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E-mail from Crematia Mortem -- The Ghostess with the Mostest!

Post Mortem:

Thank you so much for including my name on your Horror Movie Host page! It was such a thrill to see that I've achieved immortality on the internet.

Here's an update....I played "Crematia Mortem," the host of KSHB-TV's Creature Feature from 1981-1988, when KSHB's committment to programming from the Fox network made it impossible for the show to continue. The station is now the NBC affiliate in Kansas City, so it is highly unlikely that Crematia will be making a comeback on their airwaves any time soon. There is talk, however, of bringing her back for a stint on the local PBS affiliate here, which would be a hoot.

My insanity is focused now on voiceovers for radio and TV.... I'm "the voice" of 24 stations across the country and am quite busy as a commercial announcer as well. You can hear me on national campaigns for Blockbuster, Captain D's, Walmart and Hallmark.

You know, I never did get a copy of Elena's book after she interviewed me. Where can I find it? It'd be nice to have a copy.

("Television Horror Movie Hosts -- 68 Vampires, Mad Scientists and Other Denizens of the Late-Night Airwaves Examined and Interviewed" by Elena M. Watson, McFarland & Company, Inc. See more information on McFarland's Website. -- E-gor)

Keep in touch...and thanks again for including me on your page.

Warm regards,

Roberta Solomon

                                          Roberta Solomon
                                 The Voice For Radio and TV

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