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M.T. Graves Meets The Ackermonster

Another page on this website provides a comprehensive account of Florida television horror host M.T. Graves Appearances in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. In the early days of this fondly-remembered and highly-influential Warren publication, when it was edited by the legendary Forrest J Ackerman, photos and features about M.T. appeared in three of Forry's first ten issues—and a very scarce M.T. Graves cover sticker on one of them makes it the rarest of all monsterzines!

This page commemorates an exchange of greetings and gifts between these two monstrous personalities, 45 years after their original collaboration in the pages of Famous Monsters!

M.T. Graves autographed photo for Forrest J Ackerman
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M. T. Graves' Gift to Forry Ackerman

Before Florida broadcasting legend Charlie Baxter died in October 2007 (see obituary), I, E-gor, had the great pleasure of being in touch with him for about five years. Charlie's lovable ghoul "M.T. Graves" was my TV horror host hero when I watched The Dungeon on Miami's Channel 7 when my Navy dad was stationed in Key West in the early 60's. I also loved his nutty spaceman "M.T. Space" hosting sci-fi flicks, and various other Baxter characters hosting kid shows with sock puppets and robots as sidekicks -- the sort of charming local programming that is almost completely extinct today, and television is much the worse for its passing.

After we began to correspond by phone, letters and packages, one of the first things I wanted to do with and for Charlie was to put him in touch with his old fans. With his permission, while he was well enough to enjoy it, I announced on this website and on various discussion groups that he was still kicking and that he enjoyed receiving fan mail, and that anyone could write to him either by e-mail or snail mail, in care of E-gor. I reproduced some of his original Graves Diggers fan club items, and sent them to Charlie so he could send them to fans who wrote to him.

I suggested to Charlie that he should autograph one of his fan photos for Forrest J Ackerman (sadly also gone now, but never forgotten), in whose fabulous monsterzine a terrific feature article and several other photos had appeared more than four decades earlier.

Since I had good connections at the Ackermansion, I told Charlie that he could send Forry's signed photo to me, and I would make sure it got into Forry's hands directly.


Forry Ackerman's Gift to M. T. Graves

At Monster Bash 2005 near Pittsburgh, I saw Uncle Forry and his "Bat Pack" companion Joe Moe for the first time since the last Bash the previous summer. I had designed a new poster called Fan of A Thousand Faces for Forry to sell at his table, and I brought along another gift — the autographed photo inscribed to him from M. T. Graves.

Forry reciprocated by signing one of his great photos for M. T., and I took it home with me to scan and make this web page before sending it to Charlie Baxter.

I thought the long-distance reunion of these two MonsterBoom giants, more than four decades after their original meeting in the pages of FM, was special enough to celebrate on this website!

    Forrest J Ackerman's autographed photo for M. T. Graves
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