black humor and tasteless stunts, much to the chagrin of his producer.
  • John Leary's costume for the character included pasty white makeup, false (werewolf?) teeth, and a 40's-style hat. One supporting character, also played by John Leary, was "Psycho Ward Cleaver," whose forte was self-inflicting head wounds.
  • Movies shown (clips from most used in film) included: Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Fly, Them, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

(Alec Gibson?)
Name of show?
Late night
WTVJ, Channel 4 (now Channel 6) (Miami, Florida)
195? - 195?
Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
mentioned in Ch. 3, "Invasion of the Ghost Hosts," pp. 23.
  • Replaced in late '50's by CHUCK ZINK.

(Real names = ?)

Shock Theater (?)
Friday night
WKBN-TV, Channel 27 (Youngstown, Ohio)
195? - 196?

Magazine reference:
  • These hosts were pictured (but not named) in the "Fang Mail" letters column of Famous Monsters of Filmland #15 (January 1962), p. 4. Click the sidebar image to see a scan of the entire photo and caption as they were printed in FM, and see the NOTE below to read the complete text of the caption.


  • As noted above, the photo of Alexander and Troggy linked to the sidebar image was published (but not identified by name) in the letters column of Famous Monsters of Filmland #15. The caption of the photo read:
    TROYAN TEACAU JR. & TOM CARUSO have povided us with the above foto of their local TV Shock Theater host and his "pet" troglodyte. Troy, who lives (.... in) Youngstown, Ohio, is anxious to acquire pix of the Shock hosts of other cities. So, for that matter, are we. Can any of you help us out?
    (E-gor echoes Forry Ackerman's request for any & all information about YOUR "cool ghoul"! If you can help, please e-mail E-gor!)

  • Jessica Hunter sent a brief but extremely helpful note that put a name to those fiendly faces in Famous Monsters! :
    Greetings. I am very interested if anyone in this world remembers a show hosted by Alexander and Troggy on WKBN Youngstown,Ohio Friday nights probably in the 50's?? .... Thanks in advance.
  • According to Elena Watson's book Television Horror Movie Hosts, the original host of Shock at WKBN was DAVID ALLEN, "a floating head surrounded by a sea of mist."

Alexander and Troggy, horror hosts in Youngstown, Ohio

Early Ohio horror hosts Alexander and Troggy, as pictured in Famous Monsters #15.
Click image for a larger view of the complete photo and caption scanned from that issue of FM.

(Al Gutowski)

Read about Alexander on the "Green Bay Hosts" page at Dick Nitelinger's Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website.

Eerie Street
Friday after midnight (occasional double features starting at 10:30 p.m. Friday evening)
WBAY-TV, Channel 2 (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
September 17, 1971 - November 30, 1973

Magazine reference:

  • I, E-gor, am very grateful for the initial information about this host contributed by E-gorespondent Mark Ewing (and sincerely sorry to have taken so long to post it!):
    I live in Michigan, and in the mid-70's, we would get air waves from Milwaukee, WI. You have documented Dr. Cadaverino very well, but there was another guy, "Alexander," kind of a soft-spoken (with heavy echo) guy with a thin black beard. He appeared in a vampire cape, and provided corny comments and such. He wasn't "over the top" like most of them, he had a civilized and urbane persona. I wish I could tell you more, its hard to remember the facts, but maybe if you put something down, others may chime in and fill in the pieces.
  • Shockaeological details about Alexander were contributed by Dick (Nitelinger) Golembiewski, tireless hostorian and webmonster of the frighteningly fabulous Milwaukee Hosts of Horror website, who now has a "Green Bay Hosts" page on the site, and who wrote the Scary Monsters feature on Alexander, both noted above.

Allen, David *

Alston, Joe

Alu Card, Count

(David Weber)
Meadowlands Showcase Presents
Day? Time?
Public Access TV (Lodi, New Jersey)
Late 80's

  • Movie effects & makeup wizard Rodd Matsui initiated this entry with the following e-mail RE: "An Unknown Horror Host For You!" —
    I love providing a scoop (don't we all?) so here's one for you: "ANGUS" was on in the late 80's — I have seen, and have on tape, as a matter of fact, only a small portion of one of his shows, and that's all I'm working from.
    But the show was called Meadowlands Showcase Presents, and "Angus&quto; (played by David Weber) was this long-haired pale fellow sitting on a creepy set doing ghoulishly silly comedy bits.
    Perhaps it seems better than it is because it's so rare... I have found absolutely no listing on Angus anywhere on the Net — nada, zilch! But based on what I've seen, this guy had what it takes. The show may even have been popular for a short while...
    My tape is in very bad shape but I've digitized it so the sound has been preserved, and here are some still images, and that may do for the moment.
    Horror hosts have always been fascinating to me and I enjoy the experience of adding my data to the research pool. Enjoy!

    (Click the links on the sidebar for the images and audio of Angus provided by Rodd Matsui!)

David Weber as Angus

Meadowlands Showcase Presents Angus, played by David Weber. Video framegrab courtesy of Rodd Matsui. Click the image for more of Rod's framegrabs!

Download a brief MP3 audio file from Angus' show, courtesy of Rodd Matsui.


(Wayne Thomas)
Arach and his friend Nid
Day? Time?
KHJ-TV (now KCAL), Channel 9 (Los Angeles, California)
c. 1973? (only two shows?!)
  • E-gorespondent Kathy (Pughugr@aol.com) grew up in Los Angeles and remembers Seymour ("the very BEST!!!!"), Grimsley (see his NOTES), Moona Lisa, and this new entry: "Arach (he dressed as a giant spider, and had an off-camera friend named NID)."
  • West coast host fan Mike Shawn provides a little more detail: "The announcer for the old Fright Night was dressed up in a spider costume and hosted a show called "Arach and his friend Nid" -- you guessed it, a fly. They made lots of jokes about the station owners smoking dope and the show was pulled after two spots."

Armstrong, Shock

(Cyrus Newitt)

See the Official ASHLEY GHASTLY Phantom Phan Club Membership Card: front | back (with autograph!), courtesy of Robert Everett.

See Cyrus Newitt's Internet Movie Database entry.

Scream Theater
Saturday at midnight
WCSC-TV, Channel 5 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Late 1970's - early 1980's?


  • Larry Creasy contributed the initial information for this entry, with the following details:
    I am thrilled that you have an interest in Ashley Ghastly. ....A couple of years ago, I myself did some research, and it will now just be a matter of picking up where I left off. The people working at Channel 5 are very genial, so I will revisit the studio and see if they can help me unearth anything from their archives.
    The host was Cy Newitt. If I can successfully contact him, he may very likely be able to contribute a wealth of memorablia from the show. As for my own memories of the show —

    • Ashley wore a top hat and had vampiric make-up.

    • He also had a side-kick named Reginald which was a large floating bat that also wore a top hat!

    • There was also a huge spider that made appearances from time to time, but I can't remember his name; although I do recall that he was a very elaborate puppet of great size.

    • Ashley showed all kinds of horror movies. Anything that was allowed to be shown on public television.

    • Every Halloween he would run a classics marathon, and run the old Universal titles.

    Anyway, I'll get on this and see what I can find. I'm genuinely glad to have an outlet for the research.
  • Here's a great peek behind the scenes from the show's producer!:
    Funny to find this tid bit about Ashley Ghastly on line. I'm Eve Olasov, producer at Channel Five back in the 70's and 80's. I actually wrote (if you can call it that) the script for Reginald the Bat, Ashley Ghastly, and the gang.
    As I recall I would off the cuff simply write in magic marker directly onto the long rolls of paper the entire show straight from my brain to the teleprompter.
    The joke of the week was generally pulled from the corniest material I could find - usually an old issue of Reader's Digest.
    This show was fun, corny, and more corny. Impromptu fun at a televsion station. Something you're not likely to find anymore. I suppose these were the end of the golden period of TV. At the time we thought those days were long gone but now looking back I realize those indeed were the tail end of an era of golden days.
    Cyrus is now in New York still acting.
    I'm still in Charleston SC selling high end luxury real estate. I left Channel Five in 1988 and very rarely look back or think of those days.
    Thank you for jogging my memory.
    Eve Olasov
    Charleston SC
  • Here's some E-gorespondence and some terrific mementos of Ashley Ghastly from his fan Robert Everett:
    Fangs for your efforts extended in constructing such a wonderful Horror Hosts site. My young mind was forever colored by one, Ashley Ghastly, when growing up in Summerville, SC outside of Charleston. When Ashley lit the screen I held séance with him through the flickering luminance of the TV and the surrounding room curtained in dark. I have attached scans of the front and back of my Official ASHLEY GHASTLY Phantom Phan Club Membership Card. I would be honored if you would be so kind as to add them under his profile. If Ashley is still among us I would relish the opportunity to thank him for the impact he had as an inimitable character in adding some deliciously ghoulish flavor to this individual's life. A Phantom Phan Forever — "I Love It!" ... echoes through eternal night.
    This name runs black...
    Robert Everett
    Ashley Ghastly (Cyrus Newitt) left his mark on me. It remains most apparent in the way I walk this Earth and I wear that mark proudly. And... as long as persons of our ilk live, these gloriously maleficent agents of the black flame will never go the way of being forgotten.
    Thanks to my Mother, what very well may be the only surviving photos of Ashley have been saved from the fate of oblivion. These images were discovered in an old photo album. That is me on top, and below is my Brother, Eric, doing his damnedest to edge the unknown woman out of the shot.
    (See note from Carol Phillips below for her identity — E-gor!)
    Reginald the Bat came along for a ride perched, albeit rather precariously, atop Ashley's top hat. These were taken in Summerville, SC, at a Burger King that, to the best of my knowledge, still stands today. In the halls of time I remain where it is now quite dark...
    Robert Everett
    Charlotte, NC
  • Another old fan of the show writes from Atlanta:
    This is about ASHLEY GHASTLY of Scream Theater in Charleston, SC from late 70's through early 80's. I watched his show like religion and was even on it as his cousin "Shalob" visiting from the old country once! Cy was a great, funny, nice guy that I met on a few occasions at public appearences. That is where he asked me once if I wanted to come on the show since he had already shown pictures on TV I had sent him of me crawling out of the grave for a gag. He also did the weather there at channel 5 for a time before and afterwards. I always dreamed of returning to Charleston and picking up the gauntlet where he left off.
    Merrick M
  • Art Barton adds:
    In reference to Ashley Ghastly (Channel 5, Charleston, SC in the late 70s), the spider that he had on his show was named DISCO. Appropriately horrible name.

    Ashley showed a lot of the typical "B" movies. One night as he started the program, he said something like this -- "We have a different type of show for you tonight -- we actually have -- a GOOD movie!" (It was Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the 50s.)
    (E-gorespondent "kjvbart" also remembered Disco's name — E-gor.)

  • Another person who helped Ashley on the show contributed these memories with a couple of e-mails in July 2007! First note:
    Well, thanks for bringing back those memories. I'm Carol Phillips, and I played Swamp Woman for a time on Scream Theatre in the early 80s. The giant purple spider was named Disco, and he was created by Dave Frederick, a WCSC staffer who was also a puppeteer ... Dave made Reginald the Bat as well.

    Eve Olasov's recollections were right on the mark: the show was impromptu and taped on Tuesday afternoons generally. We had a great deal of fun. I was a staffer at WCSC-TV who for some reason was pressed into service clapping the "slate" at the front of the show. Ashley (Cy) called me Slate Woman, and one day he couldn't think of it, so it became Swamp Woman. I wore an Australian bushwhacker hat and was basically a very second banana to Cy's amazing extemporaneous talent. Each week Ashley Ghastly "punted" a stuffed animal, and it was my job to visit a local toy store and borrow the critter of the week. I recall that once we brought a live tarantula to the studio, and only one grip would touch it ... lol. Those were the good old days, and I had a great deal of fun reading your site. Thanks so much.
    Carol Phillips Blue, MCC
    Second note:
    After sending the previous email, I looked at Robert Everett's two fan photos of Ashley. The "unknown woman" in the center was Swamp Woman ... a much younger me ... lol.
Cyrus Newitt as Ashley Ghastly

Cyrus Newitt as Ashley Ghastly, host of Scream Theater in Charleston SC. Image from his fan club card; for a full view of the card front and back, see the links at left.
Click the image above to see two vintage snapshots of Ashley Ghastly, courtesy of Robert Everett!

(Frank Sheridan)

Watch a 1969 commercial about this show on You Tube! — "from the archives deep below the Chateau Noir, the Host of KEMO-TV's Shock Theatre returns for a brief visit."

Shock Theater later retitled Shock-It-To-Me Theater
Double-Headed Theater
Saturday at 7:00 - 10:30 pm
KEMO-TV (now KOFY-TV), Channel 20 (San Francisco, California)
Late '60's - 1970?


  • David Laustsen, former Promotion Manager at KEMO-TV (!), notes:
    Asmodeus on KEMO-TV in San Francisco was played by Frank Sheridan. I will see if I can get a still shot or two of the show for your page.
  • René White, who also worked at the station in the good old days, sent more details — and a great photo of Asmodeus! :
    I was a director on KEMO-TV's Shock Theater just prior to the end of the show, and I'm sending along a production photo of Asmodeus seated on the set, attended by his man-servant Achmed.
    As others have mentioned, BOB WILKINS and Creature Features on KTVU-TV played head-to-head and was our undoing (this was in 1970, when there was little if any cable penetration and a UHF could never match a VHF station in audience/ad dollars).
    Frank Sheridan was an audio operator and booth announcer at KEMO-TV for the 3 years it was on the air as an Overmyer station. At last report, Frank was alive and well, retired in Hawaii.
  • E-gorespondent Doug Jones remembers these details:
    He came on Saturday nights and wore a very dressy tuxedo with crazy sunglasses.... He was interviewed by John Stanley for the Pink (entertainment section of the Sunday) Chronicle.
    In addition to being a horror host, he had been a child actor who said his early career consisted of bullying and getting whipped by Jackie Cooper!
    He used some of my art on the show, a sketch I did of the three-headed old testament demon Asmodeus.
  • Another horror host was a fan of Asmodeus! DOKTOR GOULFINGER remembers:
    Asmodeus held court on Shock-It-To-Me Theater. Asmodeus actually pre-dates Wilkins' Creature Features. He was a cultured Sebastian Cabot type who introduced films from Castle Black. His host segments were short, and never featured any guests that I can recall. He was eventually replaced by some guy in a fright wig, with a much more agressive schtick. Can't recall his name, but I believe he was a coffin dweller. He made liberal use of strobe lights and solorized video effects.
    According to an interview Wilkins did in the first issue of Planet X magazine, Asmodeus came creeping over to KTVU, trying to talk his way into the Creature Features slot.
    Shock-It-To-Me Theater seemed to have the Universal library, and it was there that I first saw many of the early Frankenstein and Dracula films. They also showed more rare material, like Night Monster. This was also where I first saw Carnival of Souls — quite a mind-blower for a wide-eyed little kid.
    (NOTE from E-gor: Doktor Goulfinger also discovered the You Tube clip noted above:
    Someone just posted a 1969 commercial for Shock It To Me on You Tube! This is the first I've ever seen of Asmodeus in color!!!
  • August Ragone, who was an advisor and "semi-frequent guest" on Bob WIlkins' Creature Features, notes that Wilkins' show killed competing hosts in the market:
    In the first season, we lost the local "Asmodeus" on KEMO TV-20's Double-Headed Feature (which started in the late '60s).
Frank Sheridan as Asmodeus

Frank Sheridan as Asmodeus, host of Shock-It-To-Me Theater, KEMO-TV, San Francisco, CA.
Click image for a larger view of entire set (photo courtesy of René White).

(Jeff Gibson)

Shock Theatre
Saturday night at 11:30
WPTA-TV, Channel 21 (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
Early 70's
Saturday night at 1:00 a.m.; Friday night at 12:30 (briefly)
WUHQ-TV (now WOTV), Channel 41 (Battle Creek, Michigan)
c. 1979 - 1983

Magazine reference:
  • Mentioned in letter from Joseph Meeks in issue #10 (March 1994) of Scary Monsters, p. 7.


  • According to Joseph Meek's letter cited above, Asmodius played a pipe organ, had black paint under his eyes and wore a sparkling red jacket. "He looked like a fat Beetlejuice."

  • Ed. R. supplies his real name:
    Hey... the guy who played Asmodeus on Shock Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the 70's was Jeff Gibson.... i knew him.
  • E-gorespondent Tod says:
    I remember Shock Theatre being on TV-41 as early as 1979 and ending in 1983. It was on Saturday night at 1a.m. after the ABC Saturday night movie. It was also on Friday night at 12:30 a.m. for a brief period. It was taken off the air, but revived a couple different times. Haven't seen it since '84 or '85.
  • In October 2005, Terry O'Brien sent some details about Asmodius' off-hours:
    For your Asmodius listing, you may want to mention that his day job at one time was a teacher at the local Catholic high school, and he also played Dracula in a campus production of the play in 1978.
Atomic, Dr.
(see DR. ATOMIC)

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