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Fearword, Creepy Credits and Skeleton Key

Credit Where Credit is Grue

This site is dedicated to all television horror hosts, great, not-so-great, living, dead, living-dead, whatever they are -- and to the memory of Elena M. Watson, whose pioneering history of this ghoulishly gleeful American tradition inspired these pages.

Many of the names of the TV horror hosts listed on this site are flagged with asterisks. This means that these hosts are discussed (some in separate chapters, some just mentioned, as noted), in Elena M. Watson's groundbreaking book:

Television Horror Movie Hosts -- 68 Vampires, Mad Scientists and Other Denizens of the Late-Night Airwaves Examined and Interviewed (McFarland & Company, Inc.).

Anyone interested in TV horror hosts or the '50's-'60's MonsterBoom in general will have a great time with this book, which is still available from the publisher, McFarland & Company, Inc. See more details and ordering information on McFarland's Website, www.McFarland.com.

Order new and used copies of this book from Amazon.com.


Elena Watson's book on Television Horror Movies Hosts

Click image for larger view.

A lot of other information on this site was gleaned from other sources as cited. One of my continuing sources of excellent first-hand information about horror hosts is Dennis Druktenis' monsterzine Scary Monsters (visit the Scary Monsters website which includes a cool TV Horror Hosts Research Page! -- I'm constantly going over past and current issues looking for leads and new information. Unfortunately, these days Dennis publishes his magazines much faster than I can keep up with them!

Information about shows with unnamed or unknown hosts, or no hosts at all, is gathered in a separate page called Tomb of the Unknown Horror Hosts, where these restless souls will have to lie until more data is available (if ever).

If you can provide additions or corrections to any of the entries on this list, please contact me -- George Chastain (chastain@mail.wvnet.edu).

Skeleton Key

Alphabetical listing (by first word in host's name) in following format:

HOST'S NAME (followed by * if discussed in THMH)
(Real Name) -- [(Real name = ?) if unknown]
Link(s) to image, URL, text, etc., if any
Name of show -- (Name of show? if unknown)
Day and time of show -- (Day? Time? if unknown)
STATION, Channel (City, State) -- [STATION? Channel? (City?, State?) if unknown]
Years aired -- (19?? - 19?? if unknown)
Elena Watson's Television Horror Movie Hosts reference:
chapter and pages where host is discussed in this pioneering horror hostory (if any).
Magazine reference(s):
  • Article, picture, letter, etc. in issue #? of ? magazine (if any).
  • Comments on show content, other work of host, etc. (if any).

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